Avalon Bay Vacuum Sealer (FoodSealer200B) Review

Avalon Bay Vacuum Sealer (FoodSealer200B) Review

Food preservation does not need to be hard. While refrigerators and freezers could be the best way for food preservation but if you are out for camping or traveling these appliances are nowhere of help. Nonetheless, you could not bring it while on a trip no matter how much you’ve wanted on having it. That is why vacuum sealers are invented to help you on long-term food preservation without using the refrigerator to accompany you out. Representing, Avalon Bay Vacuum Sealer (FoodSealer200B) to you.

This is a highly sophisticated food sealing system ensuring quality food storage that could last about five times longer than its normal spoilage period!

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  • Three Easy Function for Utilization

This product does not complicate things out. With its three easy command buttons, you could readily seal, vacuum, or cancel any command. All you have to do is to lay over your bags to the sealer and it automatically seals by pressing the seal button. Its operation is perfectly simple that even beginners could easily follow with!

  • Flexible Food Storage

This vacuum sealer maximizes your food preservation possibilities. Just pop into the sealer any food from wet such as meats or dry goods from vegetables, fruits, and crops, then pack it on as necessary. Not just that, but you could use this device to save any leftovers that were not consumed during meals. Aside from that, you could also use the device in a vacuum sealed canisters for highly efficient preservation processes.

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  • Problems with the Sealing Operation

There are some users who have some issues with vacuum sealing. Commonly, it does not suck out enough air as needed to seal it on. But nonetheless, it is easily resolved through closing down fully the lid. Make sure that it produces a popping sound which means it is fully locked into place. Then, start sealing the bag until the sealed light is off.


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Key Features of the Avalon Bay Vacuum Sealer (FoodSealer200B)

Top-Quality Suction Motor
Ensuring effective sealing processes, the device incorporates a powerful suction motor that tightly packed out your bags for long-term food storage. It operates quietly without any distortions or unnecessary noises that some motors possess on.

Intuitive Design and Material Quality
This 5.31-pound vacuum sealer mainly black polished is made with user-friendly interface to easily deal with sealing operations. There are primarily three buttons within the top interface of the device. Encircled in black and white streamlined consists of a sealing, cancel, and vacuum options. In line with those buttons residing also a slot intended for canister jars.

Built-in Cutter and Dispenser
This food sealer comes also with a readily attached integrated cutter and a bag dispenser within the sealer itself. This means that you don’t need to prepare any cutter or scissors while utilization of the sealer.

Flexible to Different Bags
This device accommodates any bags including Ziplocs and Food Saver bags measuring no less than 11.5 inches as needed for sealing it. Though the device incorporates BPA free bags, it does not necessarily mean that this specific bag is required.

What users saying about Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B

Generally, the Avalon Bay Vacuum Sealer has considerable reviews coming from its users. Mostly, feedbacks are mostly positively denoting on the cheapness and the easiness of the product during utilization. Aside from that, users emphasise on the strong suction and motor quality that the product incorporates despite its cheap price.

It works effectively, took less time to operate with a compact design perfect for vacuum sealing. It is also quite flexible and works well even to frozen and processed foods such as meat and bacon.

But nonetheless, the device is a bit noisy when operating. Likewise, this is in contrast to what the product advertised on. Though every operation does not last for a maximum of 10 seconds, this still makes some users uncomfortable.

Aside from that, just be careful about operating the device. There are instances that you need to adjust on the rubber inserts to effectively seal on the bags. Also, make sure to close fully the lid while operating it.

Nevertheless, in most cases, it is the main problem that most users experience on with the products. For help, you could always reach out to its customer service. It’s quite friendly and responsive.

Compare with Mooka (TVS-2150) 4-in 1 vs Avalon Bay (FoodSealer200B) Vacuum Sealer

These two vacuum sealers though made from different manufacturers are quite similar in terms of features and material build. Both have powerful vacuum suction incorporating a variety of foods including dry and wet goods.

Aside from that, both also have the same menu interface employing only simple buttons and controls when operating the device. Nonetheless, it also has the same structure mainly black finished with a sleek design. Aside from that, both also include a built-in cutter that precisely cut the device according to specific sizes.

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Differences between these two devices are most likely manifested on its interface and add-ons specifically hand controlled pumps. Some users basically complained about the material quality that Mooka (TVS-2150) 4-in 1 is made of.

One user noted how the device is quite unreliable for long-term utilization if it induces that quality. But despite that, it has really great reviews and criticisms are only a few to mention. Nonetheless, both device has its own weaknesses and what matters is that it is operating well.

So, let’s mainly judge things on its price. Mooka (TVS-2150) 4-in 1 is quite expensive by about ten dollars than the latter. Nonetheless, if you want to stay practical, then prefer buying Avalon Bay (FoodSealer200B) Vacuum Sealer as required.

Does Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B worth the money you spend on it?

Yes, definitely. Its price is highly decent with all the features and specs it possesses. Given the powerful motor suction and flexibility of the device on multiple bags and food storage processes, it does worth of taking a shot at purchasing. Though the product has certain weaknesses and the brand is not readily established, all the positive reviews that the product gets has consequently served its own benefit and purpose.

How considerable than any top rated vacuum sealer?

Comparing to all FoodSaver and Weston vacuum sealers, there’s no way that this product would compete given its price and features. This entry-level vacuum sealer will excel best to a specific line of vacuum sealers within its price range. It literally isn’t the best vacuum sealer available in the market but it definitely has a greater advantage on making vacuum sealing simple and easy.

Thus, it does not have multiple sealing modes and add-ons that most products include on to its features. Despite the inadequacy, there are still a lot of users who are happy with utilization of the product.

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Final Verdict

We live in a world where simple things matter. Likewise, vacuum sealing does not need to be complicated as it should be. This vacuum sealer may not be an established brand but still worth a shot given all the reviews that are positively commented on to the product. It governs over not just quality but flexibility at its finest.

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