Are Handheld Vacuums Any Good

No matter how neat & gorgeous your house might be, it will get messy from time to time and you will have to clean it at regular intervals. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is one of those items that you must have in your house.

Having a handheld vacuum is the best option because it makes the task much more comfortable. It is more convenient to clean with a portable handheld cleaner. What’s more, a cordless device will save you from the complications of plugging and unplugging the power cable continuously.

Besides, a handheld cleaner will be handier to carry and use. For these reasons, it has gained massive popularity and customers are flocking in large numbers to purchase the product.

However, some people are still in doubt about whether to buy it or not. Especially, those who already have a good, non-portable cleaner couldn’t make up their minds.

Don’t worry!

I am going to make things easier for you as I list the top 10 major benefits of a handheld vacuum cleaner. I will try to describe the advantages thoroughly so that you can have a sound idea about the things that are possible with such an ingenious item.

Definition, History, and Types of Vacuum Cleaners

vacuum types

Simply put, the tool generates suction to suck up dirt and debris from dirty surfaces. In order to do so, it creates a vacuum by using air pressure. Thus, the name is a Vacuum Cleaner.

In the late 19th century, manual cleaners were first introduced to the world. From the beginning of the 20th century, motorized powered cleaners came to the scene and replaced the manual ones.

Up until the Second World War, such a cleaner was considered a luxury item. But after the end of the war, it became more affordable.

Nowadays, it is the most common cleaning item in our household. The magical appliance amazed the customers from the very beginning as it serves the purpose of cleaning the house so elegantly.

Five major types of vacuum cleaners are used widely in household cleaning. They are;

  • Upright Cleaner- It is the most commonly used cleaner in which a handle and a bag are included with the cleaning head.
  • Canister Cleaner – This kind of cleaner allows more flexibility as the motor and dust collector is mounted on wheels. You can attach different heads according to your need.
  • Wet Cleaner- They are used to collect wet debris and can also be used outside.
  • Handheld Cleaner- The appliance is very popular for being lightweight and handy. It usually uses a battery to power up the device.
  • Robotic Cleaner- In recent years, robotic cleaners have wowed consumers with their amazing features. The device performs autonomously as it collects dust and disposes of them in the dustbin. It uses artificial intelligence to locate debris.

Top 10 benefits of A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

benefits of A Handheld Cleaner

Let me list the top 10 advantages of using a handheld vacuum cleaner. In my ranking, I have only mentioned the benefits that serve the majority of the customers.

The hierarchical order in the ranking doesn’t refer to the superiority of one attribute over another as it depends solely on each people’s preference.

  1. Compact Shape

Most of the handheld cleaners come in a compact shape and weigh less than five pounds. As a result, they can be carried around effortlessly. Another benefit is that they can be stored almost anywhere. You will have no trouble storing the tool because they will not occupy a large space in your house.

The friendly shape makes it possible to reach difficult places with the cleaner. As the item is not heavy at all, it won’t tire you and you will be able to clean the mess in your house much more swiftly.

  1. Easy to Carry

Almost all the handheld cleaners come with a carrying handle. As these cleaners are ultra-light, you won’t have any trouble holding them. Consequently, they offer great maneuverability.

  1. Mobility

The handheld appliance can be used almost anywhere, be it in the office or at home. Moreover, you can take it outdoor for cleaning the carpet of your car or wiping debris from the floor of your garage. Some models have a retractable cord system to ensure maximum portability.

However, the most portable handheld vacuum cleaners function without a cord. The only problem is that you have to charge these devices or attach rechargeable batteries to them. Nonetheless, the cordless system is a significant advantage. Such a tool will help you greatly during sunbathing or camping.

  1. Transportability

A handheld cleaning device is an excellent choice for you if you frequently shift from one place to another. Its sleek design allows it to fit in your backpack easily. This lightweight tool will not overburden you. Particularly, a cordless vacuum is an ideal choice for people on the go.

  1. Easy to Use

Operating this thing is so easy that even a young kid can use it. As these units are usually lightweight, youngsters can easily use it to clean up their mess. The wireless cleaners are safer since you won’t have to connect them to the power socket while using it.

Furthermore, most of these devices are durable. So, if you accidentally drop them, they will not get damaged easily.

  1. Maneuverability

It is difficult to reach the tight corners of your house with a traditional cleaner. But, the handheld device will let you reach these places which are otherwise inaccessible by other cleaners. For example, it will be able to clean dust from the corners of furniture, under the bed, or behind the bookshelf.

If you are fed-up with handling the corded devices, you can buy a wireless vacuum. They are comparatively handier. Besides, they offer less complexity and excellent maneuverability too.

  1. Versatility

This product is basically an all-around performer. If you buy a premium unit, you will have plenty of extra attachments with it. Such a tool will cover different floor types.

For instance, attaching a crevice tool will increase the maneuverability manifold. Another tool will let you clean your ceiling fan. Whether you want to clean small dust particles from your couch seat or collect pet hair, you name it. The fantastic handheld vacuum cleaner offers a solution for almost everything.

  1. Time Saver

I personally do not like to spend too much time cleaning. The quicker I can clean my house, the better it is for me. I bet most of you also feel the same. I mean nobody likes to spend time with dust and debris. Fortunately, a portable vacuum cleaner provides quicker performance compared to other vacuums.

What I liked most is the fact that it can be used handily for quick cleanup tasks. Suppose, you have spilled some coffee. Just grab the cordless cleaner and clean it right away. There is no need to bring the massive canister cleaner and plug it into the socket. Thus, it saves time.

  1. Simple Maintenance

The best part is that these devices are easy to maintain. They are small and you can store them anywhere. It is easy to charge them or replace the batteries. As they typically come without a dumping bag, you do not have to clean that either. Just throw the debris away in an appropriate place and you are good to go.

  1. Efficiency

Last but not least, these devices are very economic. Some devices let you choose the power setting to clean different types of mess. As a result, you will be able to save energy.

On top of that, these products are programmed in a way that they automatically cut the power when charging is complete and hence save your utility bill.

Some Other Advantages

In the previous section, we have only mentioned some of the most beneficial feats of a handheld cleaning device. But, that’s not all.

Do you know that a handheld cleaner is far more precise than other contemporary cleaners?

You will be amazed to learn that, some of these devices are very powerful too. If you intend to buy a powerful unit, you have to spend some extra bucks though.

Talking about price, I almost forgot to add that, these portable vacuum cleaners are very affordable too.

Oh, one more thing. It can be used effectively to look for the lost items too. Suppose, you can’t find the gold chain of your wife and are looking everywhere for it. You are anticipating that the item is hiding in plain sight but are failing to locate it.

All you need to do is to turn on the vacuum cleaner and use it in the area where the item gets lost. It will suck the lost item in most cases. For this reason, I call this device a lost object finder.

End Thoughts

I hope you have understood by now that having a handheld vacuum cleaner is a great advantage. Whether you own a traditional, corded vacuum or not, there is no harm in buying another handheld device. It will save your time and function more accurately.

My suggestion would be to buy a cordless device in order to bring out most of the advantages of your vacuum cleaner.

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