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Best Toilet Tank Cleaners Reviews

It’s one of the many chores that nobody, and I mean nobody, looks forward to doing.

In fact, it’s easily one of the most ignored household chore because the thought of it just makes our skin crawl.

We’re talking about cleaning the toilet tank.

When was the last time you cleaned your toilet tank?

Can you remember the last time you even cleaned your toilet tank?

If you can’t come up with an answer, have no fear. We have selected a list of five of the most effective toilet tank cleaners that will make this chore as quick and painless as possible.

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Toilet Tank Cleaners: A buying guide

Not all toilet tank cleaners are created equal. While they all share the object of cleaning a toilet tank, they perform this task in different ways.

The first thing you should consider is what part of the toilet tank needs to be cleaned the most. Some cleaners will specialize in one area of the tank, while others take a more comprehensive approach. You should know what area of the tank needs the most attention.

Second, you should ask yourself if you are willing to clean the toilet tank with a brush or with a cloth. Some areas of the tank might need to be scrubbed down with steel wool or something else that is similarly abrasive. But other parts of the tank might just need to be scrubbed with a brush.

The final thing has to do with what kind of stain or blemish on the tank you need to clean. Toilet tanks are known for developing mold, grout, and other blemishes that can affect you if you come in contact with them. This is something that you should be aware of, since cleaning a toilet tank is a pretty rare occurrence in its own right.

Read on to explore five selected toilet tank cleaners, each one being capable of different things when cleaning the tank.

Top 5 Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews

1. Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaning Stamps

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel Starter Kit, Includes...

Cleaning a toilet bowl is easily one of the most overlooked chore.

For example, how many times in the last 12 days have you scrubbed your toilet bowl?

It wouldn’t be surprising if your answer was less than once. And this does not mean you have no sense of cleanliness or anything, it just means you were probably too busy to clean the bowl.

What if you had something that could effectively clean your toilet bowl for you to where you would not need to worry about it at all for 12 days?

Enter Scrubbing bubbles’ cleaning gel. Placing a “gel stamp” on the side of your toilet bowl, just flushing will thoroughly clean every area of the bowl. This is perfect for those who are just too busy to clean their toilet bowl regularly.

Inserting one of these gel stamps will also prevent calcium and lime buildup in the toilet bowl, especially above the rim where it gets built up the most.

However, Scrubbing bubbles’ gel is a passive cleaner, meaning while you do not need to physically clean with it, you do need to replace them when they run out. You will likely replace these at a faster rate than most other cleaners.

Additionally, the gel will only clean the bowl and not the tank, making it a one-dimensional toilet cleaner.

2. Church And Dwight 35113 “kaboom” Scrub Free

Church And Dwight 35113 'kaboom' Scrub Free Toilet Cleaning System...

When most people think of cleaning the toilet, they usually think of scrubbing various areas of the bowl with a brush and a cleaner of their choice.

While this is much more effective than not paying any attention to your toilet at all, it is not as effective as you might think.

Real toilet cleaning takes place in the areas of the toilet that pump all the water. One thing that you should not forget is that calcium and lime buildup start with standing water, and there is no place that produces standing water more than the inside of a toilet tank.

Kaboom’s toilet cleaning system was designed with this in mind. Fitting on the back of your toilet tank, this system uses the running water in a toilet to its advantage, effectively killing any sign of calcium and lime before it has a chance to infect the toilet.

This is a must for anybody who wants nothing to do with cleaning their toilet and wants a passive cleaner that will do most of the work for them.

Kaboom’s system will last as long as six months before needing to be replaced. Will you remember to replace it in six months? Can you remember to replace anything in six months? Probably not, and that is something to watch for. If you decide to use this system to keep your toilet clean, you will need to remember to replace it.

Also, just because Kaboom’s system is set in place does not mean you can just leave your toilet alone. You still need to clean your toilet bowl in some aspect.

3. Flush n’ Sparkle automatic toilet bowl cleaning system by FluidMaster

Fluidmaster 8300 Flush 'n Sparkle Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaning...

If you have made the decision to clean your toilet bowl and tank regularly, you need to make two decisions.

Do you clean the toilet actively, using a substance and scrubbing down whatever you place the substance on?

Or do you clean the toilet passively by installing a system to the toilet’s piping system?

The FluidMaster system decisively answers the second question. It will not only passively clean your toilet bowl, but the tank as well. It will clean the entire toilet with each flush as it utilizes the water that travels through the piping. The FluidMaster is perfect for anybody who is too busy to actively clean the toilet regularly.

When you install the FluidMaster, calcium, lime, and rust buildup does not stand a chance. You will literally not see signs of any of them at all if this system is installed.

However, installing the FluidMaster may not be easy for some. It does require you to connect certain things to your toilet tank and if you are not familiar with your tank, installing it may be a frustrating undertaking.

4. Power toilet bowl cleaner by Lysol

Lysol Power, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 48oz

Toilet bowls and tanks can develop some serious stains if left unchecked. These stains can be very difficult to clean if you are using any given hard surface cleaner.

Another thing that can develop in toilet bowls and tanks are bacteria and other germs from all the standing water that it comes in contact with. This bacteria can cling to the surface, also requiring a lot of effort to remove.

Lysol’s cleaner is very easy to use and will eliminate most germs that live inside the stains of your toilet bowl or tank. If you have a toilet brush or something similar, using Lysol’s cleaner is as easy as spraying the desired area then scrubbing it down with a brush. The stain will be removed almost instantly.

Despite all this, a question needs to be asked: Can Lysol’s cleaner eliminate tougher stains, such as mold, grout, or lime related stains? The answer is no. Lysol’s cleaner is only really designed for “surface” stains that just affect the aesthetics of your toilet.

If you are looking for a toilet tank cleaner that eliminates bigger, nastier germs, you will need to look elsewhere.

5. ToiletWand disposable cleaning system by Clorox

Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System - ToiletWand,...

One thing that turns people off from doing any kind of toilet cleaning is the fact that they need to be closer to the toilet than they want to be.

It’s natural to not want to be near something that contains so many stains and harmful germs and other things that may make you sick.

If only you were able to keep your distance from the toilet while cleaning it. Then you’d clean all parts of it more often.

Fortunately, Clorox’s ToiletWand is perfect for anybody who wants to keep their distance when cleaning the toilet. Being a couple of feet long, you can easily clean any area of your toilet without coming in contact with the germs that you know you need to eliminate.

Even better, the ToiletWand can clean even the toughest stains, including ones that are borne from calcium, lime, and rust. These three substances are infamous for being the toughest to clean perfectly, and the ToiletWand will clean them perfectly just by scrubbing.

Because of this, the ToiletWand is one of few toilet cleaners that can clean the bowl as well as the tank.

Unfortunately, the wand heads are disposable and do not last very long. That is why six heads come with the package. If you are intending to clean your toilet tank as well as the bowl regularly, you will need to stock up on extra heads as you will likely go through them very quickly.


There are two ways to clean a toilet bowl and tank.

If you are a very busy person who hardly spends time at home, you might want to clean it passively by either attaching cleaning gel on the side of your toilet bowl or by installing a toilet cleaning system to the toilet tank.

If you are able to leave out some time to regularly clean your toilet, you can use cleaners to actively clean the bowl and tank.

There are three compounds that you never want to build up in your toilet: Calcium, lime, and rust. If you regularly clean the toilet with either of these methods, these compounds will not build up and your toilet will be every bit as sanitary as it needs to be.

No matter which of the two methods you choose, make sure you clean your toilet regularly. We have provided the tools necessary for you to do this, now you just need to make the decision.

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