The Best Ukulele For Kids And Beginners (2022 Reviews)

 Hape Kid's Wooden Toy Ukulele in Red

Music and kids does sound like an excellent combination, doesn’t it? Most parents are likely to choose a ukulele over any other musical instrument. No wonder it ranks as the top choice for children. And affordability is another major contributing factor to the popularity of this instrument. But that doesn’t answer the question, what is the best ukulele for kids?

Not all inexpensive models on the current ​kiddo market​ are reliable in terms of quality. There are many cheap, low-quality options as well. So how do you decide what to buy? The answer to that lies below.

Best Ukulele for Kids in 2022


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Important factors like design and cost are necessary to keep in mind. So that’s exactly what I’ve done here.

The comparison table includes 10 best ukuleles for kids. Time to put on your thinking caps and get to the detailed reviews section!

Ukulele Name



Item Weight


Hola! Music HM-21MG Soprano Ukulele Bundle

#1 Editor’s Choice

Rosewood 1.1 lbs Buy on Amazon
Honsing Soprano Ukulele



1.65 lbs Buy on Amazon
HANKEY Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele


Koa Wood 1.21 lbs Buy on Amazon
Kala MK-SS-GRN Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele


Rosewood 8 lbs Buy on Amazon
Hola! Music Concert Ukulele Bundle


Mahogany Less than a pound Buy on Amazon
Moukey Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack


Real Wood Less than a pound Buy on Amazon
Honsing Ukulele Soprano with Gig Bag


Sapelli 1.2 lbs Buy on Amazon
Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele


Mahogany 2 lbs Buy on Amazon
Disney MO38516 First Act Mickey Mouse


Plastic 1.5 lbs

Buy on Amazon

Mahalo Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack


Real Wood 1.2 lbs

Buy on Amazon

1. Hola! Music HM-21MG Soprano Ukulele Bundle – Editor’s Choice

Hola! Music Ukuleles for Adults, Kids & Beginners - 21' Maple Soprano...

Buy on Amazon

When talking about manufacturing the best ukulele for kids, Hola! Music is an unparalleled brand name. This highly reputable company offers ukuleles constructed with exceptional tonewood. And that’s what makes the inexpensive Hola! Music HM-21MG Soprano Ukulele Bundle an ultimate pick.

It ranks as the best ukulele for beginners as well. What your kid might appreciate unknowingly is the ideal fret spacing. Such a structure is perfect for the small hands of children. At the same time, it works remarkably well.

The body is built using maple wood. While the bridge and fingerboard have a rosewood design. Combine these two with a mahogany neck, and this is what you get. A ukulele that delivers nothing short of the greatest sound!

Surprisingly, the Hola! Music Soprano Ukulele is an excellent option for adults and older children as well. If achieving better skills is the goal, then there’s no reason to opt for any other model.

The only component responsible for such high performance here is the fret. There’s accurate fret spacing with a straight design. These are factors that both beginners and experts groove on the most.

With nylon strings and a well-positioned bridge, playing this Hola! Music Ukulele is easy and convenient. Given the price point of the instrument, you’re in for a lot more than expected.

Upon closer examination, I noticed that fret wires lack a smooth end. But the good news here is that you can fix this irregularity in only a few minutes. All you have to do is use sandpaper.


  • The Hola! Music ukulele is available in multiple colors.
  • It is amazingly lightweight, hence easy to hold/carry.
  • The tune holding capacity is quite impressive.


  • Tuning gear has a cheap look to it.
  • Ends of fret wire are not smooth.
Hola! Music – Soprano Ukulele – Red

2. Honsing Soprano Ukulele – The Best for Easy Handling

Honsing Soprano Ukulele Colorful Floral petal Painting Hawaii kids...

Buy on Amazon

The combination of affordability and fair resonance is hard to find. This is why the Honsing Soprano Ukulele I’m currently reviewing is a popular choice. The length is 21 inches, which means it’s perfect for kids between 6 and 11 years of age.

If you don’t like one color, there are two more to choose from. Gradient, blue pattern, and petal are the three fantastic options you get.

Now let’s talk about the design of this ukulele for kids. It features sides, back, and top built using real basswood. The material might not be the best on the current market. But it does enough to bring motivation and joy into the experience.

But the weight of this Honsing ukulele is the most talked about characteristic. As it adds tons of comfort in the form of easy handling! Complaints of fatigue are non-existent when using this particular model.

Also a huge benefit is the fact that you can carry the instrument around without any difficulty. So it’s a perfect ukulele for vacation and travel.

When the ukulele is so inexpensive, you start to worry about the placement of frets. But leave such worries behind in this case. The frets here are installed accurately on that fretboard. So it stands as proof that even low-priced models have a sought-after design.

The drawback I’m about to discuss is a common problem with stringed instruments. So don’t let it discourage you from buying the product. The Honsing Soprano Ukulele requires some patience when it comes to tuning. Only after playing it for a few days will the strings cease to go off tune.


  • The instrument is tough to withstand camping trips.
  • ​Its traditional Hawaiian pattern looks very attractive.
  • Quality of sound is also commendable.


  • No extra accessories included.
  • Strings take time to hold tunes.

3. HANKEY Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele – The Best for Great Tone

Ukulele, AKLOT Concert Ukelele Solid Mahogany 23 inch for Professional...

Buy on Amazon

What you’re looking at here is a model perfect for preteens. The HANKEY Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele has a remarkable bridge pickup. It’s the piezo-style. What does that mean? In simple words, it means that you can plug the ukulele into any amplifier. To experience louder sound!

Moving on, this ukulele provides additional strings, tuner, and booklet. This can only be great news for beginners. Here’s another piece of excellent news. It disguises itself in the form of a budget-friendly price tag.

The additional products are perfect for maintaining and playing the instrument. As for the design and performance of the ukulele, you’re looking at zero disappointments. The great build and decent sound quality are factors to look forward to.

The presence of four exclusive nylon strings is responsible for two primary functions. The first is to enhance sound characteristics. And the second is to balance rich tones.

The takeaway here is that the HANKEY ukulele is suitable for more than just beginners. Even intermediate and professional individuals can depend on the play reliability. And high performance!

The HANKEY Ukulele performs great acoustically. And also when you plug it in!

Even additional accessories like the bag and second Aquila string set are of an impressive quality.

Unfortunately, intonation issues are no strangers. So it’s better to know what you’re getting yourself into. This way, you’ll be prepared to file the nut and bridge in order to get better intonation.


  • The laminated wood has a beautiful appearance.
  • ​Tone and overall sound quality are great.
  • Too many useful accessories included.


  • Frets are roughly cut.
  • You might have to deal with slight intonation problems.

4. Kala MK-SS-GRN Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele – The Best Ukulele for Kids and Adults

Kala MK-SS/BLK Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele (Black) One Size

Buy on Amazon

Now here’s a model crafted for versatile use. Both children and adults can play the Kala MK-SS-GRN Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele. And to make the experience even better, the product is plenty affordable.

So there’s no need to think twice before buying. But there is a need to know more about the instrument before you add it to your cart.

The inclusion of three types of wood is what you’re dealing with here. Mahogany for the neck, rosewood for the fingerboard, and aga this for the top!

What’s more is the shark shape of the bridge and excellent geared tuners (how to tune ukulele?). So it’s surprising to know that the price tag is low.

You’ll be quite thrilled with the digital chromatic tuner. It offers proper tuning. That means keeping the instrument in tune is a task that requires no worrying.

Other add-ons include a polishing cloth, instructional DVD, and gig bag. So every aspect of the playing experience is attended to.

The Kala MK-SS-GRN Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele is created to captivate girls and boys alike. Along with kids and adults! It ranks as one of the highest-rated ukuleles available.

The features that assure longevity are geared tuners, mahogany neck, and agathis top. Apart from the presence of Aquila strings of course.

Based on my testing and results, I would like to point out a flaw, however insignificant. The Kala Soprano Ukulele does not produce an incredibly rich sound. But this is not such a big problem unless you’re an adult professional.


  • Tuning the Kala ukulele is simple.
  • ​The well-padded case is great for portability.
  • The additional digital tuner offers a huge bonus point.


  • Sound quality is not impressively rich.
How to Tune Your Ukulele?

5. Hola! Music Concert Ukulele Bundle – The Best for Quality

Concert Ukulele Bundle, Deluxe Series by Hola! Music (Model...

Buy on Amazon

If you know how to teach a child to play ukulele, you should also know all about the best ukulele for kids. In that sense, a high-quality, entry-level option is something that’ll work. So there’s your reason to appreciate the design of the Hola! Music Concert Ukulele.

This particular model by Hola! Music is an ideal choice for kids belonging to any age group. The size of the instrument is optimally small. So younger children won’t find it difficult to play, hold, and carry. Since we’re talking about portability, you’ll find some joy in also knowing that there’s a gig bag included.

The die-cast and geared tuners are excellent inclusions given the affordability. But it’s the quality of Mahogany that’s responsible for the remarkable sound.

Once the strings of the ukulele settle in, they remain in tune without causing any problems. You should consider this as nothing but a major plus point given the price range.

In the end, I would only like to state what I found to be truly amazing. When you play the Hola! Music Concert Ukulele, you’ll realize how each feature produces awesome sounds.

You can buy the Hola! Music Concert Ukulele Bundle for your kid as a present. It doesn’t matter if he/she is a beginner or pro. This model ranks as the best ukulele for beginners. So starting off with it is an easy task.

The workmanship involved here is quite admirable. And the proof of that is the perfect concert size.

What’s disappointing is the use of cheap plastic for the construction of the bridge and nut. It would be foolish of me to state that this won’t affect the sound.


  • The frets are neatly filed for finger protection.
  • ​Tone projection is surprisingly good.
  • The tuning keys are made of sturdy brass.


  • The design of the strap is a bit weird.
  • The bridge and nut have a cheap plastic quality.

6. Moukey Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack – The Best Ukulele for BeginnersMoukey Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack,21 HT Dolphin DesignBuy on Amazon

There are many features that make a huge impact when you buy a model like this. The Moukey Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack is the best ukulele for kids. And not just because of one or two reasons. So let’s find out as much as we can, shall we?

The instrument is furnished with high-quality, durable nylon equipped strings. These don’t deceive when it comes to producing clear sounds. While also offering an excellent play feel!

The body of the ukulele has an exquisite dolphin laser design. With a strong construction! The use of professional skills and high-grade materials is what delivers outstanding quality.

Details such as height, length, and width are also praiseworthy. This is where user experience comes into play.

The next feature that I would like to highlight is the peg design. There are four well-structured, solid pegs located at the back. Each one consists of a plastic material controlling part and metal knob. The latter is built using high-quality metal, which promises durability. As for performance, these pegs enable convenient tuning and rotating.

Even the accessories the package comes with deserve your credit. These include four additional Aquila strings, sharp electronic tuner, gig bag, and more. So it offers everything you might expect from the best ukulele for kids.

There’s no denying that the strings of the Moukey ukulele outperform the others on the list. They are tuned and fixed professionally during the manufacturing process. The testing procedures ensure hitching the strings in a solid manner. That means no setbacks associated with staying in tune.

When the best ukulele for kids has no instructional manual, it’s disappointing. Isn’t it?


  • The authentic wood construction delivers a richer sound.
  • Shoulder strap and digital tuner are excellent add-ons.


  • The strap has a strong chemical smell to it.
  • There are zero instructions included.

7. Honsing Ukulele Soprano with Gig Bag – For the Best Price to Performance RatioHonsing Ukulele Soprano With Gig Bag for Beginners 21' Sapelli...Buy on Amazon

This particular affordable Honsing Ukulele offers something that the other models don’t. It’s the use of a unique wood material, known as Sapelli. This should explain the budget-friendly price tag, am I right? So much affordability without ruining the instrument’s tonal capabilities!

The length is only 21 inches, which makes the ukulele suitable for younger children. If you want your toddler to learn a little bit of music, then an option like this seems like a good choice.

The traditional Soprano design is inspired by the typical Hawaiian body. The nylon strings installed in here are of high quality. The same can be said about the geared tuners.

In all, it’s a beautiful ukulele built using a unique kind of wood. The brand also offers vibrant color options. So your kid can select a model to his/her liking.

I can give you enough reasons to consider buying this Soprano Ukulele by Honsing. The ukulele ranks as one of the best for travel and camping. It’s the sturdy case that makes this possible.

The finish of the instrument is clean with multiple color options. Even the tuning capacity is quite remarkable. Expecting the strings to remain in tune is not such an unreasonable demand to make in this case.

I would also like to add that this Honsing ukulele is not such an ideal pick for resonance and depth. But that doesn’t mean the sound quality is bad. If average is what you’re aiming for, that’s exactly what you get. Nothing more or nothing else!


  • The Honsing ukulele enjoys a traditional design.
  • ​It is compact and lightweight to hold and carry.
  • The strings are strong and durable.


  • Don’t expect the gig bag to be protective.
  • Resonance and depth are missing.

8. Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele – The Best Ukulele for Early, Smaller TeensLuna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin NaturalBuy on Amazon

I have come across many ukuleles for kids under 10-12 years of age. But I can’t say the same for early teens. With that in place, the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele seems perfect. This particular model is a fantastic choice for teens of a smaller stature. Especially those that desire the familiar sound of ukulele!

Let me begin by saying that thisLuna ukulele is an incredible looking instrument. The tattoo is laser-etched and designed by a highly skilled professional.

You won’t have to look too many times to notice the matte finish and high-quality wood. These two components are mainly present on the sides and back.

But is the performance as impressive as the appearance? The answer to that question is an astounding YES.

There’s no denying the existence of awesome sounds and great action. The same applies to the invaluable Aquila nylgut strings. They perform just as well as any classical guitar. However, on a sweeter and brighter spectrum!

In short, it’s an outstanding piece for a price as affordable as this.

What I’m reviewing here is a highly versatile ukulele. The sounds that it produces are fairly loud. And the looks absolutely gorgeous!

But here’s what you might not like at all. The frets of the Luna Mahogany Series Tenor Ukulele have roughly cut edges. However, you can easily file them down to your liking.


  • The Luna ukulele is amazingly intuitive and flexible.
  • The sound it delivers is deeper and richer.


  • Staying in tune is a gradual process.
  • The fret edges are roughly cut.
Luna Tattoo Tenor Unboxing

9. Disney MO38516 First Act Mickey Mouse – The Best Ukulele for Kids Who Love Disney CharactersFirst Act MO385 Disney Mickey Mouse Mini Guitar UkuleleBuy on Amazon

If your child has a favorite Disney character, then he/she won’t thank you enough for something like this. The model at hand is the Disney MO38516 First Act Mickey Mouse Mini Guitar Ukulele. It is supplied with easy-playing features. For those who have just started to discover music. That means it’s the best ukulele for beginners.

The traditional design and shape are central to the unique sound. The four nylon equipped strings are comfortable to work with. And harmless as well! So those little fingers can press on them as much they like.

The price point might lead you to believe that this Disney ukulele offers no competition. But that’s not the real picture. Even with such affordability, this particular option provides excellent tuning gears. So your kid gets the opportunity to learn the basics of proper tuning.

Carrying the instrument around is another effortless experience altogether. The entertainment value that you gain from it exceeds the amount of dollars spent. True story!

The Disney MO38516 First Act Mickey Mouse Mini Guitar Ukulele is an ideal pick for kids and beginners. It introduces you to the skill of tightening strings. This is when you learn how string tension produces different sounds.

You might even value its level of sturdiness. Because rough handling is going to be a part of the experience as long as kids are involved.

The lack of a shoulder strap doesn’t go unnoticed. So that’s a setback you should be willing to accept in this case.


  • The Disney ukulele is portable and durable.
  • ​The graphics are the most attractive feature.
  • Even with a plastic body and strings, it’s plenty robust.


  • The sound quality is not that impressive.
  • You don’t get a shoulder strap here.

10. Mahalo Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack – The Best Overall Ukulele for KidsMahalo Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack (Amazon Exclusive)Buy on Amazon

Every way you look at it, the Mahalo Rainbow Series Ukulele offers decent performance. The instrument is properly sized for younger children. And you know that’s true when the strings have an Aquila nylgut design. This opens the door to comfortable playing. Along with producing pleasant sounds!

You won’t take long to also notice the Dolphin shape tuning heads and glossy finish. The former adds that perfect whimsical touch to the ukulele. While the latter lends an ideal classic appearance! So looks and performance are at par.

But here’s something that might completely sway you in the right direction. The Mahalo Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele includes a starter pack. And that consists of a 45-minute digital lesson. It covers playing techniques, tuning, and the like. Such a useful addition does enhance user experience, doesn’t it?

So if you want a model that scores good marks in not one but all significant aspects, you know what to buy.

I would go as far as to state that this ukulele produces well-balanced sounds. And that too with an increased projection! All due to the presence of Aquila strings. Along with the unique bridge design!

Just like most stringed instruments, this one too requires some tuning patience. Expecting the MahaloSoprano Ukulele to remain in tune initially is unrealistic. Only after a few applications will the ukulele be able to do that.


  • Playing the Mahalo ukulele is very easy.
  • Gig bag and digital lesson DVD included.


  • Manufacturing defects are quite common.
  • Getting in tune takes time.
From zero to MAHALO

Best Ukulele for Kids: Buying Guide

Buying the best products, no matter what they are, can be a difficult task. And there’s no reason why this doesn’t apply to the best ukulele for kids.

Parents know that a ukulele is extremely beneficial for their children. The instrument is super small in size and the easiest to handle. What’s more is that it offers an upbeat sound without having to spend too much money. Your kid can carry it around quite conveniently too.

But here’s the thing. When you buy a poor quality model, all these benefits get eliminated. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

What are The Different Types of Strings I Should Know About?


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The best ukulele for kids is one that doesn’t break down easily. This is where you have to take features like strings into account. At the same time, safety concerns regarding the string come into being.

There are different types of strings. Each one offers a distinctive feel, tone, and touch. It means not all strings provide the same kind of advantages.

More often than not, the best ukulele for kids is packed with an Aquila nylgut type string. Such a design is specially created to endure extreme temperatures and high humidity. They also deliver superb quality of sound with a sweet touch.

Nevertheless, it’s better to know what else is in store.

Types of Ukulele Strings:

  • Fluorocarbon: It’s known for producing bright sounds. And the quality remains unaffected by temperature changes.
  • Nylon: This string is easily made with an ability to withstand higher humidity levels.
  • ​Titanium: It offers huge sound projection, durability, and strength.
  • Wound metal: Such a string is built using copper. Plus, it tends to sound squeaky sometimes.
  • Wound nylon: This too is prone to squeaking. But it has a polymer winding body.
  • Steel: Ukuleles with steel strings are the least desirable. As they don’t rank so high in terms of sound quality.
The Difference Between Metal Ukulele Strings & Plastic Ukulele Strings : Ukulele Lessons

What is the best material used for construction?


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As far as material goes, it all depends on personal preferences. But in general, the materials include composite or plastic and wood. Each offers its own benefits and drawbacks. So in the end, the decision depends on your individual purpose.

If you want to buy a ukulele for camping trips, portability and durability are more important. With that in order, composite or plastic material works best. To make things even better, it can even tolerate unpredictable climatic conditions.

The next crucial factor regarding material is the quality of the wood. Different materials produce different vibrations. So let’s get that sorted as well.

Types of Ukulele Wood:

  • Koa: This is an indigenous wood that offers a perfect native Hawaii sound.
  • ​Mahogany: The best ukulele for kids is mostly built using this particular material.
  • Cedar: Great sound quality with more energy and sweetness.
  • Spruce: This is softwood that’s loud and bright. While also being strong and crisp! Spruce is also emotionally inspiring.
  • Redwood: For more volume and deeper tones, nothing works better than this. However, it’s not the best for higher notes.
  • Maple: If there’s any wood known for dynamic sounds and clarity, it’s this one right here.
  • Rosewood: Unlike redwood, rosewood is ideal for higher ranges. Due to its rich tones.

What about the shape of the best ukulele for kids?


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You might think this is a difficult decision to make. But in practical terms, that’s not it. Ukuleles come in multiple sizes and shapes. Despite that, finding something appropriate is easy.

The basic model is one with a classic eight figure. This is the most commonly used ukulele for kids. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider buying the modern designs. These might seem wacky and weird, but some of them do deliver great results.

However, for children, it’s the ukulele size that matters. As long as the instrument is perfect for their height and overall size, nothing else counts.

Are there any other important factors I should keep in mind?


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The answer to that question comes in two forms.

  • Ukulele Theme and Color

Kids love Disney characters, don’t they? Here’s something you might agree with. The chances of your child using an instrument with Disney characters are more likely.

The themes include Avengers, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Ninja Turtles, and lots more.

  • Ukulele Sounds and Tune

Is your kid going to be a part of a learning group? If so, then he/she will be able to differentiate between good and bad sounds pretty soon. Otherwise, the quality of sound doesn’t really matter to a child’s ears. So you can decide whether this particular factor is important or not. Depending on the circumstances!

As a rule of thumb, better sound quality comes at a price. Literally! However, the market does consist of unique models that defy this rule. To create sounds that mimic the original grooves of Hawaii.

Time to Make a Decision!

My Choice: Hola! Music HM-21MG Soprano Ukulele

The best ukulele for kids is an inexpensive product. So it’s important to take quality into consideration. Luckily, I have reviewed top 10 models in this article. And all of them rank high in terms of quality as well as performance. So you can do away with doubts in that regard.

But now is the time to think about what you’re going to buy. As the top pick, the Hola! Music HM-21MG Soprano Ukulele doesn’t let you down.

Its maple wood sides, back, and top combine with rosewood bridge and fingerboard. The geared tuners and nylon strings are also remarkable features.

This ukulele produces pitch-perfect, warm Hawaiian harmonies. So you can rest assured knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

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