Top 10 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Are you in the market for a vacuum cleaner? If so, you should know that bagless vacuum cleaners have become really popular in recent years.

Many people just find them better and more convenient since these vacuums don’t require intense cleanings or emptying on a regular basis.

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Table

If you think a bagless vacuum is right for you, the key is simply to find the right bagless vacuum to meet your needs. To help you in your quest, we’ve compiled a list of what, in our opinion, are the best bagless vacuum cleaner options currently on the market.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Before we jump in and share our vacuum picks with you, you may be wondering how, exactly, we arrived at our ratings. Don’t worry. We didn’t just pull our picks out of a hat.

Our goal, unlike so many other sites, is not to get you to buy a particular product or to make you think any particular way. Instead, we simply want to provide you with all of the unbiased information you need to make an informed purchasing decision and to spend your money wisely.

In that spirit, we get information for our picks by doing lots of thorough research. We spend countless hours looking into things like brand history and reputation, customer reviews and experiences, and consumer data, all in an effort to choose the very best vacuums money can buy.

So, with all of that in mind, it’s time to dive in and check out our selections for the best bagless vacuum cleaner options of 2018:

10. The Shark Navigator Powered Lift

Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, NV586 (Renewed)
  • Renewed products work and look like new. These pre-owned products have been inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified...
  • 2-in-1 vacuum with powered lift-away and pet hair pick-up
  • Includes upholstery tool and crevice tool

We’ll start our list with a fairly well-known name in the vacuum cleaner industry: Shark. Shark is known for making sleek, stylish, and affordable vacuums, like this one.

In fact, this particular vacuum happens to be our favorite in the Shark line right now. Not only is it bagless, but it’s also super affordable and very versatile. It can be used in all types of homes and on all types of flooring.

We also love the fact that this vacuum comes with a special “true pet” tool, which is perfect for getting pet hair off of upholstery.

The Shark also does a great job of fitting into the tightest of places and creating a home that’s truly clean from top to bottom.

Our only real complaint with this vacuum is that it doesn’t have a great filtration system. It’s not a HEPA system, so this vacuum may not be a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. And, the system it does have instead is relatively weak.

Aside from the filtration issue, though, we do have to say that this is a pretty great little vacuum.

We’ll give it a 2 out of 5.

9. The Bagless Upright Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Plus Upright Vacuum - Corded
  • Strongest suction of any vacuum
  • The Dyson Ball upright vacuum cleaner has the strongest suction of any vacuum
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology

Another well-known name in the vacuum cleaner industry is Dyson, and the company has really hit the ball out of the park with this bagless model.

One thing we really like about this vacuum is how versatile it is. It can thoroughly clean bare floors and tile and then transition to cleaning carpet well too. We also found that this vacuum is great for picking up pet hair and dust.

In fact, there were only a few small issues that kept this vacuum from ranking much higher on our list. We didn’t love the messy process of emptying the canister. Also, it would have been nice to be able to choose carpet height for more accurate cleaning and to have a suction control feature. Also, this vacuum is loud when it runs, which means it may not be the best choice for homes with sleeping babies, noise sensitive adults, or scared pets.

If you don’t mind the small imperfections with this vacuum, which we give a 2/5, then you’re sure to find it a fine pick.

8. The Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Black Touchless Stationary Vacuum

EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum - 1400 Watts Professional...
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1400 watt vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly
  • CONVENIENT: always on and always ready infrared sensors activate Eye Vac automatically
  • PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: the EyeVac is ideal for commercial use including hair salons, boutiques, hospitality,...

First of all, we know that the name of this vacuum is a bit of a mouthful. However, don’t let the complex name fool you. This vacuum is super easy to operate and use.

In fact, you don’t have to do much once you get it set up. This vacuum simply sits against your wall. From there, you can sweep up debris and dust until you reach the vacuum, which will then suck up the grime and leave your home cleaner.

No, this isn’t the traditional bagless vacuum, and you’ll probably need another vacuum for general use, unless you have all hardwood flooring. However, it’s such a cool concept that we just couldn’t resist adding it to our list. We give it a 2.5 out of 5.

7. The Dyson V8 Absolute

If you want a vacuum that is both cordless and bagless, this offering from Dyson should be right up your alley.

We love the fact that this vacuum cleaner is super small, making it the perfect choice for apartment-dwellers or anyone short on space.

We also love that this vacuum is cordless, and unlike many other cordless vacuums, it does not lose power easily. It can actually run without needing recharging for a full 40 minutes, allowing you to get entire rooms or maybe even your entire home vacuumed in one go.

Another nice feature of this vacuum is the strong motor, not to mention the effective floor tools. In fact, we think this vacuum is pretty perfect aside from the high price tag, which kept our rating at a 2.5 out of 3.

Dyson (214730-01) V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow
  • Cord free. Hassle free. Powerful suction, refer user manual for instructions
  • Up to 40 minute's run time when using a non-motorized tool. Suction power (Max mode): 115 AW
  • Lightweight and versatile, for easy home cleaning. Instant release trigger means battery power is only used while it’s...

6. The Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass

So far, most of the vacuums we have covered here have been made by high quality, well-known brands, and the same definitely applies with this vacuum. Everyone knows the Bissell brand and that it makes great, high quality vacuums.

In the case of this particular model, we really like the unique brush design. This design works in the vacuum’s favor, allowing it to pick up more dust, dirt, and grime than the average vacuum of its type. In fact, many people report being able to get a whole area clean in one quick pass of the vacuum.

This vacuum also comes with several nice accessories for more intensive cleaning and a great filtration system. You can use the vacuum on all flooring surfaces, and we’ve found it’s particularly great at picking up pet hair.

Our only real issue with this vacuum, in fact, is that it can be a little bulky and hard to maneuver. If you’ve got a lot of tight corners in your home or if you tend to struggle with vacuuming in general, you probably won’t be too impressed with the tough steerage of this vacuum.

If you don’t mind a few difficulties in maneuvering, however, you’ll probably agree that this vacuum deserves a solid 3 out of 5 rating.

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass
  • Fast and easy cleaning in a lightweight vacuum with powerful suction and innovative brush design that cleans more on the...
  • Innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet to clean more on the initial pass
  • Cyclonic System for long lasting, powerful suction. Bag Type : Bagless

5. The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

Like most of our other brands, Dirt Devil is well known in the vacuum cleaner industry. However, people tend to have mixed feelings about this brand. Some people really love it, and other people think the vacuums are lower quality.

However, we happen to think the brand and this vacuum in particular are pretty great given the low price tags.

You can pick up this Dirt Devil for around $20, which is extremely cheap for a vacuum cleaner. Obviously, price will vary depending on where you shop, but that’s the average asking price. And, with this kind of price, even if the vacuum isn’t perfect, it’s well worth the money.

You might not expect much for $20, but this vacuum really delivers a lot. For starters, it is super lightweight, making it easy to use even for long periods of time and easy to transport from one part of your home to another. This vacuum weighs in at just under four pounds.

In addition to the lightweight nature, it’s just easy to move in general. The wheels allow it to roll along smoothly and easily. Plus, you can convert this vacuum into a handheld one in a few steps, allowing you to reach every space and crevice.

The cord is a little bit annoying and can sometimes get in the way, and there aren’t a lot of special features. However, for only $20, we think this vacuum more than deserves a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner, 3-in-1 Hand and Stick Vac,...
  • 3-IN-1: Tidy up your hard floors and rugs with powerful straight suction, or tackle tight, hard to reach places with the...
  • EASY TO USE: Take the chore out of cleaning with this lightweight and powerful stick vac that easily transforms into...
  • ON BOARD CREVICE TOOL: For those harder-to-reach areas that need a quick clean, simply attach the on-board crevice tool...

4. The Shark Rocket with Duo Clean

We just couldn’t help ourselves. We had to add another Shark vacuum to our best bagless vacuum cleaner list, and we think this one is even better than our other pick.

This vacuum is very similar to a Dyson, but without the high price tag, which is a concept that we can get behind.

It has a long 30 foot power cord, which can be a little annoying. The cord reduces the reach of the vacuum and can sometimes cause the user to get tripped up.

However, the vacuum does have a convenient on and off switch and a super powerful motor. It can suction up just about any dirt, dust, or debris, no matter how deep down these particles might go.

All in all, we’d say this isn’t the fanciest vacuum on the market, but it’s definitely a good choice for the money. We give it a 3 out of 5.

Shark Rocket Upright Vacuum w/ DuoClean Technology HV380 (Renewed)
  • The Shark Rocket with DuoClean Technology provides Triple Particle Cleaning for floors and carpets, removing small,...
  • The floor nozzle is designed with a brushroll garage that allows for quick access to the brushroll from the top of the...
  • Not only is this vacuum great on floors, it converts to a handheld, making stairs, furniture, and other above-floor...

3. The Hoover Wind Tunnel T-Series Rewind Plus

If you want a vacuum that is super strong and super good at its job, then you’ll love this offering from Hoover.

We just couldn’t get over the suctioning power of this vacuum, which allows it to pick up even the deepest-down dirt and dust. Plus, it works on any surface. It can clean up carpets, tile, and hardwood without missing a beat.

Aside from the power, we also like the retractable cord, which makes for easier storage. Plus, the HEPA filtration system also makes this vacuum topnotch, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

The steering on this vacuum could be a little better, but, aside from that, we think it warrants a 3.5 out of 5.

Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Windtunnel technology: Creates suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt
  • HEPA media filter: Traps 99.7 percent of dirt, dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns
  • Room to room cleaning: 5 height adjustments to go from deep carpet to hard floors and 25 foot retractable cord

2. The Bissell Zing Lightweight

Bissell is another brand that deserves a second mention on our list. This time, we’re highlighting a Bissell vacuum that is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. It’s also “lightweight” in terms of price as well, usually retailing for just under $50.

Don’t let the small size of this vacuum fool you though. It is surprising powerful. It may weigh under eight pounds, but it features cyclone-style action that allows it to pick up any dust and dirt on any surface.

It has a long power cord for better reach, and the cord is even retractable for easy storage. All in all, we’d say this is a pretty great vacuum, rolling in at 4 out of 5.

BISSELL Zing Lightweight, Bagless Canister Vacuum, 2156A
  • Dirt cup capacity 2 liters; Cyclonic action and powerful suction provide thorough cleaning; Plus, no more bags to buy or...
  • Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch. Power rating : 9 ampere
  • Dirt cup filters and post motor filter help capture more fine dust and particles. Filters are washable and reusable

1. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum

Dyson has been on our list a lot this time, but we had to end with another Dyson, the one we think is the best of them all.

This vacuum is a little on the pricey side, typically retailing for around $500. However, in terms of its suctioning power and longevity, we think it’s more than worth the asking price. It has new “cinetic” technology that enables it to pick up dirty from anywhere. Plus, we love the allergy-friendly HEPA filter.

The bottom line is that this vacuum will last you for decades with the right care, so we had to put it at the top of our list.

Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner-Extra Tools for Homes...
  • Cord free, hassle free, powerful suction for versatile cleaning
  • The V7 Animalpro+ includes dollar 60 worth of extra tools for whole home cleaning. Includes flexi crevice tool, mini...
  • Up to 30 minutes fade free power; Actual runtime will vary based on power mode and/or attachments used

Buyer’s Guide – Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you are armed with knowledge of some of the best bagless vacuum cleaner options, the next step is to do your own research.

Look at reviews of vacuums you are interested in. Check out and compare pricing and warranties from one retailer to another, and consider your needs versus what each vacuum offers.

With careful thought, you can easily choose the right vacuum for you and your home, whether it’s one from our list or not.

Start Shopping for a Bagless Vacuum Today 

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you’ve got the upper hand in terms of knowledge, it’s time to start shopping. Whether you shop online or in person, there’s no better time than the present to choose your perfect vacuum.  

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