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Trying to find the best curling iron for short hair depends on your hair type. And without a doubt, finding the kind of curl you want, especially for short hair, is not only a matter of price but of safety, too! If you’ve ever sported short hair before, you can understand how hard it is to curl and style them. But this doesn’t mean short hair gives you limited options. Thanks to technology and the invention of curling irons, people with short to medium-length hair can now easily style their mane and achieve different types of curls at home.

The picks I have in store for you offer exceptional deals with comfort and convenience. They will help you discover your ideal curl style, so you can do as you please. Also, our products make the solution a matter of quality, not quantity. So short hair-dos will no longer be a problem for you ever again!

Top 10 Picks of the Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

I want to support my readers with careful research and reporting of all the products. Only then will I be able to find stuff that make your life easier. So, you don’t have to spend long hours in front of your computer finding the best of the best deals. I’ve gone through each pick and have nothing but confidence in all.

This article also hosts a definitive guide on purchasing a professional curling iron for your short hair so you can begin styling at home right away, even if you don’t sport long tresses. Both these sections will guide you to look forward to discovering effective products at a good price.

1. BabylissPro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron – Best Curling Iron for Short HairBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling IronBuy on Amazon

This curling iron is short hair’s best friend. It comes with impressive temperature control settings and a swivel cord. Everything you thought was possible in a curling iron, this model improves on.

The Nano titanium offers excellent and well-distributed conduction of heat. While it also does a good job at maintaining high temperatures for a fizz-free solution! If you want textured and wavy curls, I recommend you go for this one.

Being my top best curling iron for short hair, the BabyBlissPro offers strain-free and burn-free styling. It is so lightweight and portable that you get many hairstyles to choose from.

The barrel, which is a special feature, feels smooth against your hair. You can glide it through your hair without it damaging your hair cuticles. It comes with a tapered tip which offers easy pulling off. All these features make curling comfortable and pain-free. (Useful curling iron tricks)

And what it also does so beautifully is give you a smooth, textured, and wavy style. The bottom line is that you would be comfortable with this iron. It takes the frustration out of styling your hair, which is as good as any salon.


A personal suggestion: curl small batches of your hair for an easy curling experience. When dealing with short hair, holding the tip of the iron is important. This helps you glide through each strand and bunch with ease.

The features that do not sit well with this pick are the heat settings. If you opt for the highest setting, certain parts of the iron, such as the kick-stand, get hot.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Accurate temperature control nozzle.


  • Gets too hot when set to a higher temperature for long.
BaBylissPRO® Nano Titanium™ Prima3000 Curling Demo

2. Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron – Best Tangle-Free Curling Iron for Short HairSultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, 3/4 Inch WhiteBuy on Amazon

The high-quality design and ceramic technology of the iron is the best choice for most buyers. It is ideal for women with fine to thick hair. And it offers excellent tangle-free performance.

What I liked most about the Sultra is its durable and lightweight body. It offers the right combination of style and comfort at just the best price. Depending on how deep you want your curls to be, this model offers quick heating performance.

Along with the main curling iron, you get a clip-less styling glove and pad. These complementary features make sure you do not burn your fingers or neck. It’s the ideal tool for the spontaneous hair stylist in you.

For energy efficiency, this model also comes with an automatic shut-off feature. This feature boasts of safety as much as it does energy efficiency. So, you get better locked-in style with long-term usability.

For anyone who has thick hair volume, curling with this iron is easy. In fact, you will see some of your best results which stick with you till the next day. It also comes with a manual that offers clear and straightforward instructions. That said, you get an exact sense of how to use it to get your curls to last for more than 24 hours.


The cord of the curling iron rotates as you turn the wand. This makes sure your long hair doesn’t get tangled in the wire. Plus, the 9-foot length of the cord makes it easy to rotate at a normal speed. This swivel cord is designed in such a way that you can rest your fingers on the curling iron without the risk of getting burned.

As for the drawbacks, the protective gear with this model isn’t as durable. So, if need be, you must buy extra gloves to keep handy. Especially if you are curling shorter sections of your hair!


  • Lightweight and tangle-free.
  • ​Good for bouncy and shiny hair.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.


  • Protective gear isn’t up to the mark.
  • Difficult to get used to.
Sephora Presents Sultra The Bombshell

3. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron – Best Curling Iron for Loose Curls that Last LongerConair Instant Heat 1/2-Inch Curling IronBuy on Amazon

If you want a curling iron for occasions only, opt for the Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron. It holds up well to consistent, but casual use. The iron heats up quick leaving no room for inaccurate heat recovery. And the best part is that your curls stay intact for longer periods of time. This is good for anyone looking to reduce frizzy hair.

It is a half-inch barrel for looser curls for short hair. And the ceramic holder comes feature-packed with Double Ceramic technology. This technology keeps your curls for longer without the frizz or unhealthy look.

The fanciest feature is the instant heat boost which speeds up both heat and recovery by 10%. This in combination with its 30 variable heat settings makes all the difference. You should also consider the 375-degrees heat settings with an 18-hour curl control. So, in hindsight, buying this best curling iron for short hair is essential.

On the same note, I also found that the double ceramic barrel allows the hair to glide down smoothly. And the plastic loop at the end allows better grip-ability. That is the most important feature to consider for short hair curling! This feature sets the Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron apart. It does prevent your fingers from slipping as much as from burning. You would definitely want to buy this product.


There’s a plastic handle where the barrel attaches itself to the rest of the iron. You need to pull it out if you want to curl your short hair. If not, it might snag your hair and disrupt your curling process. You can save the handle for future use if needed.

The only disadvantage of using this curling iron is that it the heating and power indicator is hard to see. This is because the curling iron’s barrel is too short. This makes accessibility is a bit difficult for first-time users.


  • Heats 10% faster than others.
  • ​Offers smooth and bouncy curls.
  • Has a tangle-free swivel cord.


  • The curling iron’s barrel is very short.
  • Limited feature controls.

Conair® Curling Iron How-To

4. Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron – Best Curling Iron for All Hair TypesHot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Curling Iron | Long Lasting, Defined...Buy on Amazon

The Hot Tools Professional 1110 is a good product to buy. If you have short and straight hair, using this curling iron is going to be as easy as combing. Many consumers often feel intimidated when dealing with short hair. So, the 24K gold-plated barrel and a heavy-duty 8-foot swivel cord make all the difference.

The barrel offers long-term and long-lasting heating capacity. It also has a quick heat recovery with a heat up to 430-degrees Fahrenheit. There’s much about this best curling iron for short hair that I love so much.

For starters, the soft-grip handle makes curling super quick. While the extra-long cool tip prevents accidental burns. It even works for semi-thick and frizzy hair due to sun damage. It doesn’t worsen your hair condition but gives it a messy and bouncy look. Isn’t that what you wanted after all?

On an ending note, this model offers tighter curls at various heating settings. With a little research, I found that this pick gives you a well-rounded and tighter curl. You can start curling your hair from the middle of the root right up to the tip. So even if you don’t have thick hair, this technique works for most people.

The best part about using this curling iron is that you do not have to use both hands.


If you have thin hair, using a low heat setting is ideal. On the other hand, for voluminous hair, increasing the heat setting can give you better curls that’ll last longer. What you should also know about is the flow of the curling technique. Make sure you slide your hair down toward the tip of the barrel. You don’t burn the tip of your fingers while curling this way.

As for the drawbacks, the edges of the barrel are a bit difficult to handle. However, they do not interfere with the way your curls look at the end of the process. But they make curling short hair a bit tricky. Once you get used to the flow of it, it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • On-off thermostat switch.


  • Incorrect positioning of the barrel clap.
How to Make Soft Curls for Short Hair?

5. Anjou 1.5-Inch Curling Iron – Best Curling Iron with Quick Heat-Up TimeAnjou Curling Iron 1.25 in with Dial Heat Control, Hair Curler Curling...Buy on Amazon

The Anjou comes with fast heat technology for super curls in only seconds! Unlike most, the temperature control on this best curling iron is fast and effective. It offers a consistent heating temperature. This in combination with its frizz-free and 360-degrees power features.

The heat settings, grip, and swivel cord are all up to the mark. And so is the ceramic construction of the barrel which offers 60-second quick heating.

For better accessibility, the stainless-steel support ensures better use and curl. This is essential for short hair so you can place the curling iron on the table without worry.

The fast heat-up, ceramic plated barrel, and cool tip are some of its best features so far. The ceramic-plated barrel has a good grip on the hair. While the cool tip ensures burn-free performance!

It heats up quickly after you press the start button for at least 3 seconds. And the body feels as lightweight as other professional-grade curlers.

The casing of this curling iron has a thermally-insulated wand tip. This shuts off automatically after 30 minutes for safety. This makes the Anjou a responsive and efficient pick that’s not too tricky to maneuver. (Common curling iron mistakes)


You can choose the exact temperature in increments of 10-degrees between 200 to 410-degrees Fahrenheit. This feature suits all types of hair: fine, thin, and thick. It’s also ideal for using hair products for sun protection or shine. On the same note, the 2.5m long power cord means you do not have to stand near a power outlet. So, safety in operation is looked after with the Anjou.

This curling iron leaves behind a strange smell after use. It, in no way, affects the condition of your hair or curls. The smell is a result of the long-lasting heat on the ceramic-coated barrel.


  • Heats up in 60 seconds.
  • ​360-degrees rotation swivel cord.
  • Comes with stainless steel support.


  • Has an unusual after-use smell.
Anjou Curling Iron

6. Natalie Styx Interchangeable Hair Iron – Best Versatile Curling Iron for Short HairNatalie Styx Hair Curling Irons with 5 Ceramic Tourmaline Hot Rollers,...Buy on Amazon

You might say that Natalie Styx is an expressive curling iron for most people. It features LCD screen indicators, 30 versatile heat settings, and 5 interchangeable barrels. It also includes a heat-resistant glove with a travel pouch and easy salon clips. This pick stands out because it offers versatile features. And it’s also well-constructed enough to make sure you have everything you need to move forward.

The 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord is 8-feet long. It makes sure that you have plenty of space to move around while curling. And with the travel pouch, the cord is easy to pack and travel with.

The 5 ceramic barrels are interchangeable in seconds. Making accessibility smooth and quick! And for added safety, each barrel comes with a secure lock. So, once you attach it to the handle, it doesn’t fall or feels loose. When you wish to change the barrels, make sure the power is off.

The automatic shut-off feature comes with a 60-minute window for safekeeping. It reduces the risk of excessive heat build-up when you’re not around. The same applies to increase the shelf life of the curling.

The way this curler works proves that it’s the best curling iron for short hair for tighter and looser curls. This depends on the barrel you use for thin or thick hair. Never will you find a package curling wand with 5 ergonomic and efficient barrels to choose from.


People with short hair especially need to know how to use a curling iron. You do not want to clamp down your hair and make it more frizzy than bouncy. The answer is Natalie Styx’s adaptive Advanced PTC heating technology. With temperature stability, you can reverse hair damage and get the ideal salon look.

The only downside to this curling iron is that you need both your hands for operation. There are many one-hand curling wands on the market. But given the extensive features of the Natalie Styx, you will not be able to have one hand free.


  • Strong and lightweight barrels.
  • ​Good for tighter and looser curls.
  • 60-minute automatic shut-off feature.


  • Lacks one-hand operation.
Natalie Styx Professional 5 in 1 Curling Iron

7. Parwin Beauty 7-in-1 Professional Curling Wand – Best Dual-Function Curling Iron for Short HairPARWIN BEAUTY 0.8 Inch Curling Iron Wand with Tourmaline Ceramic...Buy on Amazon

The Parwin is the ideal dual-voltage pick for most people. It features 5 interchangeable barrels. Each with a durable ceramic body and plenty of surface area! One of the best features of this pick is the unique clamp type. Each ceramic barrel consists of a clamp which makes curling simple and quick. The barrel size and shape also adds to the comfort and efficiency.

This model comes with 2 different kinds of rod sizes. The rod helps in wrapping a strand of hair around the barrel. With the Parwin, it has both a tapered and a straight rod. Another great feature of this best curling iron for short hair is that it heats up quick.

Plus, it even boasts of a faster heat recovery than most. This is one of the best choices to keep you company for long.

It has a swivel cord which offers plenty of freedom of movement. This is important if you want to enjoy your curling experience without restriction. You should also know that with its accurate temperature, your curls last longer than 24 hours! With the increased surface area, you get better and fast performance.


For travelers, the heat resistant case is good for safekeeping. Make sure you do not keep the iron in when it’s still hot. A warm curling iron will still transfer heat. However, with the heat resistance of the case, it will not affect the cord or any other item kept close to it.

The Parwin lacks a cool touch tip with its clamp and barrel styles. If you’re in the habit of reaching for the cool tip during curling, this might be a problem for you. It could lead to you burning yourself to get a better handle.


  • Heats and cools down fast.
  • Varied barrel sizes and types.


  • No cool touch tip or heat-proof gloves.
The Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

8. Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron – Best Mini Curling Iron for Short HairHerstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron | Tapered 1/2 to 3/4 Curling...Buy on Amazon

The Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Wand features Negative Ion Technology. This technology helps reduce frizz without breaking the shine and smoothness of your hair. It’s good for short and thick hair.

Anyone looking to experiment with curls should consider buying this pick. It takes less than 30 minutes and the barrel heats up quick. And you don’t even need to use a hairspray to keep the curls last longer.

This pick offers amazing performance with the clipless Teflon barrel. The ceramic barrel plate suits all hair types. While the clipless lock makes it one of the most accessible choices on the market.

To make things even better, you get a heat-resistant hand glove for safe operation. So, you can protect your hands whilegetting creative with your hairstyles. The Teflon barrel is good because it offers perfect heat distribution. So the barrel heats up and recovers quickly. It’s the best mini curling iron for wavier, looser, and tighter curls. It all depends on how you use it.

On an ending note, the Herstyler is the brand we trust for long-term use. It does not spoil your hair’s texture or cause frizz. And you don’t need hair products to suit your hair type. This choice is exactly what you need for a quick professional result.


This curling iron gets hot very fast so it’s advisable to hold each curl for not more than 30 seconds. This will result in perfect tight or loose curls. If you want a natural look, hold the curls on the metal for 7 seconds along with the taper.

This curling iron lacks proper heating settings. This means it has only a single fixed heat setting. You might feel nervous to use this, but it doesn’t affect the way your curls look. The single heat setting is perfect for all hair types.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Best for tight and loose curls.


  • Doesn’t feature multiple heat settings.
Romantic Curls – Herstyler Hair Tutorial

9. Xtava Twist Curling Iron – Best Smart Curling Iron for Short HairXtava Twist Curl Curling Wand - 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand...Buy on Amazon

This is yet another smart and efficient curling iron. It comes with a barrel that’s just 1 to 1.5-inch long. And it boasts of excellent temperature control and durability. If you’re looking for something that offers beach wave curls, this is the pick for you.

It has 22 heating options with temperature control from 200 to 410-degrees Fahrenheit. What’s more? You also get dual voltage performance for energy efficiency.

This best curling iron for short hair does what professionals do. It makes your job easy, has a digital display, and heats up fast. It has the kind of features that seem simple and straightforward even to a newbie. So don’t be surprised by how easy this pick is to use.

On the one hand, the round barrel keeps your hair shiny and frizz-free. And on the other, it makes your short wavy and curly in a matter of minutes. It even features a smart 60-minute shut-off feature. This is important because products using heat need to be safe too.

On an ending note, the Xtava Twirl Curling Iron is a sturdy, durable, and smart choice. You can trust it to keep your hair curly, shiny, and smooth. And it’s guaranteed to keep your hair away from heat damage as much as you.


If you wish to make bigger waves, take bigger sections of your short hair around the barrel. Because of its high heating settings, the curls last longer than 24 hours. And you can know how high the temperature gets with its simple digital display.

The only disadvantage to this pick is that it offers tighter curls because of the oval-shaped barrel. So, after curling, your hair will turn out to look less wavy and subtle. But more of tighter and smaller curls.


  • Features a cool tip.
  • ​Digital display reading.
  • Accurate temperature control.


  • The barrel is oval-shaped, which results in tighter curls.
How to achieve the coolest beach waves? 

10. BlueTop Unisex 9mm Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Iron Wand – Best Unisex Curling Iron for Short HairCurling Iron Professional Curling Wand Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel Hair...Buy on Amazon

Ideal for both men and women, the BlueTop is a comfortable wand to use. It has a thin and durable ceramic barrel which works on short and long hair. It produces the best mini curls and has a simple temperature control setting.

You can choose from 80-degrees up to 230-degrees Celsius. This is the perfect temperature setting for short hair for men and women. If you put hair products, this temperature doesn’t interfere with the chemicals. So you do not have to worry about damaging your hair texture.

For many short-haired users, frizz is a common threat. And if you have thin hair, with the wrong product, you’re more likely to damage your hair using hair products.

That said, with the right comfortable heat settings, you can reverse such damage. And to help you with that, the lowest 80 to 110-degrees Celsius temperature setting is ideal. It’s perfect for thin and easy-to-curl short hair. While the highest 200 to 230-degree Celsius setting is ideal for voluminous and hard-to-curl short hair.


Take 1/2-inch wide strands of hair and clamp down on each section for about 1-2 seconds. Make sure the clamp is shut tight down on your hair. And make sure you turn the barrel down to one side as far away from your scalp as possible. You can hold the curl in place for 20-25 seconds for tighter curls. And for less time if you want looser and wavy curls.

The ceramic barrel takes a longer time to heat up than others. And that can be a little hard to use for first-timers. But with its digital temperature display, you know just when it hits the right heating for you to begin working.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Varied heating settings.


  • Takes a long time to heat up.

The Best Curling Iron for Short Hair – Buyer’s Guide


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Now, you’ve seen ten of my favorite brands. If you are wondering how, of the hundreds or even thousands of products out there, these ten made it to our list, here’s how we chose the best curling iron for short hair.

Barrel Width


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Not all curling irons are created equal and for the same hair type and length; some have wide barrels, some have small. Opting for a wider barrel is not at all suitable for short hair. Wide barrels can make it difficult for you to wrap your hair around it. The exact width or diameter of the barrel should be small enough for you to wrap your hair around it and style. Based on this fact, it is crucial to choose the right size, type, and shape of curling iron vis a vis the length and shape of your natural hair.

The right curling iron size for short hair should be 3/8-inch. Picking a barrel width of 5/8-inch is also ideal if you want looser curls, but the highest you can go for short hair is 1-inch width which results in loose and wavy curls.

Consider this guide in getting the best size curling iron for short hair:

  • 1-inch

A 1-inch barrel size is the easiest to use. It produces tight and more defined curls. Some might say this makes the best curling iron for short hair.

  • 1 1/4-inch

This is a good go-to choice for anyone looking to experiment with short hair. It produces softer curls and adds more volume to your hair.

  • 1 1/2-inch

This should be comfortable for people who know their way around a curler. Newbies will find it difficult to use it for longer lasting curls. It produces wavy curls that last all day and all night.

  • 2-inch

Salon professionals often use a 2-inch barrel size for short hair. Even though they do not produce tighter curls, 2-inch barrels are tough manage. They produce curls that can be combed out for a natural, wavy look. But for extremely short hair, much like that of a boy’s, this may not be the best choice.

Ultimately, if you don’t have really long tresses that drop past your shoulders, getting a small curling iron for short hair would be your best option.

Barrel Shape


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The best options for barrel shape are cylindrical, conical, and reverse conical.

  • Cylindrical-shaped barrel

Cylindrical-shaped curling wands, or sometimes called rod, are good for spiral curls. If you want tighter or looser curls, at a given time, using a cylindrical-shaped barrel offers better flexibility.

  • Conical-shaped barrel

Conical-shaped curling wands, or sometimes just wands, are best for wider curls. They produce far apart curls that start closer to the scalp than the tip. And they become tighter toward the tip.

  • Reverse conical-shaped barrel

Reverse conical-shaped curling wands do the exact opposite of a conical-shaped wand. They produce looser curls that start from the scalp toward the tip.

How to Choose the Best Curling Iron for Your Short Hair

With the number of curling irons to choose from, not to mention the amount of information I have just shared, picking the ideal iron to curl your hair can get you stumped.

To avoid getting stuck in your decision-making process, you have to identify and understand what it is you truly want. Let’s say you have short, poker straight hair, what do you want your hair to look to look like after you have styled it? Are you looking into having gorgeous beachy waves or romantic vintage waves?  

If, on the other hand, you are already sporting a naturally wavy hair, you can straighten your hair using any of the tools found in my list! Your options are almost endless, no matter the shape and overall condition of your short hair, so never for a second think that styling is possible only for the long-haired.

After you have figured out what to do with your precious tresses, it’s time to decide which curling iron to get. This is where we discuss the different materials used in curling iron plates.

Classic Ceramic Coating

Ceramic irons have been around for ages and are the favorite in both salons and homes. While these irons don’t heat up as fast as their titanium or tourmaline counterparts, they can straighten or curl your hair just same. The only problem with a ceramic coating is that it can wear away over time, exposing hot spots that make the distribution of heat uneven. Individual strands can also get snagged in the cracks, resulting in split ends or damaged hair cuticle.

Titanium Curling Irons

If you don’t like the idea of your hair getting snagged in cracks, a titanium plated curling iron is going to be your next best option. This type of metal allows for faster and more even heat transfer, releasing negative ions that make even the frizziest hair easy to manage and style. The only drawback in getting this type of curling iron is the risk of getting burned. It heats up faster than its ceramic counterpart, making it quite tricky to handle. So if you’re just starting out in your hair styling journey, you might want to use this with extreme caution.

Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Irons

If you have extremely frizzy hair, chemically treated hair, or if you style your hair a lot, curling irons with tourmaline-infused ceramic plating are going to be your new best friend. It can release more than double the amount of negative ions in a titanium curling iron for better control over any hair type. Whether you are looking into getting a stick straight mane or natural curls, a tourmaline curling iron will do the trick for you.

Which is Better for Curling Hair Flat Iron or Curling Iron?

One of the most common questions when it comes to getting the right tools for styling hair is whether a curling iron is better than a flat iron. Again, the answer depends on what you like to achieve. Although a flat iron can also curl your hair, it takes a little bit of skill to get your tresses curling around a flat plate, which can be extra burdensome if you have short hair. So my straightforward answer would be to get a curling iron if you want to have curly hair, and a ceramic flat iron if you want to straighten out your waves.

Is Using a Brush Curling Iron for Short Hair Going to Deliver the Same Result?

There is one thing a brush curling iron can do that your average curling and cannot, and that is to blow hot air onto your locks, allowing you to style and dry at the same time. However, it does not deliver the same well-defined locks that result from styling with curling irons. If you want more volume and bounce, a curling iron brush for short hair would suffice.

Final Review on the Best Curling Iron for Short Hair 

My Choice: BabyBlissPro Nano Titanium Spring

The BabyBlissPro Nano Titanium Spring ranks as the best curling iron for short hair. It offers amazing heat performance and one-handed usability. You should consider buying this pick when you quickly want to know what to get at a good price.

That said, nothing damages your hair more than a poor quality or mishandled curling wand. But once you find the best curling iron that suits your hair type, you have nothing to worry about, so take the time to shop for the best curling iron for short hair before you fish for your wallet.

Buying a curling wand with fast heating and cooling and frizz-free performance is the best one to get. Avoiding harsh chemical-laden metals for your wand is also a bad idea. That’s why you need this guide to keep you on the right track.

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