You are currently viewing 5 Major House Dust Mite Allergy that Drives you to Death

5 Major House Dust Mite Allergy that Drives you to Death

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Allergies are really disturbing in our day to day living. If you happen to have allergies you cannot keep at ease without having some treatment or going to a doctor. That is why it is important that we should know what are the causes and how to prevent house dust mites allergy.

5 Major House Dust Mite Allergy that Drives you to Death

House dust mite allergy is not actually caused by an allergy to dust mites itself. It is the allergic reaction that takes place when you happen to breathe these dust mites or tiny particles and as a result, there was a hypertensive reaction in the excretion of dust mites. So what are house dust mites? House dust mites are kinds of mites which are small in size that they are invisible to the naked eye. They have translucent bodies which make it very difficult to see; in fact, you will need many magnifiers to see the physical features of dust mites.

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There are many forms of allergic reactions that might happen to an individual when breathing with house dust mites, among its major allergies are the following:

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is also known as hay fever. This type of allergy is also referred as inflammation of the nose. This allergy will occur when your immune system will react too much to the allergens in the air. The signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis are a runny nose, sneezing, itchy, and red and watery eyes. This type of allergy may also trigger with other kinds of allergens in the environment like pollens, hair of pest, molds, and dust. This is the common house dust mite allergy that can be found in most people.

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    Asthma is a serious respiratory disease that might cause allergy of house dust mites. It is a kind of inflammatory diseases that have a long-term effect. Symptoms will mainly include coughing and may be triggered by environmental problems like pollution and other forms of allergen. Asthma has no cure. The only thing you can do to deal with it is to make some prevention like avoiding those who can trigger it.

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    Atomic dermatitis

    Atomic dermatitis is also known as atopic eczema. It is a kind of dermatitis or inflammation of the skin which will commonly result to itchy, swollen, cracked and even red skin. This allergy will be common to all people in all walks of life. Children, young and old, male and female can be affected with this allergy. Treatment includes daily bath, cream application of moisturizing and asteroids creams, or any medications which will effectively deal with itchiness.

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    Wheeze is also called as sibilant rhonchi. It is a medical manifestation which includes whistling sound produced in the respiratory system and also continuous course. Wheezing can also be seen commonly in asthma attacks. Wheezing is commonly experienced for those people having lung diseases.

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    Oral Mite Anaphylaxis

    This is also called as pancake syndrome. It will occur after a person will happen to eat a food which is contaminated by house dust mite. Since that pancakes are already cooked but still mites caused destruction, scientists came up with a belief that these mites can stand up the heat.

    House dust mites are real threats to our health. Since they cannot be seen in our naked eye, most of the times we are not aware anymore that they are slowly attacking us. House dust mites can be found in our beddings, stuffed toys, rugs and etc. They have a fast reproduction that is why we should know what the preventive measures are when it comes to house dust mites.

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    We also need to be careful about the allergens that may trigger house dust mites allergy. They are pollen, furs feathers and hair of pets, cockroaches, and molds. remember that some allergies causing mites have no cure so it pays to be more careful always.


    House dust mite allergy is common among people. From children, male and female, all can be affected by allergic reactions from house dust mites. If they will not be killed and controlled properly and regularly, they will cause allergies and sometimes long-term respiratory diseases.  In-house dust mites, cleanliness will be our best weapon to prevent them in destroying our health.