Best Nighttime Diapers

Best Overnight Diapers Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for Newborn

There’s nothing more tiring and annoying than getting up in the middle of the night to change wet sheets. Parents, you know what I’m talking about, right? So, if this is something that you have to deal with on a daily basis, then you need the best nighttime diapers.

BUT Not all diapers are the same.

Day diapers are different from overnight diapers. And as soon as you realize this, you can prevent nighttime disruptions. This also means no more freezing and soaked sheets.

So let’s discuss the twelve best overnight diapers for toddlers and babies below. This way you’ll know what to pick the next time you’re shopping for diapers online.

Best Nighttime Diapers for Newborn


When buying diapers, you should keep in mind factors like fit and comfort. Making your baby wear an ill-fitted or uncomfortable diaper will aggravate the condition.

But these are concerns you won’t have to deal with if you pick any of the nighttime diapers shortlisted here.

1. Seventh Generation Overnight – The Best All-natural Nighttime Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

There are many things that you might love about the Seventh Generation Diapers. For one, they’re constructed with biodegradable materials. This means they will not pollute the environment after disposal.

On top of that, the diapers are made from all-natural materials, which makes them suitable for rashes, eczema, or other skin conditions. In fact, these nighttime diapers use renewable resources. So every little aspect is environment-friendly.

No toxic or synthetic components mean no chemical odor either, right? And that’s good news. But the bad news is that these diapers have a low absorption capacity. This may not necessarily lead to nighttime leaks, but it can make your baby feel uncomfortable. (Wet diapers and sleeping infants)


  • The stiff exterior of the diapers acts as a tent to prevent leaks.
  • No harsh chemicals and artificial scents.
  • No harsh chemicals and artificial scents.
  • They contain extra padding for better comfort.


  • The diapers might not be wide enough for heavier babies.
  • Poor absorption.

2. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers – The Best Absorbent Nighttime Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

The most reliable brand for diapers is none other than Pampers, right? So it comes as no surprise that they manufacture the best nighttime diapers as well.

What you will love about the Pampers Baby Dry Diapers is the 3-layered absorbent setup. This valuable triple-layer does an excellent job at preventing overnight leaks. It also helps in keeping the baby dry and comfortable.

These lightweight Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime Diapers come with a wetness indicator. You also get an ultra-soft and well-padded surface that contributes to providing comfort.

The only problem with the Pampers Baby Dry Diapers lies with the triple absorption layer. Sometimes, due to poor construction, this layer might contain small, thick chunks. And this can cause some discomfort and irritation to your toddler.


  • The absorption capacity of the diapers is exceptionally high.
  • The inner layer has hypoallergenic properties.


  • The triple-layered absorbent core is not well constructed.

3. Honest Overnight Diapers – The Most Comfortable Nighttime Diapers

Allnites Overnight Diapers

The best overnight diapers for heavy wetters provide ease of movement all night. Comfort and fit are as important as preventing nighttime leaks, right? So keeping this in mind, the Allnites Overnight Diapers might be an ideal option.

They have side panels and a flexible waist to offer a snug and comfortable fit. Also, despite being snug, the diapers don’t feel tight or even leave any red marks on the baby’s delicate skin. (How to find out if the diaper is too small?)

The soft inner of the diaper consists of two useful components. They are Aloe and Vitamin E. These elements assist in preventing allergies and rashes. In fact, they also provide skin protection.

I just want to tell you about the part that’s disappointing is the lack of ultra-soft inner coating.

When it comes to diapers, this region should have a super soft quality. And that’s because it’s responsible for providing all-night comfort.


  • Constructed with natural latex and no chlorine, hence safe to use.
  • The waist is stretchable for better movement and fit.


  • The diapers are too thin.
  • Not soft enough.

4. Huggies Overnites Diapers – Nighttime Disposable Diapers with the Best Leak Protection

Huggies Overnites Diapers

The Huggies Overnites Diapers offer a good night’s sleep not only to babies but parents too. Thanks to the great 12-hour absorbent capacity of the diapers.

The best part about the Huggies Overnight Diapers is the Leak Lock technology. This system handles all the extra fluid absorption. And that it does without causing leaks or discomfort.

On top of that, you get a secure waistband. It helps in eliminating chances of leaks without leaving any red marks on the skin. And it does so by adapting to the natural movements of your baby.

Everything about the Huggies Overnight Diapers is pretty phenomenal. Except for one tiny flaw. Due to the absence of artificial fragrance, the diapers have a strong chemical smell. 

But this doesn’t interfere with their performance, so it’s not such a big problem.


  • The soft, stretchy elastic sides have tabs with an excellent grip.
  • The thick absorbent core can hold liquids throughout the night.


  • When soaked, they give out an unpleasant chemical odor.

5. BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Cloth – The Best Nighttime Cloth Diapers

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Cloth Diaper - Stellar - One Size - Snap

The BumGenius Cloth Diaper is one of the best leak-proof overnight cloth diapers. Thanks to the excellent outer cover of the diapers. You will be glad to know that the stretchy tabs provide a customized fit. This makes the diapers suitable forall sizes.

The inserts have a microfiber material construction. This means a high absorbent capacity. Microfiber also contributes to providing superior comfort as it has an ultra-soft quality.

The only downside of the BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Cloth Diaper is the bulky material. Microfiber does offer tons of absorption. But this comes in the form of a thick structure. Apart from this, there’s nothing you need to worry about with these nighttime diapers. Especially leaks!


  • The quality and leak protection of the diapers are praiseworthy.
  • The large opening of the pouch makes the whole process more convenient.
  • The fit is incredibly adjustable.


  • The snaps are too far apart from each other.
  • The diapers are a tad too bulky.

6. Bambo Nature Maxi – The Best Overnight Diapers with a High-quality Construction

Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers

When I talk about quality, there’s nothing better than the Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals. So you don’t need to worry about rashes, allergies, or any other skin conditions.

Even though the Bambo Nature has a super soft design, it offers the greatest absorption. But it’s the all-natural/eco-friendly nature that you might appreciate the most.

The part that lets you down is the inability of the diaper to prevent minor leaks. While it does an excellent job at preventing major leaks, the diaper doesn’t hold liquids all that well.


  • They offer a snug fit with maximum stretch.
  • The useful Velcro tabs are pretty easy and convenient to use.


  • Susceptible to leaking.

7. Pampers Swaddlers – The Bonus Pick

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Diapers

The company, Pampers comes up with the best nighttime diapers. And we all know that, don’t we?

The Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Diapers are the second best option by the brand. If anything, they’re a much better and improved version. Thanks to the soft materials, excellent protection, enhanced distribution system, and wetness indicator.

These Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime Diapers come with AGM gelling material. What it does is absorb all the moisture.

The gelling material of the diaper combines with its distribution system. This delivers a higher absorption capacity. Such a combination also goes a long way in preventing uneven accumulation in the diaper.

So what’s the problem with the Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Diapers? Well, there is only one. When heavily sutured, the diaper tends to open up.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin of your baby.
  • The snug leg holes prevent leaking from the sides.


  • They are not thick enough.
  • The gel pearls on the diaper are prone to spilling.

Top 5 Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers Comfort

8. Luvs Ultra Leakguards – The Best Affordable Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

 Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers Size 3, 186 Count, ONE MONTH SUPPLY

The Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers are proof of an important fact. That you don’t need to shell out big bucks for diapers. This particular option protects your toddler from leaks. Without burning a hole in the wallet! The diapers are well-equipped with each and every feature. That makes the experience nothing but comfortable.

The first on the list is the exceptional Leakguard core. It absorbs wetness completely. Next in line is the remarkable NightLock Plus design. This consists of larger tabs and an ultra-absorbent quality. The former enables easy fastening and snug fit, doesn’t it?

You might also appreciate that these best overnight diapers for toddlers are super-soft. So the chances of your baby feeling grumpy because of the diaper are highly unlikely.

On top of that, the manufacturer offers a size range from NB to 6.

So to sum it up, you’ll be spending a lesser amount of precious time changing diapers. All thanks to the wide fastening system the company provides!

The most appealing aspect here is the presence of the leak barrier. It is equipped with leg gatherings. And both combine to prevent moisture from leaving the diaper. To make things even better, there’s an excellent leak guard. It also does a great job at sucking up all the moisture quickly.

So here’s the letdown when it comes to the Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers. They have a strong scent. And that gives rise to doubts about the hypoallergenic properties of the diapers.


  • The Luvs diapers are highly absorbent.
  • They are easy, quick to change.


  • No wetness indicators.
  • The scent is overpowering.

9. Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear – The Best Overnight Diapers for Long-hour Protection

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear (DAU) - LG - 16 ct

If you don’t wish to deal with changing diapers in the middle of the night, here’s a perfect solution. The Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear offers 12-hour protection. And that too with superior comfort!

It also ranks as one of the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters. And why not when it’s packed with an excellent absorbent core! It’s called Peach Mat. What this particular component does is ensure skin dryness. With the much-needed odor control!

You’ll also value the favorable pH neutralization. The product features a pull-on style. Along with a tear-away seam at the side! Both contribute to making the task of removing the overnight disposable underwear easier. Along the same vein, there’s a full-waist, large panel for proper fit.

What’s more; the leg cuffs in the inner region. These go a long way in protecting your toddler from all kinds of leakage. So the Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear is ideal for long-hour protection.

You can also call them pull-up or pull-on diapers. And what that indicates is easy, quick diaper changes, right?

The current option comes with breathable, comfortable sides. And a core that can contain large amounts of liquid for extended hours!

The only thing that welcomes negative feedback is the fit. Because when it doesn’t fit properly, leakage is inevitable. 


  • This overnight disposable underwear is latex-free.
  • Side seams have a tear-away design for easy changes.


  • The fit is a significant problem.

10. Earth’s Best TenderCare – The Safest Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine-Free Diapers, Fragrance Free, Size 3, Weight 16-28 lbs, 35 Count (Pack of 4)

It’s not true that all the best overnight diapers for toddlers are 100 percent safe. But this is something you can’t say about the Earth’s Best Diapers. They are completely healthful and friendly.

Zero fragrances, no latex, and excellent hypoallergenic properties. On top of that, the diapers are free of chlorine and dyes as well. So health risks get eliminated here.

As for the fit, the addition of breathable sides is a huge benefit. The stretchy grip tabs can be refastened. This way, you achieve a proper fit. While also carrying out easy diaper changes/checks!

Such panels also prevent overnight leakage. Having said that, a single diaper can last for long hours. So the Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine-Free Diapers are perfect for heavy wetters.


There’s a lot to like about this chlorine-free pick. It feels gentle against the skin. The stretchy, soft panels refasten for a secure, snug fit. Then there’s the combination of breathable sides and moisture stoppage cuff. Such a structure offers tons of protection against heavy overnight leakage.

To my surprise, the Earth’s Best Diapers’ padding is not thick or wide enough. But to be honest, that doesn’t really hinder the performance level.


  • The cuff has an excellent moisture barrier to prevent leakage.
  • Absorbency is an impressive factor.
  • They are built using renewable resources.


  • Size runs smaller.
  • Absorbent pad lacks width and thickness.

11. Pampers UnderJams – The Best Overnight Disposable Underwear for Girls

Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Girls Size S/M, 50 Count, SUPER

Toddlers wetting their bed is quite common, right? That’s why there are so many best overnight diapers for toddlers available on the current market. But not all of them offer a perfect fit. And that’s mainly because of the physical differences between the two genders. In that case, here’s an excellent choice for girls.

The Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear is equipped with remarkable Leak Protection. This kind of absorbency works exceptionally well overnight. There’s the unique NightLock technology as well. This also takes care of preventing nighttime leakage.

The underwear is designed to offer enough breathing space. A characteristic responsible for eliminating skin irritation and rashes! So the use of comfortable materials for construction is also another relevant feature.

As for your toddler, she might appreciate the low-waist style. Because that prevents the underwear from being seen when put on. So there’s nothing to be embarrassed about either.

In all, when it comes to a brand like Pampers, everything is well taken care of.


The Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear is perfect for accidental bedwetters. It keeps your kid dry overnight with the ultra-absorbent NightLock core. She doesn’t even have to worry about the fit as the underwear is plenty soft and breathable.

If what you want are pull-ups but in a bigger size, this is what you should buy. That’s because, unfortunately, the product is slightly longer.


  • The low waistband offers a discreet fit.
  • Available for both girls and boys.


  • The sides rip easily.
  • Longer than they should be.

12. Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants – The Best Overnight Disposable Underwear for Boys

Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants for Boys, 3T-4T, 44 Count (Pack of 2) (Packaging May Vary)

Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants for Boys, 3T-4T, 44 Count (Pack of 2) (Packaging May Vary)Toddlers begin potty training after turning 2-3 years old. And training pants or underwear for daytime wear are not absorbent enough. Especially as far as holding nighttime pee is concerned! With that in mind, here are the best overnight diapers for toddlers. The kind specifically crafted for boys only!

The Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants are packed with stretchy sides. This way, he can pull these on and take them off without your help. And that’s great news for parents who love their night sleep.

The best part about the diapers is that they offer extra absorbency. All-night protection is a part of the picture with this particular pick. The sides are easy to open even while standing. So quick changes are inevitable!

But here’s something your toddler might value the most. The Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants feature a fun design. Disney-Pixar characters are a favorite among kids, right? Also impressive is the ability of the color to fade when the diaper becomes wet. So there’s your wetness indicator!

Overall, the Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants deliver superior comfort. While also preventing overnight leakage!

These are pull-up style diapers shaped like cotton underwear. You can refasten them to attain a more secure and snug fit. And they feature favorite Disney graphics that lose color when wet.

The only notable drawback is the presence of the side seams. The seams feel a tad uncomfortable against the skin.


  • The Velcro sides enhance wearability.
  • Liquid holding capacity is quite high.
  • The after-wet cooling effect is a huge plus.


  • Side seams tend to cause itching.

Best Nighttime Diaper Buyer’s Guide

babies. And the thing about an overnight diaper is that it acts as a lifesaver. A good night’s sleep is what everybody needs, right? This includes kids as well as adults. So choosing the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters is necessary.

But there are a few things every parent should take into account when buying nighttime diapers. Taking care of your baby is a difficult task, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier for yourself.

Factors to Take into Account When Buying the Nighttime Diapers

Disposable or Cloth Diapers?


What’s better; disposable or cloth overnight diapers? The answer to this question is right here.

Disposable diapers are more expensive than their cloth counterparts. They are also far more convenient to use and don’t require washing. But you can end up spending as much as $2,500 on them until your baby becomes big enough to be potty-trained.

Important Features of a Diaper

Buying the overnight diapers for heavy wetters can get a tad confusing. This only happens when you don’t know what to look for. But that shouldn’t be the case after you finish reading this section.

Fasteners, stretch sides, wetness indicator, contoured fit, diapers with lotion, and diapers with a high-absorbent core. What are these? These are the most essential​ features to keep in mind when buying nighttime diapers.

Diapers built with an excellent absorbent core prevent leakage. They go a long way in keeping your baby dry in the most comfortable manner.


Price and Brand

There are many options to choose from when it comes to both day, as well as overnight diapers. But not all products are as excellent in performance as the ones discussed above. Not only are they the most popular diaper brands in the market today; they are the ones that give you the most value for your money! So the only way to decide the good ones from the bad is by opting for reliable brands. These are the ones that offer affordable diaper sets without compromising comfort.

Helpful Tips for Preventing Nighttime Diaper Leaks

The condition of nighttime diapers leaking is inevitable. You can’t avoid it and neither can the company that manufactured the overnight diaper. But there are ways to prevent such a tragedy from taking place.

  • Limited water consumption:Avoid giving your baby too much liquid to drink after 7-8pm. This goes a long way in eliminating the possibility of leaks and helps the overnight diaper do its job.
  • The diaper should fit well:The thing about diapers is that they need to be snug. But not too tight to cut off blood circulation. Such a tight fit can also cause a lot of discomfort around the hips or thighs. You can go about it by sliding a finger between your baby’s leg and the diaper. If it slides easily, then there’s no need to adjust the diaper tabs.
  • Put the diaper on before bedtime:It’s important to put on the nighttime diaper before your baby’s bedtime. You can give him or her a bath and make the switch to an overnight diaper at the time of bed itself.
  • Consider the option of sizing up: One of the most common reasons for nighttime leaks is a small diaper. When the diaper is smaller than it should be, it can’t contain most of the liquid. So at such times, it’s not only important but also necessary to size up. For instance, if your child is currently using overnight diapers size 3, it won’t hurt if you have him or her use a size 4 or 5. Similarly, overnight diapers size 5  may work well at preventing nighttime leaks for babies who usually wear a size 4.  A Larger size diapers will have better chances of preventing leaks as they have the capacity to carry more. 

Another trick you can do to get your way around leaky diapers is to use booster pads. Booster pads are diaper inserts you can use to add extra layers in your baby’s overnight nappy. These pads don’t have waterproof backing like your regular disposable diapers do, but they are super absorbent, and you can insert more than one at a time for better nighttime protection against leaks.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can even try the smallest-sized overnight adult diapers. If your kid is currently using size 7 overnight diapers for toddlers, chances are the smallest adult diapers out there would fit just fine. These diapers are intended to absorb more liquid as they are designed to solve adult incontinence problems. You can actually try to purchase one piece and see if fits comfortably on your baby.


Choosing the Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

Obviously, toddlers have different needs than babies, especially when it comes to protection against wetness. As kids get bigger, so do their bladders; which means the overnight baby diapers you have grown comfortable using in the last few months could no longer help your toddler stay dry throughout the night.

What is the Difference Between Overnight Diapers and Daytime Diapers?

With that in mind, it’s time to shop for the top-performing overnight diaper for your toddler. In case you’re still wondering about the difference between an overnight and a day diaper, day diapers are not supposed to be worn for long hours. They may also be thinner compared to nighttime diapers so your playful toddler can move around comfortably in them. Long story short, nighttime diapers have better absorption capacity compared to their daytime counterpart.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Choosing Baby Diapers

Disposable baby diapers can certainly make parenting a lot easier, especially for working moms. Besides being convenient to use, they can be very helpful in giving your baby or toddler — and you — a good night’s sleep.

Choosing baby diapers, however, can also have several disadvantages. First and foremost, most of them take several years to decompose and contain mostly non-biodegradable materials that can harm the environment in the long run. Next, long-term use of disposable diapers could potentially make toilet training difficult for you and your toddler.

The solution? As much as you can, try choosing highly absorbent eco-friendly diapers. This way, you’ll be happy to know that you are protecting your baby’s sensitive skin against wetness and diaper rash, and being friendly on the environment as well.

Huggies Overnight vs. Pampers Overnight

Final Review of Best Overnight Diapers 

#1 Editor’s Choice: Huggies Overnites Diapers

Leaks and constantly changing a wet diaper can be quite a nuisance; I’m sure every parent knows what this feels like. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby or toddler struggling to find the best overnight diapers is not easy. And you don’t need something that might end up creating more mess. This is why many parents don’t experiment with a lot of diapers.

After considering all the options, I’ve decided to go with the Huggies Overnites Diapers. Their famous Leak Lock system provides all-night, leak-proof comfort in the most efficient manner. And the Huggies Overnight Diapers do that so you can sleep better too.

On top of that, Huggies is a reliable brand, isn’t it? The Huggies Overnight Diapers have a 12-hour ultra-absorbent capacity. The stretchy back of the diaper offers a flexible fit while the diapers itself is snug enough to prevent nighttime leaks.

You will also appreciate the wide, stretchy tab that makes these diapers suitable for almost all sizes​​. With Huggies Overnight Diapers, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Absorption, fit, and comfort are all taken care of.

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