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15 Best Subscription Boxes for New Parents

As a new parent, taking care of a tiny and fragile human can be daunting. Everyone wants to give you advice when you’re already overwhelmed and lacking rest. Navigating this new chapter in your life is scary but so rewarding. One way to ease all of that is to simplify the process with subscription boxes. The contents are all curated for babies and new parents.

The best subscription boxes are also a great way to save money and avoid over-buying, which is extremely difficult to do with an exciting new baby—especially your first one. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best subscription boxes for new parents. Every month, you have the chance to get something new to try with your baby.

How We Chose Our Boxes

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We considered everything a new parent may need and then looked for subscription boxes that fit those needs. We have researched the manufacturers and any reviews left by subscribers to ensure that we’re suggesting only the best for you and baby.  Some of these subscriptions will grow with your baby and their ever-changing needs.

These are the best subscription boxes to help fill the gaps that the baby shower may have left behind. We wanted this list to encompass different aspects of having a new baby. To do that, we’ve listed boxes that fall under the following categories:

  • Clothing: A favorite part of parenthood, dressing up your little ones.
  • Books: Teaching your child to fall in love with words is a great bonding activity.
  • Little Essentials: Little things that help keep things easy.
  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding can be difficult; these boxes can help.
  • Food: Convenient subscription services to feed your little ones.
  • A bonus! Hint — This one is just for Dad.

Clothing to Keep Them Cute

This is, hands down, one of the most fun parts about having a baby. Miniature fashion shows on your mini-me are always entertaining for new parents. Shopping in store for all those outfits can be exhausting, though. (Remember that lack of sleep we mentioned?)

Plus, babies grow incredibly fast. A lot of the clothes that are gifted to little ones are just the smaller sizes. Eventually, your baby will need new clothes

The resolution to this is the clothing subscription box. These boxes provide new outfits for your baby every month. They range from babies to big kids so your little one will always have something nice and new to wear. After your baby outgrows the sizes, you can update your subscription to reflect your kiddo’s current size. Subscription boxes for clothing are a great way to tackle growth spurts.


Image via Surprisly website

Surprisly was created by new parents in Southern California when they discovered their baby had Eczema. To combat this, they started dressing their baby in organic cotton, and the idea of Surprisly was born. The pieces curated by Surprisly are organic and made of cotton. They work with clothing manufacturers that create functional and cute clothing.

The subscription can be changed as your baby grows to ensure that you’re getting the right size for your child. This box is great for little ones with skin conditions. Each month, your baby gets three outfits curated for the essential parts of their day—an outing, playtime, and bedtime. The monthly boxes start as low as $63 a month.


Image via Smockbox website

Smockbox says this about their subscription service, “Curated gift boxes of ethical fashion, accessories, and toys for ages newborn – 2T.” This subscription box also grows with your baby and contains ethical clothing brands. The box contains four to eight stylish items, including toys and accessories. This is another monthly box with the subscription price starting at $64.95 a month.

The Boy Box

Image via The Boy Box website

This one is just for the boys and their #boymoms. In a department store full of tutus and dresses for the princesses, it can get frustrating to find adorable clothing for sweet little boys. This box takes the hassle out of sifting through clothing racks to find those gems to put on your prince. The Boy Box was created by a mom of three boys, so she understands the struggles to find great pieces for them.

“A stylish subscription box—curated trends made for play,” is the motto of this monthly subscription. The clothing is practical and quality-made to stand up to the rough and tumble nature of little boys. The box contains two to three pieces with the option to accessorize. Every month you can receive your box for the monthly fee, starting as low as $9.99.

Books to Grow Their Minds

Research conducted in 2017 by the Pediatric Academic Society showed that reading aloud to your babies in their infancy can boost their vocabularies and literacy in their early developmental years. An excellent way to increase the words and vocabulary that they’re exposed to is to grab a subscription box to deliver books to your baby every month. Listed below are a few of our favorite book boxes we researched.

Kid Curated Books

Image via Kid Curated Books website

Kid Curated Books is customizable to your child’s age so that they get age-appropriate books to inspire their love of reading. Every month, four books based on your child’s preferences are selected and shipped. They also offer a discount for multiple subscription boxes if you have more than one child. This box starts at $34.99 a month and features a monthly book club for the older kids.

Owl Post Books

Image via Owl Post Books website

Owl Post Books subscription box is great for new parents. Every month they send you three brand new books for you to read to your new baby. The books come packaged in a fun, interactive box which includes a toy. This box can evolve with your baby up into the pre-teen years. The age ranges are 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12. This subscription box starts at $25 each month.


Image via Bookroo website

Bookroo is a subscription box explicitly curated for the babies and toddlers. This subscription comes with three board books each month (there are also options for hardcover or chapter books). The books are each carefully wrapped to help inspire excitement about books for your littles and nurture their love of reading.  This subscription’s fee starts at $16.95 per month.

Little Essentials for Home, Parents, and Baby

Books and clothes for the little ones are always great to get, but there’s so much that goes into caring for a baby as new parents. The boxes in this section are curated monthly to provide the little things that help make your baby comfortable or nurture their development. Some of them even have a little something for mom and dad each month. Check them out below.

Ecocentric Mom

Image via Ecocentric Mom website

The Ecocentric Mom box is focused on environmentally friendly products for a mom and her baby. The box spans the stages of parenthood from early pregnancy until the baby reaches age two. The box contains items to help care for the mom during her pregnancy, bath time for baby, and even provides healthy snacks for the home. The Ecocentric Mom subscription fee starts at $33.

Honest Essentials Bundle

Image via Honest Essentials Bundle website

The Honest company has a variety of subscription services, but the Essentials Bundle is one of the most interesting ones. Each month, you get to pick five items that you want. The choices include options like cleaning products, bath time needs, and multivitamins. The company has a host of awards they’ve won for their great products and tout being cruelty-free. The Essentials Bundle starts at $35.95 each month.

Oh Baby Boxes

Image via Oh Baby Boxes website

The Oh Baby Boxes company curates boxes for the mom that is still expecting her baby bundle of joy. After birth, the box subscription transitions into items to help the new parents with post-partum life. The box contains six to eight full-size pregnancy-safe items to support the mom as she carries the baby. The site states that the items are natural, organic, and artisanal. Oh Baby Boxes starts at $35.99.

Breastfeeding Boxes

Breastfeeding is hard and takes a lot of nourishment for mom to feed her baby. Breastfeeding for new parents can be even more intimidating when you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing. The items in these subscription boxes we’re listing below can help you with your issues and provide the much-needed support to breastfeed your baby should you choose to do so.

Colson & Joe

Image via Colson & Joe website

This subscription box states on their website, “a breastfeeding subscription box for you, your baby, and your liquid gold.” Inside the box are innovative items that can help aid in increasing production as well as a host of information about the breastfeeding process. This box was founded by moms that were struggling to ensure they could continue breastfeeding their baby. This box starts at $24.99 a month.

The Boobie Box

Image via The Boobie Box website

The Boobie Box is a subscription service created by a Certified Lactation Counselor to help breastfeeding mothers. Each month, the box provides five to seven products to aid in your breastfeeding endeavors. These items are hand-chosen by a lactation professional that understands the needs of mom and baby during this crucial bonding effort to nourish the baby. This curated box starts at $24.50 a month.

The Honest Company—Baby Feeding Bundle

Image via Colson & Joe website

Again, we list The Honest Company, but this is a different subscription service that they offer. They approach feeding baby with a “What’s Best for Baby” mindset. Sometimes, breastfeeding just isn’t possible. Enter the Honest Company’s option, organic and nutritionally complete baby formula. You can choose your formula type and the number of cans you need. This service starts at $59.95.

Food to Nourish Their Little Bodies

Whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, eventually your new baby will transition to food. There are subscription services that send fresh foods for your baby every month to add a little bit of convenience to your life. Making baby food by hand is difficult and tedious, but you want to ensure you give your baby the best. These boxes help with that.

Once Upon a Farm

Image via Once Upon a Farm website

Let’s celebrity-name-drop for a second—Jennifer Garner. She’s a co-founder of this baby food pouch company that creates organically sourced baby foods. There are a large variety of flavors with cute names, such as “Gold-y Mango and the Three Coconuts,” and even a super smoothie called “Berry Berry, Quite Contrary.” In this subscription plan, you get 24 pouches each month for $60. It’s so convenient.

Little Foodie Club

Image via Little Foodie Club website

Created by food writer, Kerstin Kühn, Little Foodie Club is designed to change the way your babies consume and learn about their food. The boxes are based on baby’s age and have a variety of meal plans to help develop their food palates. The exposure to the different variations of foods provided by the service helps to accomplish this. The Little Foodie Club subscription box starts at $125.

Nurture Life

Image via Nurture Life website

Nurture Life is a weekly food subscription box that also grows with your baby. It provides cooked food for the meal plans curated by pediatric dietitians. The ages range from 4+ months old up to 14-years-old. The menus are wholesome and prepared fresh before being sent to your home. They’re also nutritionally sound to make sure babies, and kids get everything they need. Prices start at $35/week.

Bonus: This One’s for Dad

The Rad Dad Box

Image via The Rad Dad Box website

It’s so easy to forget about the daddies when it comes to new parents. Dads play a big part in a new baby’s life and supporting the mother in post-partum, too. We wanted to include The Rad Dad Box in this list of subscription boxes for new parents. This box is specially curated to help Dad and baby bond.  The items are chosen to help grow the connection and introduce him to fatherhood.

This box contains three to four items to help the new dad. It has dad-themed care items for the new father and the baby. Example items are hand balm, books for Dad to read to the new baby, snacks, and even some toys for the baby to play with. It’s the perfect “starter kit” for dads that are eager to get involved in the new parenting process. This is a monthly subscription box that starts at $38 a month.

Buyer’s Guide

At the end of the day, no one knows what’s better for your baby than you do. You made them, and you’re raising them. However, it does make it easier when you get by with a little help from your friends—and these subscription boxes. There are so many great services in addition to the ones we’ve listed here.

Look for the box that matches with your ideals, your needs, your baby’s needs, and follow your newly-developed parental instincts. Parenting is difficult, but it’s so amazingly rewarding. It’s okay to cut a few corners via convenience sometimes. We’ve done a lot of the work for you here, with this list of curated boxes. Hopefully, they’ll help you get a little bit more sleep at night.

Featured image by Creation Hill via Pexels.

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