Best All Around Welding Rod

Being able to weld is in many ways like magic. You can repair metal objects, create sculptures and art, and even create new structures, items, and machines from scratch.

As long, that is, as you have a decent set of tools to work with.

In this article, we’re going to present to you a list of the best all around welding rod models, so you can find the best one for your welding tasks and missions, so to speak.

Without further ado, here’s the deal.

Our Favorite All Around Welding Rod

5 Best All Around Welding Rod- A List of Products

1) Forney – E6013 Welding Rod

Forney 30305 E6013 Welding Rod, 3/32-Inch, 5-Pound

Belonging to the E6013 category of the best all around welding rod, which is well-known for its versatility and a relatively low melting point, this Forney set can be a great choice for a welder in need of a general-purpose welding rod set.

In this all-around welding rod review, you’ll see some of the most important characteristics of this model:

  • Great for all welding positions – Thanks to its low melting point, you can easily create smooth welds in all welding positions.

Whether we’re talking about a flat, horizontal, vertical, or some other welding position, you can rest assured that you will be able to cover them all easily with these rods as a part of your welding arsenal.

  • Great slag removal – Welding slag is a part of welding that can be tough to get rid of.

With these rods, this won’t be much of a problem.

Since it comes with a great anti-slag coating, you won’t even create a lot of slags during the welding process, as the rods will pretty much clear it all up by themselves.

After you’ve completed the weld, cleaning up will be a piece of cake.

  • Works best on mild steel – … hence it’s 6013′ rating.

Since mild steel types represent the bulk of most structures that you might want to either repair or build from scratch, getting this set of rods would probably be the best overall solution.

For harder metals, you might need an e7018 welding rod set for the record.


  • Great for a range of mild metals
  • Rookie-friendly and easy to use
  • Low-slag welding
  • Works in all welding positions (optimal for vertical welding, though)
  • Best used for shallow penetration welding tasks
  • Excellent wetting parameters


  • Not that great for harder metals

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2) Simple Welding Rods – Aluminum Brazing/Welding Rods

Simple Welding Rods USA Made - From Simple Solution Now - Aluminum...

If you have a bunch of non-ferrous metal structures you need to fix or build, these welding rods can be just the thing for you.

Made by a USA-based company called Simple Welding Rods, this set of rods was specifically made to tackle aluminum-based welding tasks and welding tasks, including other non-ferrous metals.

So, whether it’s aluminum itself, or zinc, titanium, or some other non-ferrous metal, these welding rods will do the trick just fine.

Here are the most important features of this set:

  • Low working temperature – Since these welding rods don’t need to tackle hard steel, the working temperature is fairly low.

This means that you can weld fairly easily and quickly, making these rods a great solution for beginners.

  • Does not require flux – Again, thanks to the low melting temperature of these rods, you don’t need flux to weld these.

The great thing about this is that if you’re not experienced using flux to weld that much, you can pick up a torch and weld whatever you want with ease.

By the way, all sorts of torches can be used for this purpose – from Oxyacetylene to Propane torches.

  • Strong welds – Despite their low melting temperature, the welds you make with these rods will last a long time and be able to withstand quite a lot of abuse, so to speak.

When it comes to tensile strength, it stands at about 39,000 psi, while the compressions strength goes up from 60,000 to 75,000 psi – depending on the circumstances.


  • Low melting temperature
  • Works great for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • You can use a variety of torches for this purpose
  • No flux required
  • Excellent tensile and compressions strength


  • Only works for non-ferrous metals (and galvanized steel)

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3) Alumaloy – Aluminum Brazing/Welding Rods

Alumaloy 20 Rods - USA Made, As Seen on TV, 1/8' x 18' Simple Welding...

As our entry number three, we’ve got another product that can be used for either brazing or welding – but only on non-ferrous metals.

So, you can count in aluminum, zinc, copper, titanium, and many other metals that fall into this category.

Alumaloy represents possibly the best welding rod brand in terms of rod length, and this set shows why. (Of course, in case you think the welding rods are too long, you can always snap them in half.)

Here are some of the most important features of this set:

  • Indefinite shelf life – In case you weld daily, but you don’t work with non-ferrous metals so much, having these welding rods handy somewhere in storage can be a great way to never run out of rods when you need them.

Since these rods can remain in storage indefinitely, you can throw them slowly whenever you need to repair an aluminum or some other similar structure.

  • Thick or thin metal – … these rods will work fine on both.

Thanks to their low melting temperature of just 728° Fahrenheit, you can work with even the thinnest pieces of metal without worrying about distortions and other damages. (Of course, practice is necessary for best results.)

Using these rods, you can even tackle the notorious pot metal repairs!

  • Works without flux – One of the best things about these welding rods is that they work fine.

All you need is a torch that can reach the temperature of 728° F, and you can rest assured that you can weld with these rods to your heart’s content.


  • Long rods
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Low melting temperature
  • Works without flux
  • Excellent solution for repairing non-ferrous metals
  • Easy to use – perfect for rookies
  • It can be used on both thick and thin metal


  • It doesn’t work on ferrous metals

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4) Welding City – Premium TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes

WeldingCity 10-pk Premium TIG Welding Tungsten Electrode Rod 2.0%...

Representing one of the best all around welding rod sets for steel and ferrous metals, these Welding City electrodes can be a great solution for a person regularly working with steel and steel alloys.

In this package, you will get 10 Tungsten welding rods that have been 2% Thoriated.

Here are some of the features of this set in more detail:

  • Different sizes – These rods are available in several different sizes.

You can get these in 0.040”, 1/16”, 3/32”, as well as 1/8”, as well as 5/32”. So, whatever your welding tasks are, you can rest assured that the folks at Welding City have got you covered.

  • Excellent anti-weld pool contamination properties – The folks at Welding City made sure to increase the resistance of these rods to weld pool contamination, which means you won’t have to worry about oxidization and other impurities from affecting the quality of your weld negatively.

What’s more, after you’ve completed your weld, you won’t have that much stuff to clean up afterward.

  • Broad current range – … and stability at whatever current strength you choose.

Thanks to the increased current range of these rods, you can choose the optimal current intensity to work with.


  • Made out of Tungsten, 2.0% Thoriated
  • Broad current range
  • Increased resistance to weld pool contamination
  • These rods are ground annealed
  • Excellent arc


  • It doesn’t work on non-ferrous metals

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5) Weldcote Metals – Nickel Cast Iron Welding Electrodes

Weldcote Nickel 99 Cast Iron Welding Electrode Repair 1/8' 1 Lb.

Designed to tackle some of the toughest welding tasks, these Weldcote Metals welding rods can be a perfect solution for welding stainless steel, as well as various gray iron castings.

You can use them to repair castings, join them with a range of mild metals, or create new structures from scratch.

Here are the most important features of these welding rods:

  • Great for difficult welding tasks – Not all welding rods create equally, as some are better suited for difficult welds than others.

This package from Weldcote Metals is specifically designed for welding iron castings and stainless steel, which is notoriously tough to weld.

  • Repair castings – One of the utilities of these welding rods would be to repair iron castings.

Not only that, but you can use them for welding other types of metal to castings, including stainless steel and a range of mild metal alloys.

  • Machinable rods – Made out of pure nickel, these rods are machinable and offer a great welding arc.

Also, their slag levels are pretty low, so you can rest assured you won’t have that much to clean up after you’ve completed your weld.


  • It can be used with both AC or DC
  • Great for difficult welding tasks (for example, those involving stainless steel)
  • Machinable rods
  • It can be used to repair iron castings or join them with other mild metals


  • High melting temperature and preheat requirements

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Best All Around Welding Rod Buying Guide

best all around welding rod

Ease of Use

When it comes to how easy it is to use a welding rod, one of the parameters to look into would be whether or not you need flux to make it happen.

If the welding rod set can be used on many different materials and has a melting point, it would also be a great option for someone in need of a great all-in-one rod set.


If a welding rod can stay on a shelf for a long time and still be usable years after you’ve stored it, you can rest assured that it’s worth buying.

Of course, the quality and the durability of the weld itself you can make with such a rod are also important.

In this regard, the tensile and the compression strength would be the parameters to look into before buying a rod set.

Materials you can Work with

As we stated above, not all welding rods are equal because you cannot use all of them for the same purpose.

Usually, welding rods are built to be used with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, titanium, copper, and others, or ferrous ones, including steel and its many alloys.

So, if you want to work with non-ferrous materials, you want to look for welding rods for aluminum.

If you want to work with steel alloys, you must find rod sets for ferrous metals.

Last but not least, if you’re working with tough-to-weld metals such as stainless steel or cast iron, nickel welding rods are usually the golden standard, so to speak.

Working Temperature

… determines the lowest possible temperature that you need to heat the rod to melt.

Working with mild metals and mild rods such as those carrying the E6013 ranking means a lower working temperature. In many cases, you can weld using these rods by heating them with a simple torch.

On the other hand, harder metals require tougher rods, usually stick welding tips 7018. These require higher temperatures and more complex tools.

Flux Requirements

Last but not least, welding rods can be roughly split into two groups:

  • Those that require flux to work (typically for steel alloys and harder metals), and
  • Those that don’t (mild metals and low melting temperatures).

Low working temperatures often mean you don’t have to use flux, as you can get the job done with some torch.

That said, you probably wouldn’t be able to weld hard metals this way.


All in all, representing one of the most important metal-working tools, or tool accessories at least, welding rods represents an important part of any metal worker’s arsenal – whether you’re a rookie or a professional welder.

We hope you found the best all around welding rod in this article helpful and that you found the best all around welding rod set for your needs!

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