Floor Squeegee Reviews

Best Floor Squeegee Reviews

You cannot claim that your floor is perfectly clean unless you have used a squeegee on it.

A best floor squeegee can clean your floor in ways that the other tools you use to clean your floor just simply cannot do.

They remove frost, steam, and anything else that develops alongside moisture that other devices cannot clean, and if these devices do clean such residue, they usually leave a lot of streaks.

You should seriously consider a floor squeegee if you have a serious stake in how your floors or windows look.

To overlook the usefulness of a floor squeegee is to overlook the overall cleanliness of your floors and windows. They are absolutely necessary if these two areas encounter a lot of moisture, since floor squeegees are often the only thing that can remove said moisture.

Our Favorite Floor Squeegee

5 Best Floor Squeegees Recommendation

1. 12 inch stainless steel squeegee by Unger

Unger Stainless Steel Window and Glass Squeegee, 12'

There are a couple of issues that surround most floor squeegees. First, most of their blades are usually made of a combination of rubber and steel. This can cause streaks at best, and scratches at worst if you press onto the window or floor too hard with said squeegee.

Something that sets Unger’s floor squeegee apart from others in a very good way is that its blade is made completely of rubber. This ensures not only streak free results, but you also will not run the risk of causing scratches if you press too hard.

Another really nice thing about Unger’s floor squeegee is that you can attach it to nearly any telescopic pole. This gives you almost unlimited options when it comes to reach, allowing you to clean windows that you normally would not be able to touch.

Unger’s squeegee is 12 inches wide. While this covers a lot of area and is very useful for floors, you will need a different squeegee for any window that is not 12 inches wide. It is completely useless if you need a squeegee for a window that has separator bars, which are actually pretty common in some homes. 


2. 30 inch Commercial heavy-duty dual moss squeegee by Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Heavy-Duty Floor Dual Squeegee for...

Most floor squeegees are designed mostly for the home or for cleaning windows, but never for commercial or industrial use where you are tasked to clean the floor of an establishment. This is because most of them are simply not long enough to cover the kind of area that is often necessary for such situations.

Rubbermaid has solved this with its floor squeegee. Extending an impressive 30 inches long, you’ll be able to use it for any situation where you know you need to clean significant areas of a floor. It is perfect for very large areas such as warehouses and restaurants, where you will often need a floor squeegee to clean something quickly.

Replacing the rubber blade of most floor squeegees is very frustrating. With Rubbermaid’s floor squeegee, you will not need to worry about changing out the blade for a while, since it is a little more thick and more durable than other squeegee blades.

Being so long, Rubbermaid’s floor squeegee is one that you can only use in a large space. You will not be able to clean most windows with it, since its size dictates that you can only clean floors with it. This is the only thing you’ll need to watch for.


3. Multi-purpose silicone squeegee with suction hook by Mr. Siga

MR.SIGA Multi-Purpose Silicon Squeegee for Window, Glass, Shower Door,...

Most floor and window squeegees are almost completely one-dimensional in how they are used. If their sole purpose is for cleaning the floors of massive warehouses, their sole purpose is for cleaning windows of homes. Very few squeegees can be used for other areas that call for a squeegee.

All of this changes with Mr. Siga’s squeegee. It’s blade measures only 10 inches, making it suitable for some of the smaller windows and other areas of your home. The suction hook that it comes with also makes it much more accessible than other floor squeegees which cannot be stored so conveniently.

The silicone blade of Mr. Siga’s window squeegee can remove any kind of stain that could possibly be caused by water without leaving any streaks. This is a quality that you will not find in most other floor squeegees, which are prone to streak.

Being only 10 inches long, Mr. Siga’s window squeegee is not suitable for any kind of floor. It just does not cover enough area. It will also take you a much longer time than you might want to clean windows with it because it is so small.


4. 21 inch floor and window squeegee with adjustable rod by Boomjoy

BOOMJOY Floor Squeegee with Long Handle (48'), Wide Wiper Blade (21')...

There are two issues that surround most window or floor squeegees that have yet to be solved. First, the rods that connect these squeegees cannot be adjusted. In most cases, you are stuck with what you have. Most of the blades of these squeegees only have one layer, which is also another frustrating common quality that surrounds them.

Boomjoy has solved both of these issues with their window and floor squeegee. The rod that connects the squeegee extends to 18 inches, 33 inches, and 48 inches, making it possible for you to use it literally anywhere. If you wanted to, you could clean ceilings on it if you are willing to climb on a short ladder to do so. No other squeegee has this kind of feature.

The blade of Boomjoy’s window and floor squeegee has two blades. This makes it much more effective when it comes to cleaning. Not only will it not leave any streaks, you also will not need to go over the surface dozens of times in order to clean something with it.

The only thing about Boomjoy’s window and floor squeegee that you might not like is how flimsy the rod itself is. It is prone to breaking if you do not handle it carefully, especially if it is connected to 48 inches.


5. 24 inch interchangeable squeegee head by Swopt

SWOPT 24” Floor Squeegee Head — Use on Smooth and Textured...

There are two issues that surround most floor squeegees. First, most of them can be used on either smooth surfaces or textured surfaces, but never both. This will force you to use a different squeegee for a different kind of floor, which is frustrating. Most connections between squeegee heads and handles are also not firm, which is another frustrating thing about them.

Swopt fixes both issues with their floor squeegee. You will be able to use it on both smooth and textured surfaces, making it much more versatile than other squeegees. You will not need to keep different squeegees for different floor types because of this.

Another thing that makes Swopt’s squeegee head better than others is their snap lock technology. This allows for a much more secure connection between the head and the handle and you will not need to worry about it falling off the handle.

While most floor squeegees come with their own handles, you only get the squeegee head with Swopt’s squeegee. You’ll need your own handle to connect it to, and these handles need to also be made by Swopt. This is the only thing you may not like about it.


Floor Squeegees – A Buying Guide

Although the name of them suggests that they only be used on floors, floor squeegees have a multitude of different uses.

Here are some things you should consider before buying one.

Do you need your floor squeegee for your home or an establishment?

This is the first thing you should consider and it is the most important.

The floor squeegee that is suitable for your home is much different than one that is suitable for an establishment, office, warehouse, or any other such environment.

Will you be using your squeegee for only floors or for windows as well as floors?

Floor squeegees can also be used on windows since they are very good at cleaning the residue that builds up on said windows.

However, some squeegees can only be used on windows and some can only be used on floors.

If you have decided to use one for both, you’ll need to consider that you might need to replace it frequently since it is doing twice the work.

What textures of surfaces will you be using your squeegee on?

Some squeegees can clean smooth surfaces but not overly textured ones and some can clean overly textured surfaces but not smooth ones.

One of the best things you can do is determine which surface you encounter regularly, then choose a squeegee accordingly.


Floor squeegees are a good alternative to traditional cleaning devices when it comes to cleaning windows and floors.

They are usually able to accomplish sweeping tasks for floors every bit as good as any broom or shop broom can.

When it comes to windows, floor squeegees can accomplish in seconds what a traditional sponge or paper towel takes whole minutes to do.

Take some time to explore what floor squeegees can do and how they can replace some of your current cleaning devices.

You would be surprised at what they can replace.

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