The Best Stair Vacuum Cleaner in 2020

Best Vacuum for Stairs Consumer Reports

When it comes to home cleaning, there are very few places that give as much headache like the stairs. And this is simply because they are one of the most trafficked areas in the house.

Except you have an elevator, everyone has to use the staircase, whether they want to move “upstairs” or “downstairs.”

As a result, it’s common for such areas to frequently accumulate a lot of dust and dirt that has been matted down, making it extremely difficult to clean especially when using conventional vacuums.

If you really wish to do a good job cleaning your staircase, then you probably want to invest in a vacuum that is specifically designed to tackle all the embedded dirt and also tackle the tight corners and crevices.

For such a vacuum, there’s no better option than a handheld vacuum for steps and staircases.

A handheld vacuum doesn’t only attract a lot of dirt and debris; it also provides you enough space to work with, making the whole cleaning process a lot easier.

However, given the huge number of brands in the market, finding the right vacuum that will suit your needs may look like mission impossible. Hopefully, we are here to ensure you don’t go through all trouble and end up disappointed.

After doing a lot of research and examining customer ratings on scores of vacuums, we’ve come up with a list of the best vacuum for stairs in 2022 and beyond.

Without wasting any more time, let’s delve in.

Editor’s Pick: Vacuum for Stairs Consumer Reports

In A Rush? Our Top Picks Of The Best Hand Held Vacuum For Stairs

Below is a list of the best handheld vacuums for stairs currently available in the market.

Reviews Of Top 10 Best Hand Vac For Stairs

Below is the reviews of our top picked 10 vacuums for cleaning stairs. Let us know if we missed any one you think should be in our list.

01. Deik 2 In 1 Cordless Stair Vacuum

The Deik 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner is a lightweight and easy to handle cleaner. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery rated at 22.2 volt which gives you up to 25 minutes run-time. This means you can get your cleaning done without having to recharge the device.

This machine is specifically designed to clean any type of floor surface from low pile carpeting to hardwood by using a 2-in-1 removable hand vac.

Thanks to its exceptional HEPA filtration system, the vacuum has the ability to capture small dust particles and properly dispose of them through the hoses. The unit also comes with a dust cup of 0.5-liter capacity. A cord and a plug are also added to help connect the vacuum cleaner to the power source for proper charging.

The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is incredible as acknowledged by many customers in their reviews. The noise level is also something to brag about. It operates quietly which means you can use it anytime without worrying about disturbing the person close by.

Interestingly this vacuum has many similarities with the popular Dyson cordless stick, which is why many homeowners love it.

Overall, this unit is a must-have for homeowners who desire an easy way to get the proper cleaning done without having to carry heavy cords.


  • Great suction power
  • Suitable for any floor type
  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Affordable price


  • Not great for hard-pile carpet


  • Does this come with a wall mount?

Answer: Yes

  • Is this dual voltage?

Answer: No

  • Can the filters be replaced?

Answer: Yes

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02. Shark Rocket Corded Ultralight Hand Vacuum

This lightweight hand vacuum uses the best and most powerful suction technology that guarantees a quick and easy cleaning experience. It comes with an extendable hose that allows you to reach difficult tight corners which makes thorough cleaning possible.

To ensure that your furniture and upholstery are perfectly clean, it uses TruePet motorized brush that does a deep cleaning to remove messes like dust, pet hairs and any other form of dirt or debris.

With this unit, there is no need to worry about having a battery that won’t guarantee efficient cleaning as it comes with a 15-foot long power cord that makes movement less difficult.

Another important feature is the dusting brush which allows you to remove those fine dry particles on your stairs while the crevice tool is there for a less stressful cleaning.

The Shark rocket weighs only 4 pounds which is impressive considering the fact it’s a corded vacuum. It uses a washable filter and comes with a high capacity dust cup that is extremely easy to empty.


  • Excellent suction power
  • Washable filter
  • Easy to assemble
  • High capacity dust cup
  • Portable


  • It doesn’t share accessories


  • What is the weight of this vacuum?

Answer: 4 pounds

  • Does this require a battery?

Answer: No

  • What kind of filter does this use?

Answer: This vacuum uses standard washable foam filters

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 03. Shark Rocket Ultralight Corded Bagless Vacuum

The Shark rocket Ultra-light corded bagless vacuum is designed to ensure comfortable handling. It weighs only 7.5lbs which is very low and makes it very easy to carry around.

Like the Dysons, it comes with a dirt canister that opens from the bottom. This canister has a capacity of 0.472 liters, which is pretty small. In order words, you will need to occasionally empty the canister when cleaning.

This unit comes with a 30-foot long cord that allows you to move freely when cleaning. You can easily wrap the cord when you need to store the vacuum away.

Unlike the Dyson you don’t have to hold the trigger to keep working, you just simply have to press it once to put it on and turn it off.

In terms of suction power, this unit has very few rivals. In fact, the only product we can think of right now to be in the same league with it is the Dyson DC5g which is twice as expensive.

The 12 inches long crevice tool that comes with the unit is perfect for cleaning any small hard-to-reach area, while its dusting brush ensures there is no trace of dust on your surfaces. Also, the pet upholstery tool is great for removing any pet hair that gets stuck on your curtains; thanks to its wide mouth and sturdy bristles.

More so, the device is pretty easy to clean. You simply need to remove the big foam filter for washing; then replace after drying. Try and do this at least once every month.

Apart from its high price, this device has everything you need to give your stairs a thorough wipe anytime you feel it’s due for cleaning. It is a worthy investment you won’t regret making.


  • Long cord for better movement
  • Has a washable filter
  • Perfect for removing pet hairs
  • Great suction


  • It is expensive
  • Performs poorly at picking heavy debris


  • Can the filter be washed?

Answer: Yes, you can wash the filter and replace when dry

  • Does this require a battery?

Answer: No

  • Is this auto wind?

Answer: No, it isn’t

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04. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Nv356E – Best Stairs Vacuum Cleaner

It also features an attachment known as the bare floor tool which is great for tiled floors, hardwood, and carpets as well. For rugs and high pile carpets, more than one pass will be required for perfect cleaning. The turbo pet brush is ideal for getting rid of all underlying pet hairs on your floors or furniture.

The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is plausible as it sucks up every deep-seated stain or dirt on your stairs. Its suction control can be accessed by pushing an easy-to-reach button on the handle.

This makes it very easy to use when cleaning instead of having to bend down to flip a switch like you are required to do when using some other vacuum cleaners. The machine also comes with a dusting brush to make dusting shelves and high objects a breeze.

There are two crevice tools on the unit that are measured at 8-inches and 24-inches respectively. However, there are some reports about this not fitting in firmly.

The major selling point of the Shark Navigator is the fact that it uses HEPA filters! Yes, this vacuum cleaner has a built-in HEPA filter which keeps your room air fresh as you clean your floor. These filters can be waged from time to time to increase how long they work.

The swiveling steering of this unit allows for small turn radius while the cord length is great at 25-feet. This means it can be plugged to a power outlet while you conveniently clean your floor.


  • Perfect for cleaning carpet and bare floors
  • Great suction power
  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with a removable portable canister
  • Comes with HEPA filter for allergen filtration


  • Noise lever is a bit high
  • Larger debris might be difficult to suck in


  • How much does this weigh?

Answer: 13 pounds

  • Does this require batteries?

Answer: No

  • Does this work for hard floors and carpets?

Answer: Yes, it has switch mode for different surfaces

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05. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has been hailed as one of the best vacuum cleaners around and it’s not difficult to see why. It has a simple design that makes it easy to maneuver when cleaning.

Compared to its predecessor, the battery pack of this cordless vacuum is significantly smaller, but much more powerful. It takes about four hours to charge and has a run time of 7 to 40 minutes depending on the cleaning mode you are using.

The machine uses a motorized brush roll to lift dirt and debris out of carpet surfaces; its softer roller cleaning tool is able to clean hard floor surfaces and suck up the larger debris.

It makes use of the HEPA filter system and a two-tier radical cyclone filtration system to help filter and store debris and dirt efficiently. It also comes with a crevice tool to take care of the small crevices on your stairs.

Like its predecessor, the Dyson v6, the Dyson v8 uses a trigger that is conveniently placed in the handle. This trigger allows for easy control of the quick-dustbin-release feature, the HEPA filters, and the power modes.

Interestingly, this vacuum cleaner can easily be transformed into a handheld dustbuster which gives its users the chance to alternate for specific cleaning tasks.

Yet the most exciting feature of the V8 is its Max mode which offers stronger suction power for harder-to-remove debris on your stairs and any other surface. However, this might drain the vacuum battery faster.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Powerful suction
  • Comes with HEPA filters
  • Lightweight
  • Really effective in cleaning


  • Comes at an expensive price


  • How much does this weigh?

Answer: 75 pounds

  • Can I charge at 220V?

Answer: Yes, the adapter works with both 220V and 110V

  • What is the runtime?

Answer: Around 40 minutes

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06. Bissel Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum

The Bissel Cleanview Vacuum has gained great recognition over the years from customers. The device comes with an excellent suction power which is controlled by a cyclonic system capable of removing deep-seated stains on your stairs and other surface areas such as your carpet, hardwood, and bare floors.

It is equipped with washable filters which are placed inside the cleaner. Its turbo brush also complements the thorough wiping of your chairs and upholstery. The device also comes with a long hose to enable movement in all directions and enough space to clean your floors without having to leave some parts untouched.

The ON and OFF button is placed on the side of the vacuum. It’s 25 ft. long non-rewind power cord which is to be plugged into a power outlet offers you enough allowance to move up and down the stairs instead of getting stuck in one place.

Emptying the bin of this vacuum has never been easier with its smooth bottom opening mechanism which makes things easier and less messy. This ensures your dirt doesn’t spill out while pouring it away.


  • Very cheap and suitable for people on a tight budget
  • Has a quiet performance
  • Dust cup can easily be emptied without fear of spillage
  • Great suction power


  • Hose tends to detach from the vacuum cleaner when you move too far away from it
  • The hose is quite bulky and cannot fit perfectly into tight corners


  • What is the tank capacity of this vacuum?

Answer: 0 Liter

  • How long is the cord and hose?

Answer: 25-feet and 6-feet respectively

  • What is the weight of the unit?

Answer: 4 pounds

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07. Eureka NEU188A Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

No products found.

The EUREKA NUE188a vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution to all your stair cleaning problems. It is perfect for tackling deep-seated carpet stains, hardwood floors, and stairs.

It is extremely durable and versatile and comes equipped with LED headlights which will enable you to navigate open carpet and dark corner areas of your stairs. This way you don’t leave anything behind.

The pet turbo brush on the device does a wonderful job in getting rid of pet hairs. So if you have a lot of those lying about on your staircase, this unit will make the perfect cleaning weapon.

Other interesting features of this unit include a stretch hose, upholstery tool and a crevice attachment which allows for easy navigation on your stairs and other surfaces. You can access all these features by simply pushing the quick release handle on the vacuum.

The EUREKA Neu188a comes with an easy to clean dust cup with the 4Ltr. capacity which is pretty high compared to what you get with many products in the same category. This feature ensures that you don’t empty the cup frequently when cleaning. This unit is also highly portable – thanks to its 10 pound weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Comes with crevice attachment
  • Large cup capacity
  • Equipped with LED headlights for improved cleaning


  • Doesn’t have an adjustable head


  • What is the dust cup capacity of this vacuum?

Answer: 4 Liters

  • What is the device weight?

Answer: 10 pounds

  • What is the cord length?

Answer: 25-inches

No products found.

08. Shark Pet Perfect Cordless Portable Vacuum

To get rid of pet hair on your cozy furniture and stairs, you need a reliable pet hair removing hand vacuum that will get to hard-to-reach places. For this purpose, you might not find a better choice than the Shark Pet Perfect Cordless vacuum.

This device features a twister suction technology which delivers strong suction power that reaches deep into the embedded dirt in your upholstery and carpet pile. It has a crevice tool and motorized which works great for removing pet hair and dust.

Since the vacuum is cordless, you can easily carry it around without any limitation to your work. With a weight of less than 2.5 pounds and a compact design that enables easy handling, you will agree that this is one of the few best vacuums out there for effortless cleaning.

No fatigue or arm strain, the device does all the work for you. More importantly, even though the unit is lightweight, it still delivers an incredible sucking performance. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The vacuum uses a lithium-ion battery which guarantees longer runtime and lifespan. It runs actively for 25 minutes which is and requires around 4 hours to be fully charged.

The dustbin capacity is about 0.6L, which is comparable to that of a full-scale upright cleaner. In order words, using this unit will ensure you effectively complete all your minor cleaning tasks without leaving any stone unturned. No dirt or debris should be able to escape you as long as you know where they are settled.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with crevice tool
  • Comes with motorized brush
  • Easy located controls
  • Lightweight
  • Long run time
  • Highly durable


  • No HEPA filtration


  • What is the run time of this vacuum?

Ans. Around 20 minutes

  • What is the amp power of this unit?

Answer: 8 V DC Lithium

  • Do I need to buy a refill bag for this?

Answer: No you don’t. This is a bagless unit

  • Does this require a replacement filter?

Answer: No, not necessary. Just empty the detachable part

  • Does this come with a hanger?

Answer: No, it doesn’t

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09. Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum that makes it very easy to clean your stairs and furniture, then this portable handheld vacuum by Homasy is your brand. Weighing only 2.16 pounds, this machine has a cordless design and a brush nozzle attachment that makes it great for removing pet hair.

The lithium battery has a charge time of 4 hours and delivers power for up to 22 minutes when the device is in operation. The choice of lithium can be seen as a plus given its long life-span and the amount of power it delivers.

Even though this vacuum generates a very strong suction, it still operates quietly with a noise level of 73 decibels.

Apart from its brush nozzle attachment, the device also features two nozzle attachments for reaching into narrow areas and cleaning any type of liquid. In addition, a wall-mount is provided to hold the vacuum for storage and charging.

Apart from your stairs and furniture, this device can also be used on various surfaces in your kitchen. And if you have a car, you will find it even handier.

Always remember to wash the vacuum filter especially after using it to clean a spill.


  • Lightweight
  • Operates quietly
  • Highly affordable
  • Great suction
  • Washable filter
  • Great for both dry and wet cleaning


  • Not suitable for cleaning larger debris


  • Is the battery replaceable?

Answer: No, it comes with a built-in Lithium battery.

  • Does this work well for cat litter?

Answer: Yes, one of its attachments has a crevice nozzle which is great picking up cat litter.

  • Can I use this on a kitchen surface?

Answer: Yes, you definitely can

10. HoLife Handheld Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum that is lightweight yet powerful enough to take on all kinds of dirt, debris and spilled liquids, then the Handheld Vacuum by Holife will make a perfect choice.

This amazing device offers you an incredible suction power that takes care of pet hair, chip crumbs, juice spills and all the other pesky “stuffs” you hate to see on your floor or staircase.

It has a weight of only 3.3 pounds, which makes it light to carry around. This is complemented by an ergonomic design which ensures a comfortable grip so that your hands and wrists don’t get stressed as you give your stairs a good wipe.

The motor on this device is rated at 90W which delivers a solid pressure of 6000 pascals. This explains why this device is so powerful. The best part is that it still operates quietly even with all the power. Again, this makes Holife very convenient to use.

The device can run for 30 minutes providing uniform suction. This is enough time to get the job done. And in case you still want to do more cleaning, you can always recharge the vacuum.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Quiet operation
  • Great suction
  • Long lasting battery


  • Takes a while to recharge


  • Is battery replaceable?

Answer: No

  • How long does this run when fully charged?

Answer: 30 minutes

  • What kind of battery does this use?

Answer: Lithium-ion 

Your Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Vacuum For Stairs

When shopping for the vacuum cleaner, there are some important factors one has to put into consideration so as to get the very best product at the right price.

  • Size

The size of a vacuum cleaner depends on the design and motor power.

A big sized vacuum cleaner means it will be heavy and less convenient when moving to higher floors. But such a vacuum will likely be sturdy and firm which ensures durability.

The smaller vacuums might still last long and promote maneuverability as well. It all depends on the brand.

  • Type

There are mainly two types of vacuum cleaners – the bagged and the bagless option.

A bagged vacuum is generally considered to be better at trapping dirt which is extremely important for people suffering from allergies. However, you need to replace bag after some time, which might be costly in the long run.

The bagless vacuum uses a replaceable canister to store its dirt. It eradicates the need to constantly buy replacement bags.

However, you need to manually remove the dirt from the canister when it gets filled up. This is often strenuous, not to mention the fact that the dirt and dust might splatter when emptying.

  • How heavy is the machine?

The first thing you look for when you want to buy a vacuum for stairs is the weight. Remember you don’t want to tire out. You have a lot of things awaiting you, and the last thing you want is to be worn out.

So make sure you check for the weight of the vacuum you want to buy the manual. It is always clearly stated in the guide how much a vacuum cleaner weighs.

So go through the manual carefully and get all the information it is not only the weight there is a whole lot of stuff you need to check out. Do not rush when buying the vacuum make sure you understand everything in the manual.

  • Reach

This feature is hardly put into consideration when shopping for a vacuum cleaner but it is very necessary.

Reach generally depend on the kind of vacuum cleaner you opt for, either a cord or a cordless. In the case of a cordless, there is no limit to how far you can use this vacuum cleaner, while for the corded you only get to go about 20-50 feet for big vacuum cleaners and about 16-25 feet for smaller ones.

Whether you go for a corded or cordless option, make sure it’s something that can reach both ends of a staircase from either side.

  • Suction power

Suction power is important when purchasing vacuum cleaners because a vacuum cleaner with poor suction power cannot do a good job. So before putting out your money for any brand, make sure you check the suction on the unit.

  • Attachments

The kind of attachment a vacuum is equipped with is another important factor you want to put into consideration because it’s vital to the overall efficiency of the device.

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner it is advisable to look for the ones that come with attachments like crevice tool for cleaning extremely tight corners and a duster for dusting shelves and tables.

It will also be nice to have an upholstery tool for wiping furniture without causing any form of damage and a turbo brush that offers deep cleaning on stairs carpet surfaces.

  • Ease of Use

An ideal vacuum cleaner should be easy to operate and should come with easy touch buttons to carry out various operations. Also, cleaning the vacuum bin shouldn’t be too messy or strenuous.

  • Warranty

Getting a vacuum cleaner that offers a great warranty is important because it gives you to right to explore the products, ask for repair or replacement of any part within the period of warranty.

Most cordless vacuum cleaners come with a warranty of 1 to 2 years, while the corded vacuum cleaners have the warranty of 5 to 6 years depending on the manufacturer.

How To Vacuum Stairs Correctly?

When vacuuming your stairs, it is important to remove any large piece of wood, paper or debris that is on your stairs to prevent them from clogging the device. The next thing to do is to disconnect the attachment from the nozzle.

This is simply because using the smaller nozzle is more effective in cleaning those edges and corners that may be covered with dusts.

After cleaning the edges, you can now return the attachment back to the nozzle. This will allow you to cover the horizontal part of the steps when vacuuming. You should then turn the nozzle upside down so you can vacuum the vertical parts of the steps.

When in operation, it is advised to move the device in back and forth motion to ensure faster and much more effective cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some the questions frequently asked by users.

  • How Often Should I Tune Up My Vacuum Cleaner?

Like most equipment, the vacuum cleaner needs a frequent tune up and maintenance to help keep it at a top performance level. It is advisable to take your vacuum cleaner for tuning up once in every two years.

  • How Often Should I Have My Bag Changed?

This depends mainly on what you are vacuuming and how much cleaning you do. Your bag does not necessarily need to be full before changing it. A fresh bag will help extend the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner. However, you are advised to change your bag once a month.

  • What Is HEPA?

HEPA is an acronym for high-efficiency particulate air. It was developed by the US military during the Second World War to help remove radioactive dust. The HEPA filter guarantees proper removal of particulates greater than 0.3 microns.

  • Will A Higher Amp Vacuum Clean Better?

Having higher amps does not necessarily guarantee better cleaning because amps are the measurement of the amount of electricity your unit consumes. Cleaning ability of your vacuum is determined by the air flow. Better airflow equals better Cleaning.

  • What Type Of Vacuum Cleaner Is Ideal For Stairs?

A cordless handheld vacuum is the ideal choice for you, but most recently designed vacuum cleaners are equipped with extension hoses that extend to a few meters for easy stair cleaning.

  • How Often Should I Change My Filter?

The recommended period for changing filter is usually after 6 months. Sometimes, this might be lesser or more. It all depends on the product manufacturer.

  • How Often Should I Change My Vacuum Bag?

The vacuum bag should be changed after 6 months

  • How Much Does A Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

This is generally dependent on the manufacturer or quality of vacuum cleaner you wish to purchase.

  • Where Can I Buy These Vacuums?

You can find each one of these products online or you can visit a store around. However, the latter is usually more convenient and less costly.

  • When Should I Wash My Vacuum Filters?

Washable filters should be maintained once in a month.

  • How Often Does A HEPA Filter Require Changing?

Majority of HEPA filters are able to last about 3 years and will need replacement after this time to ensure maximum filtration. However, checking the filter once a year can be quite beneficial to your vacuum cleaner.

If you perceive a misty odor when your unit is operating, then there might be something wrong with the HEPA filter.

  • How Do I Maintain A Washable Vacuum Cleaner?

Lukewarm water can be used while washing your filter and then rinse thoroughly. The filter should be dried in natural air for 24-48 hours depending on the regional temperature.

To avoid damage to your vacuum cleaner, the filter should be totally dry before placing it back into the unit.

  • How Different Is The Turbo Brush From A Power Brush?

A turbo brush works with air while a power brush works with electricity. Tools that work with air tends to be weak and not very effective on thick carpets.

Wrap Up

A clean staircase is always a pleasure to walk on; therefore having the best vacuum cleaner for the job is something you cannot play with.

Although all the products on the list will serve you well, we believe the Dyson V8 and the Holife Handheld vacuum offer the best value in terms of portability, suction power, and warranty. Despite their price, we can’t help but fall in love with them.

Hopefully, this review has made it easier for you to pick a product that you would love too.

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