Welcome to the Vacuum Mania. I am Rony Jahid. I was a computer operator in an education organization. I have worked in that organization for a long time. But I was always thinking about to be self-employed. And I have started working at the online marketplace that named freelancer (Freelancer username “Rony47”). I worked at freelancer more than six years and still continue…

I have worked with so many American, UK, Canadian, Australian and more others country employer for their various kind of Blog, e-shop and so more.

After a while, I decided to start my blog based on a specific topic. As a result, I start researching various topic to choose my niche. I reviewed lots of blogs and once spent a whole day on this research. I analyze there are so many blogs on food, recipe, coffee and drinks. But there are very few talked about food safety or food wastage. And I realize I should start a blog with this topic to help people, about how to reduce food wastage, how to keep their food fresh and save it for a long time.

So as a passion I started the niche that talked about, how food vacuum sealer help to keep food fresh and reduce food wastage. Also here I discussed how to choose the best vacuum sealer for home or commercial use.

Sometimes it takes too much time to decide, which vacuum sealer/food saver will be best suits based on people’s needs.

As a result, I start research on this topic and reviewed each food vacuum sealer and analyze the product depend on its feature, cost, and user experience. I have explained each product as much broad as possible. And always revealed the good and bad things about each product to write an unbiased review.

Why you Trust Vacuum Mania

If you have any question about, why you trust our published fireplace reviews, then I would like to say, I have published each product reviews after spending lots of time on any specific topic. I research Google, Product manufacturer site, user opinion (who already purchased / used) about the product. Also research some biggest authority sites, what they write speak about a specific product. Even sometimes I got bias reviews as they just discuss the good things of the product, this is not fair.

I believe, buyer/user always have the right to know about products best features, good and bad things too.

But in here I always give priority to writing an unbiased review for each product, to help people get the right decision when they going to buy any particular products.

And one more thing I always update the product reviews, when I see any useful feature include into the older products or even any problem found in it. Also, I analyze user opinion carefully and include their views summary on the product review.

If you have any question or opinion about the written product review, also if you have anything to say after using any particular product. Please don’t hesitate to write your opinion on the products review page.

I hope this helpful for you.


Rony Jahid

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