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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines

Hardwood floors have quickly gained a lot of popularity because of the advanced features it comes with at a very reasonable price. They are usually designed with hardwood and covered with a long-lasting photograph wear layer. Now, you may install a hardwood floor because of the beauty it holds. But can you keep it that beautiful? Well, you most certainly can. But that will require some work from you. And the first thing you need will be the best hardwood floor cleaning machine. Since you already have a lot of work to do, we have done some of the hard work for you and that is picking up the best cleaners available in the market right now. Hardwood floors are quite sensitive and you can’t use regular mops or cleaners to keep them clean. These floors require especially soft mop heads and brushes. Also, rough things can cause eternal damage to your beautiful floors. So, read our full article to know about the finest hardwood floor cleaning solutions you can find.

Top Picks : 5 Best hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

The following pieces of equipment will ensure that you have a much easier time cleaning a hardwood floor.

5 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Reviews

1. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green...
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with an easy spray tank
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Not great for large areas.
This hardwood floor mop has quickly gained a lot of popularity because of doing a fine job with two spinning pads at the end of the cleaner. These pads agitate the dirt making cleaning an easier job. Moreover, your floor is completely safe from any kind of damage due to the soft materials used in the pads. Going through the cracks and crevices to get rid of the stuck debris is much easier with this model. This saves you from the trouble of kneeling down and getting elbow grease. With Spinwave, you won’t have to get a bucket of cleaning solution. It comes with a spray trigger with the handle that allows you to get the right amount of cleaning solution before cleaning. Though it offers many amazing features, this mop is not very good for large areas. In that case, you will have to wash the pads or replace them as well as refill the solution trigger constantly to cover the whole area. Besides that, the mop is exceptionally great when it comes to cleaning between the furniture. Overall, this mop is a rare one with all the advanced features and facilities needed for hardwood floors. It’s not only eco-friendly but also saves water wastage with its spray design. So, totally worth your money.

2. iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop- Wet Mopping and Dry Sweeping

iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop- Wet Mopping and Dry Sweeping...
  • Works Silently
  • Offers both Wet or dry mopping
  • Comes with a Navigation Technology
  • Swiffer pads compatible
  • Rather Expensive
The iRobot Braava 380t is an advanced robot mop with a specialist cleaning system that facilitates triple-pass mopping action for daily dirt and dust. It has an amazing mopping time of 150 minutes which means it can clean a lot of places with a single start. This mop is designed to clean anything including hardwood, tile, and stone with an extraordinary level of perfection. All you have to do is affix a cleaning pad and press the sweep or mop option. You can wipe through large spaces with several rooms very smoothly and easily while navigating across bodies as well as under furniture. It especially comes with a maximized frame design that makes it easier for you to clean the corners and edges. Furthermore, the iRobot Braava has quickly formed a likeliness in its customers because of the navigation system features. You can now track down your mop and find out the places it’s required to go. A whole bunch of additional stuff comes with this robot mop including 2 magnetic mopping pads, a charging dock, two cleaning cloths, and a navigation cube.

3. Black+Decker BDH1720SM Steam Mop

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This Steam Mop uses the most advanced high-quality cleaning technique called Smart Select which automatically determines the right amount of steam for the selected floor type. This model kills 99.9% of germs without using any harmful chemicals, which makes it safe for everyone including children and pets. It features a quite large water tank that can hold enough water for over twenty-two minutes without interrupting your cleaning. You can easily remove the tank for a handy refilling while enjoying the attractive illumination it comes with. Moreover, it changes color from red to blue to indicate that the water has reached the correct temperature. Besides that, if parked in an upright position, the mop shuts off automatically. Usually, this device uses the hot steam vapor technique for easy cleaning while the AC supply provides quite a steady stream of power and performance to the cleaning machine.

4. Light N Easy 7338ANW Electronic Floor Steamers

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop, Electric Foor Steamer for...
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Excellent for everyday cleaning
  • Lightweight design
  • Simpler steam cleaning technology
  • The carpet glider is sold separately
This Unique square shaped steam mop has made a place in our article of the best hardwood floor vacuum for featuring a super comfortable swivel steering and maneuver around any kind of corner and edge very quickly. It’s really easy to operate and requires pressing just a button for steam release. Also, you can control the steam release amount by pressing the button faster or slower. Without using any kind of harmful chemicals that can damage the floor, this steam kills at least 99.9% of germs while keeping your pets and children safe from harmful diseases. This lightweight model offers a really soft and comfortable grip that makes it easier for you to handle it effortlessly. Also, you can rotate the device 360 degrees to cover everything around. Moreover, the large tank in the bottom offers better steam penetration and higher streaming temperature to the device. You can use this mop to clean a variety of floor types including laminate, hardwood floors, tile, and many more.

5. Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Spray Mop

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Premium Spray Mop, for Stone Tile Laminate and...
  • Excellent Durability
  • Lightweight design
  • 40% faster than its competitors
  • Includes everything you will need to use it
  • The leakage of the tank was reported.
If you are looking for the best spray mop in the market, this mopping model is a sensible choice. It offers outstanding performance when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. Handling is quite an easy job now with the 360-degree wheel head. A detachable microfiber cleaning cloth is included with the machine which is safe for both washing machine and hand wash and provides a smooth wipe on your laminate floor preventing any kind of damage. You will get everything you need including a plentiful amount of clean-up solutions with this cleaning machine. The 34oz Bona surface cleaner is super durable and is quite lightweight with a secondary grip for your easy hold. Moreover, it offers an easy storage system, thanks to the flexible rubber corners along with a retractable hook. The package of Bona Spray Mop includes a washable microfiber pad and floor cleaner in a reusable cartridge where the microfiber pad has a unique design that breaks up grime and absorbs the dirt ensuring excellent quality cleaning. Furthermore, the cleaning pad is reusable and can be used up to 500 times before requiring to be substituted.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

how to deep clean hardwood floors Hardwood floors are generally a lot sensitive than a ceramic or common tiled floor. That means you will have to be extra careful while cleaning since the floor is not very immune to erosion or steaking. On one hand, cleaning it roughly will cause your floor to have streaks and on the other hand, failing to dry the floor properly will leave scuff marks. You have to have a lot of patience when it comes to cleaning laminate floors. Since you know how sensitive these floors can be, always use soft brushes whenever you are vacuuming or sweeping. Also, use softer mop heads and pads if you are going with moping. Whatever you do, be tender as a little too tough brush can scratch your floors quite badly. You can use a canister vacuum over the floor regularly to get rid of the dirt and debris from the gaps and cracks. It will save you time as well as clean the floors smoothly without causing any streaks. Also, make sure you mop through the surface as smoothly and slowly as possible. Additionally, go over a certain place only once. Moping the same place more than once will leave out streaks. Generally, kitchen laminate floors get in touch with a lot of foot traffic. Hence, it requires deep cleaning every once a month. Use microfiber head washable mops to clean your kitchen floor. No matter what you do, never try to wax or polish a laminate floor. Also, avoid rough cleaners, steel wool, or scrubbing powder. They can seriously damage the finishing of your floor. It may sound complicated, but the process is not so difficult. You just have to be a little careful while cleaning a laminate floor. Conclusion: You must have understood by now how careful you have to be while cleaning laminate floors. So, it’s quite important to choose the best hardwood floor vacuum that will do its job without causing any damage to your floor. You will find a lot of models of these cleaning machines but not all of them come with the type of soft mop or brush you need to clean your floors. So, our team has done its research as well as experiment to find the best choices for you. The models we mentioned above come with the most amazing features and the smoothest mop heads that will make your floors look as shiny as new. Also, we have briefly mentioned the ways of cleaning a laminate floor so that you don’t make any mistake being hasty.  Always remember to mop your floors slowly and smoothly with a lot of patience to get the best results.

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