3M Speedglas 100V

3M Speedglas 100V

If you’re looking for a helmet that does exactly what you want a welding helmet to do, look no further than the Speedglas 100v. It’s not as feature-dense as the others in the Speedglas lineup but it makes a great entry-level hood. It works with the three major welding types with a focus on optical clarity. This basic hood is great for hobbyists or for welders who just don’t need all the fancy gadgets that more expensive hoods have.



  • Excellent optical quality
  • Works with stick, TIG and MIG process’
  • Three sensitivity settings
  • Cheater lens capable
  • Great entry level hood


  • No solar
  • Only 2 sensors

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Whats Good?

Excellent Optical Quality

The most important thing to look for in a welding helmet is its optical clarity. If you cant see properly, you cant weld and if you cant weld, you’ll probably get fired. Still, this is often overlooked on entry level hoods for the sake of cost savings. That’s not the case with the 3m Speedglas 100v. You’ll be able to see clearly and without distortion or uneven lines across the lens thanks to 3M’s dedication to quality. With a shade range of 8 – 13 you can be assured the 100v will provide an impressive view, no matter the process.

Works with All Major Process’

Stick, MIG or TIG this welding helmet is capable of protecting you from all 3 major welding applications. Just adjust the shade settings using the internal controls and get to work.

Three Sensitivity Settings

The 3m Speedglas 100v is extremely versatile with three sensitivity settings:

  1. A normal setting for solo welding both indoor and outdoor
  2. A setting for when you’re working with other welders nearby. This prevents the lens from going dark when other people strike an arc.
  3. A setting for low-current welding

Cheater Lens Capable

Need a closer look at the weld without putting your face right next to it? The Speedglas 100V comes ready to equip a cheater lens so you can inspect the weld in more detail.

Great Entry Level Hood

While the Speedglas 100v doesn’t have all the latest and greatest features that its siblings have, the features it does have are outstanding and would make a great addition to a new welders tool arsenal.

100v stats


Whats Bad?

No Solar

Constantly having to change batteries is a pain which is why it’s nice to have the option to charge your hood in the sun. Thankfully the batteries for the Speedglas 100v last a while so you wont have to change them too often.

2 Sensors

Typically the more sensors the lens has the better and the less chance you have of getting flashed. But if you’re welding with no obstructions around, 2 is plenty.

A Bit Expensive

For such a basic hood the price is a little steep. However you’re paying for quality and in that regard 3M certainly delivers.


The Verdict

3M’s dedication and commitment to quality is known throughout the industry so you cant really go wrong with one of their helmets. The Speedglas 100v is a stellar entry level hood that does exactly what you need a welding helmet to do. It’s quick to react, its comfortable enough to use all day and can be used for all three major welding processes: Stick, MIG and TIG.


Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 3.66″ x Height 1.73″

Shade Range: 8 – 13

Reaction Time: 0.001 seconds

Weight: N/A

Sensors: 2

Power Source: Cr2032 3V lithium batteries

Warranty: 2 years

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