10 Best Floor Scrapers

Floor scrapers are great tools for removing residuals on the floors and other surfaces. The floor lifters come with sharp edges for easy and effortless removal of adhesives from the surface. They feature longer handles to allow you to work on the walls and other areas such as windows.
The scrapers should be constructed from durable material to guarantee the longevity of the scraper. The floor scrapers have blades that range from 4″to 16″ or more to allow you to work on different surfaces. Also, choose a scraper with a comfortable handle for comfort and safety while working.
Purchasing the best floor scraper can be an anxious and stressful task. But, with the help of the list of the best floor scrapers available in the market, you will be able to find what suits your preferences and needs.

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10 Best Floor Scrapers Reviews


1) Zenith Industries Floor Lifter

Zenith Industries ZN700201 Floor Lifter

Zenith Industries Floor Lifter is crafted to bring great performance and utility, the same to that offered by Zenith Trim Puller™ combined with a chisel’s handwork. The floor lifter has a larger angle and longer design for deeper extraction on bigger jobs. It is perfect for wood, oversized boards or planks, and vinyl siding.
The Floor Lifter’s integrated wedge performs all the functions of a trim puller with different ergonomics and techniques. The ZN700201 Floor Lifter features an integrated center wedge, which increases removal efficiency and prevents damage on both walls and trim. Thanks to its “Z” shape design, which is perfect for crown molding removal.
With its standard extension handles, it is perfect for cleaning up textured ceilings and can also be used as a hook to remove aluminum or vinyl siding and hang ceiling planks. The floor lifter can work efficiently on ceramic tiles, wood, and other surfaces. Finally, the lifter has more uses than other tools such as scraping, pulling, lifting, and prying, saving you time and money.

2. UNGER Black/Green 1/2″ Aluminum/Nylon Scraper

Unger - UNGLH12C UNGER Black/Green 1/2' Aluminum/Nylon Scraper Gray

UNGER Black/Green 1/2″ Aluminum/Nylon Scraper comes equipped with an anodized, extruded drawn pole with nylon locking collar. The scraper features snap-in threaded locking come, making it easy to add and remove tools, even when wet. The scraper is perfect for removing grit, tape, and gum.
UNGER Black/Green Scraper is compatible with tools with tapered or threaded sockets. Plus, the light-duty floor scraper has a nylon handle with a grip to ensure comfort. It is sectioned for convenient storage and portability.
The floor scraper has an angled head, and stainless steel blades are great for removing construction debris, adhesive, and paint on glass and floor surfaces. Finally, the scraper is 48-inch in length, reducing back and knee strain.

3. Kraft Tool FC520 Blade Scraper

Kraft Tool FC520 Blade Heavy-Duty Scraper with 15-Inch Handle, 5-Inch,Multi

Kraft Tool FC520 Blade Scraper is constructed from durable metal for long life. The heavy-duty scraper features a large metal cap to hammer for added force. The scraper has a large ergonomic handle to ensure comfort and safety.
Thanks to the replaceable blades, which ensures the floor scraper can handle the toughest jobs. The 15-inch hammer-end handle is perfect for rubber mallet use. Its lightweight design makes it comfy to hold when working. It is perfect for removing stains on any surface.

4. Warner 3″ Stainless Steel Straight Blade Pole Scraper

Warner 3' Stainless Steel Straight Blade Pole Scraper, 10736

Warner 3″ Stainless Steel Straight Blade Pole Scraper attaches to handle to a threaded pole for extended reach. The floor scraper comes with a stainless steel blade, which is corrosion resistant with a tapered edge. The Warner 3″ scraper is perfect for removing adhesive, debris, and residue from any surface.
The convenient hammer end makes removing stains easier and faster. Additionally, the rubber handle is non-grip, providing comfort. The handle also has a thumb rest for easy scraping. Professionals can use this scraper to save time and perform better.

5. Carlisle 4161900 Stainless Steel Floor Scraper

Carlisle 4161900 Commercial Stainless Steel Floor Scraper With Plastic Handle (Head Only)

Carlisle 4161900 Floor Scraper is constructed from polycarbonate for durability and resistance to detergent, grease, oil, and inorganic acids. The floor scraper features an 8″ wide blade for great performance.
The Carlisle 4161900 floor scraper has a blade made of stainless steel for strength and resistance to rust. Thanks to its V-shaped construction for an optimal scraping angle and collection of debris. It is perfect for cleaning concrete, tile, and other surfaces. The socket is compatible with a threaded handle, suitable for use with the Carlisle fiberglass handle.

6. QEP 62909Q 8″ Adjustable Razor Floor Stripper

QEP 62909Q 8' Adjustable Razor Floor Stripper

QEP 62909Q 8″ Adjustable Razor Floor Stripper comes with an adjustable handle that extends from 3″ to 6″ for various work situations. The floor stripper replacement blades are made of high-quality steel to help the stripper to its original performance.
The floor stripper features a cushioned grip handle, which provides comfort and safety. Also, it has an angle at 15° and an 8″ blade head for comfort while scraping. QEP 8″ Adjustable Razor Floor Scraper is equipped with a blade guard. It is perfect for removing old tile, vinyl, adhesive, carpet, and other floor surfaces.

7. ABN Floor Razor Scraper

ABN Floor Razor Scraper, 8in – Heavy-Duty Adjustable Handle – Demolition, Flooring Removal Razor Blade Scraper

ABN Floor Razor Scraper features an adjustable, twist-lock telescopic handle, extending from 3ft to 6ft for a comfortable position and greater control and strength. The scraper easily removes residue on multiple surfaces for any demolition or clean up job. The ABN floor scraper is ideal for removing old tiles, flooring, adhesives, vinyl, and carpet.
Thanks to the 8”dual-sided blades are angled at a 15 degree for maximum leverage with the extended handle. The razor blade scraper features a replaceable blade for better performance. Additionally, the scraper includes a blade guard and canvas cover to protect the blade head when not using it. Finally, the blade is great for square footage that a small, handheld blade cannot.

8. Floor scrapers Deluxe 4 Inch Blade Flooring Scraper

Floor scrapers Deluxe 4 Inch Blade Flooring Scraper 18 Inch

Floor scrapers Deluxe 4 Inch Blade Flooring Scraper comes with 4 nuts and bolts to bold the blade in place when replacing one worn out. The flooring scraper is constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant material for longevity. It is perfect for removing stains and glue from any surface.
Deluxe Flooring Scraper features 10- 4 inch replaceable blades for great utility and better performance. Thanks to the rubber handle, which ensures comfort and safety as you work. Plus, an 18-inch length scraper makes sure your back and arms do not cause stress or strain. Lastly, the lightweight design makes it easy to hold.

9. Red Devil 2107 Short Handle Scraper

Red Devil 2107 Short Handle Heavy Duty Scraper, Silver

Red Devil 2107 Short Handle Scraper is made from extremely durable material for tackle tough jobs. The Red Devil scraper contains a double edge blade that can be replaced for great performance. It is ideal for hand-chiseling wall tile and flooring.
The double edge scraper features a foam handle that provides hand protection and reduces fatigue. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor tasks. Plus, it is easy to handle; hence scrape any surface. Finally, the heavy-duty scraper can be used for removing adhesives residue.

10. Mlife 2 PCS Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set

Mlife 2 PCS Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set - Utility Scraper Set With 17 Extra Blades, Adjustable Length Handle, Cleaning Tool for Window Wall Tile, Ideal Stripping Tools Label Sticker Decal Removal

Mlife 2 PCS Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper is equipped with a handle made of durable polypropylene and a non-slip surface to ensure better control, longevity, and comfortable grip. The set includes; 2 multi-purpose scrapers, extra 17 replaceable blades, and 1 screwdriver. The Multi-purpose scraper set also includes10 double-edged razor blades, 5 plastic blades, and heavy-duty blades to handle different jobs.
Thanks to the tightener knob and safety cap, the scraper is stable and reduces accidental cuts. The razor scraper comes with a mini screwdriver for easy operation when changing the blades. The scraper is perfect for paints, adhesives, glue, sticker sign, silicone, or sealant from any surface.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best floor scraper is not going to be an easy task. You need to consider factors such as blade size, handle length, and construction, among others. First and foremost, you need to choose a scraper with the right blade size to suit your tasks.
Consider a floor scraper with a long ergonomic handle to allow for easy reach to hard parts. The handle needs to be adjustable and have a soft grip for comfort and safety when scraping any surface. Finally, a scraper made of durable material guarantees longevity. Plus, a tool constructed from stainless steel material and powder-coated finish prevent rust and corrosion.
The review above will help you get what suits you best easily. Your scraping job will be not only fast but also enjoyable with the right floor scraper.