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It’s hard to come across someone who doesn’t appreciate massages. Particularly a good one! But not many of us have the spare time or money to actually get a massage. Enter HANDHELD MASSAGERS! There’s a reason why they are gaining popularity now more than ever. So let’s find out the best handheld massager for knots.

Whoever thought of the idea of enjoying a massage without leaving home or spending too much money deserves a full body massage from us. Okay, I know it sounds a bit creepy. But that’s how grateful we are for the invention of such a product. Right!

However, that doesn’t mean you go out and buy one. Just like that! The selection process is not that straightforward. Enter MY REVIEWS and GUIDE!

Best Handheld Massager for Knots: Top 10 Picks of 2022

For a professional experience, it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune. You know at salons and massage parlors. And the 10 options discussed below are proof of that.

So have a look at them carefully. The section is created to help you make the most suitable decision.

1. HoMedics HHP-350B – Editor’s ChoiceHoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity ,...Buy on Amazon

The top pick is where it is on the market because it delivers a personalized massage experience. You’ll love the heat production of the HoMedics HHP-350B Percussion Action Massager. It relieves deep-seated tissue tension while relaxing knotted muscles. Like no other!

The double heads are plenty adjustable. You can alter them to meet your demands and requirements. The low-pressure and high-pressure settings pound gently yet effectively. The outcome of which is nothing but a deep, thorough massage.

You won’t take long to appreciate the design and performance of the head attachment. It is very useful for relieving the tension of sore muscles. Another thing that you’ll be glad to find out is the speed capacity. 3,100 pulses each minute is quite commendable. Especially if what you’re aiming for is an intense and therapeutic massage.

And let’s not forget usability. The ergonomic structure of the handle implies easy control. Without placing factors like massage quality and speed into jeopardy! To add heat to the experience, all you have to do is press a button. That’s how simple it is to use the HoMedics HHP-350B Percussion Action Massager.

Double pivoting heads for soothing, gentle, and firm heat massage. This is what the manufacturer offers. A customized experience is what you get from that. And nothing sounds more relaxing than being able to control the amount of pressure exerted on your tired muscles.

When using the HoMedics massager, you might have to get used to the noise it makes. Like something is about to take off from it!


  • All three-speed settings offer deep percussion.
  • Handle design enables easy maneuverability.
  • Power cord is long enough.


  • Not a lightweight option.
  • Noise levels are slightly higher.

2. Body Back Buddy Original Trigger Point Therapy – The Best Handheld Manual MassagerBody Back Buddy Classic - Trigger Point Massage Tool, Neck and Back...Buy on Amazon

If you wish to ditch the motor, here’s a pick you can take into some serious consideration. The Body Back Buddy Original Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool is a manual option. Its S-shaped structure consists of 11 strategically positioned trigger knobs. These are responsible for providing point massage.

The reinforced hooks have an I-beam construction. What does that mean? In simple words, this best handheld massager for knots is three times more durable. And let’s not forget, convenient to grab too. The lightweight design is another major contributing factor for easy usability.

You don’t need to worry about reaching different spots on the body. Be it legs, hips, chest, or arms, the Body Back Self Massage Tool reaches everywhere.

But here’s something you might value more. It’s the design of the knobs. For instance, the rounded ones at the tips are created to act like a therapist’s thumb. While the pointed knob mimics the elbows. Then there’s the top curve that works like magic for the back. And the three smooth spheres offer great performance for trigger points.

Easy maneuverability and control are a part of the deal here. So you’re looking at zero major setbacks. Doesn’t that make you happy?

Once you buy the Body Back Buddy Original Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool, be ready to fight over the thing. Because everybody loves to release trigger points on a daily basis. Isn’t that true? With such a product, you’ll end up finding the tension you never thought existed.

The only sad part about manual massagers is that they are not electric powered devices. What I mean to say is that you need basic knowledge in order to use it to your advantage.


  • Fixed handles offer easy control.
  • ​High-impact nylon construction ensures durability.
  • Every little design variation serves a specific purpose.


  • It gets hot quickly due to friction.
  • Maneuverability demands basic knowledge.

3. Pure-Wave CM7 – The Best Handheld Massager with Dual MotorPUREWAVE by Pado CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion and Vibration Therapy...Buy on Amazon

While the previous pick has no motor, this one has two motors. Yes, that’s right! The Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager is packed with a double motor working mechanism. That means it’s powerful enough to work out your stiff areas and knots expertly.

The one motor delivers percussion while the other is for vibration. The former offers 3,700 pulses each minute. And the latter rotates 10,000 times in 60 seconds. But primarily, it’s the percussion capacity that you would be buying the massager for.

You can adjust intensity levels to suit your personal needs. All the six different heads are created for different purposes. For example, the six-head stick is designed to relieve stiffness and improve circulation. Mostly in the hips, lower back, glutes, thighs, calves, and hamstrings.

Then the point stick delivers acupressure massage. And the air cushion version is for sensitive tendons and joints.

Changing the percussion mode to vibration is also possible. The different speed settings here provide great relief. So no complaints in that department either.

And lastly, this best cordless massager works on long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. That makes plenty of room for frequent applications.

It’s a cordless option, which in itself is a huge plus. But what’s astounding, in a good way, is the aftermath of the percussive function. If you’re an athlete or workout enthusiast, you’ll feel your muscles getting less stiff. Your ability to sustain that exercise is something that increases quite effortlessly. The only effort involved here is buying the product.

To my surprise, the rechargeable batteries are not replaceable. You cannot replace them if they give up on you.


  • Strong enough to relieve pain associated with medical conditions.
  • ​Both percussion and vibration strength is admirable.
  • Versatility is through the roof.


  • It is slightly heavy to hold and use.
  • Battery replacement is not possible.
Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Massager Out of the Box

4. No products found. – The Best Handheld Massager for Full BodyNo products found.No products found.

In the reviews section, you’ll also find the best handheld back massager. But before we get to that, let’s discuss an item ideal for the entire body. It’s the Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager.

The little monster is equipped with three massage nodes. These provide a thorough massage experience. By targeting your deep tissues located everywhere. Including your shoulder, neck, calf, leg, foot, and back!

As for the speed settings, there’s versatility in that area too. You have the option to go from gentle to intense simply by rotating the control feature. I would also like to highlight the remarkable percussion frequency. The powerful motor capacity hands out 3,800 pulses each minute. I’m sure that sounds as relaxing as you would feel after the massage.

Furthermore, ergonomic design includes a compact shape and anti-slip, long handle. The former shines the spotlight on portability. And the latter means you can grip and glide the tool easily.

Before I end, here’s another piece of excellent news. This best handheld massager for knots offers optional heat function. This uses advanced technology in a gentle manner to soothe those stiff muscles. And that’s about it. A lot to take in, isn’t it?

The massage nodes of the Naipo model excel at delivering deep tissue relief. And not just in one particular part of the body. It works out the tension and knots located just about anywhere and everywhere.

So here’s the problem. The Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager has a loud working mechanism.


  • It’s a high-quality massager for durable use.
  • ​The multiple silicon/plastic attachments work exceptionally well.
  • An additional heat function warms things up.


  • The faster speed is a bit rough to handle.
  • Operation is pretty loud.
Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager

5. LiBa Percussion Electric Massager – The Best Handheld Back Massager in Terms of Budget

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager - Double Head Electric Full Body...Buy on Amazon

If you want to target your back, neck, or shoulder muscles, this is the model for you. The LiBa Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massager relieves aching, sore muscles. Affordability and long-term effects are what you’re looking at here. Unlike professional massages!

The percussion massaging technique stimulates muscles and skin reflexes. While also relaxing knotted areas. And offering soothing comfort and relief in the problematic regions. In fact, this best handheld massager for knots enhances your muscle strength too. Now let’s find out how all of this is possible.

The powerful motor performs rapid movements in short, balanced intervals. It’s the first model so far that provides 5,000 pulses each minute. The motor is reliable and high-performing. The kind that hands out an unparalleled experience!

The LiBa Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massager can be customized. The rule applies to both speed and head attachments. So reaching and massaging all parts of the body becomes more efficient. And that’s the way it should be, don’t you think?

If you’re muscular, there’s no need to stress. This model has the capacity to massage deep. On the other hand, what about those with a softer body frame? In that case too, you have nothing to worry about. The massaging action is plenty gentle. And both characteristics are in place without compromising the effectiveness of the product.

What did you expect the massager to be perfect? Well, everything is built with flaws. And this one’s no different. But the good news is that the setback is nothing like a deal-breaker. So here it is. Don’t expect the electric cord to be long.


  • The spikes on each knob administer deeper massages.
  • ​Ergonomically designed for convenient use.
  • Attachments are large enough to provide good coverage.


  • Not light in weight.
  • Power cord length is short.

6. Oregon Scientific Handheld Percussion Massager – The Best Handheld Back Massager in Terms of FunctionalityHandheld Percussion Massager - 6 Interchangeable Nodes, 6 Speeds & 6...Buy on Amazon

Now here’s the best handheld back massager that no other model can beat. The Oregon Scientific Handheld Percussion Massager relieves tension like a pro. Especially from the muscles located in and around your upper and lower back!

Here’s another compelling reason that might sway you in the right direction. What you’re dealing with here is also the best handheld shiatsu massager. This cordless, rechargeable device offers deep tissue action. The battery can last for as long as 100 minutes on a single, full charge.

How about the massage modes and speed settings? Six options in both departments are anything but limited. All you have to do is press the right buttons. The percussion technology this best handheld massager for knots is equipped with delivers quick-acting relief. And in my head, there’s nothing better than that!

Chronic back pain is not an uncommon condition. So it only makes sense to find the most effective natural solutions to the problem. And one such quick fix is using the Oregon Scientific Handheld Percussion Massager.

You get as many as six different heads. And all of these are unlabeled. So it’s confusing to remember what attachment targets which part of the body. But the manufacturer has provided a useful manual for that.


  • The motor mimics professional, vigorous kneading.
  • ​Copper material motor offers overheat protection.
  • You can expect a long service life.


  • The weight is slightly on the heavier side.
  • Individual heads are not labeled.

7. iHausPlus Double Head Electric Massager – The Best Handheld Massager with Vibration TechnologyTheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager, 14 Foot...Buy on Amazon

Therapeutic massages are quite popular, right? But why do you think that is? It’s because they do more than just provide relief to sore and tight muscles. These types of massages also boost circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. So if that’s the kind of outcome you’re aiming for, you should consider buying the iHausPlusmassager.

The little device is perfect for providing relief from symptoms of medical conditions. These include arthritis and joint pain. The motor in here makes 3,350 rotations each minute. So a comforting and soothing massage is what you get. Without trying too hard!

Speed settings allow you to select the intensity level. And same can be said about the two head attachments for customization. Not too far from that lies the long, ergonomically designed handle. So you can target any part of the body. With utmost comfort and convenience!

The lower speed setting is ideal for regions with not a lot of muscle mass. Such as the lower back! As for the higher level, there’s nothing more relaxing than using it for unwinding heavily knotted muscles.

Here’s what I noticed upon close examination. The tips of the heads are built using plastic material. The only reason why this seems like a bad idea is that they are a teeny bit aggressive.


  • It’s a compact, easy to hold/use massager.
  • ​Power cord length is not disappointing.
  • Speed control adjustability is quite effortless.


  • Extra-wide head is not so ideal if you’re not bulky.
  • The plastic tips can be slightly aggressive.

8. Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node– The Best Corded and Cordless Handheld Massager

Brookstone Max 2 Dual-Node Percussion Massager, RedBuy on Amazon

What’s so unique about this unit? Well, it’s the fact that you can operate it with a cord and without one. That means it comes with batteries and power cord. The first pick on the list that does that, right!

The high-capacity batteries offer a long massage time. And the charging speed is super-fast to reduce waiting time. So both the features offer tons of convenience.

Moving on, let’s talk about the design. The aluminum construction of the body means two things. Lightweight and durable! This best handheld massager for knots is an indestructible device. That stays by your side as your BFF. Even holding and using the little thing for longer applications is not a worry.

The massaging nodes installed here journey upward and downward. That means you don’t feel the need to push the massager during the vibrating motion. Such is the effort to achieve a complete, deep massage.

Pulsing, soothing, and energizing are the three programs for deep tissue relief. And five different speed settings allow you to choose the intensity level. Now you understand why the Brookstone Max 2 Percussion Massager is mentioned on the list?

Soothing programs are for relaxation. Energizing programs are for enhancing blood circulation. And pulsing programs deliver percussion action. This is the kind of performance you’re opting for when you buy the Brookstone massager.

Plugging it into the wall gives you more efficient results. Not that cordless performance is useless. But only when compared to corded functionality, it lags behind.


  • It’s a cordless and corded massager.
  • ​Double ergonomic handles encourage easy gliding.
  • Vibrations are strong for deep-seated muscle tension.


  • The addition of batteries implies more weight.
  • The corded version works better.
MAX 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager

9. Thumper Sport Percussive Massager – The Best Handheld Massager with Percussion TechnologyThumper Sport Percussive Massager - Deep Tissue Home use Massager for...Buy on Amazon

If you wish to buy a handheld massager designed to deliver percussion action, here’s an ultimate pick. The Thumper Sport Percussive Massager is packed with speed settings. That work out the deepest muscles.

The product is equipped with various attachments. Despite that, it’s light in weight. As you can see, the head consists of two spheres. Both pulse at different speeds. Such an application reaches deep muscles. To provide long-lasting, complete muscle relaxation.

You’ll also find some relief in knowing that the massager works like a charm on light clothing too. Unlike many other models reviewed here!

What about speed settings? The lower levels do an excellent job of massaging back muscles. And the higher pressure is perfect for an extensive massage experience.

Finally, let’s talk about the handle structure. It’s thick yet comfortable to initiate easy reach. The handle is as long as 13 inches. Now that’s a lot in order to reduce maximum strain, isn’t it?

It’s the usability of the Thumper Sport Percussive Massager that you might admire the most. A bunch of simple buttons for on/off and speed control, that’s all. I mean how hard can that be to maneuver!

What’s lacking in this regard is the power that gives professional masseurs a run for their money.


  • The design is enclosed to prevent hair tangles.
  • ​When in action, the massager works silently.
  • Weight is well-balanced so you don’t have to push down for pressure.


  • There are zero programmable settings.
  • Not such a powerful tool.
How to Use the Thumper Sport?

10. Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager – The Best Traditional Handheld MassagerOster Stim U Lax Handheld Vibrating Back Shoulder Hand Body Electric...Buy on Amazon

Now here’s a different kind of best handheld massager for knots. It’s the Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager. What you’re seeing right now is a combination of the benefits of mechanical and hand massage. I’ll elaborate below.

The traditional yet special contoured design minimizes hand fatigue. On top of that, the universal motor can withstand heavy-duty applications. So it doesn’t seem like you’re missing out on anything in the presence of just one speed.

This best handheld massager for knots includes chrome housing. With rubber material hand pads! You might also appreciate the relaxing, soothing movements. These the unit sends through the fingertips.

Needless to say, you can use the Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager for your body and scalp. It helps in reducing pain associated with arthritis, sciatica, and the like. So expect professional performance and results in this case.

It’s a traditional model but it can soothe aching joints and muscles quite effectively. After comparing its price tag to the other more expensive models on the list, you’ll realize how valuable this is.

Different speed settings are crucial when buying the best handheld massager for knots. If you agree, then make room for some disappointment. The Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager is equipped with just a lone speed.


  • You can use the device to reach small areas as well.
  • ​Cord length adds more convenience.
  • Durability is a strong factor.


  • It’s a slightly bulky massager.
  • No speed options.
Oster® Stim-U-Lax® Massager Demo

Complete Buyer’s Guide of the Best Handheld Massager 2018


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To be honest, there’s not much of a difference. You know the best handheld massager for knots and professionals. The device gives you the power to direct just the kind of PRESSURE YOUR MUSCLES DEMAND. Now that’s something your professional therapist might not be able to do. (Effects of vibration therapy and massage)

So what is it that goes into making such a great handheld massager? Discussed below are the most important features you should be looking into. Unless you want to settle for just about any model!

Choosing the Best Handheld Massager

1. Massager Type


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The market is such that it won’t let you buy anything without causing confusion. There are all types of products. And these products are further divided into multiple sub-categories.

In the case of handheld massagers, you get to choose from manual, infrared, and electric.

  • MANUAL MASSAGERS require no electric power. Your hand motions are responsible for the operation. These types of devices are the most suitable for treating knots in the neck and back.
  • ELECTRIC MASSAGERS target your deep tissues. With the help of rotating percussion technology! The dual heads relieve tired, knotted, and tensed muscles. It’s only common sense to infer that they work on either lithium batteries or electricity.

But here’s the one thing that you might appreciate the most about electric massagers. They offer multiple speed settings. Unlike their manual counterparts!

  • INFRARED MASSAGERS use infrared technology. Obviously! This comes in the form of light therapy directed toward relieving deep tension. The infrared penetration relaxes your muscles and stimulates tissue repair. It also enhances blood circulation and eliminates harmful toxins.

Needless to say, it’s the best handheld massager for athletes.

2. Portability

Another crucial factor is portability. A handheld massager that takes up too much space or strength to carry is no good. The goal is to buy a model that’s LIGHTWEIGHT and CONVENIENT TO STORE. As a result of which your hands don’t get subjected to excessive strain.

3. Versatility

Your shoulders and neck require light treatment. But your thigh muscles demand a deep massage. With that in mind, you have to make sure that the device offers both high and low-speed settings.

A few handheld massagers also come with interchangeable heads. These enable you to customize your massage experience.

4. Massaging Technology


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In here, you get two options to select from. One is PERCUSSION TECHNOLOGY while the other is vibration. The former is the most common. It makes use of soft knobs and ball-shaped spheres. These work through your deep muscles. Such type of massagers penetrates those muscles without causing any bruises.

How about VIBRATION MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY? This version vibrates while it’s kneading across your skin. It doesn’t reach your deep muscles though. So the level of effectiveness at eliminating pain is not so impressive.

5. Heat Settings

The best handheld massager for knots should provide various heat settings. Muscle stress and pain are the causes of knots. And these knots, when subjected to heat treatment, tend to loosen up. The most vulnerable areas of the body (neck, shoulder, and back) respond the best to such heat treatment.

So the chances of relaxing muscles and relieving pain are better. When you have access to different heat settings!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Handheld Massager Really Work for me?


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What the best professional handheld massager does is send vibrations. Straight through the muscles! So your muscles relax without having to deal with the masseur’s painful digging. As a result of his/her fingers pressing into the back!

You should know that the best percussions massager works comparatively faster. Thanks to the motor of such a device. Any regular massage session takes around 30 minutes, right? What if I tell you that you can achieve the same results in fewer minutes?

Handheld massagers for knots offer a massage that TARGETS YOUR DEEP TISSUES. Without having to leave home or spend tons of dollars!

2. Should I Buy an Electric or Manual Massager?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences. The greater part of manual handheld massagers has an ergonomic design. Despite that, they’re not the most comfortable to use for those with shoulder or arm problems.

The electric version requires a certain level of strength and flexibility. Even so, it does most of the work. Interchangeabe massaging heads and adjustable speed settings make room for customization. Unlike manual massagers that are equipped with only a single massage head. And manual pressure is what controls the intensity and speed of such tools.

3. How do I Use the Best Handheld Massager for Knots?


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Here’s how you can use your handheld electric massager to reap maximum benefits.

  • Allow some hot water to fall on the stressed or knotted area before using the massager. You can take a hot water shower at such times.
  • Slide the device gently in an UPWARD and DOWNWARD MOTION. Occasionally letting the massager rest in a single position for some seconds.
  • After the massage, stretch the muscles of that particular region. This prevents the muscles around it from becoming tight.

Final Say

My Choice: HoMedics HHP-350B Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity ,...
  • Lightweight and Portable: Handheld percussion massager with heat weighs less than 2.5 lbs for portability; ergonomic...
  • Soothing Heat: Add optional heat to make your massage even more soothing and relaxing; heat function works best when the...
  • Dual Pivoting Heads: The dual pivoting massage heads operate at up to 3,100 pulses per minute; choose from 4 speed...

The best handheld massager for knots provides pain relief and great relaxation. Along with great convenience and better sleep! So many advantages are possible due to the presence of multiple features. Such as massaging technology, power source, versatility, etc. These characteristics enhance maximum effectiveness. And one such model is the HoMedics HHP-350B Percussion Action Massager.

The unit consists of double pivoting heads that are also customizable. To make the experience even better, the handle enjoys an ergonomic design. So unless you’re a diabetic, you’re free to use this best handheld massager for knots.

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