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Seeking a more efficient vacuum to clean your tile floors? Bored with sweeping your tiles and finding that the grout lines are still dusty? Attempted wet mopping and discovered that it just leaves wet dirt spots on your floor?

Well, probably you should start to consider having the best vacuum for tile floors that will do the work correctly.

There are loads of tile floor vacuum cleaners available out there, and it can be difficult to select the right one.

In this written piece, we take a look at some options to help you choose the best tile floor vacuum cleaner.

Also, we will take a sneak peek into the important features you should consider before you purchase one.

Reviews Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floor In 2022

Keep wondering what is the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors? Hopefully, our top picks of them will help you with a winning purchase. Scroll below and help yourself!

Here we recommend the Top rated vacuum for tile floors and you can choose which suits best with your need

#1. BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A – Best Tile Floor Vacuum

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...

Bissell is the top brand in vacuums for carpets, and they decided to take over another territory in the floor care puzzle: the bare floors. It has a unique shape that helps to really capture all of the dirt and debris on your flooring. This vacuum is also lightweight and easy to maneuver around where you need it to and designed specifically for hardwood floors and other bare floor surfaces.

It’s also known as the best tile floor cleaning machine and you can easily rely on this. Do you have pets and find that their hair is difficult to pick up? This vacuum is also specifically made for pet hair, offering unbeatable suction. Here are some of the special features of this product:

Special Features
  • Superb suction technology
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable
  • Unique Shape
  • Bagless
  • Designed Specifically for Hard Floors
  • 20 ft. Power Cord

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#2. Hoover Corded Stick Vacuum SH20030 – Best Stick Vacuum For Tile Floors

Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum has always been among the elite of floor care products. It’s considered one of the best tile floor cleaner among lots of other vacuums. They have been revolutionizing the industry since entering it, and since then has been building a reputation that customers keep returning back to. Their product are always made with high quality and at an affordable price so people of all budgets can enjoy them.

With this product, they have given customers a great option for their tile floor surfaces. What is even better is that this product is versatile and can also be used on carpets. This makes it the perfect option for homes will all types of flooring surfaces. These are some of the additinoal benefits that come with using this product:

  • Special Features
  • Powered Brushroll and Cyclonic Technology
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Extreme Recline Handle
  • Bagless
  • Wider Cleaning Mouth

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#3. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum – Best Tile Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow, Pet,...

Eureka is a common brand that consumer knows about. Their products have always had a following of loyal customers for a reason. They offer quality products at an affordable price, allowing people to be able to utilize the technologies of floor care without going broke. One of their iconic vacuums has always been their Mighty Mite series of canister vacuum cleaners. Each year, they come closer to perfection by taking off flaws in their most known vacuum model and building upon its successes.

This vacuum is a versatile choice for the entire home, regardless of the flooring type, and is also good for items like sofas, curtains or even the car. Here are some benefits of using this product:

Special Features
  • Blower PortSafe for All Types of Flooring
  • Extension Wands
  • Lightweight
  • Many Attachments to Choose from
  • 20 ft. Power Cord
  • Triple Filtration Bagged System

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#4. Bissell 1132A Symphony All-In-One Vacuum And Steam Mop

Bissell Symphony Vacuum for Hardwood and Tile Floors, 4 Pads Included,...

To clean tile floors, you need a variety of floor cleaning machines to get the dirt and debris off and get a sparkling clean surface.

Herein, the Bissel Symphony Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum is definitely among the best tile floor cleaner machines as it can do wonders on your hardwood and tile floors, resulting in a cleaner home.

Cut down on your cleaning time by vacuuming and steaming at the same time thanks to this powerful cyclonic action vacuum. The steam gets rid of 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria on your tiled floors.

With this device, you can have clean and sanitized tiled floors without the need for mops, buckets or harsh chemicals. All you need is water to steam your floors properly and eliminate the dirt.

Easy Touch Digital Controls on this machine are helpful as they allow you a transition between different functions while cleaning.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to steam and vacuum at the same time or separately to suit the best cleaning action to the right scenario. A Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray and adjustable handle make it easy to store. This is also the best sweeper for tile floors.

Special Features
  • Can vacuum and steam at the same time.
  • Easy Touch Digital Controls allow you to switch effortlessly from one function to another.
  • Microfiber mop pads (2 soft and 2 for scrubbing) which are washable and replaceable.
  • This corded vacuum cleaner’s power cord has a length of 25 feet.
  • You can wash the micro pads instead of having to replace them.
  • Integrates an adjustable handle.
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble.
  • Vacuums and steams at the same time.
  • Disposal tank is easy to clean.
  • As you vacuum, you have to press down the button on the machine’s handle and the steam level so that it can steam. This isn’t a big problem, but after a while, your hand will get tired of gripping, especially if you have arthritis.

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#5. Prolux Ion Battery Powered-Bagless Cordless Stick Vac

Prolux Ion Battery Powered Bagless Cordless Stick Vac w/ 2 Extra...

There are not a lot of battery-powered vacuums which are available in the market. The Prolux Ion Battery Powered-Bagless Cordless Stick Vac is one of the better ones available and is highly recommended by those who have reviewed it (5-star rating!). This is also one of the best cordless vacuum for tile floors and this is a super lightweight unit with a powerful motor to ensure maximum suction at all times.

The dual function feature allows you to remove the handheld vacuum so you can get into crevices and tight spots unencumbered (It also comes with numerous attachments). As a result, it works great on ceramic and linoleum tile floors! In fact, it’s the best floor sweeper for tile. The unit automatically detects the floor type and immediately adapts, which makes it the best cordless stick vacuum (considering reviewing the Best Electric Brooms for 2019). The sleek and articulated design allows for maximum movement and access to furniture and obstacles. The flush front design also reaches right up to the edge of the wall.

Special Features
  • Cordless, allowing freedom to access all parts of your home
  • Dual mode (floor model and detachable hand-held unit)
  • Powerful and normally last long 24V NI-MH 1500mah battery
  • Simple charging unit
  • Quick recharge
  • Micron filter for cleaning existing air
  • Battery offers serious power for extended periods of time
  • Easy to clean, simple to maintain
  • The detachable hand-vacuum makes it a 2 in one solution
  • No scratching cleaning surface
  • Bottom level light allows you to see what you are vacuuming
  • No bags!
  • Does not pick up larger, heavier items (like dog food)
  • Not so great on low trim carpet
  • Small holding receptacle, but it is easy to empty and clean.

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#6. Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium-Ion 2-1 Stick And Handheld Vacuum Model EL1010A (Blue)

Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Cordless Bagless 2-in-1 Stick...

Get serious about vacuuming with the best tile floor cleaner machine. With the Electrolux Ergorapido Stick and handheld vacuum, you can finally say goodbye to your dirt problems.

It powers 4 times quicker than regular battery-powered tile vacuums to ensure you are always prepared for fast cleanups.

This cordless and bagless machine uses cyclonic suction technology to give superior cleaning performance and pickup of dirt particles.

The included crevice tool and dust brush are convenient to store in the charging stand for cleaning the hard-to-reach places.

Motorized Power Brush and 180-degree Easy Steer Maneuverability give you effortless navigation on bare floors.

Being cordless, it provides you the liberty to vacuum anywhere. The filter is washable and reusable, meaning you do not have to replace it frequently.

Special Features
  • Lithium-ion battery charges four times faster than ordinary battery-powered vacuums to help you power up and clean quicker.
  • This bagless and cordless vacuum brings in great maneuverability due to the 180-degree swivel head. Its cyclonic system maintains the suction power throughout the whole cleaning process.
  • Versatile tools: 180-degree swivel head, crevice tool, and dusting brush help you clean the hard-to-reach places.
  • Comes with a One touch release dust cup and a washable filter.
  • Includes a charging stand.
  • Excellent choice for quick, everyday jobs.
  • Good suction for a battery-powered vacuum.
  • Lightweight, and holds the charge for long.
  • Covers edge very well and pick up dirt.
  • This machine is not an all-purpose vacuum cleaner. Also, you have to be careful to keep the lithium-ion battery away from water.

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#7. Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum IF251

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Ultra-Light Cordless Vacuum, IF251, Blue...

The Shark ION vacuum gives you floor cleaning versatility with its cordless convenience. Have a hassle-free run-time with its 2X ION power pack lithium ion battery, letting you vacuum while the second battery is being charged.

Its DuoClean technology includes some bristle brush and soft roller made to remove dust and other dirt particles on carpets and hard floors.

MultiFLEX Technology folds easily for compact storage and gives you flexible reach to clean under the couches, beds, and tables.

Smart Response Technology gives you a variety of performance-boosting power settings, designed to match your vacuuming needs on carpets or floors.

You can easily convert this machine into a hand-held vacuum for better, lightweight cleaning in the hard-to-reach places like corners and shelves.

Accessories include Duster Crevice Tool, Wide Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Anti-Allergen dust brush, double battery, one charger, one cradle and pet multi-tool.

Special Features
  • ION power pack includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Plus, it has LED Headlights and washable foam filters.
  • MultiFLEX Technology gives you flexible reach to under the furniture as well as compact storage.
  • DuoClean Technology includes a bristle brush to properly clean carpets and an extra soft brush roll to suck in larger dirt particles and give your floor a polished look.
  • You can convert it into a hand-held vacuum for top-floor cleaning, vehicle cleaning, and so on.
  • Comes with more than one battery.
  • Battery life is 20-30 minutes.
  • DuoClean Technology works great on tile flooring.
  • Cordless vacuuming for unlimited reach.
  • Crevice tool helps remove dirt from your couch.
  • Unfortunately, it is somehow difficult to release the base head. In addition to that, the vacuum feels heavy in your hand, making your hand and wrist feel tired by the time the job is completed.

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#8. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson (214730-01) V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow

If you are searching for the best tile vacuum cleaner, you should consider the Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum cleaner.

It has 150% added brush bar power compared to the Dyson V6 cordless Vacuum. More to include, there are 2 cleaner heads, and there is HEPA filtration.

Have a hassle-free cleaning experience with this cord-free device. It gives you a powerful suction of up to 40 minutes. The battery charge is dedicated only for cleaning.

Its instant-release trigger means that the battery charge is only used while the machine is in use. Doesn’t drain the charge if the vacuum isn’t running.

HEPA filtration captures allergens and brings in cleaner air. All the Dyson cord-free vacuums easily convert to hand-held form for fast clean-ups, spot cleaning and reaching difficult areas.

In addition to that, it has a hygienic dirt ejector. The device can eject dirt from its bin in a single action. 15 cyclones, aligned across 2 tiers, operate in parallel to enhance the airflow and pick up fine dust.

Special Features
  • Cordless, hassle-free and provides powerful suction and features hygienic bin-emptying.
  • Lightweight and versatile for quick and easy home cleaning. Plus, 150% added brush bar power compared to the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.
  • HEPA filtration in the entire machine captures allergens and releases cleaner air. It has a washable lifetime filter.
  • Powered by Dyson V8 digital motor and is designed to pick up deep dirt and fine dust particles from carpets and hard floors.
  • Cordless machine that can hold power for a long time.
  • Equipped with HEPA filtration.
  • Features one of the best dirt disposal mechanisms.
  • Lightweight and versatile design.
  • On the downside, this vacuum is very expensive. Some customers have also been displeased by the poor phone customer service from the company.

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#9. BISSEL PowerFresh Steam Mop, 1940 (Blue)

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural Sanitization, Floor...

Give your tile flooring a sparkling and sanitized cleaning with the best tile floor vacuum cleaner. The Bissel PowerFresh Steam Mop is armed with a convenient, flip-down Easy Scrubber, to help you clean tough stains thoroughly.

It comes with optional scent discs to give you spring breeze freshness. The device boasts to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria on your tiles if used properly.

SmartSet digital allows you to control the steam levels; you can easily switch from low, medium to high settings.

The rectangular head together with the low profile of the vacuum makes it suitable for vacuuming around baseboards and corners hassle-free.

It has a built-in heater, heater ready light, and microfiber pads. You can power through tough spots and thoroughly clean crevices with the easy to operate scrubber.

If you enjoy a great-smelling clean, then you should utilize the fragrance discs that come with the machine.

Special Features
  • Flip-down easy scrubber lets you clean tough stains, grout and sticky, dried on spots. The vacuum kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Works two times faster than the leading steam mops, as a result of the Easy Scrubber.
  • Smart set digital variable steam control allows the user to customize the steam settings (low, medium, high).
  • Spring breeze scent discs give you a fragrant smelling clean. And, it has washable and reusable Microfiber Mop Pads.
  • Lightweight design, convenient for vacuuming.
  • 23ft cord length enhances the maneuverability.
  • Low profile vacuum.
  • Comes at a fair price.
  • A significant downside might be the fact that it has no suction. Also, it has no water filter.

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# 10. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum SH20030

Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...

The Hoover SH20030 Stick Vacuum is lightweight and uses wind tunnel technology to remove embedded dirt and minimizes blowback and scatter on surfaces.

It features a power brush roll, base release dirt cup, extreme recline handle, wide cleaner mouth, and some edge cleaning bristles.

This bagless stick vacuum has a powered brush roll that uses Cyclonic technology to transition from hard floors to rugs and carpeting mode without any difficulty.

Hoover’s low profile base design allows the unit to be stored under your sofa, bed, counter edges, or under any furniture or cozy space in your home.

The extreme recline handle helps you get under furniture effortlessly. Non-marring wheels do not scratch your floors, and the Swivel Steering allows you to move around furniture efficiently.

Edge cleaning bristles help you remove dirt against the edges. Moreover, the low profile base greatly fits under tables, couches, beds, counter edges, etc. with ease.

Special Features
  • Cyclonic technology enables the device to clean ground-in dirt while reducing wear and tear on carpets and hard floors.
  • Extreme Recline Handle and Swivel Steering enable you to maneuver and reach far under furniture without any difficulty.
  • Low profile base can fit under furniture and counter edges very well. Its edge Cleaning Bristles help you remove dirt against edges.
  • Non-Marring Wheels do not scratch floors. Plus, its 20-foot power cord has cord release to keep it under control.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Swivel steering provides easy maneuverability under furniture.
  • Comes at a great price.
  • It does not work properly on a really unclean surface. So, you may need a heavy duty machine with more suction.
  • The dirtbag is a bit small, and there are no attachments such as the crevice tool that can clean above-floor areas.

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Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Tile Floors Vacuum

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a vacuum and a lot of tile vacuum cleaners qualify for the job.

Before you purchase one, here are some of the important factors you should consider:

The Type of Tile Vacuum Cleaner

There are numerous choices when it arrives at choosing a tile floor vacuum cleaner. Some basic types of vacuum cleaners for tiled floors are:

Upright Vacuum: A lightweight upright vacuum (also known as “Electric Broom”) can clean your tiles very well as long as the bottom plate is made from plastic.

Canister Vacuum: This type of vacuum has great maneuverability and versatility. The suction is very powerful and helps to remove the dust from grout lines.

Steam Mops: These are used to clean up after the vacuum. It is advisable to have a vacuum and a steam mop for tiles. This is due to the fact that steam mops do not optimize on cleaning.

Cordless Hand-held Vacuums: Consider purchasing one if the dimensions of your house make it a practical vacuum. These are excellent if they possess sufficient suction power and battery capacity to finish the work.

Cordless Handheld vacuums give you more flexibility, but unfortunately, they have a high potential for running out of power.

Robot Vacuums: Some robot vacuum cleaners (such as iRobot Roomba) have a dirt sensor that senses where the dirt is and which areas to focus on more.

Remote-controlled robot vacuums are the best. Also, some of them let you schedule when they should clean and for how much time.

The auto dock and recharge feature in robot vacuums makes work easier as you do not have to monitor it constantly.

Concentrate on the maneuverability and search for an upright or canister vacuum cleaner that has soft attachments.

You do not want something that will scratch your floor, so you should probably avoid a vacuum with a stainless steel base attachment.

Go for one that comes with a softer plastic bottom that will not scratch your tiles.

The Kind of Tiles You Have in Your House

There are 2 common types of tiles found in most homes: the glazed ceramic tiles and the quarried natural stone tiles. Ceramic floor tiles are easier to clean than the quarried ones.

Natural stone tiles have been the best quality of tile floors for a long time, but with development in manufacturing standards, the ceramic tiles greatly mimic the structure and texture of the natural stone.

If you own natural stone tiles, it is better to consider buying a more expensive tile vacuum cleaner to clean the tiles properly.

Suction Power

When vacuuming tiles, the suction power is a key element. With carpets, the brush roll (a rotating bar with small bristles, that shoots up the dirt into the vacuum cleaner) is used to remove the dirt.

A lot of tile vacuum cleaners do not have a brush roll, some do have it, but you should ensure the vacuuming base is made of plastic and not metal.

Some vacuums come with a headpiece to make it work better in cleaning tiled floors.

Tiles with deep grout lines are harder to clean. The deep grooves are great hiding places for dirt. As a result, powerful suction power is needed to get the dirt out of the grout on the flooring.

Corded or Cordless

If you choose a cordless vacuum cleaner, get one that has long-lasting battery life. Even if the vacuuming area is small, ensure that you have sufficient power.

One with at least 18 volts is great. The higher the voltage, the more suction power you have to suck up the dirt.

On the other side, if you choose a corded vacuum cleaner, make sure that the cord is long enough for better maneuverability from one room to another without the need to re-position power outlets constantly.

Price Point

The price always plays an important factor, but it should not be the only issue.

Consider the general value for money and the manufacturer’s warranty to help you determine which one is cost worthy.

It is better to invest more in a vacuum that will work efficiently on tiled floors and last for a longer time.

The Amount of Tile Flooring in Your Home

If you have just one tiny room in the home that has tile flooring, it may not make sense to purchase a purpose built vacuum.

It would be better to get a more versatile vacuum cleaner that works for carpets, tiles, and wooden floors.

Length of the Handle

In the event that you opt for a hand-held vacuum cleaner, make sure that the handle is sufficiently long so that you will not be forced to bend over and over again as you vacuum.

Ease of Storage

Storage is usually an issue with some vacuum cleaners. A compact vacuum cleaner is easier to store and will not take up too much space.

Ease of Use

Some areas are very hard to reach, and you need the help of other tools to get to them.

Therefore, you should pick a vacuum cleaner that comes with the necessary on-board tools such as a crevice to help you reach those areas.

Also, you will need to consider a low profile vacuum cleaner that can go in and out under the couches, beds, and other furniture, without getting stuck.


The wheels of the vacuum should not scratch your tiled flooring. Rubberized wheels are essential, and they are suitable for slippery floors.


A lightweight vacuum is the best as it is portable. This is convenient because you will be moving around with it especially if you have a lot of floor space to cover.

Ease of Emptying the Dust Bag

You can choose between a vacuum with a dust bag or a bagless one. Either way, you will want one that is easy to empty, clean, and attached back.

How To Vacuum Tile Floors?

After you have chosen your tile vacuum cleaner, it is now time to clean. You will want to have a plan on how you will vacuum your home quickly and efficiently.

Before you start to vacuum, ensure that you have cleaned everything else first and removed all the obstacles.

If your vacuum has a cord, plug it in where you plan to finish. It can be quite unpleasant to be forced to stop and pick up the cord to move it out of your way as you clean.

Also, you do not want to leave footprints on your vacuumed floor.

If you can get a cordless vacuum with sufficient battery power, that is even better than a corded one.

Start by vacuuming the border and vacuum the long way. It is always better to vacuum in such a way that you are making the longest strokes possible.

Push your vacuum out all the way, then change it over a complete width and bring it back towards you. Once you bring it back, shift it again one full width and push it back out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Should I Go For A Bag Or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

A: Vacuums were originally bagless, and paper bags were later introduced to help cut down on the dust. Bagless vacuums help you save money on bags, and they use a HEPA filter (HEPA filters are very efficient but are also expensive). We have covered this topic in a previous post.

  • Q: Which Is Better, Upright Or Canister Vacuum?

A: Both vacuums perform very well, it all depends on your personal preferences. Upright vacuums are very convenient while the canister vacuums are very powerful. We have also covered this topic.

  • Q: Do I Require Attachments? If So What Type?

A: For tiled floors, it is best that you get a bare floor attachment that has soft brushes to remove the dirt from the grooves without scratching the tile. A crevice tool is also very important in removing dirt from crevices.

  • Q: Which One Is The Best, Corded Or Cordless?

A: They are both suitable. If you opt for a corded vacuum, ensure that the length of the cord is very long for easy maneuverability. For a cordless one, ensure that the battery power is enough.

  • Q: What Are The Most Important Considerations When Purchasing A Tile Floor Vacuum?

A: Price, how much tile flooring do you have, features and construction, weight, and the type of tile floor vacuum cleaner.


It will be great for you to think about a more versatile vacuum cleaner if you have a carpet as well in your home.

However, there isn’t a one-size fit all when it comes to vacuums. If you have different surfaces in your house, you may have to make some compromises or buy another vacuum cleaner specially designed for tiles.

We all have different needs and budgets. If you have the cash to blow, always go for the best vacuum cleaner you can afford. However, the best one is not necessarily the priciest.

If you have tiled flooring in your home, then it is wise to take your time and do proper research on the best vacuum for tile floors.

Do not just jump in and purchase the first product you see!

You need to consider the suction power, maneuverability, dimensions, grout lines of your tiles, and the engineering of the different options. Next, select the one that will best suit your cleaning needs.

Hopefully, after going through this complete guide, you will be able to identify the best vacuum for your tiled flooring with minimum effort.

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