What Is The Best Steam Mop For Disinfecting?

best steam mop for disinfecting

Steam mops are the best solution to keep your hard floors clean and sanitize without using dexterous chemicals. In this article, we have reviewed Bissell 19404 PowerFresh, which is one of the best appliances of its kind available in the market.

We have tested different steam mops available in the market on a benchmark of performance, convenience, and comfort, and it scored highest among all other steam mops. Now, let’s find out why it is so special that makes it first in the list.


This 3 in one handled steam cleaner is super effective in removing the embedded germs and bacteria up to 99.99% with its powerful steam vapor that helps to lose the bond between the dirt and the surface to be cleaned.

best steam mop for tile floors

From now on, you don’t need to grease your elbow to clean the food spills and dirt, rather turn on this steam mop for tile and let it clean the sticky mess.

With this, you can customize your cleaning because there are 3 levels of steaming options for different surfaces and mess. This tool is a perfect solution for all types of sealed hard floors- hardwood, ceramic, granite, and marble.

It has two pad options to deal with dirt- a microfiber pad and a striped scrubby pad. You can use the microfiber pad for regular use, whereas the scrubby one is for tougher messes.
These pads are protected with Microban antimicrobial treatment, and there is a dedicated pocket for optional scent disk (best option for scent fanatic).

Shape and Weight

You are going to love its light-weight, that is only 6 lbs. And the shape is large enough to fit any tight space like the toilet. You don’t have to bend while cleaning with this appliance that means no back pain while cleaning the room.


This cleaning appliance offers full convenience as it requires less time to heat up and dry the floor. It offers 20 minutes of steaming and a 23-foot cord that means non-stop cleaning of a large area. Furthermore, it can heat water only in 30 seconds using its 1500 power ratings.

steam mop for tile floorsWater Tank


Thanks to its removable water tank design. The water tank can easily be pop in or out for refill or emptying.

You may know that all steam mop manual advises not to store the mop with water inside the water tank, and for that, users are prescribed to keep the mop over a sink or outside to empty the water tank. But in the case of Bissell 19404, you don’t have to wait much time, just pop out the water tank and empty it.

Light Indication

This mop offers smart indication lighting features. And, this light shows the current level of steam power and the overall steaming capacity. With this, you can have a good idea about when to stop and refill the tank for further use. You also can select different steam power according to your needs.


  • 99.9% germ removal
  • Long power cord
  • High performance
  • Lightweight
  • Two different pads
  • Smart light indicator


  • Struggles cleaning large liquid mess

Final Verdict

Here you go, now you too know why Bissell 19404 is at our top recommendation. This budget cleaning appliance will keep the surface of your room clean while killing all the germs and bacteria.