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Basic Golf Driving Tips

When it comes to the game of golf you most definitely do not need to reinvent the wheel. The fact is that you can improve you game by learning from golf pros and other individuals who are solid golfers. In this regard, there are a set of proven golf driving tips that you will want to keep in mind and which are discussed in this article.

The five key tips to hitting a longer and straighter tee shot include:

Obtaining a proper stance: Some people suggest that you should take a different stance when it comes to preparing to drive. The fact is that when it comes to golf driving tips from the pros, they do not agree with this suggestion. The reality is that when preparing for a long drive, you need to start off and position yourself as you would for any other shot.

Maintaining a proper stance: You need to understand that by maintaining a proper stance throughout the drive swing itself, you will be able to achieve the distance and accuracy that you must have. In other words, you do not have to overplay the need to gain distance at the expense of accuracy when you do pay proper attention to your stance.

Do not overkill on the swing itself: The most common mistake that a beginner (as well as more than a few people who have spent a good deal of time on the links) is to overkill when it comes to putting power behind the swing. What you really want to focus on is allowing the driver itself to do the job for which it is intended. Smashing the ball with all your might and with no consideration to the manner in which the driver is designed and intended to be used, probably will not provide you any additional distance and most definitely will send your ball off course.

Keep your eye on the ball: Another of the golf driving tips that you must pay attention to is based on the old adage of “keep your eye on the ball.” Particularly when you are driving, it is natural to take your eyes off the golf ball and look off into the distance at where you would like your ball to land. People who stray from keeping their focus on the ball will find that their golf ball not only will not land at a desired spot but will stray far off course – into the rough, into the sand, into the trees, into a water hazard.

Do not strangle your club: On the list of golf driving tips you also need to avoid strangling your club. Unfortunately, a common problem that even experienced golfers experience is putting a stranglehold in their clubs, particularly drivers. Grasping your driver too tightly will result in you ultimately being able to achieve the distance and accuracy that you otherwise would be able to accomplish with a proper grip on the club.

Stay Focused: This seems like an overly simple tip. I thought it was too until I began to watch myself when I was playing golf. I noticed that some of my worst shots happened when I was distracted. A lot of times it was because I was thinking about my next shot.

You have to picture your shot. Focus on the ball and follow through.

golf driving tips

Practice Course Management: This is another really simple tip. Sometimes we get caught up in hitting that soaring drive to impress our golf buddies. That 250 yard drive might be impressive, but what if a 180 yard shot would have put you in a better position?

Again, this is something that many pros practice. It is not about getting the ball as far down the course as you can in one shot. It is about setting yourself up right for your next shot. Being in the middle of the fairway 150 yards away from the hole is a lot better than being 50 yards away and behind a tree.

Focus on Form not Power: This is one of the best golf tips. I know a big problem I had was trying to hit the ball too hard. As soon as I started focusing on my form and the mechanics of my swing, I started hitting the ball much straighter.

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