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Investing in a quality jogging stroller will help you be more active. These strollers are designed so that you can safely push your baby or toddler while running. These strollers have a sturdy frame and additional safety features compared to traditional strollers. Here is what you need to know about choosing the best jogging stroller and some product recommendations.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We found ten great jogging strollers and assigned ratings according to these criteria:

  • Convenient. We looked for strollers that are easy to use and store. We gave higher ratings to the strollers that are versatile and can be used for jogging and other activities.
  • Safety. We compared safety features and made sure all the jogging strollers we selected include brakes, a fixed front wheel, and other essential safety features.
  • Additional features. We gave higher ratings to the strollers who include interesting features such as storage.
  • Reviews. We made sure the strollers we selected received great reviews from parents.

Top 10 Best Jogging Strollers

If you are thinking about getting a jogging stroller, here are ten options to consider.

1. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Stroller

Graco® FastAction™ Jogger LX Stroller, Ames
  • Graco's signature FastAction one-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for parents on the go
  • Seat pad removes to create a lightweight infant car seat carrier
  • Accepts all Graco infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment to create your own travel system

This Graco jogging stroller stands out thanks to its comfortable seat. The seat is 14-inches deep and can be fully reclined. There are different settings that will help keep your child safe and comfortable as they get older.

You can also click a Graco car seat into place for a child who is too young to sit in the stroller.

There is a removable tray in front of the child seat. This tray allows you to secure a bottle for your child and will also protect your child while you run.

There is plenty of storage thanks to the basket located under the seat of the stroller. The handlebar of the stroller features handbrakes and cup holders. You can also use it to secure your phone while you run.

This is a lightweight jogging stroller that is easy to maneuver. It stands upright when folded and is available in four colors. The downside is that the handlebar can’t be adjusted.

2. Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, Black/Black Frame
  • A lightweight, all-terrain stroller perfect for jogging or strolling through town
  • Swivel front wheel locks into place for jogging
  • Large 16" rear wheels plus suspension for an ultra smooth ride

This jogging stroller is a great option if you are looking for suspension at an affordable price. The front wheel of the stroller is far enough from the seat to avoid transmitting shocks to the baby seat.

The stroller features a comfortable harness with plenty of padding. You can order the stroller with an additional bumper bar that you can mount in front of the child seat to keep your baby safe.

We like the adjustable handlebar because it features a twist brake. This is a great way to control your speed, and you can activate it with one hand.

The front wheel of the stroller is a swivel wheel that can be locked into place. The swivel wheel is ideal if you want more maneuverability but locking the wheel into place is necessary when you start running.

The zip-up cover for the storage basket is a smart feature. It will help keep your items in place and protect them from more dirt and dust when you run.

3. BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black
  • Smooth ride: Suspension system & air filled tires provide an ultra-smooth ride over any terrain
  • Perfect fit: Adjustable handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights; No-rethread harness design for...
  • Extra space: 6 storage pockets & extra-large cargo basket provide plenty of room for your gear; Includes a cell phone...

This is probably the best jogging stroller if you are looking for a stroller with suspension. The suspension system is similar to what you would find on a mountain bike. There are two suspension settings that you can adjust in the function of the weight of your baby or toddler.

The brakes are also similar to what you would find on a mountain bike. You will find a handbrake and a parking brake on the handlebar of the stroller. There are nine different ways to adjust the handlebar.

The quality of the tires and suspension system make this stroller ideal for a wide range of environments. We recommend this jogging stroller if you want to run on trails or in an off-road setting.

4. Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Alterrain Jogging Stroller, Melange Teal

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This Schwinn jogging stroller is ideal for jogging in an urban environment. It features a swivel front wheel that you can lock into place.

The handlebar is easy to adjust and features a tray with some cup holders. The stroller comes with a canopy that will shield your little one from UV rays. You can adjust and retract the canopy as needed.

You will find a convenient storage basket under the baby seat. This is one of the few jogging strollers that is truly compact once it is folded.

Overall, this jogging stroller is ideal for running on smooth pavement. However, the size of the tires, suspension, and position of the front wheel under the child seat doesn’t make it ideal for running off-road.

5. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller - Titan | Black/Grey
  • The child seat removes easily to create a frame carrier for the KeyFit during the first 6 months
  • Sporty fabrics are wipe able, durable and water repellent. Full-coverage, extendable canopy with flippable tinted...
  • Pneumatic tires, 12" front and 16" rear spoked wheels , Carton Dimensions - 22.7 x 32.13 x 12.78 inches

This is a sturdy jogging stroller that features a 12-inch front wheel and two 16-inch rear wheels. We like the fact that you can lock the front wheel from the handlebar.

The brakes and parking brakes are also mounted on the handlebar. This is more convenient than having to activate a parking brake with your foot.

The seat can be adjusted in different positions, and you can remove the child tray if you decide you don’t need it.

You can also adjust the suspension of the stroller in the function of the terrain. The best thing about this stroller is that there are three ways to fold it.

You can fold it flat, so it will fit in the trunk of your vehicle, fold it so it will stand upright, or fold it, so it is as compact as possible. You can also remove the wheels if you don’t have much storage space.

6. Burley Solstice Stroller

Burley Design Solstice Jogger

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The Burley Solstice jogging stroller is an excellent option for off-road use due to the coil-spring suspension. You can order a weather shield separately for this stroller.

The sturdy wheels and lightweight frame make this stroller easy to maneuver in a wide range of environments.

There is a parking brake that you can activate with your foot, plenty of storage under the child seat, and a comfortable, adjustable seat for your baby or toddler. You can adjust the seat by pulling on a central strap.

The extendable handlebar is another interesting feature. We couldn’t find any other jogging strollers with a similar feature. Being able to extend the handlebar gives you more room to run.

7. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

Allen Sports 1-Child Jogger Trailer, Model SST1
  • Lightweight steel construction trailer and jogger
  • 2 products in 1 includes everything to be used as either a 1 child jogger or 1 child trailer
  • Safely and comfortably transports one children (max trailer payload 50 pound)

This child trailer can be converted into a jogging stroller for an older child. You can either attach this trailer behind your bicycle or attach the 12-inch front wheel that is included and turn it into a jogging stroller.

There is an adjustable handlebar so you can easily push this stroller. Your child will be sitting close to the ground, which makes this stroller only suitable for smooth surfaces. It comes with a shield that will protect your child from wind and rain.

There is a harness inside of the cabin your child sits in, but keep in mind that the harness isn’t designed for a baby and that there is no safe way to attach a baby seat inside of the cabin.

8. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller, Slate
  • Air-filled tires with EVEN BETTER suspension–tire pump included
  • NEW One-handed seat reclining system that sits almost 100% upright with an added 2 inches to seat back for...
  • NEW Optional see-through mesh sunshadeon the UPF 50 sun protection large canopywith LARGER reflector andNEW Magnetic...

This jogging stroller is extremely compact once you fold it. We like the 12.5-inch front wheel that locks into place because it is far enough in front of the child seat to avoid transmitting shocks to the seat.

The wide seat is high off the ground thanks to the 16-inch rear wheels. This gives your child more visibility into their surroundings and protects them from shocks.

The aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver. You will find a convenient car seat adapter that is compatible with a wide range of brands and models, and some mesh pockets to keep your items organized.

The only downside of this stroller is the small storage basket under the child seat.

9. BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller, Black [Old Version]
  • Locking swivel front wheel for stability when jogging and easy mobility while on the go in the city
  • 12 inch air filled tires and mountain bike style suspension system offers an ultra-smooth ride, while the one step foot...
  • No rethreading, ever: No rethread harness and one-hand near flat, recline allows for easy adjustments. Handlebar wrist...

This is another great jogging stroller from the brand BOB. This jogging stroller stands out thanks to the quality of the suspension and lightweight frame.

The extra-large canopy is ideal to protect your baby or toddler from UV rays. You can easily recline the child seat to let your baby sleep comfortably.

The front and rear wheels have a diameter of 12 inches. This is ideal for gliding on smooth surfaces, but the rear wheels might be too small for trails.

10. Monbebe Rebel Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller - 2019 | Compact, Lightweight...

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This jogging stroller is an excellent option if you are looking for a stroller with a fixed front wheel. This feature somewhat reduces maneuverability when you don’t run, but you won’t have to lock and unlock the front wheel.

The child seat features a memory foam pad that will keep your little one comfortable. The padded handlebar is easy to adjust and features two cup holders and a brake that you can activate with one hand.

Overall, this is a sturdy and versatile stroller that would be perfect for jogging in an urban environment.

What To Look For When Choosing A Jogging Stroller

There are a few things to consider when choosing a jogging stroller.

Safety Features

Choose a new stroller instead of a used one to make sure it meets and ideally exceeds the latest safety standards. Do some research to find out more about the manufacturer and make sure there haven’t been any recent product recalls.

If you plan on running while pushing your baby or toddler, you need to invest in a stroller that is designed for jogging. Other strollers won’t be safe to use.

Here are the features you should look at to choose a safe jogging stroller:

  • Brakes. You need to look for a stroller with brakes you can easily activate from the handlebar to avoid obstacles.
  • Parking brake. You need a stroller with a reliable parking brake that will prevent the stroller from rolling away.
  • Leg holes. The leg holes of the seat should be small enough to prevent your child from slipping through them.
  • Five-point harness. A five-point harness is the safest and most comfortable way to secure your baby in a jogging stroller seat.
  • Canopy. Ideally, your jogging stroller should have an adjustable canopy that can shield your child from sunrays.
  • Locking or fixed front wheel. The front wheel of the stroller should either be fixed or feature a safe locking mechanism since running with a swivel wheel isn’t safe.

Keep in mind that pushing a baby under six months of age in a jogging stroller isn’t considered as safe, even if the stroller meets all safety standards.

Other Features To Look At

Jogging strollers come with large rubber tires. The size of the tires might be more suitable for an urban or trail environment. Look for a stroller with larger tires if you plan on jogging on trails.

Your jogging stroller should also feature an advanced suspension mechanism to keep your child comfortable when you run. You need to choose a stroller with a rear suspension and a sling-style seat. A front wheel that extends in front of the seating area won’t transmit shocks to the seat.

Storage is another thing you should consider. You will probably need to bring a few essentials for your baby or toddler as well as a water bottle for yourself.

Some jogging strollers tend to be bulky, even when folded. This isn’t an issue if you don’t need a portable stroller. However, you should look for a stroller with removable wheels if you have limited storage space.

An adjustable handlebar can make your jogging stroller safer and more comfortable to use. You should also look for a stroller with an adjustable seat and harness so you can keep using it as your child gets older.

These tips should help you find the best jogging stroller for your needs. Take the time to compare different models so you can choose a stroller that is safe and convenient to use.

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