Improve Your Golf Swing

A Simple Way to Improve Your Golf Swing Overnight

Attempting to try and improve your golf swing can be a very frustrating task at times, I know.  Especially when you do a lot of practice, and your swing just seems to get nowhere.  However, there is actually some very easy golf swing basics you can implement into your practice routine which can dramatically improve your golf swing, even overnight!  What I tend to find is that if you just keep on practicing and practicing without any real goal, or a set part of the swing to concentrate on, you will never improve.  When practicing, you MUST be concentrating on a certain part of the golf swing to improve.

What I mean by this is, don’t go to the driving range or something and just constantly hit loads of golf balls, without actually being properly focused.  Like I mention in my Simple Golf Swing review, there is no single key to creating the perfect golf swing.  However, if you manage to go through each and every stage and area of the simple golf swing step by step, then there is no reason why you can’t master your golf swing as a whole!

If you are really keen on improving your golf swing, you must go to a golf coach, and ask for some advice on specific areas of your golf swing, such as the grip, back swing, or the stance.  Once you have taken in what you must improve to get a better golf swing, you will need to go to the range or a golf course and practice what you have being told, step-by-step.  Once you feel you have perfected (and only once!) the specific stage of the golf swing, you may go onto try and improve another area.

The reason is very important for you to attempt to improve only a single area of the golf swing at the one time is because if you try to improve many stages all at the one time, you will never actually improve your swing as a whole.  Also, if you see something going wrong with your swing, you wont be able to see what exactly the problem is with, and hence wont be able to fix the problem quickly enough.

Overall, it is extremely important that you concentrate on only a single part of the golf swing at the one time if you really want to improve.  If you do this, then there is no reason why you couldn’t become a much better golfer within a very short period of time!

Fundamentals of the Simple Golf Swing to Concentrate On

Improve Your Golf Swing Overnight

The areas of the simple golf swing which should be concentrated on are; the posture, the stance, the set-up, the back swing, and the body movement while going through the golf ball.  I will go into a brief overview of these areas, so you can get a better understanding.  Firstly though, I strongly suggest you check out my, The Simple Golf Swing review, as it will help your golf swing a MASSIVE amount!

The Posture

The simple golf swing involves you setting up to the ball and having an extremely good posture.  The posture is the way your body is lined up when setting up to the golf ball.  Having a good posture is the first and foremost essential to the basic golf swing.

The Stance

The stance can be deemed similar to the posture; however it is important in a very different way.  The most important area of your stance is how your feet are lined up to where you are aiming.  Your feet should be lined up parallel to where you are aiming to.  This is another extremely important area in the simple golf swing.

The Back Swing

The back swing of your golf shot is by far the most important part to your whole game.  Teaching you the perfect golf back swing is fairly hard.  I strongly suggest you check out my article about The Simple Golf Swing Review to find out about how you can learn more about how to improve your back swing.

Although there are many other important areas to the basic golf swing, in my opinion the posture, the stance, and the back swing are the most important, and getting them correct will make you a much better player.

Like I have said before, you should really consider checking out the golf guide called the Simple Golf Swing.  I have it myself, and it is a magnificent guide about how to improve your golf swing.

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