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Best Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin: Top 10 of 2022

Picking the right moisturizers can be tricky. Choose wisely, and your broken out, oily, or cracked skin will disappear in days, Choose poorly, and you may have made your problem so much worse. If you’ve struggled with sensitive skin for some time, check out our top ten picks for moisturizers in 2022.  

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Moisturizers can be a bit of a catch-22.

Dry skin can make it easy to pick up a bottle of moisturizer and hope that clear and healthy skin is going to be in your future. However, some creams only irritate sensitive skin—often causing breakouts and cracks. The result is even dryer skin, which means even more moisturizer, and the cycle repeats itself.

It can be a dangerous game to play, and if you don’t know where to look, finding the right moisturizer can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. You’ll need a moisturizer that doesn’t contain common irritants, of course—but everyone’s skin will react differently to different products.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of moisturizers for sensitive skin. These ten products are some of the most gentle on the market and range from affordable and easy to purchase to premium and perfect for even the most sensitive of skin.

We’ll also be going over what you need to look for in moisturizer, as well as how we’ve chosen our options and more in our Buyer’s Guide.

What to Look For In a Moisturizer

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Whether your skin is dried out or very oily, a good moisturizer can do wonders to bring balance back to your skin. Uncovering what you’ll need in a moisturizer means taking some time to consider what your needs are.

We’ll be focusing almost exclusively on sensitive skin—but there are many other skin types to be accounted for that may work alongside particularly picky pores.

For instance, if your skin remains sensitive but still dries out at the first drop of moisturizer, you’ll need a lighter option versus the heavier options that some may need who are dealing with some seriously deep cracks.

Here’s a short list of all that’s helpful to keep in mind when purchasing moisturizers:

  • The climate
  • The season
  • Sun protection
  • Face/body options
  • Steroidal options

When it comes to the climate, we hope that this consideration is rather apparent. Heavily dry and arid climates are often going to cause more irritation than those who live in temperate, more humid alternatives. That’s why you may want to consider a lighter moisturizer from our list below if your climate is especially dry.

While it may be tempting to opt for heavy cream when the problem is especially rough, often it is the soft touch of a light moisturizer that’s more effective at clearing out problem areas.

The opposite, however, is true for the seasons. You may want to opt for heavier creams in the winter, when cool air and inclement weather may force you to spend one too many hours in from of your space heater. Likewise, summertime months need a light touch to counteract time spent in the sun and the water.

And speaking of the sun—sunscreen is always a must, and if you need moisturizer in the summertime, finding a cream with modest sun protection is going to be one of your best bets.

Looking for a moisturizer that runs all over the body? Be especially careful about mixing up lotion meant for the face and the body. Both are designed to tackle different problems—and sensitive pores on the face often mean that you’ll need a sensitive moisturizer built for that face instead of heavy-duty options for the body.

Finally, certain moisturizers come with steroidal options. Unless prescribed by a physician, we recommend opting to abstain from these options, as they can throw your skin’s balance for a loop.

How We’ve Chosen Our Moisturizers

Our moisturizers represent some of the best options available today. We wanted to bring special attention to all price points and a variety of different moisturizers for different parts of the body, which means you’ll need to be vigilant about what sorts of options you want for your sensitive skin.

While we think any one of these moisturizers could be the best choice for one of our readers, not every pick is going to be a winner. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind what you need out of a moisturizer, as well as a few other tips and tricks we’ll be going over in our Buyer’s Guide.

Top 10 Best Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

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You won’t ever need to worry about cracked or oily skin again with your new best moisturizer for sensitive skin, which can be found in the overview below. Before heading to the beach, out in the snow, or just out on the town, consider picking up these products to help you look your best:

1. Honeyskin Organics Ultimate Face & Body Cream    

Hydrating Face Moisturizer for Women and Men with Manuka Honey and...
  • Achieve beautiful, radiant skin with hydrating face moisturizer & body cream. This all-purpose facial moisturizer...
  • Beauty can be fun, & here at Honeyskin, we want you to experience it in all of its glory. This body skincare product...
  • Put on your best face forward with our body & face moisturizer for sensitive skin! Not your ordinary facial creams &...

Our first pick is a honey and aloe-based cream that opts to protect the environment as well as your skin.

The Honeyskin Organics Ultimate Face & Body Cream offers quick relief to your problem areas, and deeply penetrates the skin for a long-lasting effect. Plus, all ingredients inside are organically safe and contain no harsh chemicals—making this product perfect for gentle work.

The price is certainly right here, with many options remaining available so that you can pick out a trial size or lots to help you keep healthy. And while it may not be the best moisturizer for sensitive skin for some, it’s certainly one of the best values on our list.

We’re giving Honeyskin Organics Ultimate Face & Body Cream four and a half out of five stars.

2. Aloe Infusion Body and Face Moisturizer

Aloe Infusion Body and Face Moisturizer - All Natural Eczema Cream for...
  • VITAMIN-RICH​ ​MOISTURE​ ​FOR​ ​DRY​ ​SKIN​ ​- Made with 100% natural super-plants & organic...
  • CALM​ ​ECZEMA​ ​WITH​ ​EASE​ ​- Aloe Vera is the most powerful and ancient healer to eczema as it...
  • REPAIRS​ ​AND​ ​PROTECTS​ ​- Organic Aloe Vera soothes and protects damaged skin while promoting natural...

Our next pick is focused on vitamin-enriched cream that’s great for those with eczema and gentle enough with a touch of aloe vera.

The Aloe Infusion Body and Face Moisturizer, like our last pick, is perfect for your arms, face, and any other problem areas. The material featured inside are 100% natural and use organic seeds and nut extracts to ensure no skin is too sensitive for treatment.

With over 75 vitamins built into one package, this cream moisturizes as well as gently heals problem areas. And while we would have appreciated separate body and face options for a more focused cream, we still think this is a great pick—particularly for those who work well with aloe vera.

We’re going this one four and a half out of five stars.

3. MARLOWE. No. 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion

MARLOWE. No. 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion 15 oz | Moisturizing,...
  • NO MORE DRY: This intensive men’s moisturizer relieves dry skin and leaves a light fresh scent.
  • LIGHT, NON-OILY FORMULA: Our natural body lotion for men features a non-greasy formula that hydrates, soothes and...
  • NO BAD STUFF & MADE RIGHT HERE: Paraben and phthalate-free, vegan & cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and made in...

Our next pick is not only one of the cheapest moisturizers for sensitive skin on the market today, but one of the cheapest moisturizers (and sunscreens) overall.

Marlowe sensitive skin body Lotion features a fragrance-free cream that uses a light formula and even comes with UV protection. The SPT 15 is rather modest, but given the price and inclusion of aloe and vitamins, we find it difficult to complain too much in this category.

While this won’t work for intensely cracked skin and may irritate some of the most sensitive, we have to hand it to Mountain Falls for making an option that’s easy to recommend and nearly free to try out.

We’re giving this one four out of five stars.

4. Yes To Super Blueberries Recharging Moisturizing Parfait

Yes To Super Blueberries Recharging Yogurt & Probiotics Diy...
  • Super blueberries are a vital nutrient that contain resveratrol, known to keep skin radiant and youthful. Greek Yogurt &...
  • The dual chamber system allows you to customize your blend by dispensing just the right amount of rich cream Greek...
  • Apply each formula alone or combine them for the ultimate skin reboot

The Yes To company is focused almost entirely on their “superblueberries” products that manage to bring out the best from these perennial flowers.

Yes To Super Blueberries Recharging Moisturizing Parfait is a unique mixture that smells and looks more appetizing than moisturizing. Still, many swear by the effects of the berries and appreciate the nourishment that comes to their skin without so much as a hint of irritation.

There’s a special focus on anti-aging ingredients to be found here, so if you’re looking for something to turn back the clock on your wrinkles as well as your cracked or oily skin, this may be the option for you.

We’re giving this one four and a half out of five stars.

5. Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer    

Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Cream, Daily...
  • Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Daily Retinol Moisturizer SPF 20 with hyaluronic acid uncovers...
  • Anti-wrinkle cream contains retinol, a dermatologist-recommended ingredient for aging skin, and is clinically proven to...
  • Retinol moisturizer formula is made with hyaluronic acid to add line-plumping moisture to rejuvenate the look of skin....

Continuing our line of anti-aging moisturizers, this option from Neutrogena promises healthy skin in two weeks or less.

The Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer offers modest UV protection and a few anti-wrinkle formulas to get the job done. You can also use this product in conjunction with Neutrogena night moisturizers, creams, and serums to better help your skin.

There’s not too much here in the way of moisturizing and nourishment through vitamins and natural extracts, but provided you need a no-frills solution to turn the clocks back, this option is sure to pique your interest.

We’re giving this one four out of five stars.

6. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin | Body Lotion & Facial...
  • [ DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION ] Smooth, light-weight texture that is absorbed quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth and...
  • [ LONG-LASTING HYDRATION ] Contains Hyaluronic Acid to help retain skins natural moisture and MVE technology to provide...
  • [ ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. All...

If you’re specifically dealing with splotches and acne in the face, perhaps a moisturizing lotion tailored to nighttime application could prove to bring some desired results in the morning.

The CereVe Moisturizing Lotion is a facial cream that’s meant to be used at night. Providing hydrators and ceramides to get the job done, this lotion is perfect for those who need results quickly.

While we’re a bit disappointed in the presence of hyaluronic acid (which tends to irritate sensitive skin), we otherwise can confidently recommend this product as a formidable option to keep in mind.

We’re giving this one three and a half out of five stars.

7. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

Don’t let the fancy name fool you—bearing a ridiculously high price tag and offering total pure purification; this cleanser is much more focused on function than style.

The Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 comes with a price tag that would scare most, but the inclusion of a unique blend of vitamins and moisturizing agents that targets redness, balances oil production, and even erases wrinkles, this product is one of the absolute best available. Provided you can afford it; this moisturizer should work wonders on just about any skin.

We’re giving this one five out of five stars.

8. EltaMD Intense Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin  

EltaMD Intense Face and Body Moisturizer for Sensitive & Dry Skin,...
  • This face and body lotion applies easily and gently to moisturize dry, compromised skin.
  • This waterless, non-sensitizing moisturizer is suitable for dry skin, which may be typical after cosmetic and medical...
  • EltaMD Intense Moisturizer melts into skin and retains 90% of moisture for at least 12 hours.

Shifting back into the less-expensive end of the market, this option from EltaMD uses a unique method to get the moisture back into your skin.

The EltaMD Intense Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin uses a sort of “melting moisturizer” that manages to rehydrate nearly all skin in 12 hours or less. However, with a lack of vitamins and other natural ingredients, the effects seem fairly short-term.

We’re giving this one three out of five stars.

9. La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream  

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream for Unisex, 2 Oz
  • A groundbreaking hydrating gel cream
  • Contains moisturizing Spheres that create a rich yet weightless texture
  • Formulated with nutrient-rich Miracle Broth and lime Tea extracts

Much like with the Biologique product, this soft cream is certainly going to break the bank.

Featuring a unique formula that manages to provide antioxidants, vitamins minerals, and more, very few people have reported a problem with this robust blend. Aside from this price, this, alongside the Biologique, are some of the best options for truly sensitive skin.

We’re giving this one five out of five stars.

10. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

Fresh Fresh rose deep hydration face cream - normal to dry skin types,...
  • Product Type:Skin Moisturizer
  • Item Package Dimensions:5.689 cm L X 6.807 cm W X 6.908 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.24 kg

Our final moisturizer pick uses a unique time-time-reals system to ensure that moisture is preserved both now and later.

The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face cream is a great option for those with general dryness and dullness. A premium option for the most common problems, this face cream will get the job done and leave behind one of the best scents around.

We’re giving this one four and a half out of five stars.

Buyer’s Guide

Still not sure which moisturizer to opt for?

Consider the sensitivity of your skin. Is your skin going to handle most gentle creams and cleaners or is only the most natural of products going to keep your skin from breaking out?

Although all of the products featured on our list are great for sensitive skin, some are going to work better than others. We’ve made sure to know which is which in our list above, but generally speaking, stay away from moisturizers that utilize acids, non-natural chemicals, lack essential oils, or otherwise are designed without a focus on the face or the body.

At the end of the day, you know your skin much better than anyone else. Taking the time to read up on possible options and pick out the best moisturizer for sensitive skin is going to ensure you never worry about looking in the mirror again.

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