Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Buying Guide

Backpack vacuum cleaners are important parts of your offices and homes. Because the presence of Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning easy and effective in a convincing way.

Different kinds of vacuum cleaners are being offered in the market and each one of them has its own specialized features, efficiency, and working potential which determine the ultimate price of these products.

Since you are going to invest money in the purchase, it’s important that the investment goes on the best product. To achieve that, first of all, each consumer needs to evaluate their requirements. Because an appropriate selection can only be made when you understand exactly what is it that you want.

The selection of compatible shoulder vacuum cleaner is one of those matters which demands extra considerations. These cleaners are famous for different reasons, while at same time, various limitations are associated with their functionality. Some of the critical aspects towards which attention should be paid are being described below.

How To Choose The Top Rated Backpack Vacuum

Here are the most important features that you need to look at before purchasing the most powerful shoulder vac. Take this opportunity to read our researched reviews to find your desired product. There are some common features which you should focus on.

  • Weight:

The most important feature to consider in an industrial vacuum cleaner is its weight. You will have to carry the device on your back; it needs to be light in weight so that no additional strain is produced. Heavy vacuum cleaners are not preferred for your back, in fact, they can give rise to serious medical conditions.

  • Suction power:

The backpack vacuum should have a vigorous suction power because only then it will be capable of doing the cleaning function properly. A device which imposes repeated charging requirements is extremely frustrating for the users.

  • Filters:

Apart from having a good suction power and being light in weight, it is also important to have strong filters. The ability to absorb dust must be a part of the vacuum cleaner. If you have to empty the cleaners time and again then it’s a clear indication that the filters are not working properly.

  • Cleaning tools:

The good products always come with reliable and compact parts that make it easy to take out dust from areas that are otherwise not easy to access.

  • Other Considerations:

The design of the product must be ample so that it can support cleaning even from tough areas in an appropriate way.

  • Power cord needs to be in a reasonable length so that cleaning can be done easily.
  • Assembling the vacuum’s parts must be easy and shouldn’t take much time.
  • The canister should be durable.

Recommended Commercial Backpack Vacuum Reviews

Here is our recommend top 5 vacuums, and you can choose which suits your need best.

#1. ProTeam Commercial Vacuum – We Recommend

This particular vacuum cleaner has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. For that reason, it comes with a complete kit that includes tools needed for handling harder surfaces and cleaning uneven surfaces.

The product will be your best support if there are tough requirements related to cleaning a home or office. It has gathered excellent reviews from users and enjoys a strong demand on the current market. Some of the prominent features of this commercial vacuum are as follows:

Special Features

  • It shows a strong degree of versatility and is also light in weight so can be considered a great choice for use in offices and homes.
  • It is an efficient device that is extremely good for solving problems such as IAQ. The added durability makes the product more convincing for use as you can rely on it for some of the most complicated cleaning assignments.
  • For users who look for a high quality option for cleaning stairs, tough floors and carpets, it’s going to be the answer to all your concerns.
  • It is a productivity powerhouses and users can call it the perfect solution for handling even the most challenging cleaning assignments.
  • User-friendly design makes managing even easier.

#2. Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac

With Hoover C2401 cleaning becomes fun and a stress-free task. It is easy to operate and demands minimal requirements related to maintenance. The dust which is collected during cleaning gets stored in the canister at the backpack. So you can move ahead with the cleaning assignment without facing any kind of hindrance. It is super easy to carry because the weight is only 10 lbs.

The device is compact so it easily reaches small holes, narrow pathways, and extended areas without putting additional strain on the operator. The domed lid makes it easy to monitor the level of dust, and the collection bag can be emptied in time. Some prominent features of this top-rated shoulder vacuums are as follows:

Special Features

  • The super-efficient filters are brilliant as they are functional enough to clean 99.9 percent of small-sized particles that cause allergies and other health issues.
  • It comes with a backpack, metal wands, turbo floor tools, dusting brush, and a locking hose.
  • Extremely efficient – can work for hours without interruption.
  • Being lightweight makes it easy to handle and manage.
  • It comes with a bright user manual which makes operation simple.

#3. Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro Back

It is a solid product that comes loaded with all the features and qualities that people want to see in their cleaning devices. Weight is not an issue with this one because the backpack is easy to carry even by a small person.

Fortunately, you will not have to invest extra effort or energy while cleaning because it is super easy to operate and manage. It comes with an impressive cleaning power which is matched by a fantastic productivity level. The reviews provided by users suggest that it’s capable of carrying out cleaning at a faster pace in comparison to all other similar products. Other prominent features are as follow:

Special Features

  • The design is innovative and compliments all the requirements in a specialized way.
  • For Deuter, there is an ergonomic shoulder.
  • The product comes loaded with high-quality tools and equipment that further make cleaning easy and effective.
  • The tools can be easily accommodated on the waist belts so you will not have to worry about assemblage.
  • The product is right according to the demands of modern day users with strong filters and suction power.

#4. GV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA Backpack Vacuum


Users who have a number of tiles or hardwood floors to deal with will simply fall in love with GV 8. It’s one of the best commercial vacuum for tile floors as well as for hardwood floors. Its most attractive quality is the weight, which means it’s very easy to work with.

Cleaning with this vacuum machine is actually simple; it takes shorter time to finish a job, which means those who are on tight schedules can take extreme benefits from this product. It is an ideal device for dealing with offices and homes, especially with challenging surfaces. The product is also user-friendly, so you will waste no time in understanding its cleaning potential. Some popular features are as follow

Special Features

  • The GV 8 comes with a complete supply of tools that are easy to use and make cleaning simple and effective. For dealing with floor, it comes with high-end deluxe where you enjoy the option of changing to the rug and hard surface cleaning modes.
  • The brush roll along with a power nozzle strengthens the operation power of this device. Using the specialized head you can easily clean hard floor, thicker carpets, throw rugs and other surfaces.
  • For making cleaning and even better experience it comes with HEPA filters and bags.

#5. Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Clean Backpack Lightweight Vacuum

This is another great vacuum cleaner for homes or offices that have some hard to reach areas.

The model comes with an approved and extremely competent filtration system that is capable of sucking even very small sized dust particles, making the place clean and tidy. The HEPA filters will take away even 0.3 microns sized particles, so you will get the much needed mental satisfaction. Other popular elements of design include cleaning path of 12 inches, long cord, dust bags that are disposable and contain the capacity of 6 quarts.

The vacuum reflects a high degree of versatility as well, so using it will ensure all your requirements are getting proper treatment.

  • Special Features
  • It is a lightweight backpack vacuum and can reach even the most difficult places, thanks to a flexible design.
  • The model has the approval of CRI, reflecting the quality and improved opertation.
  • You are going to get a warranty for two years.
  • Power is 5 A which is pretty reasonable.

Why You Need An Industrial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Are backpack vacuums worth it? Well, it’s an interesting question, and the short answer is that it’s going to come down to individual preferences.

With any type of vacuum, your best choice would be the product you would use on a regular basis. That is the reason that most homeowners, who live in normal houses, may not want to use a backpack model. For the typical house, a backpack model might be an overkill.

A backpack vacuum is a commercial product that aims at bigger spaces. It’s also great for areas like stairs and hallways, but not so much for tiny spaces.

Again, whatever floats your boat. We cannot say if it’s absolutely right or wrong to apply a backpack model on the regular private residence. Just keep in mind, that these commercial products are not cheap, and most of the time (unless you have a large enough house and do a lot of vacuuming) there will be a more cost-effective choice to make.

Usually, people who work in house cleaning choose a backpack vac. They use it for their business, often times in teams of two: one person would be vacuuming only, while the other person would be in charge of the disposing. If you are a solo cleaner, the job can be quite cumbersome, because you’d have to take it on and off your back while moving from room to room.

As it happens in most cases, people will have a divided opinion on the usage of a Backpack Vacuum: some will love it, while others wouldn’t feel its a must. Now, let us tell why you may want to consider one because of below-mentioned benefits.

Health Benefits:

This is the main reason for which this type of powerful Vacuum is worth considering. When you use an upright cleaner a large part of dust, pollen and dirt are released into room environment because of the agitation caused by the brush. Thus, the room does not get appropriately cleaned. While on the other hand, the Backpack vacuums come with HEPA filters and they even lift the dirt directly. As a result, cleaning the room in a much more efficient. Check out this article about Backpack Vacuum vs Upright: Which One’s Right For You

Ease of use:

The upright vacuums are quite heavy and on an average weigh about 25 to 40 Lbs (due to motors, bag attachments and other attachments). On the other hand, backpack vacuums weigh merely 10 to 12 Lbs, which makes them easy to operate and carry. In addition, the mobility of uprights is limited because of a finite power chord’s length, whereas backpacks are free to move anywhere.

Cost Effective:

Business considerations aside, in some home environments backpacks are proving to be much more cost-effective than uprights. As the backpacks have a very simple construction, they require less maintenance. They also require a minimal number of replaceable parts, which means less costs. Also, backpack vacuums are usually durable and rarely break.


You may be wondering what the productivity aspect has to do here. Well, the reality is that backpacks can be easily converted into specialized cleaners for floors, carpets, blinds and many other types. The conversion is usually done by a simple twist of a dedicated attachment, which streamlines the cleaning of heterogeneous areas. A streamlined cleaning is quicker and for the cleaner, a less tiring experience. To learn more on the backpack vacuum advantages, check out the article How can you Properly Use a Backpack Vacuum.

Well, these were just a few examples, and there are more points to discuss, which we would do at a later post.

Time Saver

If in the cleaning business you have one person whose job is to do the vacuuming only, it becomes easy to cover the whole house in one go. An industrial backpack vac will also cut a significant amount of time from the cleaning process.

Rather than pulling and pushing the vacuum cleaner, you’d get to have it on your back, and get through the designated cleaning area in one stroke.


Imagine you are out, raking a yard, and going through all the physical movement that raking requires – your entire body is moving the rake. However, with a blower strapped on your back, all you have to do is blow the leaves away.

Using a leaves blower works much faster than to raking all the leaves. Even though both methods involve some physical labor, using the cleaner strapped on your back is going to be much easier.

If speed is what you are looking for, then backpack vac absolutely wins the vote.

How To Wear A Backpack Vacuum Properly?

Prior to using a cleaner, it’s important that you know how to wear it correctly. It’s important to make sure that the product fits properly on the operator. You can fasten and adjust the upper and lower backplate by utilizing the multiple adjustment holes on those plates.

  1. First of all, loosen the shoulder straps and waist belt in an open area by lifting the vacuum in one shoulder strap and sliding your free arm into the opposite shoulder strap. After that, make the necessary fit adjustments on the following contact points.
  2. Fasten the waist belt snugly and make sure that the plate that distributes most of the weight rests upon your hips.
  3. For more ergonomic comfort, make sure the top of the vacuum backplate is contacting your shoulder blades in the upper back area.
  4. Next, fasten and adjust the sternum straps so that it fits snugly.

Pretty simple, right? That’s all you need to know on how to wear a backpack vac properly. But you can find some elaboration on this previous post.


By now, you have seen some of the best backpack vacuum cleaners available in the market and understood the benefits that each one provides.

Now, it’s about time to look at some of the most popular questions that we hear and you may ask yourself too.

Q. How Frequently Should I Get My Vacuum Serviced?

Answer: it’s a tricky question indeed as it depends on how much the device is being used and in what environment. A professional machine should be serviced every six months. During the service, look for blocked hoses and filters, clean it properly and check for potential damages as a result of overfilled bags. Servicing your vacuum regularly does not only increases its lifespan, but also keeps it more effective.

Q. Will It Makes Much Noise?

Answer: Okay, let’s be clear about the trade-off between vacuuming power and noise. If you are looking for a very silent vacuum, then you will lose some suction power. A vacuum making 66 dB sound will not disturb regular conversations while at the same time provide an excellent power. Luckily, there is a considerable number of vacuum cleaners on that range.  However, if you want a more quiet vacuum, then you can go for a 51 dB machine.

Q. Will Switching To Backpacks From Uprights Be Beneficial?

Answer: The answer is that normally YES, according to various independent researches. A backpack vacuum can sweep over a 10,000 sqft area in just an hour. On the other hand, an upright vacuum takes about 2.5 to 3 hours for a similar space. Moreover, when talking about efficiency, backpacks are up to 45% more efficient than uprights. So switching may be an excellent idea.

Q. What Kind Of Filter Mechanism Do They Utilize?

Answer: These modern-day vacuums utilize the paper bag filtration system, which is made from synthetic material. These filters are designed with in-built anti-microbial properties that prevent the growth of molds and germs. Some of the cleaners use a combination of the wet and dry system.

Q. Why My Vacuum Loses Power Over Time?

Answer: This can be caused by multiple reasons: some of them are aging of the motor, tough cleaning environment, and airflow paths. The motor’s carbon brushes wear out after some time, and as a result, the motor loses power. When the air-flow path gets blocked by derbies and coagulated dust, the vacuum will lose a noticeable amount of power.

Q. Are Backpacks Vacuum Well Around Fixed Objects?

Answer: The best part about backpack cleaners is that they are lightweight and ergonomically designed. This means they would minimize the effort you have to put in while cleaning. Because of such features, these vacuums are easy to maneuver around fixed objects. Utilizing some of its special attachments, like the crevice tool, dust brush and upholstery, can do wonders within minutes.

Final Verdict

If we consider the above-mentioned features, we’ve found that any of the vacuums from the top 5 list can be the winner. ProTeam Commerical Vacuum is worth a special mentioning, in our view. With the thoughtful set of choosing criteria in mind, you can now easily buy any one of them based on your specific needs.

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