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Best Floor Duster Reviews 2022

Removing dirt, trash, dust, and other such foreign particles is one of the most tedious and frustrating aspects of cleaning any floor.

This is a process that can take a much longer time than you could ever begin to imagine if you do not possess the right tools.

However, it is a process that can be extremely streamlined if you possess the right floor duster.

With the right floor duster in your possession, you will be able to do in minutes what could have possibly taken hours to accomplish.

This is especially true if you are tasked with cleaning a warehouse or some other unusually large structure or environment.

Do not underestimate the usefulness of a floor duster.

Our Favorite Floor Duster

5 Best Floor Dusters Reviews

1. Refill cotton cover for Swivel-it XL floor duster by Casabella

Casabella Refill Cotton Cover for Swivel-It XL Terry Floor Duster

The Swivel-it XL is one of the most effective floor dusters ever created. It can accomplish in seconds what takes whole minutes for other floor dusters to accomplish. However, refilling their cotton covers is not an easy task. This is what turns many away from the Swivel-it XL.

You will never need to worry about this ever again when you have Casabella’s refill cotton cover in your possession. It fits perfectly over any Swivel-it XL floor duster, extending its life this way you do not need to replace the entire floor duster. This makes it perfect for anybody who owns a Swivel-it XL, which is a staple floor duster for most large environments.

Casabella’s refill cover is actually a little more effective than the cover of the original cover of the Swivel-it XL. This is because it is a little longer and it can be used while wet or dry, making it extremely versatile. If that wasn’t enough, it is also machine washable. One is all you need.

Of course, you will need to possess a Swivel-it XL in order to even use Casabella’s floor duster refill. It has literally no use to you if you do not possess a Swivel-it XL. As obvious as this may be, it is something that does take away from its overall value.


2. Good Grips microfiber floor duster replacement with fringe by OXO

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Floor Duster Replacement Pad with Fringe,,

Collecting dust from places that are difficult to reach is nearly impossible to do with most floor dusters. This causes most to begrudgingly grab a broom and remove said dust that way. This is easily the most frustrating thing to deal with when it comes to any kind of cleaning task.

OXO has solved this with its floor duster refill. Being able to fit on it’s Good Grips line of floor dusters, the refill itself comes with a fringe that will allow you to collect dust from places that other floor dusters just cannot get to. You’ll want it if you are sick of needing to switch to a broom to do this.

Although it is machine washable, you’ll probably never clean OXO’s floor duster refill perfectly. This is due in large part because of the fringe. Particles and objects tend to get stuck inside of it permanently, and it is frustrating to deal with this.


3. 2 pack Smart Details high reach microfiber duster pad refill by Bissell

Bissell Smart Details High Reach Microfiber Duster pad Refill (2...

Bissell’s Smart Details floor duster is easily one of the best floor dusters you will ever find. However, the pads on these dusters do not last long and it is not easy to find replacement pads for them. Any replacement pads are not nearly as effective as the original pad.

All of this is solved with Bissell’s duster pad refill set. Not only do two pads come in the set, these pads are every bit as durable and effective as the pad that came with your Smart Details duster. It will absorb any kind of dirt or dust that comes its way and it is also washable.

The only thing you may not like about Bissell’s duster pad refills is that they are extremely difficult to put on and take off. Dealing with this is very frustrating, given that most other floor dusters contain pads that are very easy to put on and take off. 


4. 5 pack refills for Swiffer and ReadyMop by Xanitize

Xanitize Fleece Sweeper Mop Refills for Swiffer - Reusable, Dry...

If cleaning is your profession, you know that you need more than one cleaning device for more than one environment. One of the biggest issues is that you’ll also need different kinds of refills for different kinds of instruments, and dealing with this is very frustrating.

Look no further than Xanitize’s refill pack if you need additional duster heads for both your Swiffer and ReadyMop. With all 5 in the pack being able to fit both, you will be set for a very long time if you use both. Each floor duster replacement does exactly what the original floor duster does as well, preventing any unexpected surprises.

There is a reason why Xanitize’s refills come in a pack of 5. You will go through them very fast if you clean professionally. Xanitize’s floor duster refills are designed for the home, not for those who clean homes for a living.


5. “Flexi-Edge” floor and wall duster with telescoping handle by E-Cloth

E-Cloth Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster, Reusable Dusting Mop for Floor...

Most floor dusters are designed for cleaning the floor and the floor only. While this would be perfectly fine if dust didn’t develop on walls, dust does develop on walls and most of the time you need to either wipe them down yourself or use a squeegee to remove said dust, if you can even remove it perfectly. This is beyond frustrating to deal with.

E-Cloth’s Flexi-Edge floor duster has solved this issue for good. Its lightweight, telescoping handle allows you to use it on walls as well as floors. The head swivels almost anywhere as well, making it very easy to use. Look no further if you are looking for a floor duster for the home; you have found one in the Flexi-Edge.

While you can take the head off of the Flexi-Edge and wash it, the fluffy fibers often catch so many particles that you will never truly clean it. This reduces its effectiveness over time and is likely to get you to replace its head rather than clean it.


Floor Dusters – A Buying Guide

While floor dusters are a staple of any kind of building when it comes to cleaning, you need to make sure you have the right one in your possession for the right situation.

Consider the following things before buying one.

What kind of environment do you need the floor duster for?

This is the first thing you should consider and other considerations will revolve around this one.

The floor duster that you can use for the massive warehouse that is 5000 square feet will be completely different from the one you use in your 2 bedroom home.

This is something that you need to keep in mind.

Will you be using new duster heads or cleaning the ones that come with your duster?

While most floor duster refills can be cleaned, doing so will compromise their overall quality greatly.

Think of a floor duster head as a car. Just like the value of a car goes down the second it is driven off of a lot, the overall effectiveness of a floor duster will decrease the second you clean anything with it.

Do you need to clean more than just floors with your floor duster?

Most floor dusters are only able to clean floors.

However, there exist some floor dusters that are so light that you can clean walls with them.

This might be more relevant than you think. If you need something to clean cobwebs or anything else you see on your wall or ceiling, you might need a floor duster that is light enough to do such a thing.


Floor dusters are one of the best alternatives to any device that is used for picking up dust, dirt, and other foreign objects.

In most cases, you can throw away your 35 year old broom, swap it out for a floor duster, and do in 1 minute what would take you an hour to do with your broom.

This is especially true if you clean for a living.

Your time is extremely valuable if cleaning is your profession, and the right floor duster will streamline any sweeping process to the point where all your other tasks will also be streamlined.

Determine what you need a floor duster for and pick one up today.

You need one more than you think.

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