Best Vacuum For Upholstery

There is one thing that most common vacuums cannot even touch unless you are using some sort of side tool.

That one thing is upholstery.

Whether it is stairs, furniture, or other areas that common vacuums cannot reach, it can be very challenging to find a vacuum that performs well on upholstery.

It can be even more difficult to find vacuums that provide the same kind of cleaning that common vacuums can in terms of removing stains and particles that are deep inside the surface.

Fortunately, more and more vacuums that can clean upholstery are emerging, and it has never been easier to find one that is ideal for you.

Top Picks : 5 Best Vacuum For Upholstery


Six featured vacuums for upholstery

1. Portable spot cleaner by Rug Doctor

Most modern day vacuums do more than just pick up dirt from your upholstery, they also act as a cleaner of sorts for it. The issue with this is that they tend to use only one tank that everything goes in: Water, solution, and dirt all go in this one tank. This is inconvenient.

Fortunately, Rug Doctor’s vacuum works on two tanks: Water and solution go in one tank, and dirty water gets sent to the other, which you can then empty out at any time. This eliminates the trouble of constantly emptying out a single tank when cleaning.

The small, case-like design of Rug Doctor’s vacuum also makes it very easy to carry. You’ll be able to take it to any area of the house with it and be able to clean whatever you need with the hose that is attached to it as well. It has a retractable handle as well, making it even easier to carry around.

The only thing that might turn you off from Rug Doctor’s vacuum is that it contains no real attachments. The hose is all you get with the machine. While this makes sense because it is a vacuum that is designed for upholstery, but it would have been nice if they added something to it.


2. “SpotBot Pet” spot and stain cleaner by Bissell

One major issue with a lot of spot cleaners is that it can be time consuming to carry it around to the spots that you want to clean with it. And since most spot cleaners are designed like this, it is a reality for most.

Consider what Bissell’s SpotBot Pet has to offer if you are looking for a machine that is hands-free and does not require you to carry it around to clean most of your upholstery. It combines the technology that the cordless cleaning robots have with the power of a deep cleaning machine to give you a good degree of convenience when it comes to spot cleaning.

The SpotBot Pet can also provide complete hands-free scrubbing as well. If you are faced with a stain that would normally see you scrubbing yourself, have no worries – the SpotBot Pet will do all this for you and you will not need to get dirty at all. You will find it incredibly useful when it comes to cleaning pet stains on a carpet.

Unfortunately, pet stains are practically the only thing that the SpotBot Pet can take care of with any efficiency. While you can use it on other forms of upholstery, it will be an uncomfortable experience. This is because it doesn’t have any kind of handle to clean stairs or any other kind of upholstery.


3. Canister steam cleaner with 20 accessories by McCulloch

A lot of vacuums that are designed for upholstery are one dimensional. If they can clean spots on the carpet, chances are they can only clean spots on the carpet. If they can clean stairs, chances are good that they can only clean stairs. This can lead to a frustrating experience.

McCulloch’s vacuum solves all of these problems, and then some. It contains not just a couple of different accessories, but twenty. This gives you everything you need to clean any form of upholstery with confidence.

The canister design of McCulloch’s vacuum makes it easy to carry as well. You’ll be able to take it anywhere and the extension wands that attach onto the hose will allow you to reach practically anywhere. Very little is out of reach with McCulloch’s vacuum and you will appreciate all the options that you have.

However, you could also argue that McCulloch’s vacuum gives you too many options when it comes to accessories. Consider that the average vacuum provides you with five accessories at most. You get four times as many with McCulloch’s vacuum, and this can not only get overwhelming but because most of these attachments are small brushes and other add-ons, you are likely to lose them.


4. “LittleGreen” portable carpet and upholstery cleaner by Bissell

Portable carpet and upholstery cleaners that only use one tank can be extremely frustrating to use. Because this one tank contains solution, water, and the dirt that gets picked up from the cleaner, you’ll be emptying it frequently.

The LittleGreen by Bissell solves this by containing two tanks. And these tanks are very big and you will be able to clean for a very long time compared to other portable cleaners that contain two tanks. This will make things much more convenient for you no matter what you decide to clean with it.

If you need to clean upholstery in your home with small spaces such as stairs, you’ll also get a lot out of the LittleGreen’s hose, which not only extends to about five feet, but also contains a small head which allows you to get into small spaces. And because the hose extends so far, you won’t need to carry the cleaner as much as you might have needed with other machines.

Other than the “Hydro Rinse” attachment that allows you to clean out the hose, the LittleGreen has no attachments. This will limit your options to the floor only. There is no real way to reach anything above you with the LittleGreen because it does not contain extension wands or anything of that sort. 


5. “Spotless” portable carpet and upholstery spot cleaner by Hoover

Spot cleaners and upholstery cleaners often do not impress with their cleaning methods and are severely lacking in power. It isn’t uncommon for you to leave the spots and upholstery after using other cleaners only to find that stains are still there.

Hoover’s Spotless is aptly named – it is extremely powerful, more powerful than most spot cleaners. When you use it on spots, stairs, or other upholstery, you will not be disappointed. You will not need to worry about cleaning it, either, since it self cleans and removes flushes the hose after each use.

The hose of the Spotless extends to five feet, which makes cleaning stairs a breeze. You will not need to carry the Spotless around as much as other spot cleaners and upholstery cleaners at all. It also contains two tanks which will greatly reduce your cleaning time.

Although you probably won’t find it necessary, you’ll notice that the Spotless contains zero attachments. This means that the only things you’ll be able to clean are areas that you can reach with the five foot hose and nothing more. You also will not have any brush options and this can be frustrating.


6. “SpotClean” portable carpet cleaner by Bissell

Even if a spot and upholstery cleaner contains two tanks, chances are good that you’ll need to still empty them constantly, especially if you are taking on long winded cleaning tasks. This almost defeats the purpose of using a spot cleaner that utilizes two tanks.

Bissell pulls no punches when it comes to tank capacity with its SpotClean. The tank has a capacity of three quarters of a gallon, meaning that you’ll be able to take on very long term cleaning jobs with confidence. You won’t need to empty the tank every five minutes with the SpotClean and that is a very good thing.

You also get a couple of really nice attachments with the SpotClean which will take your cleaning endeavors further. The first of these is a really nice 6 stair tool and the other one is a tough stain tool which provides a little more power for spots that are a little more difficult to clean normally.

There are a couple of things that you’ll need to watch for with the SpotClean. First, remember that it uses only one tank. While this tank is massive, dirty water will still get in it as you clean. To address this, use a little more solution than you normally would.

Another thing you’ll need to be aware of is the SpotClean’s size. It is a little bigger than other spot and upholstery cleaners and this might make it a little difficult to store and carry. 


Vacuums for upholstery: A buying guide


Although more vacuums that are designed for upholstery are emerging, it is not the best idea to purchase one sight unseen.

It is a much better idea to consider a few things before purchasing one.

Which upholstery area of your home needs the most attention?

One major thing that you should consider is which upholstery area of your home needs the most attention.

Even though there do exist vacuums that do well on upholstery, some vacuums do better on certain pieces of upholstery than others.

If you take a look at the upholstery in your home that needs the most attention, you will be able to find a vacuum that matches up to it easier.

Do you prefer a big or small vacuum?

Vacuums that are designed for upholstery come in different sizes, and this is another thing that you should keep in mind.

Just because a vacuum can clean upholstery does not mean that it is automatically small and easy to carry around.

If there is a lot of upholstery that you need to clean, you’ll probably want to go for a smaller vacuum, but if you just need to clean one or two pieces of upholstery, you might be able to settle for a standard size vacuum.

What kinds of dirt get on your upholstery?

Vacuums that are designed for upholstery are every bit as powerful as a standard vacuum when it comes to how deep they can clean.

Because of this, you should take a look at your upholstery and see what kinds of dirt develops in it, whether it is food particles, dust, hair, or other undesirable dirt.

Do you have pets in the home?

This is something to consider not just with vacuums that are designed for upholstery, but for vacuums at large.

Although most vacuums these days are pet friendly, some are not and you need to keep pets in mind with vacuums that are designed for upholstery just like you would any other vacuum.



Cleaning stairs, spots, furniture, and other forms of upholstery is nearly impossible if you are limited to the attachments of your vacuum.

This is why you could benefit from a cleaner that specializes in these things.

However, you need to understand that not all of these machines are different just like the furniture and upholstery in your home is different than it is in other homes.

Take the time to explore what every vacuum for upholstery and spot cleaner has to offer and then make an educated decision from there.

This will be easy to do if know exactly what you need an upholstery cleaning machine for.

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