Best Mini Vacuums Reviews 2022: Small & Lightweight

Carrying around a giant vacuum is not ideal when it comes to some situations.

There are a lot of instances where smaller vacuums are preferable to standard vacuums. 

One of these instances is where you need to vacuum hair or food crumbs off of furniture. There is no way that a standard vacuum is useful at all in these situations, and it would make a lot more sense to opt for a mini vacuum.

Because most mini vacuums are cordless, you can also use these vacuums for your car.

This is especially useful if you spend a lot of time in your car, whether you are delivering something or engaged in long commutes.

Mini vacuums are more valuable than you might think, and it is a good idea to own one even if you possess a powerful standard vacuum.

Top Picks : 5 Best Mini Vacuums

6 Best Small Vacuums Reviews

1. V7 Trigger cord free handheld vacuum cleaner by Dyson

It can be difficult to find a mini vacuum that is suitable for all surfaces. Some are suitable for the furniture in your home, but do not perform well when used on the furniture on your car. Some may do well on the furniture for your home and car, but struggle when used on stairs.

Dyson’s mini vacuum solves the versatility issue by containing different tools that you can attach to the end of it. Containing a combination tool and a crevice tool, you will be able to use it on pretty much any surface you need to use it on.

A lot of mini vacuums that are cordless tend to lose suction power when they run out of battery life. This is not the case with Dyson’s mini vacuum, as you will be able to enjoy the same consistent suction power until it runs out of energy.

Although the dirt ejector of Dyson’s mini vacuum is well intentioned, it has its faults. It is a nice thing that it does not contain a bag, that much is true. However, dirt can stick to the outer walls of the dirt ejector and even worse, it will move around when the vacuum is turned on, crowding it. This makes cleaning the dirt ejector a little more difficult than it should be.

2. Cordless handheld vacuum by Black+Decker

Mini vacuums can fill themselves up with dust and other particles very quickly, and something that is inconvenient about most mini vacuums is that you cannot physically see when you need to empty them. This can get irritating when there is a lot of cleaning to do, since you do not have the convenience of knowing when to empty your mini vacuum.

Black+Decker’s mini vacuum solves this issue by containing a translucent dust bowl. This will let you see exactly when you need to empty it, and this can be very useful when you are tasked with long term cleaning projects.

You will be able to use Black+Decker’s mini vacuum on multiple surfaces as well. The wide mouth design at the end of it will allow you to use it on stairs and all kinds of furniture. This makes it more versatile than other mini vacuums.

Black+Decker’s mini vacuum may be more versatile than other mini vacuums, but this comes at a cost. The first thing you’ll need to watch for is emptying it. While the dirt bowl is translucent, dust will get caught in it, making it difficult to clean.

Another thing you’ll need to watch for with Black+Decker’s mini vacuum is that it will lose power the longer it is on. Be prepared to charge it a lot more than you might want to.


3. Wet-dry portable handheld vacuum by Homasy

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A lot of mini vacuums are versatile. Coming with different attachments, they can usually clean any surface that a traditional vacuum cannot reach. However, the quality of how they accomplish this is questionable. Most mini vacuums that work on most surfaces have severe issues with their suction power.

You will not encounter this at all with Homasy’s mini vacuum. Not only do you get any given attachment that you could possibly ask for with it, it is extremely powerful, operating at 8Kpa. Nothing is safe when confronted with a mini vacuum that is this powerful and you’ll be able to clean anything you need with ease.

Another fantastic thing about Homasy’s mini vacuum is how long its battery can last. It can last five years without needing to be replaced, which is a lot longer than the batteries in most other mini vacuums.

The only thing that you might need to watch for with Homasy’s mini vacuum is if you decide not to use the attachments. You will find that it can be difficult to pick things up if you do not have a tool attached to it and this can be somewhat inconvenient.


4. “Rocket” hand vacuum by Shark

Nearly all mini vacuums leave too much to be desired when it comes to deep cleaning. A lot of them possess the power to pick up small particles off of surfaces but that’s about it. Good luck dealing with pet hair or things like pet hair with any given mini vacuum.

Look no further than the Rocket by Shark if you are looking for a mini vacuum that works on pet hair and other things that require deep cleaning. It is much more powerful than most other mini vacuums to the point where it is comparable to most standard vacuums.

You get plenty of side tools with the Rocket, and a lot of these tools will provide a decent amount of length as well. One of these tools comes in the form of a hose which will allow you to reach places that you couldn’t even reach with other mini vacuums.

There are two things that you’ll need to look out for with the Rocket. The first is that it is not cordless. You will not be able to use this outside at all unless you use extension cords. This is extremely inconvenient, seeing that most mini vacuums are cordless and can be used anywhere.

Dirt will develop around the Rocket’s filter no matter what. While emptying the dust cup is very easy, it is located around on the inside where the filter is, making it a little more difficult to clean than you might want it to be.


5. Cordless vacuum cleaner with carry bag by Hikeren

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Something that you do not see often in mini vacuums is the ability to reach places that are high or deep. Things like corners in walls or underneath appliances are nearly impossible to reach with any given vacuum, even cordless mini vacuums.

Hikeren’s mini vacuum has situations like these handled in a very creative way. Nearly all mini vacuums contain attachments, but Hikeren’s mini vacuum contains a soft tube attachment that will allow you to reach spaces that are high and deep. Wall corners and areas underneath appliances or other hard to reach areas will stand no chance.

It can take practically the whole day for a mini vacuum to charge, and this can be really inconvenient. Fortunately, it only takes about four hours for Hikeren’s mini vacuum to charge, making it much easier for you to keep using throughout the day if necessary.

Perhaps the best thing about Hikeren’s mini vacuum is that it is easy to clean the filter. This is because the filter is made of stainless steel that is easy to remove and clean. Very few mini vacuums contain filters like these.

The only thing about Hikeren’s mini vacuum that might concern you is that it is not equipped for very tough particles such as pet hair. You will have a tough time dealing with things like this when using Hikeren’s mini vacuum.


6. Cordless handheld wet/dry vacuum by VacLife

Very few mini vacuums are decisively or completely versatile. Most of them have three or four attachments at most and while this satisfies most, it certainly doesn’t satisfy everybody and it definitely leaves some situations out.

None of this is an issue with VacLife’s mini vacuum. Not only does it come with three different nozzles, it also comes with an extension hose that will help you clean places that you cannot reach even with a mini vacuum. If you are looking for a mini vacuum that will allow you to clean underneath car seats or underneath appliances, you’ll be happy with VacLife’s mini vacuum.

VacLife’s mini vacuum also contains a rubber jar tool which will allow you to absorb certain liquids. This is what gives it its wet/dry properties. It also contains an LED light which will let you clean with it in the dark. This speaks even more of how useful it can be for any task.

For all these wonderful features, VacLife’s mini vacuum sacrifices one big thing: It’s battery life. Assuming that you use it regularly, VacLife’s battery will last one year before it needs to be replaced, which is well under average.


Mini Vacuums: A Buying Guide

Not all mini vacuums do the same things, and there are different variations of mini vacuums that exist out there.

Buying a mini vacuum sight unseen is often not a good idea because you might run into a situation that the mini vacuum may not handle too well.

Here are some things that you should consider before buying a mini vacuum.

Do you need a mini vacuum for furniture?

One of the most common reasons to own a mini vacuum is for furniture.

There are certain mini vacuums that are designed for furniture and there are certain mini vacuums that do not work as well on furniture as you may expect, and this is something that you should be aware of.

If you need a mini vacuum for furniture, you’ll want to look for a mini vacuum that has a long battery life. This is especially true if you need to use it on a lot of pieces of furniture.

Do you need a mini vacuum for your car?

If you spend more time in your car than most, you’ll probably want a mini vacuum for it.

You’ll be faced with small particles more than anything when cleaning the interior of your car, so in this case, you’ll want your mini vacuum to be able to pick up these small particles very easily.

Will you need your mini vacuum for pet hair?

Despite what many believe, mini vacuums are effective on pet hair.

Although vacuums like these are few and far between, you should definitely seek one out if you are tasked with getting pet hair off of furniture and other things that you just cannot get to with a standard vacuum.

Clearing pet hair from furniture can be extremely challenging, and a mini vacuum might be just what you need.

How long do you need your mini vacuum to last?

Nearly all mini vacuums are cordless and use batteries that can be recharged, and it is up to you to decide how long you need your vacuum to last.

Some mini vacuums are extremely powerful, but do not last long.

Some of them are not as powerful as they can be, but they last a long time.

While this all seems obvious, it is still something that you should consider.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who makes the best handheld vacuum?

A: Different brands of vacuums have their own good and bad qualities, but most consumer reports will tell you that VacLife makes some of the best handheld vacuums. They contain a lot of attachments, are really powerful, and this kind of power and versatility is not met with a lot of peers.

Q: How long do handheld vacuums last?

A: Most handheld vacuums last two years before the battery needs to be replaced. Some of them have batteries that last a lot longer. These ones last up to five years. Then there are a few handheld vacuums that only last one year. All things considered, you should expect most handheld vacuums to last two years.

Q: Which cars contain built in vacuums?

A: Cars and technology are two things that go hand in hand, and there are a few cars that contain built in vacuums. Of these, certain minivans are almost guaranteed to contain built in vacuums. One of these is the Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey has had vacuums built in since their 2014 models.


If you are looking for a vacuum that you can use for furniture, your car, or anything in your home that you need something different than a standard vacuum for, you’re going to want a mini vacuum.

Remember that different mini vacuums are capable of doing different things and you’ll need to figure out for yourself whether you need a mini vacuum for your home or for your car, because there are differences, as small as they might be.

Do not be afraid to give yourself plenty of options when looking for a mini vacuum. There are plenty of things to consider and you want to make sure that you acquire one that fits your needs perfectly.

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