Best Lightweight Vacuums Consumer Reports

Even though most vacuums are pretty versatile and capable of suctioning on different surfaces without problems, there are some which are specifically designed to perform better on certain surfaces. Among them, we can find the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.

Yes, a combination that offers exceptional results. One of the most convenient ways you can clean your home, without much effort and receive all the benefits from a cordless device.

Here, we talk about a few of them and give you an idea of what they offer.

Editor’s Pick: Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Our Picks Of The Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors Consumer Reports

One of the main things you need to do to find the best wood floor vacuum cleaneis to look at several available options so you can pick the right one.

In this list, you get the highest-quality and most convenient choices reviewed for you to choose the right one.

1. Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Its cord-free design alongside its 115 AW suction power, deliver exceptional results without a doubt. The light & versatile design capable of transforming into a handheld will easily surprise you.

And when it comes to performance, you can obtain up to 40 minutes of constant suctioning – effort free.

Extremely Convenient

One of the exciting things about this cordless device is the ability to become a handheld vacuum when needed, for more versatile and hard-to-reach places. And when it comes to emptying its bin, you won’t have to touch any dust or dirt from the case.

Lastly, charging it on its docking station is a total piece of cake, and it works as a storage choice too.

Reliable Power & Capacity

You would think that a cordless device does not last long when working. Well, guess what – the Dyson Absolute does it, offering up to 40 minutes of run time, up to 30 with a motorized tool, and up to 8 minutes at the MAX power which is 115 AW.

Thanks to its V8 engine, you can achieve exceptional results even at the lowest level.

Exceptional Dust-Capturing Operation

Having 2-tier radial cyclones means the vacuum can deliver superior airflow and more dust-capturing capacity.

When you pair this up with its excellent HEPA filtration system, you get a highly reliable & exceptionally performance-oriented device. It will help you capture more dust and leave little to no residue.


  • One of the most potent vacuums with a V8 engine and 115 AW suction power
  • Exceptional battery capacity offers up to 40 minutes in low power and 8 minutes in MAX
  • The convenient & versatile device provides easy emptying and handheld operation
  • Captures more dust and leaves no residue behind


  • Unreliable battery lifespan after several months


Q: What attachments come with the Dyson V8 Absolute?

A: You get a crevice tool, a carpet cleaning head, a head extender, a soft-dusting brush, an animal-hair brush, and a bare-floor head.

Q: How dense is the Dyson V8 Absolute?

A: Normally, the device weighs as little as 5.75 pounds. When converted to a handheld, it weighs as little as 4 pounds.

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2. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Hardfloor Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco A10 Tango Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for All Floor...

Having a 350W Digital Motor capable of delivering up to 110 watts of suction power is not something you see every day. When it comes to vacuums, few areas performance-oriented and practical as the Tineco A10 Hero, and few offer such fantastic quality and reliability entirely.

Coming with everything you need for a perfect result in hardwood floors, the A10 Hero is also one of the most convenient and versatile on the market.

Apart from that, using it is a total piece of cake, even coming with LED lights, locks, and a user-friendly dustbin.

Excellent and Reliable Performance

Getting 110 AW of power is not a common thing, especially if the device can do it for up to 7 minutes straight.

Add the ease of use of the device with the Continuous Power Mode, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning continuously at any time.

Versatility at its Peak

One of the most interesting parts of this device is the ability to provide excellent versatility, from its LED Power Brush Multi-Tasker to its floor-to-ceiling capacity, and low-profile design.

You will be able to use it as a handheld for the hardest-to-reach places and still get different modes and lights according to your needs.

Highly Convenient Entirely

Detachable battery for a more natural upgrade, up to 25 min of continuous operation at low levels, and an easy-to-empty dustbin.

What’s more, you get a 99% effective HEPA filtration system for a cleaner performance. And if this wasn’t enough, the device only weighs 2.8 pounds and comes with a wide array of accessories.


  • Exceptionally efficient performance provides up to 25 minutes of continuous vacuuming
  • Excellent set of features for more convenience and versatility
  • A powerful 110 AW capacity keeps the device much more effective
  • One of the lightest options available in the market at just 2.8 pounds


  • The battery does not last as much as expected in MAX mode


Q: How many accessories make the Tineco A10 Hero offer?

A: In total, there are six additional items this device offers. The LED power brush, a docking station, a 2-in-1 dusting brush, a mini power brush, a crevice tool, and a charging adapter – are all the items it offers.

Q: How much does it take for the Tineco A10 Hero to charge fully?

A: Normally, it takes between 3 and 4 hours to charge completely. We could say that from the lowest battery level to fully charge; it would make an average of 3.5 hours.

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3. Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum For Carpet And Hard Floor

Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Carpet and Hard Floor...

Shark is a brand that will always take a step further to give exceptional results. The Shark Rocket vacuum with the DuoClean system is precisely what – a fantastic device that will provide outstanding results with little effort.

Capable of brushing off even the hardest-to-reach dust and the deepest of carpets, you won’t get disappointed with this vacuum.

It is also incredibly convenient, totally versatile, and provides a perfect set of accessories for everyone to get the most out of it. For many, it is the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors also, it’s the top-rated shark vacuum for hardwood floor

Top-Notch DuoClean Tech Effectiveness

Only a few vacuuming systems are as valid and reliable as the DuoClean technology from Shark. This means you can clean even the deepest of carpets, stuck dirt, or the hardest-to-reach areas effectively.

Also using soft brush rolls is a total piece of cake with this device.

Perfect for Pet Hair and Build-Up

If you have pets at home, you would be happy to know that this device focuses precisely on that: cleaning pet residues. Well, it’s mostly about pet hair, but it does it amazingly well.

With the Pet Multi-Tool, you can get embedded hair off any surface without problems. What’s more, you can suction piles of hair or residues as well as large debris pieces effortlessly.

Highly Convenient Entirely

Weighing as little as 4.6 pounds and coming with a handheld feature, you can use this device however you want and still exceptional results.

It is mainly created to remove stuck dust from difficult surfaces, such as wood and other polished finishes when you use a soft brush.


  • Much more effective vacuuming system with DuoClean technology
  • An entirely convenient design provides the chance to convert to a handheld device
  • Cleans the hardest & deepest dust and dirt build-up from carpets and polished floors
  • The extremely light design keeps the device much more comfortable and easy to use


  • Slightly unreliable build


Q: What extras does the Shark Rocket DuoClean offer?

A: This vacuum comes with a Pet Multi-Tool, a crevice tool, a wall mount hook for storage, and a soft brush.

Q: How well does it perform on hardwood floors?

A: It performs amazingly well when used in the lower cleaning levels. This way it delivers a deep clean with the soft brush without harming the device and getting the most challenging dust & dirt build-up from the floor.

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4. PUPPYOO WP536P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

PUPPYOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum with 9Kpa...

The WP536 is a stick & handheld vacuum that provides incredible versatility, excellent convenience, and one of the lightest and most comfortable designs to use. However, it doesn’t fall short in performance or overall ease of use.

You won’t find any operation this device is incapable of delivering. And what’s even better, it comes with a reasonably reliable battery that provides enough working time for most operations around the house.

If you want something that delivers what you need, this one is indeed it.

Excellent Versatility

Cordless, light, and with a 2-in-1 design capable of going from a stick to a handheld vacuum – is there anything else to ask for?

This is just one of the most versatile options you have out there, perfect for cleaning places you can’t reach with other models. It works for cars, computers, hard floors, rugs, and more.

Perfect Battery Capacity

With the Puppyoo WP536, you can obtain up to 10 minutes of continuous operation at its highest level.

This means you can clean almost any room in just 10 minutes without problems and without leaving residues behind, or else at a lower level with 25 minutes of operation. And what’s even better, you will have to charge for 2.5 hours, and that’s it.

Convenient Power Modes

Being able to reach 120 AW is not something you get with many vacuums. You can clean whatever you want effortlessly with this vacuum. From debris to dust, stains, and sometimes even large pile of solids.

Providing two power modes, you have enough capacity to suction on different surfaces and places without problems.


  • Extremely convenient power modes for exceptional results no matter where you use it
  • Top-notch battery capacity keeps the device working for longer without problems
  • The versatile design allows the user to change from stick to handheld
  • Light design at only 5.5 pounds maintains ease of use and comfort


  • Brushes and heads reduce suction power exponentially


Q: What accessories does the Puppyoo WP536 come with?

A: You will get an aluminum rod for the stick design, and accessories hook for storage & convenience, a motorized brush for superior suctioning power, a 2-in-1 square brush, a charging adapter, and a 2-in-1 combination brush for versatility.

Q: Is the aluminum rod long enough to reach difficult areas?

A: The aluminum rod is 31.5 inches long which means alongside the primary device, it can reach up to 60 inches of challenging areas.

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5. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010, Grey

With this sleek and versatile vacuum that offers one of the most effective technologies out there, you won’t believe the wide array of opportunities you have to clean your house entirely & without problems.

Boasting a unique WindTunnel technology for superb filtration, exceptional design for easier controls, and one of the most efficient Lithium-Ion batteries on the market, this device is not an option to dismiss.

Top-Notch WindTunnel Tech

Not only does this mean you get better filtration capacity, but it also means you can remove more dust & debris, and much faster as well. You won’t find anything impossible to clean with this technology.

Even more so when you add the Brush-roll, a very reliable head to clean even more profound than before.

Easy to Use & Reliable

With one of the most intuitive sets of controls and declinable handles, the Linx from Hoover is one of the easiest-to-use devices out there.

You can even see how much power is less in the battery with a fuel gauge it has on the left. And for emptying the dust cup, you just have to disengage the bottom and that’s it.

Cleans Everywhere Effectively

Having edge-cleaning bristles make this device one of the most effective in the market. You will be able to clean practically on any surface including deep hard-floors without problems.

Apart from that, it offers a wide path for cleaning, so you clean more and without problems.


  • Exceptional effectiveness for cleaning in different surfaces including hard ones
  • Perfect technology and cleaning system for deeper vacuuming performance
  • Totally reliable device with better battery capacity
  • Easy to use design and set of features for increased convenience entirely


  • Slightly unreliable shell and connections that may break after few months of use


Q: How well does the Hoover Linx perform in hardwood?

A: It is terrific for any type of hard floor, including any wooden surface as well. If you want to clean and get rid of dust or debris, this vacuum is a perfect choice without scratches or left residues.

Q: How much does the Hoover Linx weight?

A: The weight of this vacuum is 7 pounds. It is not the lightest out there, but light enough for a comfortable and convenient operation.

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6. Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum BD22510, Red

Among the best wood floor vacuums, you will find the Dirt Devil Reach as a fantastic choice without a doubt. It is a 2-in-1 vacuum, capable of delivering exceptional performance without losing any versatility or convenience.

You can use it either as a stick or handheld vacuum, and it will help you suction even the hardest of dirt or dust in cracks within the hardwood.

And of course, it comes with an excellent set of accessories and tools for incredibly superior results when compared to others.

Top-Notch Vacuum Performance

Having excellent performance, this device cleans through anything such as cars stains, hard-to-reach places, and even under furniture.

This performance is enhanced with the Spin4Pro Premium Brushroll, which delivers the perfect suction capacity for carpets and hardwood floors.

Excellent Battery Capacity

Delivering 24V battery power, you can receive several minutes of straight operation without losing any quality.

And what’s even better, the battery is capable of charging up to four times faster than standard batteries out there.

Top-Notch Convenience

A light design with superior steer action and overall convenient design is not an option to overlook.

When you consider the ease of use and overall versatility of its 2-in-1 design, you only get a product that will keep you happy entirely, especially when you add its easy-to-empty dust cup.


  • Wholly versatile & convenient design for better and smoother results
  • Exceptional battery capacity keeps the device working for long with little charge time
  • Performance goes a step further to go over any surface and deliver great results
  • Top-notch Spin4Pro Premium brush provides the perfect capacity for hardwood


  • Suction power may leave some users disappointed


Q: What tools does the Dirt Devil Reach vacuum offer?

A: This vacuum comes with a crevice tool, a cleaning wand, a carpet nozzle, and a stair or upholstery tool, as well as a Spin4Pro Premium Brushroll.

Q: Is the battery of the Dirt Devil Reach removable?

A: No, you won’t be able to remove or replace the device’s battery unless you do it with the company itself.

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7. ITvanila Handheld Vacuum With HEPA Filtration For Hard Floor Pet Hair Cleaning 

The iTvanila is close to being the best hardwood floor vacuum, not only because it is incredibly convenient, but because having a corded design it is one of the most powerful out there.

Capable of providing up to 15 kPa of suction power, you won’t believe what this device is capable of doing.

Its design focuses on providing more versatility despite its corded design. It will help you clean deeper in different surfaces while still getting a very reliable & long cord that keeps your device working continually for as long as you want. And of course, it comes with a fantastic filtration system.

Top-Notch Motor Performance

Boasting a 180-degree motor brush, this vacuum cleans dust, debris, or just whatever from floors or furniture as effectively as you need it to.

Add the cyclone technology, and you get one of the most performance-oriented devices in the market without a doubt.

Extremely Convenient Entirely

You can clean curtains, blinds, soft furniture, or eventually suction hair pet or cobwebs from walls & carpets, or even just get rid of any dust or debris on the hard floor.

Whatever you want to do, this device does it all with an exceptional set of accessories, an unmatched filtration system, and an excellent hygienic dirt ejector for easier emptying.

Versatile as it Gets

Despite being a corded model, you will still be able to change between a handheld and a stick vacuum according to your needs.

Just touch the button, and it will help you reach different places in different situations for significant comfort and versatility. And if you need more reach, the stick is extendable, for even better results.


  • The excellent design offers great versatility as a corded device for superb results
  • Exceptional motor performance provides up to 15 kPa with cyclone tech
  • Top-notch set of features & accessories for a much more convenient performance
  • Offers excellent comfort and ease of use as well as practical results on different surfaces


  • 180-degree turning head can be annoying for many people


Q: What accessory does the iTvanila Corded Vacuum offer?

A: It comes with three different brushes, a 180-degree brush, flat nozzles, a crevice brush, and an extendable stick for more reach.

Q: How much time does the iTvanila Corded vacuum continuously?

A: Even though it is a corded device, the operation time is between 25 and 35 minutes. It works like this due to an over-heating protection that shuts the device after such an amount of time.

8. Deik Cordless Wood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Described as the best hardwood floor cordless vacuum, and with the only purpose of providing a magnificent deep vacuuming performance – the Deik VCS1000 is exceptional. It beats most corded vacuums when it comes to performance and still manages to last up to 25 minutes in operation.

This vacuum also provides an excellent set of versatile & convenient features, as well as a top-notch control for modes and vacuuming speed.

What’s more, the device is entirely safe to use no matter the place, as it comes with a high-quality HEPA filtration system.

Clean & Effective Performance

Yes, the 2200 mAh battery capacity with 28.8V of power lets the device work for up to 50 minutes in Eco-Mode, yet what stands out is the effectiveness of its cleaning.

It will clean whatever you want exceptionally effectively, and without leaving residues behind thanks to its outstanding filtration system.

Cordless Convenience at Its Best

The maneuverability this kind of vacuum offers merely is unmatched. But it is even better when you consider how capable its dust cup is.

Boasting an Xl-capacity 0.9L dust holder, you will be able to suction as much dust & debris as you want without getting short of capacity. What’s more, it keeps your hands clean when emptying due to its straightforward design.

Light & Versatile

Weighing as little as 5.5 pounds, this device is easily one of the lightest in the market. Add its excellent design, and you will be able to reach different places and areas effortlessly.

And if this wasn’t enough, even in dark areas with its LED lights, vacuuming will be a piece of cake.


  • Very convenient design & set of features for more dust capacity & suction effectiveness
  • Delivers up to 28.8V of power with a 2200 mAh for effective and long operations
  • Extremely versatile light design helps to reach difficult places more easily
  • Top-notch filtration HEPA system keeps your home cleaner & healthier


  • Impossibility to replace the battery makes it inconvenient for most people


Q: What accessories you get with the Deik HomeVac VSC1000?

A: You get an AC Power adapter, the mount base for the wall, a welcome guide, and a brush-roll head.

Q: Is the internal battery reliable and long-lasting?

A: Yes, the internal battery not only helps to get up to 50 minutes of continuous operation, but it is also highly reliable and durable. However, its built-in design makes it almost impossible to replace it later.

9. SilverOnyx X9 Cordless High Power Wood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

SilverOnyx X9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Powerful Lightweight Bagless...

Want the best cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors? Then you need to seriously consider the SilverOnyx V9 as one of your first options.

There’s no doubt this device can provide outstanding results, boasting a 2-speed control and up to 7 kPa of suction capacity, you won’t believe what this device is capable of.

You get everything you want and more with this device. It goes up to 45 minutes operating continuously and still manages to provide a very versatile & convenient experience. And of course, it comes with top-notch hardwood suctioning capacity.

Outstanding Performance & Power

Offering 7kPa of suctioning power is not something every vacuum offers. With this device, you will be able to clean practically any dust or debris from the floor, even if it is built deep in cracks.

Extremely Versatile Operation

Want to use the device as a handheld vacuum or as a stick one? No matter what you prefer, this device will allow you to change according to your needs.

This way you reach different areas of your house without any problem.

Excellent Convenience & Reliability

Coming with a 2200 mAh lithium battery allows this vacuum to last up 45 minutes straight without problems. And of course, if you want to use it on the highest performance, it will last 25 minutes easily.

Remember though, that you still have a HEPA filter and one of the lightest designs to enjoy with this vacuum.


  • Offers terrific performance with 7 kPa of suction power
  • Exceedingly reliable 2200 mAh battery for up to 45 minutes of straight operation
  • Excellent HEPA filter keeps your home cleaner & healthier after using
  • Lightweight design also transforms from stick to handheld for superb versatility


  • Not the most potent performance out there


Q: What accessories come with the SilverOnyx V9?

A: The accessories that come with this vacuum are a power brush, a dust brush, a crevice tool, a wall mount, and a charger.

Q: How much does the SilverOnyx V9 weigh?

A: The device weighs as little as only 5.5 pounds which are reduced by almost 2 pounds when you take the stick and use it as a handheld vacuum.

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10. Deik Vacuum Cleaner, 2 In 1 Cordless Vacuum For Hardfloor

Being cordless is not a problem for this vacuum when it comes to performance. It provides such a great capacity that even the most powerful cordless version will feel intimidated by such strength.

With 7Kpa of power, you will get top-notch cleaning performance, making it one of the best cordless vac for hardwood floors.

Best of all, it is capable of providing long times of operations. Alongside its overall convenience and versatility, you get a highly reliable device entirely. Let’s not forget it is also one of the lightest and easiest to use.

Cleans Up Everywhere

Having 7Kpa of power seems bizarre, but it’s not. This means it is capable of providing much more pressure than most devices in its price range.

What’s more, it works in up to 25 different types of floors thanks to its multi-floor set of accessories and several available modes.

Extremely Versatile Overall

You get a product that weighs as little as 4.7 pounds. Imagine how light that is, especially when you take the handheld vacuum out and use it with even more comfort.

Its ultra-light design helps to meet different places without problems. Maneuvering is a total piece of cake, and you shouldn’t have a problem with tight or difficult areas.

Convenience At it’s Best

Apart from being cordless, this device offers the chance to operate for up to 25 minutes straight without interruption.

What’s even better, you can quickly empty it when needed, store it effortlessly, and enjoy its wall-mounting racket for superb comfort when not used. Overall, it is one the most convenient entirely.


  • Convenient design and features for ease of use and comfort
  • The versatile and light design makes it easier to use in stressful situations
  • Cleans up to 25 different surfaces without any problem at all
  • Offers 7 Kpa of pressure capacity for exceptional vacuum performance


  • The battery is not as reliable as expected after several months of use


Q: What accessories come with the Deik ZB1516?

A: You get an AC power adapter, a wall mount bracket, several mounting accessories such as an upholstery tool, soft-brush, and a roller brush replacement.

Q: Is the battery replaceable and removable from the device?

A: Totally, the battery is removable and can be replaced with the same type offered by Deik in different marketplaces.

What Type Of Vacuums Do Do do You Need For Hardwood Floors?

When you look at the top-rated vacuums for hardwood floors, you immediately know there is something that sets these vacuums apart from others.

And guess what, you’re right, some factors will undoubtedly tell you what a great product is and what is not. Here are the factors you should always take into account before buying a vacuum for hardwood.

Strong Suction

Suction power is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of getting the right vacuum. Here, you will find that these devices come in different measurements for control, from watts to kPa and up to volts and so on.

We recommend going for devices with at least 110 WA of power. At least 7 kPa of suction power may also work. Or at least 25 Volts of battery capacity for more power will do.

Anything less than any of these won’t be a good choice no matter how convenient the vacuum is.

Corded or Cordless

One of the hardest things is to pick between a corded and cordless vacuum. One is more versatile and convenient than the other but does not offer as much capacity or performance.

The cordless of course means you don’t have any cord connecting the device to a power outlet, which allows you to use it practically anywhere you want from your attic, garage, or basement where power outlets are not present. Sadly, this type does not allow much operation time, and the suction power tends to be slightly less as well.

On the other hand, a corded device is fairly more powerful and sometimes sturdier in overall construction, capable of providing a longer operation time when compared to a cordless.

But of course, you get limited by a power cord that usually does not go over 10 feet and could be a real headache.

So, it is all about picking between versatility and convenience or the most potent and long-lasting device.

Whether you want to reach difficult areas at home or work for up to 30 minutes straight, you will have to pick between a corded and a cordless.

Battery Power & Charge Time

The battery only applies to a cordless vacuum. And the power is typically measured in volts or mAh. Frequently, we recommend choosing something with at least 25 volts for excellent strength, capacity, and performance.

And when it comes to lithium-related batteries, anything less than 2000 mAh is a waste of your money.

When it comes to charge time, no matter the model you pick, make sure it does not go over 3 hours. Anything more than 3 hours of charging will probably become a total waste of your time and maybe even pretty annoying.

Unless the device offers at least 1 hour of straight operation after charging for more than 3 hours, it won’t be a good choice.


Maybe the hardest part of picking a vacuum is taking into account your budget. Most exceptional vacuums go over the one-hundred mark, which is too high for most people.

Luckily, there are many options below one-hundred dollars that are fantastic and still provide convenience and versatility.

Anything over one hundred and fifty may feel too expensive, but anything below eighty can be pretty cheap and unreliable. So choose accordingly.


Vacuums are electronic devices that can break from simple things such as not having the right battery charger. This problem, for example, is an issue of the manufacturer and does apply in almost every brand, in the warranty.

And simple questions like these are hundreds in these devices, no matter the quality or cost of the vacuum.

That’s why we recommend going for products that offer at least a 2-year warranty so you can enjoy your vacuum without any fear or anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Picking the right hardwood floor vacuum is also about knowing as much as you can about them. Sometimes, however, you may have a doubt that is not answered when you read a product review.

Instead, you have to look it up in depth to find an answer. We save you that time and give you an answer to most common questions here;

Q: Can These Vacuums Remove Dust, Dirt, And Debris From Hardwood Effectively?

A: Yes, that’s why you have this list. There’s nothing better to remove that kind of build-up from hardwood than a vacuum. But even more important is having the right one, that’s why you have the previous list to pick the perfect choice according to your needs.

Q: Will A Vacuum Leave My Hardwood Shining?

A: Not really. Vacuums only work to suction any type of solid, dust, debris or dirt from wood very effectively without leaving residues.

Q: Can You Damage A Hardwood Floor With A Vacuum?

A: Not at all, even if you use it without being careful, a vacuum is almost incapable of harming a hardwood floor. However, it is recommended to be gentle and avoid hitting the floor with the vacuum to prevent possible scratches.

Q: How Often Do I Need To Clean The Hardwood Floor With My Vacuum?

A: It is recommended to vacuum a hardwood floor at least two times each month. But overall, once each week will be perfect, especially for dusty environments.

Q: How Much Maintenance Does A Hardwood Vacuum Need?

A: Even though a vacuum for hardwood may have a slightly softer & more effective performance, it needs the same type of maintenance as any other vacuum. This means at least once a week or every three uses.

Final Recommendation

So, if you’re looking for the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, you need to pick the perfect one that fits your needs the most. However, we’ve made sure to give you an idea of the top two that you should consider.

We think the Shark Rocket with the DuoClean system is a great choice. It offers exceptional suction power, a great two-year warranty, and a versatility Lift-Away feature to use the device like a stick or handheld depending on the situation.

Another fantastic option is the Deik HomeVac VSC1000. Maybe the most battery-effective option in the market despite being built-in, it offers the most extended operation and still manages to keep performance at the top. What’s more, it comes with the best warranty quality, and an exceptionally reliable & light build.

Now that you’ve reached the end of the article remember to always pick according to your needs and nothing else. That’s what will give you the right vacuum for your hardwood floors.

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