3M Speedglas 9100xx Review

The most recent addition to the 3M family is the Speedglas 9100xx. This feature packed hood is a phenomenal piece of equipment geared toward the professional welder. Its massive viewing area and side windows allow for an unprecedented view of the puddle and surrounding area. With a shade range of 5-13, the 9100xx is ideal for most welding jobs and features a grind mode so you can wear the same mask all day. 3M boasts some of the most comfortable headgear in the industry and allows for complete customization to fit your head perfectly. If you’re in the market for a premium, feature packed welding helmet then look no further than the Speedglas 9100xx.



  • Massive viewing area with side windows (largest in the 9100 series)
  • Extremely comfortable headgear
  • Grind/ Torch mode
  • 3 arc sensors
  • Aerodynamic 3-channel vents


  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy
  • No solar

Whats Good?

Massive viewing area with side windows (largest in the 9100 series)

Superior optics and a huge viewing area make the Speedglas 9100xx a top choice for welders of all levels. Typically, welding helmets of this caliber are geared towards professionals but because of its huge field of view and added side windows it is perfect for beginners who need to see as much as possible.

Extremely comfortable headgear

Featuring the most comfortable headgear in the industry, the Speedglas 9100 series fits like a dream, allowing you to weld all day in comfort.

  • Two adjustable crown straps to increase stability and evenly distribute weight
  • Padded headband to alleviate pressure point contact
  • Swivel mounted ratchet system
  • Large knobs for adjusting even while wearing gloves

Grind/ Torch mode

Grind mode is an essential feature if you weld for living. Having to switch hoods every time you change tasks can be a real burden if you weld all day, which is why the Speedglas 9100xx is ideal for professional welders. With a shade range of 5 – 13 this helmet will hold up to any job you throw at it, from TIG to MIG to Stick.

3 arc sensors

The Speedglas lens comes with 3 arc sensors, switching from light to dark shade in approximately 0.1 milliseconds. After the weld is complete it automatically switches back to a light shade of 3 in 40-250 milliseconds, ensuring your safety every time. Make welders eye a thing of the past.

Aerodynamic vents to keep from fogging

Lens fogging is a real issue with a lot of “professional” helmets but not for the 9100 series. Featuring a 3-channel exhaust system the Speedglas 9100xx will stay fog and humidity free. The middle channel allows airflow up into the lens while the two side-channels ensure your breath is directed outside and fresh air is coming in, keeping you cool in any situation.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 3



Whats Bad?


This feature packed Speedglas mask is designed for the professional in mind which accounts for the hefty price tag. If you weld for a living, a quality hood is the best investment you can make.

A bit heavy

At 948g it is the heaviest helmet we’ve reviewed but keep in mind that you’re getting a ton of features that aren’t available on lighter hoods.

No solar

While the 9100xx doesn’t have a solar assist, the replaceable Cr2030 3V lithium batteries last up to 2000 hours.



The Verdict

The 3M Speedglas 9100xx has it all: a huge viewing area, quick reaction time, plenty of shade range and comfort like no other. 3M is known for their quality craftsmanship and the 9100xx is no exception, it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make. This mask is a must have for any professional welder looking to up their game and while it may be a bit pricey the features included are unmatched.



Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 4.2″ x Height 2.8″

Shade Range: 5, 8 – 13

Reaction Time: 0.001 seconds

Weight: 20.1 oz (570g)

Sensors: 3

Power Source: Cr2030 3V lithium batteries (2)

Warranty: 3 years

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