Best Shop Vac for Car Detailing

10 Best Shop Vac for Car Detailing 2022

Only a car owner knows how hard maintaining a car is. Particularly, cleaning a car is a bit of a hassle for most Americans for their busy lifestyle. Because this work requires a lot of time and attention, which is quite difficult to manage for a busy guy.

However, if you have a good quality shop vacuum, you will not be too bothered to clean your vehicle. Personally, we always recommend using a shop vacuum to do this job. But why? You will get the answer through this article.

And without spending too much time, if you want to know what the best shop vac for car detailing on the market, this article is for you. Keep patience and read this article; you may find the best one that would value your money.

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Why You Should Use the Best Shop Vac For Car Detailing

There are a bunch of benefits in using a shop vac for car detailing. Here we brief some of the best benefits for your concern.

To Manage The Wet And Dry Mess

When you want a vacuum cleaner that can you use to clean the wet and dry mess from inside and outside of the car, then you should have a wet-dry vacuum like a shop vac. Also, it can clean up a liquid spill from the car.

Shop vacuums come with two compartments of disposal procedures. The drain hose connected to the vac allows for the comfortable and clean transfer of the fluids. Also, you don’t need to lift the tank to remove the collected materials or spills.

To Get Multipurpose Uses

There are very few versatile cleaning tools available in the market like a Shop Vacuum. You can use it to clean up your car, or these can be utilized to perform different cleaning jobs, including small to large volume of dust, carpet, corner, wet spills, upholsteries, cobwebs, inflate the mattress, pool toys, and many more.

They can quickly suck up everything from nails to snow, retrieve any object from the sink or unclog the pipe. Besides some models have a reverse mode that can be used for blowing and some allow power tools to attach with an outlet for picking up sawdust.

Handy Blower

You get a handy blower in most of the wet-dry vacuum that offers you to blow loose dust or debris from the car. also, you can use the blower to dry the car after washing and clean stubborn dirt in the wheels.

Picking up the best shop vac for car cleaning among the lots of vacuum is a tough job since each one has a distinct feature and way to do the job.

Also, you may get puzzled in facing so many products, and can’t decide which one can meet your necessity. So, what’s the way to have the best one? We do the research ourselves and put together some of the best wet dry vac for car on the recent market.

Reviews of Best Car Detailing Shop Vac

Let us guide you in picking the best shop vac for car cleaning for your needs.

1. Vacmaster VBV1210 wet dry shop vac

Of all models, we reviewed the vacmaster VBV1210 is the best wet dry shop vacuum in our opinion. This device is featured as a versatile device with reliable power and larger space to manage any heavy-duty at a low price.

The best part about the vac is that it has a handheld blower function. You can quickly convert from the suction mood into the blower, with the press of one single button. So, you can clean up the hard messes and dust particles from the car with comfort. When you want to change the mood of the device, you can do it with the flick of the button.

Moreover, its five-pick hp motor is excellent to clean up quickly almost every task including draining a clogged sink, vacuuming a car’s upholstery and blowing sawdust off the workbench. Even, it doesn’t produce much noise during operation.

 It’s only 24 pounds, so lifting is comfortable that you can use it also as a household vacuum. Vacmaster VBV1210 comes with wheels for flexible moving that you can transfer it one room to another or upstairs at even the gallon is full. It offers you to clean up remote areas with the help of 12- foot cord and has efficient space within it.

Another fantastic part of this device has the extra-large drain port. It means you don’t face any hassle while eliminating the larger mass from the device. The tool is including with 11 attachments to finish your task perfectly. It has onboard storage on the casters to keep these organized; so you don’t need to hunt for any missing part.

However, you may need to buy an extra filter for cleaning dust and wheels don’t snap into the surface; these sometimes make a little bit uncomfortable.

Overall this little master will not disappoint you, and once you started to use it, then you realize how finely it has done the work. 

Highlighted feature

  • 12-gallon propylene tank makes it durable
  • Equipped powerful motor with the peak five horsepower
  • Offers 2 in 1 vacuum ( standard vacuum and detachable blower)
  • Having extra-large drain port to minimize downtime
  • Featured with comfortable handle
  • Perfect for doing multitask
  • Easy to maneuver with the lightweight design
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

2. Armor All 2.5 Gallon

Are you looking for a shop vac which is best in portability at your budget-friendly range?

Then this little armor is the one you can pick up. The size is lightweight and small enough to carry anywhere, even at full. Also handle is at the top of the device to make it portable. It comes with a reusable cloth filter and foam sleeve that you don’t require to purchase new, thus saving your money.

Though it’s incredibly lightweight generates an impressive amount of suction with the 2-hp motor; that sufficient to pick dry or liquids in the home, garage, or workshop. Even it is intended to clean up car interiors. Apart from this, if you want to blow the leave, you can do with it as you can convert the suction mood into a blower function by the press of a button. Equipped with an auto shut-off discloses limits to prevent s overflow.

An exciting feature of it to doesn’t need to assemble like another device, it’s easy. It has onboard storage to keep all the accessories nicely organized. Once again, being portable ensures quicker car cleaning and detailing. It comes with only 4-accessories, but all of them are good enough to clean your vehicle.

It’s indeed a good friend for the owner of pellet stoves and wood stoves, but not for the pet owner as it disappoints to collect pet hair.

Incidentally, this device would be a powerhouse in a compact package and successfully embraces your expectations. One more thing we believe experience and most of the users found this device better than its specs indicated.

Highlighted feature

  • Top handle for ensuring comfortable use
  • Dust capacity is 6 gallon
  • Offers blower option
  • Powerful peak two hp motor provides enough suction
  • Has 2 in 1 utility nozzle

3. Shop-Vac 5895400 4 gallon

This incredible wet-dry vac is specially made up for household chore that is wall mountable. So you can save your living space like closets, hallways, playrooms and many more. At the same time, you can also use it as a car cleaner. It’s a 4-gallon capacity slim model with 4.5 pick horsepower and an 18′ power cord to allow you to cover much space at a time.

It’s a powerful little vacuum-comes with a versatile function and enough attachments like a duel floor nozzle, two extended hoses, round brush and so many to ensure a proper cleaning hard floor and interior of your vehicle snap. Also, it’s good enough to clean up kitchen spills, washer, dryer vents or under the refrigerator and so on.

Honestly, this device is such a good purchase for multi-pet households. With the help of an extended hose, it cleans up remote areas, and the crevice tool is for cleaning the edge of the floor. Its weight is 13.6 pounds for carrying without trouble. Also, it has easy-roll casters, and side tank handles to make it portable and easy to drag anywhere without being difficult.

Asides from versatility, it has a rear blower port which you can convert your vacuum to a blower when you required. The onboard storage that you don’t search for the tool when you need one.

One weak side, you may find that it is louder than other devices, but it’s super to do the tough job.

Finally, we can say, this would be one of the best wet dry vacs for car detailing at budget-friendly.

Highlighted feature

  • Powerful suction with 4.5 peak horsepower motor
  • Having versatile accessories
  • Convertible to blower mode
  • Wet capacity 2 gallon
  • Dry size 3.2 gallon
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Filters are replaceable

4. Vacmaster  VQ607SFD, 6 Gallon

Another powerful wet-dry vacuum cleaner from the vacmaster and of course it found at a low price. Feature of this vacmaster VQ607SFD includes the capacity of 6 gallons, peak-3 hp motor with the air control system.

Though it comes with the single-engine, it has enough suction power to manage all types of dust in your vehicle, laundry, basement, workshop, and the floor of your home.

Its stainless steel tank gives a professional look which is perfect for cleaning up the garage, car, house chore, or office space. Also, this structure is weather resistant that enhances its lifespan. The device comes with a 12 ft long cord that offers you to reach remote areas, and the wire can wrap after use. You don’t need to panic about the dust to stick into the switch as the power button is dust sealed.

Else, it has a balanced top handle to ensure comfort while carrying it from one place to another, and its wheels are easy to shove around as you clean. If you have a baby child or if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors, you can go with this. The device is much quieter than other tools (even some upright vacuum). You don’t need to clean the filter regularly as it comes with a dust bag.

This wet-dry vacuum also including with the attachment and has an onboard organization that you can easily find what you need. But one small issue may bother you; the hose diameter is small that sometimes the large object may be stuck into it. Otherwise, it’s well to pick any stubborn debris, even pet hair or spider webs. 

Highlighted feature

  • Comes with excellent blower function
  • The whole weight is 14 pounds
  • Durable with stainless steel body
  • Has dust sealed switch 
  • Having on-board accessories storage
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • The handle is placed on top and balanced

5. Stanley SL18129 Wet/Dry Vacuum, 4 Gallon

There is no doubt about Stanley’s quality since it’s a reputed vacuum brand which has been for 170 years. The Stanley SL18129 wet-dry vacuum is excellent for liquid spills or any type of messy job in a car, house, or garage. 

Besides the more or less current 4- gallon capacity, it has other benefits. First of all, it kills germs and allergen particles with the help of a double filtration system. It is a very helpful feature for cleaning a car. It is compact and durable with a stainless steel tank. This model of Stanley is lightweight and is easy to maneuver from one place to the next.

The organization and storage become hassle-free as the 10′ power cord can wrap up. Also, its onboard storage system ensures a comfortable carrying and don’t need hunting for the accessories.

Just like another wet-dry vacuum, it also comes with some set of attachments to meet your different needs. These include three extension wands, flexible hose, crevice nozzle, utility nozzle, floor brush, and dust bag.

Highlighted feature

  • Having the 4-gallon capacity
  • Powerful 4-peak motor and airflow 70 CFM double filtration system
  • The filter bag is reusable
  • Prolonged lifespan with the stainless steel body
  • Comes with a 10-feet power cord.

6. Bissell garage pro-wall-mounted wet dry car vacuum

This excellent wet-dry vac is powerful that offers varieties features. Its 12 Amp is sufficient to suck up both the solid and liquid mess and any loose dirt from your vehicle.

The  4-gallon semi-translucent dirt tank with led full water tank indicator makes it unique from other vacs. It provides you to see how much you have already used and informed you when it should cleanout. This design also has a blower function to clean up a pile of leaves or dust from the workbench.

The package comes with the 7-versatile accessories for cleaning up the bare floor, carpeting, upholstery, stair, car interior, and more. Also, it saves your space since it has a wall-mounted feature and you don’t need to lug when you are using it. It allows you to reaches in and around the car with the 32-foot hose. So that it easily reaches the remote place.

Installing this device is straightforward as mounting a bracket to the wall and hanging the vac to that bracket. For proper installation, all you need to follow the guidance. Else, you can take away the vac from the wall and carry it with you if you want to use it in a different position.

Highlighted feature

  • Featured as a semi-translucent tank
  • Engineered with powerful 12 amp motor
  • Comes with the wall mounting kit
  • Including with 7-versatile accessories
  • Capacity is 4 gallon
  • Provides blower function
  • 2-stage of filtration system

7. Dewalt 6 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

What we love about this device is quieter than another wet-dry vacuum. This unit equipped with a powerful 4-peak Hp motor that makes sure you can get enough amount of suction to complete your cleaning job.

It comes with a capacity of 6-gallon and portable design and potent suction to clean car dust, even your household chore. Like most wet-dry vac, it has an excellent blower to blow up any debris from the car interior and workshop. It includes rigid accessories to do different tasks. For instance, the hose (1″ 7/8″ diameter) is really eligible and more prominent than most to handle everything like small chunks of woods.

With the help of a sturdy handle, you can easily carry the vac from one location to another. It has an ergonomic waterproof switch for ensuring your safety and smooth operation. One more thing, it’s ultra-durable rubberized casters permits a more effortless movement in tighter space. The small lightweight makes it easy to maneuver without any fall of power.

The only negative sight might be a short power cord!

In total, it’s a reliable and robust vacuum to have around the home and a suitable product for the price.

Highlighted feature

  • Most quieter wet-dry vacuum
  • Best shop vac for detailing
  • Powerful 4-peak hp and blower function
  • 10′ power cord with the cord wrap design
  • Built with ultra-durable rubberized caster
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Having lots of accessories

8. DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX

Another excellent wet-dry shop vacuum from Dewalt for anyone who wants convenient use. This wet dry vacuum provides the cordless feature with rechargeable batteries that you can carry it wherever intends to go. Also, it has corded facilities with an AC outlet when you need a continuous supply of power.

Its capacity is only 2 gallons that is perfect for a household chore and cleaning any vehicle. In our tests, it did an excellent job at cleaning light stuff like drywall dust or wood shaving but not sufficient for sweeping the floor or suck up metal items. Else, this might work well to spot or car cleanups and pick up cat hair.

Operating with this device is much quiet than most of the wet dry vacuum. The on-board hose and accessories storage makes it portable, and the lightweight makes it handy. The device included a washable HEPA filter which ensures the killing of 99.97% dust particles. It is easy to switch from blower to vacuum and easy to clean.

So, if your priority is portable, compact, and quiet; you should have this machine.

Highlighted feature

  • Introducing with portable feature
  • Powered by 18v or 20 v max battery
  • The hose is 5ft long and crush-resistant and fully- integrated
  • Offers corded or cordless feature
  • Having washable HEPA filter
  • On-board storage system
  • Comes with attachments
  • Ensure flexibility and ease of use

9. Shop-Vac 5989400 8 gallon

Okay, this is our number nine. This model from shop-vac might be ideal for a person who requires a classic format.

At first glance, it comes with a stainless steel tank that has an 8-gallon capacity. The device features 6-peak hp to works horse cleans up metal shavings and sawdust with ease.

Besides, the design allows you to instantly convert the vac to a powerful blower by attaching the hose end into the blower port on the back of the unit. The ergonomic handle is on the top for making it more comfortable to transport from one place to another.

Even, the tank doesn’t need lifting to unload contents, just take the vacuum to beyond or and remove the cap. The device has a full circulator dolly to avoid tip-overs and makes convenient tank use. With on-board storage, it offers you to keep tools organized, and you get what you need when you need it.

Highlighted feature

  • Having rear blower port
  • Convenient for car detailing
  • Comes with accessories including filter bag
  • Featuring top and side carry handle
  • 12-feet cord length
  • Has secured latch system
  • Draining of the tank is easy with removing the cap
  • Durable and backed by 3-years limited

10. WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS1400CA

Last but not least, this model has plenty of useful features to satisfy the consumer. Firstly, it has a super ergonomic handle that perfectly fits your hand and ensuring comfort. Also having the big wheel that offers ease of transportation.

Secondly, the device has an impressive 6-peak Hp motor to pick up approximately 1-gallon of water within a second. The storage capacity is 14-gallon which gives it a professional appearance. Its hose 7feet long dual flex locking hose and a range of accessories. The hose allows 180-degree flexibility at both ends. While using the hose, the locking tab holds it tightly connected to the vac.

The vacuum also ensures the storage solution for the accessories and the hose assists with keeping them within reach. Else it has secure open latches for quicker accessible and easy changes of wet dry vacuum filter.

The most important part of this device is durable with its 5-year limit warranty that other industries won’t give you. Another thing is the customer service is outstanding than other services. What’s more, comes with the attachments like a dust bag, utility nozzle, car nozzle, two extension wand, and more.

One feature may be annoying, which is; its hose can’t retract otherwise the device worthy of purchasing. Don’t think the price is overrated as most of the clients are pleased after having it!

Highlighted feature

  • Introducing 7foot duel-flex locking hose with 180-degree flexibility
  • Featuring cart design for excellent mobility
  • Has Qwik lock filter
  • Offers quietness during the use of the vac
  • Storage bag placed on the cart handle

How To Choose The top-rated Shop-Vac for Car Detailing

As we have said all the time that doesn’t pick any product randomly, be sure what you need, be specific when you go for the new one. Here some features that you should keep your mind before purchase.


One of the crucial aspects of the shop vacuum is its power. Their motor is powerful to do the heavy-duty of the domestic to industrial work. There are different types of power motor included with the vac. The minimum power is 2-peak hp, and the maximum is approximately 6-peak Hp.

As we mentioned, it’s a versatile tool; that should have extensive power to perform verities task smoothly. It has efficient power to lifting and suction capabilities; thus are very effective against the removal of both liquid and solid particle.

So, if you want a vac for both of your household chores and car detailing, you can pick a wet-dry vac that comes with the usual power. But if you are hunting a vac for your workshop, then you really need a strong motor to face the stubborn messes and larger debris. 

Mobility and ease of use

Many people think moving it may be tough as it has a large body. But we must say they are wrong.

Recently most of the shop vac in the market equipped with wheels to make sure a comfortable movement from one place to another (especially downstairs to upstairs) during working. The wheels are added flexibly to use that you don’t need to give much effort or even you don’t need to bend down.

Still, you have to check the flexibility of the device and make sure which one is comfortable and ergonomic to carry since flexibility varies from person to person. Also, know the way of using the vac and ensure it will easy to use for you.

Size and capacity

These are found in different sizes from half to 15 gallons to meet everyone’s needs. Before you grab one don’t pick a random size; understand which size is fit for your house, vehicle, workspace, and then select, it will worth you.

If you’re looking for your living space and garden, then you don’t need to purchase an industrial-based one. Also, if you want to save your area, you can go with the wall-mountable vac, or you need a portable, smaller one that is easy to store.

Another thing is if you don’t want to clean up the tank frequently, perhaps a tank with a larger capacity isn’t the best choice for you.

Hose length

Hose length is one of the mandatory features when you’re thinking of a wet-dry vac. The most extended hose is not always the best option for you. You don’t need such a long hose for your indoor. Also, a long hose doesn’t mean always have powerful suction. So pick wisely the vac that can improve your needs and comfort.

Blower function

This feature is not included with all of the shop vacuums but, most of the well functioned vac has. So, do you need a blower function? If you want to blow a pile of leaves from the garden or need to move up debris from your workspace, then an integrated blower would be an excellent choice for you.  


Different brands offer different types of accessories. So have a look at these accessories to determine their function and know will they meet your needs or not. The smart idea to get a shop vacuum which one’s accessories will worth your necessary.

Final thoughts

We aim to help you and guide in pick up the best shop vac for car detailing for your need. After reading the entire article, you may get the point, and now it’s become simple for you to choose which one is suitable for your task.

Don’t forget to share with us which one you picked from reviews in the comments section below.

Be clean, be productive!

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