The Best Toddler Step Stool to Boost His/Her Reach (2022 Reviews)

 Dual Height Step Stool for Kids | Toddler's Stool for Potty Training and Use in the Bathroom or Kitchen | Versatile Two-Step Design for Growing Children | Soft-Grip Steps Provide Comfort and Safety

You never thought you’d be inspecting your bed, sink, kitchen table, and other furniture. But with a kid in the house, you had to, right? And you obviously found something in excess. That’s the height of the furniture, correct? So here’s why you’re looking for the best toddler step stool.

Providing your child with those extra inches just placing a stool is a fantastic idea. Plus, it’s incredibly easy too.

Buying such a useful product for your kid offers him/her convenient, safe access to the sink. Or makes tasks such as sitting on the toilet or brushing teeth easier!

Best Toddler Step Stool 2022 Reviews


When deciding what to get, certain factors are just as prominent as your personal preferences. But having to weigh in these factors can be slightly confusing.

So what you require at such times is expert advice. And this is where I try to sound modest. With that in mind, let’s get started!

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Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool

#1 Editor’s Choice

15 inches Wood Buy on Amazon
No products found.


11 inches Plastic No products found.
Secure Home by Jessa Leona Dual Height Step Stool for Kids


10 inches Plastic Buy on Amazon
COZY GREENS Step Stool for Children


6 inches Plastic Buy on Amazon
Tenby Living Extra-Wide Extra-Tall Jumbo Step Stool


9 inches Plastic Buy on Amazon
IKEA 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children’s Stool


5.5 inches Polypropylene Buy on Amazon
KidKraft Two Step Stool


13 inches Wood Buy on Amazon
The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool


8.5 inches Plastic Buy on Amazon
OliaDesign Children’s Slip Resistant Two Levels Step Stool


7.5 inches Polypropylene Buy on Amazon
Little Colorado Natural Step Stool


10 inches Wood Buy on Amazon

#1 Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool – Editor’s ChoiceLittle Partners Growing Step Stool Adjustable Height Nursery, Kitchen...

Buy on Amazon

The Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool’s more than just a top pick. In fact, it can be listed as the best toddler step stool with rails as well. So what does that tell you? This only means that the current pick is incredibly handy and versatile.

You can use the Little Partners 3-in-1 all across the place. In the nursery, bathroom, kitchen, etc. What’s even better; the product is suitable for adults as well. Thanks to its 250-pound weight capacity. That’s the beauty of stepping stools constructed using high-quality plywood.

This Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool offers the perfect height. Even for tall cribs. That’s the kind of convenience it brings into the picture. The rails, in particular, are the only feature responsible for adding most of the comfort. They allow you to carry the stool with a single hand. So you can hold your kid in another.

But the greatest news is yet to come. This best toddler step stool’s adjustable. The adjustable platform remains in service even as your child grows in height. The center of balance is such you don’t need to worry about the stool tipping over. Despite the sleek design!

There are many unique features of the Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool. The most important one is the 3-position height adjustment. Topped with a solid and sturdy wood construction!

The grip strips or treads installed on the stool perform the primary function well enough. However, there’s a catch. The only problem with such a texture is that it attracts plenty of dust and mess. And it’s not like cleaning all that is an effortless task either.


  • Assembling the stool is an uncomplicated task.
  • It’s coated with non-toxic paint for child safety.
  • The treads have a non-slip quality.


  • Not a foldable stool.
  • The grip strip is not easy to clean.

#2 No products found. – The Best Foldable Toddler Step StoolNo products found.

No products found.

If your child wants to be a part of all your activities at home, it’s time to buy something compact. A foldable stool that doesn’t take up too much space! Much like the Jeronic 11-Inch Plastic Folding Step Stool! Because dragging or pushing heavy chairs is no longer the norm.

This best toddler step stool can be put to use just about everywhere. And not only in your bathroom! Opening and closing the thing is as easy as moving your hands.

On top of that, the stool has a sturdy plastic construction. With a highly useful pullout handle! Now, what this handle does is give you complete, immediate access.

If potty training is on your mind, then the Jeronic Folding Step Stool works for that too. Being light in weight, you or your toddler can carry it with one hand. And the fact that it’s skid-proof as well brings more safety into your home.

To close, the incredibly lightweight, portable structure adds all the height your kid needs. Plus, it folds quite easily for convenient storage.

The Jeronic 11-Inch Plastic Folding Step Stool can accommodate as much as 300 pounds. You might not be the tallest person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach higher shelves. And the same applies to your toddler. To perform daily tasks like brushing teeth, using the toilet, etc.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with design and performance. So what’s the snag here? Well, to be honest, there isn’t any. Except for a minor flaw! It’s the slightly pungent smell of the plastic used for construction. But that tends to wane with time.


  • This lightweight foldable plastic stool is quite sturdy.
  • White circles across the surface prevent slipping.
  • Even your toddler can set it up; the task is that easy.


  • The plastic smell is unpleasant.

#3 Secure Home by Jessa Leona Dual Height Step Stool for Kids – The Best Dual Step StoolDual Height Step Stool (Pack of 1, Gray)

Buy on Amazon

The great success of this Dual Height Step Stool for Kids is an outcome of many characteristics. The most important ones are the unbeatable price, durability, and sturdy construction. Many parents consider it as the best toddler step stool to use for the bathroom. But that’s not the only place where you can use it.

Apart from potty training, the stool is useful for older toddlers as well. And why wouldn’t it be when the product offers dual height. The level of versatility is highly appreciated in this case.

Reaching the toilet or bathroom counter are some of the tasks that theSecure Home by Jessa Leona stool makes possible. In fact, it’s also plenty helpful when your kid wants to be a part of cooking in your kitchen.

But what about safety? The Dual Height Stool is set up with four rubber grips. So the slippery surface of your bathroom floor doesn’t matter anymore. The steps are also well-designed with soft grips. To provide comfort and support to the feet!

Furthermore, this product has a matching pair that you can choose to buy. It’s a potty seat for complete potty training. Not many such models offer this kind of a combination.

So here’s the good news. The Secure Home by Jessa Leona Dual Height Stool is perfect for kids. It’s safe for bathroom as well as kitchen use.

The elevation of this Dual Height Step Stool for Kids is the most valued aspect. The double step is something that comes in handy to make many tasks convenient. Your child won’t need your help for carrying it around either.

But here’s something that might turn you in the opposite direction. The fact that the stool has dual height implies that it can be very useful. But that isn’t the case here because there’s not enough width.


  • The construction is sturdy, despite the lightweight.
  • The steps and bottom have heavy-duty rubber for traction.
  • It is outfitted with two side handles for easy portability.


  • The weight capacity is only 150 pounds.
  • The stool lacks width.

#4 COZY GREENS Step Stool for Children – The Best Toddler Bathroom Step Stool

Utopia Home Unisex Green Step Stool for Kids | Perfect for Potty...

Buy on Amazon

If I were in charge of coming up with a name for this stool, it would definitely have the words Anti-Slip in it. Because that’s exactly what this best toddler step stool provides.

No wonder it’s an ideal choice for bathroom floors! And to make things even better, the budget-friendly price tag is another difficult aspect to turn down.

The price may be cheap but the quality isn’t. And the proof of that is seen in the form of an outstanding anti-slip design. For both the bottom and top!

The use of smooth rubber is largely responsible for that. This way, your kid won’t get scared to climb on the stool and perform normal tasks.

Even the height boost is a huge plus point here. The size is perfect to encourage potty training.

But here’s something you would love to hear. The COZY GREENS stool is built using high-quality plastic. The ergonomic structure enables easy fitting around any toilet. And the lightweight design makes way for easy cleaning and carrying. So you have everything in here. From safety and affordability to durability and portability!

Why should any responsible parent opt for this pick? It’s because the stool features a unique GrippySafe ring. This particular anti-slip component eliminates the possibility of shifting. So stability is at its best.

The grippy bottom is nothing but great news, right? But here’s the drawback to that. You have to bend over each time you want to pick up the stool. And that can cause a little bit of inconvenience.


  • The COZY GREENS stool stays put no matter what.
  • The green-colored printed feet are fun and useful.


  • These foot imprints start to peel off quickly.
  • Sliding it over is not possible.

#5 Tenby Living Extra-Wide Extra-Tall Jumbo Step Stool – The Best Toddler Double Step StoolTenby Living 2-Pack Gray and Light Purple Extra-Wide and Extra-Tall...

Buy on Amazon

There’s nothing more important than addressing the use of the words “extra” in the title. Extra-wide and extra-tall, is that correct? When a stepping stool is extra-wide and extra-tall, your kid is in for a treat. So expect just that from this Tenby Living Jumbo creation.

The non-slip texture of the surface is another commendable trait. It eliminates the possibility of slipping. But then again, all the attention is drawn toward the extra-wide steps. So if your toddler is a wiggly one, as is the case with most of them, you’ve found your pick.

Usability extends to the kitchen just as well as the bathroom. The caps installed are not only non-slip but removable too. The latter enables easy cleaning. And the underside consists of rubber grips that are extra-large in size. On all the four corners! That’s how you know your child is safe.

So for tall cribs and wiggly toddlers, look no further than this Extra-Wide Extra-Tall Jumbo Step Stool.

Climbing up step stools is not difficult. Even when they’re narrow! What’s difficult is turning around on them. With that in mind, you’ll appreciate how wide the Tenby Living Extra-Wide stool is. Your kid will have plenty of space to climb up and turn around for handling his/her business. And that too without your help!

All the “extra” fun and convenience comes at a price. It ends up taking too much space.


  • The sturdy plastic structure offers long-term use.
  • Slipping and sliding issues are not a concern.
  • It allows you to take steps sideways as well.


  • Color options are not attractive.
  • The size is not so ideal for smaller spaces.

#6 IKEA 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children’s Stool – The Best Stool and Seat Combination3 X Ikea 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children's Stool, Green/White

Buy on Amazon

IKEA always knows how to surprise, isn’t that right? In the case of the best toddler step stool, it serves three primary functions. The IKEA 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children’s Stool makes room for three tasks. Boosting height along with existing as a seat and footstool!

The product is manufactured mainly for children. That explains why it’s so lightweight and thin in design. And why it’s built to handle only 78 pounds. That’s more than enough for your toddler’s weight.

The best part about IKEA; the brand produces only great quality equipment. In the case of this stool, they chose to use high-quality rubber.

Another factor that they chose to keep in mind is usability. The IKEA 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children’s Stool is convenient to use and keep away. Due to the presence of double finger holes found on both the sides.

You won’t be wary about traction either. The anti-skid bottom grips avoid unexpected lapses. So your kid can wash her face or brush his teeth in the most comfortable and safest manner.

The compactness of the IKEA 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children’s Stool is the most favorable. Apart from providing height boost and stability, it brings forth easy handling as well. Pushing it inside or setting it aside is not a tedious task. Quick use and convenient access are also a part and parcel of the experience.

The one noticeable drawback here is the short elevation of this stepping stool. Your toddler gets only a 5.5-inch height boost. Comparatively, the lowest by far!


  • The curved internal angle makes getting off and on easier.
  • The side holes are highly functional inclusions.
  • It is compact for slipping into cupboards.


  • Stool height seems to be too low.

#7 KidKraft Two Step Stool – The Best Wooden Toddler Step StoolKidKraft Wooden Two-Step Children's Stool with Handles - Espresso,...

Buy on Amazon

The KidKraft Two Step Stool ranks among the bestsellers for many good reasons. The only logical explanation for that would be the straightforward design. That performs the primary function perfectly well!

If your child wants to reach higher, he/she gets the opportunity to do so. This sounds more than just a height boost.

Sometimes your toddlers want to not only reach that sink but the toothbrush too. This is where the KidKraft Two Step Stool proves to be very useful. It can accommodate 250 pounds. This means the stepping stool is plenty stable and safe.

You get the freedom to choose between plastic and wood. But what I’m currently reviewing is the wood version. As it works better than plastic when it comes to providing a non-slippery surface!

Another dominant feature is the wide surface. So turning around is as much convenient and safe as climbing up and down. On top of that, it has a lacquer finish. That means cleaning is also a hassle-free undertaking.

Assembling this best toddler step stool doesn’t take much time. And the same applies to realizing how functional it is. To use anywhere in the house!

The KidKraft Two Step Stool offers the tallest height. But that’s not the only notable feature. The sturdy, long-lasting quality is another reason why you should consider purchasing this best toddler step stool.

So what’s the hindrance? The only setback is the slanted design. When up against the wall, such a stool leaves a gap. And the chances of your toddler stepping into it and slipping off are likely.


  • The KidKraft stool is compact for small spaces.
  • It is higher than most step stools.


  • Weight is slightly on the heavier side.
  • The slanted body can cause slip-ups.

#8 The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool – The Best Toddler Potty Training Step StoolPotty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder for Boys and Girls...

Buy on Amazon

Here’s the best toddler step stool with handles built for potty training. The Potty Stool Toddler Toilet Training Stool is an ideal choice for first-timers. If you’re a brand new parent, you might find potty training to be a tricky task. A single mistake and you’ll end up regretting it for a long time. So at such times, you’ve got to do it right!

Buying a potty training specific step stool helps a great deal. What you’re looking at here is a high-quality option. That ensures comfort, stability, and safety! The handles enable easy and secure climbing. Plus, they can even be used as an armrest when your child is seated, doing his/her business.

Since, at the end of the day, it’s a stepping stool, other applications are possible too. That means it works as any other footstool as well. You can place it right in front of the sink or in your kitchen. With the added advantage of rails, you cannot go wrong with this product.

You get two side pieces and one base piece. That means an easy setup. You also get handrails, one on every side. And this means zero falls. Then there’s the broad platform as well. So your toddler won’t need your help to turn around either.

But those with small bathrooms stay clear of the Potty Stool Toilet Training Step Stool.


  • Washing and assembling the stool are easy jobs.
  • The extended rails are very secure.
  • Durability is guaranteed.


  • Dual step design would have been better.
  • It occupies a lot of space.
When a Child Refuses to Use the Toilet?

#9 OliaDesign Children’s Slip Resistant – The best step stool to reach the sinkOliaDesign Children's Slip Resistant Two Levels Step Stool

Buy on Amazon

This is how your son or daughter will be able to access that sink in a safe and comfortable manner. That’s what the OliaDesign Children’s Slip Resistant Two Levels Stool is created for. Your toddler can easily reach over dressers and desks as well with this thing.

The underside region is prepared to offer an exceptional anti-slip advantage. And if you think you might have to spend too much money on this, you’ll be glad to know that you’re wrong. The OliaDesign Children’s Slip Resistant Two Levels Stool is an inexpensive pick. It falls within the budget of most consumers.

The best part about it is that you can place it anywhere you like. The stool provides a height boost for kitchen counters, faucets, and potty training.

The only takeaway I would like to mention is this. The OliaDesign stool is a lightweight yet sturdy option. That fits well in the bathroom and provides the much-needed elevation.

The design seems simple but its functionality ranks pretty high. You might value the top quality polypropylene design with synthetic rubber. As it safeguards your kid against potential slips!

The OliaDesign Slip Resistant Two Levels Stool is not a compact product. That means it’s a tad too bulky. But this doesn’t imply that the stool offers a lot of width. So in my opinion, such a combination sounds like a bad idea.


  • Handles are installed on both the sides.
  • Dual step feature offers extra height.
  • The anti-slip performance is flawless.


  • Not a space-saving stool.
  • The top surface and step width are quite narrow.

#10 Little Colorado Natural Step Stool – The Best Compact Toddler Step StoolLittle Colorado Unfinished MDF Step Stool

Buy on Amazon

Allow me to begin the review by stating two wonderful facts. About the Little Colorado Natural Step Stool of course! It has a “Made in USA” label, which only highlights the pure pinewood construction. Also, not many stepping stools accommodate toddlers and adults. But this one does. While also lasting for long!

Moving on, the Little Colorado Natural Stool is furnished with an integrated carrying handle. Such a feature attracts only high appreciation. And so does the sturdy wood structure and excellent craftsmanship. There are no hassles regarding assembly as well.

Also, allow me to state that the stool is not just sturdy for holding adults. The thing is pretty light in weight for easy carrying too. Even your kid can take it from one room to another.

But what makes Little Colorado so different from the rest? I’m sure you’ll like what I’m about to disclose. The current option is something that meets all standard safety requirements. It is not prone to tilting anywhere in the house. And that leaves a huge positive impression, doesn’t it?

The Little Colorado Natural Stool is not among the many cheap two-step models. It has a solid wood framework. The kind that matches with most cabinetry and furniture! So the chances of buying more than one stool seem to be enormous.

What’s disappointing? That Little Colorado is no good on wet flooring.


  • The stool remains in good shape for many years.
  • Because of the natural design, customization is possible.


  • The steps have a slightly narrow area.
  • Not suitable for slippery or wet surfaces.

Toddler Step Stool Buying Guide


Why take the trouble of purchasing the best toddler step stool when a box can do the same thing? I’m sure that some of you might have asked this question. The truth of the matter is that a box is not the same as a toddler step stool.

Now I’m not saying that boxes are not an excellent idea. That offer tons of flexibility and save money! But there are other imminent concerns as well. And when you neglect them, you’re inviting nothing but more trouble into yours and your kid’s life.

So there are no two ways about it. In that sense, let’s find out how to choose a toddler step stool.

How do I Decide What Height is Best?

When it comes to height, you have two factors to take into account.

  • The first one is the height of the furniture or area you want your tot to reach. This means making sure that your medicines, hair products, etc. are kept on higher shelves. Safe places to reach are the toilet bowl, sink, and kitchen counter.
  • Once you find out the standard height of the area, it’s time to determine the stepping stool height. You can choose to get the tallest stool or an adjustable stool. The latter means having to place a few extra pieces throughout the house.

What Should I Do about Stool Placement?

This is where portability comes into play. In fact, it’s top priority when buying a toddler step stool. No parent likes the idea of dragging the stool around everywhere. Let alone carrying it up and down the stairs!

Just as important is making sure that the stool doesn’t get in the way. At times when you have to reach frequently used and sensitive spots like cabinets! You should also be able to tuck away the stool as easily as when you wish to retract it for use.

Do I Need to Give Importance to Portability?

It’s not the best toddler step stool if you feel forced to drag it for every application. The best product is one that you simply just place on the spot. And then take it back.

Portability is the most important if you have stairs. Your child should be able to carry the stool on his/her own. But that doesn’t mean letting go of factors like balance and sturdiness. And that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about next.

What Kind of a Design Should I Pick?

Imagine sitting on an unstable or wobbly chair. Or standing on an unbalanced table! If you manage to get off unscathed, consider yourself lucky. But it’s a bad idea to have the same attitude when it comes to the safety of your kid.

Adults have quicker reflexes than toddlers, right? So in your case, you might be able to dodge the risk if the table or chair caves in. However, the same cannot be said about children. Their coordination or muscles are not yet fully developed. So a slight shift can cause them to fall hard on the ground.

This is why the design of the stepping stool needs to be well-balanced and sturdy.

What are the Features Responsible for Grip?

Don’t expect to win the best parent award if you have a knack for buying the first product you see. Selecting a toddler stepping stool is not a difficult task. But, at the same time, it’s not as easy as asking your kid to step on it. Hoping that he/she does not slip or fall off the thing!

The chances of such accidents taking place seem to double when you avoid taking precautions. In that context, the precaution here is to buy a stool with two crucial features. These include non-skid, non-slip feet and surface.

Babies and toddlers are not the most cautious or careful beings. So the matter of safety and protection lies in your hands. Making sure that the material of even the best toddler step stool offers non-skid, non-slip properties is what responsible parents do. Since you’re reading the article, I’m sure you would agree.

Here’s how to build one:

Step Stool Build

The Decision Is Yours to Make!

My Choice: Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool

Choosing the best toddler step stool does require you to go through such a long article. But that’s about it. Now you know what kind of a design you should be looking for. And what options are the best.

For your benefit, I have only included high-quality products. Both expensive and affordable! So there’s a suitable pick for every kind of a buyer or budget. But whatever the factor, the Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool’s an unbeatable model.

It has a pretty solid and sturdy construction. That can support 250 pounds. So it’s only logical to assume that this stool is made for toddlers and grown-ups.

The three-position height adjustment and integrated railings leave a good impression. And that’s reason enough to not opt for any other pick. If not, then you have nine other remarkable stepping stools to fall back on. Not literally, of course!

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