Best Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors

Because of their propensity to develop scuff marks, dust, and other such blemishes, you will not be able to use just any mat for a hardwood floor. Best Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors you commonly find are usually more effective for the concrete floors that you tend to find outside of an apartment unit than a hardwood floor inside of your home.

This is because those kinds of mats tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust, both of which can affect the appearance of your hardwood floor a great deal. The better alternative to these kinds of mats would be to acquire a mat that is designed for a hardwood floor.

Our Favorite Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors

5 Best Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors

1. 29×17 rubber door mat by Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat, Waterproof, Low Profile, Heavy Duty Welcome Doormat for Indoor and Outdoor, Easy Clean, Rug Mats for Entry, Patio, Busy Areas, 17x29, Sand Beach

One of the biggest issues with any given doormat is that they tend to move around a lot. Whether you are wiping your feet on them inside or whether the wind is moving them outside, they will move a lot more than you want them to. This is frustrating to deal with. Cleaning mats is also a frustrating task that is not as easy to do as it should be.

Both of these issues are solved with Gorilla Grip’s entry mat. It solves the issue of too much movement by containing a rubber beveled border. This will prevent it from moving too much no matter where you place it. The same rubber beveled border also acts as a retention dam of sorts. This combined with its polyurethane fabric will trap dirt in its patterned grooves, making it easy to prevent dirt from spreading outside of the mat.

Most mats like Gorilla Grip’s mat do not have much to offer when it comes to designs and aesthetics. However, Gorilla Grip’s mat contains a surprisingly diverse amount of different designs, each one being a little different from each other. This makes it functional as well as a mat that will not take away from any aesthetics.

Gorilla Grip’s mat is designed for low clearing doors and entryways. While this is negligible in most cases, there are certainly some instances where the door will not clear the mat and this can be frustrating to deal with.


2. Indoor doormat with non-slip backing latex by Beau Jardin

BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat Super Absorbent Mud Front Door Mat 36'x24' Latex Backing Non Slip for Front Inside Dirt Trapper Mats Cotton Entrance Rug Shoes Scraper Machine Washable Rug Carpet

Most would argue that the biggest issue with any entry mat, especially one for a hardwood floor, is that they can be difficult to clean. Vacuuming and shaking out mats like these can only do so much; doing these things will not decisively clean any given doormat and they may not even maintain doormats that encounter a lot of traffic.

One of the best things about Beau Jardin’s doormat is that if you need to, you can wash it with a machine. As long as your washing machine contains a cold water setting and a low agitation cycle, you will be able to wash it with no problems at all. This is fantastic if you know that your doormat will encounter a lot of traffic.

Another fantastic thing about Beau Jardin’s doormat is how absorbent it is. The rug portion of it might only be half an inch in length, but it can absorb anything just as well as a doormat that has a rug that is one whole inch in length. Again, this is really useful if you know that your doormat will encounter a lot of traffic.

However, Beau Jardin’s doormat is not really designed for aesthetics or appearance. It comes in only half a dozen or so designs, each of them containing the same boring one shade of color of rug. Although this can accommodate a few appearance related issues, Beau Jardin’s doormat seems to be a doormat that focuses on function rather than aesthetics.


3. 46 x 35 inch indoor and outdoor entrance doormat by Cosyearn

Large Door Mats,46x35 Inches XL Jumbo Size Outdoor Indoor Entrance Doormat, Waterproof, Easy Clean, Entryway Rug,Front Doormat Inside Outside Non Slip (Grey)

Transporting most doormats can and will cause creases. This is easily one of the most frustrating things to deal with no matter what doormat you are using or where you are placing it. Encountering this kind of issue is very common and many believe that they cannot remove them at all.

Issues that revolve around creases are easily solved with Cosyearn’s doormat. It will cause creases like any other doormat does. However, with Cosyearn’s doormat, you can put it in your dryer for a few minutes and press the crease down to return it to its former form. This is incredibly useful if you transport your entry mat a lot and encounter a lot of creases.

Another thing that makes Cosyearn’s doormat incredibly useful is its size. It is 46 inches long by 35 inches wide, and this makes it very useful for any outdoor area. Most doormats are typically not big enough to cover enough ground when placed outdoors, but Cosyearn’s doormat is big enough for nearly any kind of outdoor entrance.

Because of its size, you will not be able to clean Cosyearn’s doormat easily. It is not nearly as absorbent as other doormats of its kind, and there is no way that you can clean it using a washing machine. The rug on the doormat is only a little over a third of an inch high, so you will need to shake it out constantly to remove all the dirt if you expect it to encounter a lot of traffic.


4. Coco Coir doormat with PVC backing by PLUS Haven

Coco Coir Door Mat with Heavy Duty Backing, Home Doormat, 17”x30” Size, Easy to Clean Entry Mat, Beautiful Color and Sizing for Outdoor and Indoor uses, Home Decor

The vast majority of doormats are not known for impressive absorption, especially if you have pets or if you know that the doormat is going to encounter a lot of traffic. Most of them will also slip because of how the bottom of them are constructed. This is not only frustrating to deal with, but it is also dangerous.

You will not need to deal with this at all when using PLUS Haven’s doormat. The bottom of it contains anti slip and anti static properties, meaning that it will not move at all when it is being walked on. Combine this with the coco coir fibers that will absorb almost anything and you get the perfect doormat for high traffic, especially outdoors.

PLUS Haven’s doormat also stands above most others when it comes to aesthetics. Most doormats have either boring solid color designs or if they are a little better, they will contain some designs. PLUS Haven’s doormat are designed to be welcome mats, with most of their designs displaying quirky phrases that can give your home a welcoming atmosphere.

The coco coir fibers and PVC backing bottom of PLUS Haven’s doormat can present a couple of issues. First, it is impossible to clean it by putting it in a washing machine. Most other doormats can be cleaned this way and it is frustrating that PLUS Haven’s does not.


5. 2 pack striped door floor mat by Sierra Concepts

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat Welcome Mats 2-Pack - Indoor Outdoor Rug Entryway Mats for Shoe Scraper, Ideal for Inside Outside Home High Traffic Area, Steel Gray 30 Inch x 17 Inch

Most doormats come in a single pack. While this is common and is negligible for most, there are certainly times where you might want more than one doormat to come in a pack. This is especially true if you want one doormat for the inside of your home or establishment and one for the outside.

Sierra Concepts solves this issue with their doormat. Two door mats come in the pack, making it easy for you to place them in different areas if you choose to. It is very useful if you want to place one on the outside of your door and one on the inside, which is what you can see in most establishments.

The grooves on the top rug of Sierra Concepts’ door mats are also very absorbent and are specifically designed to scrape off incoming dirt. This makes them useful for any place where you know you will encounter a lot of traffic among the inside and outside of your home or establishment.

You will not get much out of Sierra Concepts’ door mats if you are looking for a doormat that impresses others with aesthetics. The striped design is the only design that the pack comes with, so they are more suitable for function than anything else.


Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors: A Buying Guide

The concept of an entry mat or a doormat is very simple: It is nothing more than something that you can wipe your feet on this way you do not track dirt inside of a building.

However, there are still a number of things that you should consider before buying one, or even a set of them.

Best Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors

Will you need the entry mat for a home or an establishment?

This is the first thing that you should consider and other considerations are likely to revolve around this.

You’ll want to make sure that your entry mat is very absorbent and does not slip if you need one for an establishment.

These features are either optional or just as necessary for a home, depending on how much traffic you expect.

How much doorway traffic are you expecting?

This consideration is related to the previous one and although it seems obvious, it is often overlooked.

The more doorway traffic that you encounter, the more that you will need to rely on your entry mat to absorb what needs to be absorbed as well as stay in place.

How do you intend to clean your entry mat?

Most entry mats and doormats can be cleaned by shaking off the mat or by vacuuming it.

Some of them can be cleaned by putting them in a washing machine as well.

It is up to you to decide how you intend to clean your entry mat and then seek one out that fits your cleaning preferences.

How often will you be carrying your entry mat around?

There is a good chance that your entry mat will encounter creases whenever you roll it up to carry it somewhere.

Some entry mats are actually designed to prevent these creases from developing and you should certainly seek these out if you do intent to carry them around a lot.


Setting up entry mats that are designed for hardwood floors are one of the best ways to prevent dirt from tracking into your home or establishment.

Not all of these mats are the same and different ones have different qualities that you should certainly be aware of.

Take some time to explore what different entry mats have to offer if you need one for your hardwood floor.