The Best Yoga Bolster You’ll Love To Practice With (2022 Reviews)

YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster (Blue)

The best yoga bolster offers COMFORT, SUPPORT, AND BETTER CUSHIONING. It’s the best alternative to practicing yoga on hardwood floors.

Many of you feel uncomfortable doing backbends on hard floors. And prolonged discomfort can lead to a backache, neck and shoulder pain, and stiffness.

A yoga bolster is one of the best yoga accessories. You getall the firm support you need. Plus, many other benefits!

That I will discuss with you in this article. But before I walk you through the basics, let’s look at the best yoga bolster choices for you.

10 Best Yoga Bolster Picks of 2022


Yoga bolster is best for beginners and advanced yogis. It is more effective for the latter because it makes sure YOU GET ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. It helps improve flexibility and stability on the mat.

So what is the ideal yoga bolster look like? It comprises breathable materials, heavy, and longer lasting. You can find one that lasts for years without giving in. Plus, you want a yoga bolster that feels soft and plush against your skin. With expert sweat-resistant and washable properties!

Having said that, you must take a look at this comparison table of the best yoga bolsters! Followed by in-depth reviews of each and every one of my recommendations.

Yoga Bolster Name





YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

#1 Editor’s Choice

Cotton Rectangular Buy on Amazon

YogaAccessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster


Cotton Round Buy on Amazon

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster


Cotton felt & Polyurethane foam Flat and rectangular Buy on Amazon
YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster


Cotton Rectangular Buy on Amazon
YogaDirect Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster


Cotton Rectangular Buy on Amazon
YogaAccessories MAXSupport Deluxe Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster


Cotton Rectangular Buy on Amazon

Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster


Cotton & polyester Rectangular Buy on Amazon
Waterglider International Rectangular Pranayama Bolster


Cotton Flat and rectangular Buy on Amazon
Bean Products Yoga Bolster


Cotton, vinyl&hemp Round Buy on Amazon

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Crescent Cotton Bolster


Cotton &Buckwheat hull Crescent Buy on Amazon

1. YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for Yin Yoga PracticeYogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster (Blue)Buy on Amazon

Looking for a sturdy and valuable bolster? I recommend the YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster. This best yoga bolster has a breathable and soft cotton quality. The sides are well-sewn and heavyweight. The heaviness makes the bolster firmer for supporting postural holds.

The seams are 6-inch high which is good for practicing advanced poses. Along with higher seams, the stitching is strong and sturdy. It has the best kind of fit for practicing opening sequences such as Yin yoga.

The handles on both sides add to its appealing design. It gives you more control and feels lighter. Even though it’s a heavyweight yoga bolster. The light touch and feel give you the perfect support. Especially when you experience back, neck, and shoulder pain!

The cover can be machine washed in cold water. But make sure you use mild detergent and air-dry it. Too much heat from the machine drying technology can reduce its firmness and softness. For the cotton core, you can spot-clean it with a cloth and a mild detergent.

Both the covering and the batting are well-designed. The cotton acts as a breathable pillow to support your joints. You can even use it for meditative or restorative practice for stress-relief.

This yoga bolster gives you precise control. You can add or subtract the cotton filling as per your liking. If you want something flatter, you can reduce the amount of cotton. Remove the washable cover and remove the cotton batting. The cotton batting can be reused and stored.

But the cotton batting and cover have a chemical smell. This smell disappears, at least from the cotton batting. And if you wash the cotton cover a few times, the smell won’t bother you anymore.


  • Feels soft and cool
  • The cotton cover and batting are machine-washable


  • Has a distinct chemical odor

2. YogaAccessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for Spinal SupportYogaAccessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster - Blue...Buy on Amazon

A round yoga bolster is good for supporting the spine and knees. It has a much firmer, sturdier, and harder foam. The YogaAccessories Supportive Bolster is the same high-quality choice I’m talking about.

It comes with a fully-removable cover and is machine washable. The fact that is made of cotton makes everything better. Cotton is soft, breathable, and firm. You can machine wash it and it doesn’t shrink or lose its color. Most important of all, if you use this bolster, you can add or remove the batting.

I know this would make a very supportive yoga bolster. The round design is comfortable. And it provides spinal and knee support. You can use it as a sleeping pillow. Or for practicing more opening yoga poses for flexibility. Round yoga bolsters also make good cushions for meditation.

If you want a more generic version of a yoga bolster, go for this one. The size and shape are longer than any standard king-size pillow. And it’s very firm and comfortable. It is also heavier than most others making it the ideal yoga bolster.

The bolster has a strong smell out of the package. The bolster has a plastic cover protecting it from damage during delivery. Once you remove the plastic wrapping, make sure you air out the bolster for 24 hours. Or wash the cotton cover on arrival to get rid of the smell.

If you’re looking for a sleeping pillow, this YogaAccessories yoga bolster is no good to you. It has the size and shape of a pillow much bigger than standard sizes. Making it inefficient for fitting under pillow covers. No matter how big in size they are.


  • High-quality and comfortable
  • Machine washable with handles


  • Not the ideal sleeping bolster to use

3. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for Lower Back ExercisesHugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster - Plum - Firm Core with a Soft...Buy on Amazon

The Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster has a slightly flat but rectangular shape. Its main attraction is the upholstery-grade fabric design. This Hugger Mugger yoga bolster is good for providing firmness and stability. It’s also good for holding postures for a long time.

Many people use stacks of blankets as a bolster while practicing asana. You can make the switch to this best yoga bolster. It offers stable support and firmness. The material, size, and shape have the perfect comfort level.

This helps when you don’t know what to buy. And are looking for something that’s an all-around choice! For starters, this is a good seated-position supporter. The flat and rectangular shape cushions your lower back and glutes.

It also includes handles on each end. And the thickness is between 5 to 6 inches. This yoga bolster is one of the best versatile picks on the market. The basic color and strong stitching is good for low back and restorative asanas. Plus, such yoga bolsters make good meditation pillows.

The cotton and polyurethane foam filling is durable. It doesn’t lose its firmness – much like most other bolsters. And the memory foam allows better movement. All thanks to its anti-lump and shape-retaining qualities. Now, you will not get the “mushy” feeling after use.

The size of this bolster may be too small for rolling exercises. If you do side-to-side raises, you may have to adjust the bolster into its correct position.


  • High-quality foam
  • Good for seated meditation and lower back poses


  • The size is too small

4. YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for Pranayama PracticeYogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster, PurpleBuy on Amazon

A Pranayama yoga bolster has a smaller profile than a standard yoga bolster. The YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster is good for lying down asanas. It supports the spine while your hips rest on the floor. Some people use two Pranayama bolsters – one for supporting the spine and the other for the neck.

Elevating your neck needs extra firmness and cushioning. Plus, it also supports your lower back and spine. Pranayama is a specific breathing practice good for flexibility and relaxation. So materials like cotton are safer to use. This cotton yoga bolster has an inner cotton batting. This batting makes sure you practice very pose without sagging.

The cotton batting maintains its shape and thickness. It also allows you to remove or add the cotton batting. Many people prefer practicing on a flatter bolster while some don’t. With this adjustability, you can store the extra cotton batting as per your liking. The high-quality cotton foam stays firm, breathable, and durable.

If you practice outdoors, this YogaAccessories bolster comes with handles on either side. This helps you transport the bolster to and from the studio. The outer material is tough and unbendable for outdoor use and the fabric is soft to touch with strong zippers.

A small yoga bolster must be prone to deflating or losing volume, right? Wrong. It supports the weight of your body under your tailbone. You can wash or wipe the cotton cover for extra protection. The cotton foam also resists sweat, humidity, and other elements.

But the YogaAccessories Pranayama Yoga Bolster is heavy. The filling is firm which adds weight to the body. But thanks to the side handles, this drawback seems a little less disappointing.


  • Supportive and firm
  • The seams and handles are strong


  • Too heavy for a small yoga bolster

5. YogaDirect Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for Pregnant WomenYogaDirect Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster, Cardinal RedBuy on Amazon

Buying a yoga bolster for its oblong shape is not a bad idea. It can have many benefits for the spine, neck, hips, and knees. The best choice for people who prefer something versatile is the Yoga Direct Bolster. It is more adaptable and skilled at supporting your movements than standard bolsters.

If you’re buying a yoga bolster for your restorative practice, go for this one. It offers comfort and support in different postures. If you’re pregnant and want something cushiony to practice on, this is your ideal choice. It helps maintain the right posture in reclining positions.

The design is neither too big nor too thick. It is the right size and design for what it’s intended for. You can use it for your home practice or in a studio. The yoga bolster is easy to carry too.

People with lower backache have always complained of the pillow they sleep on. This is because lower back issues need you to use a specific pillow for spinal support. And that’s exactly what this best yoga bolster is for. The 6-inches height and 12-inches width make it the ideal choice for spine support.

If you love to hug pillows while sleeping or otherwise, go for this one. It lacks the standard chemical smell. It is of good size for most body shapes and heights. Plus, it shows no signs of mold, dust, or allergens after use.

The zipper quality might be a bit too delicate. So when you remove the washable cover for cleaning, use the zipper with care.


  • Durable and efficient stitching
  • Firm and breathable


  • Not suitable for rough use

6. YogaAccessories MAXSupport Deluxe Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for StretchingYogaAccessories MAXSupport Deluxe Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster -...Buy on Amazon

This best yoga bolster supports the neck, back, hips, and knees. It costs much less than others for the same quality and size. The rectangular and oblong shape is good for all types of yoga practice.

You’ll like the removable cover as much as I did. With 100% cotton cloth, the bolster is easy to wash and dry. It retains most of its original shape. Nor does it attract humidity or sweat. And has the right firmness to support your body.

One of its main uses is that you can sit on it for meditation or yoga. It helps you cross your legs better. And position the neck, spine, and hips.

The cotton battering is well-protected by the outer cover and zipper. The batting keeps itself nice and firm for holding postures. It also causes no lumpiness after prolonged use.

If you ask me, I’d recommend this yoga bolster for practicing flexibility. It supports bodily movements and allows longer stretch holds for power yoga.

The outer surface of this bolster has far better grip features than others. It makes the bolster firm on the ground. So it doesn’t slip or skid. The weight adds to its stability. For excellent resistance, make sure you place it on a rug or a mat.

The YogaAccessories MAX Support might be too heavy for some. The thickness and weight can make it hard to carry for outdoor use. So if you want something comfortable for home use only, this should be fine.


  • Durable and effective
  • High-quality cotton foam


  • The cotton batting is too heavy

7. Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for RehabilitationGaiam Yoga Bolster Long Meditation Pillow Cushion for Restorative Yoga...Buy on Amazon

It’s no surprise that I’ve included one of Gaiam’s picks. Gaiam is one of the leading brands of yoga accessories. And this best yoga bolster provides all-in-one support than any other bolster. Its main features are natural cotton filling, hassle-free handles, and removable cover.

The cover is of polyester and cotton which is good for support. It attracts less dust, humidity, and sweat. Plus, you can remove the cover and wash it as often as you like. The smell and texture of the cover remain original and refreshing.

With the material, size, and shape of the Gaiam, it makes a good meditation pillow. The rectangular shape supports the neck, spine, and hips. Plus, it allows you to place the bolster under your knee. It also provides good support and relief from pain.

The handle offers good stability for transport. And because it’s of polyester and cotton, the bolster is not that heavy to carry. Anything you need a yoga bolster for, this product delivers. You can use it for deep relaxation, meditation, and asanas. The bolster is well-sized to suit the needs of all yoga poses and techniques.

This is bigger than most standard yoga bolsters. Especially the ones you find in yoga studios. The exterior is soft while the interior is more supportive. This makes is the best choice for rehabilitation. You can bend the bolster to increase its thickness for better support.

The interior filling of the Gaiam can get a bit lumpy after sweating. While its structure enhances posture, the polyester lacks sweat resistance material.


  • Cotton and synthetic blend
  • Good for flexibility and restorative yoga


  • Not as resistant to sweat as other bolsters

8. Waterglider International Rectangular Pranayama Bolster – Best Lightweight Yoga BolsterWaterglider International Rectangular Pranamaya Bolster, Organic...Buy on Amazon

The Waterglider International Bolster is yet another Pranayama pick. It comes with a removable organic cotton cover. The organic cotton makes everything perfect for your Pranayama practice. Given that Pranayama is a deep breathing exercise. It doesn’t want you breathing allergens or chemicals.

The shape is not as thick and the size not as wide as other picks. But this makes it the best yoga bolster for Pranayama practice. It helps open up the chest cavity while supporting the heart and shoulders. If you want something that helps you improve your breathing, go for this one.

The removable washable cotton cover lets you keep germs away. So you always breathe in fresh air and not allergens or chemicals. The rectangular shape feels comfortable.

The thinness of the bolster also plays a role in relieving back pain. It also improves spinal alignment. And makes a huge difference in how you position your spine in certain poses.

You can use this bolster along your spine. It supports the neck and shoulders too for pain relief. Place this firm pillow right under your neck while keeping the rest of your body flat on the ground. It also helps when you do the Pigeon pose with the bolster.

Many people opt for a heavyweight bolster for their Pranayama practice. And this Watergliderbolster isn’t up to that mark. It weighs less than a pound. It’s not heavy, but lightweight and portable.


  • Organic cotton batting
  • Breathable and firm


  • Not as heavy as other bolsters

9. Bean Products Yoga Bolster – Best Durable Yoga BolsterBean Products Yoga Bolster - Handcrafted in The USA with Eco Friendly...Buy on Amazon

The Bean Products has a natural cotton core that’s supportive. And you have plenty of options to choose from. The outer fabric comes in a variety of appealing colors. Such as black, aqua, grey, green, pink, and more!

The fabric boasts of hemp, vinyl, and cotton materials. This makes this the best yoga bolster for daily use. The inner core is durable and breathable. The cotton wrapping protects the durable foam rubber blend. This stands well against sweat, humidity, and dust.

You can wash the outer cover for good safekeeping. So if you’re a chronic sweater, that’s not a problem.

This Bean Products yoga bolster is much higher than most other picks. This makes it the best choice for doing backbends. You can go the extra mile to practice deeper backbends. With a flatter yoga bolster, backbends would not have been possible. It could lead to a backache or even a serious injury.

The good performance of the Bean Products boils down to its size and durability. It offers extra firmness where it’s most needed. And it’s better for people with advanced asana moves. A higher yoga bolster is far more comfortable to use.

If you aren’t that flexible, the firmness and height won’t match up. This yoga bolster should be used for advanced yoga asanas. And this means deeper backbends such as the Wheel Pose or the Low Warrior. Make sure you have your basics right before using this yoga bolster.

The Bean Products is a product of durable blends. This means it does have a chemical smell upon arrival. It’s best to air the bolster out before using it on a daily basis.


  • Extremely durable and effective
  • Cotton and rubber core blend


  • Has an odd fabric smell

10. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Crescent Cotton Bolster – Best Yoga Bolster for MeditationYoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow CushionBuy on Amazon

The Peace Yoga Zafu is a popular choice. It comes with Buckwheat and cotton blend offering better comfort. This makes a good meditation yoga bolster. Many people opt for different meditation poses. Some prefer to lie down while some remain seated. This yoga bolster suits all poses.

The Buckwheat hulls found in its core improve comfort and cushioning. They also offer firmness like never before. You will get better heat retention with a Buckwheat hull yoga bolster. And that’s a known fact!

The outer cover is of 100% cotton and is removable and washable. While the inner core increases firmness the exterior is soft and breathable. The best way to maintain a cotton cover is to wash it in cold water. It retains its shape, doesn’t shrink, or sag.

There’s much to love about the Peace Yoga Zafu. It gives out a good scent. It’s also good for children and pregnant women. You will a gentle and deep muscle release at the back of your spine. When you place it in-between your shoulder blades, it offers stress release.

The Peace Yoga Zafu is not the ideal yoga asana bolster. It’s good for holding basic postures such as the Easy Pose, Child’s Pose, or the Low Warrior.


  • Firm and breathable core
  • Cotton and Buckwheat hull blend


  • Not suitable for advanced poses

Buying a Yoga Bolster


Buying a yoga bolster may not be as simple as purchasing other accessories. You need something soft, breathable, and durable. There are many low-quality bolsters that become hard with time and use. But you want something that doesn’t, so this buyer’s guide will help you.

  • Material

Any yoga bolster consists of 2 key components: THE OUTER COVERING and THE INNER FILLING. Materials such as polyester and cotton are best for the outer covering of a yoga bolster. Meanwhile, materials such as cotton or Buckwheat are ideal for in the inner filling.

The outer covering must be durable, breathable, and efficient. Any extra decoration or stitching is not good. It affects the quality of the material making it weaker after every use. So you want something that is of a solid color or an appealing print. No embroidery or extra stitching of any kind.

The seams of every bolster are often weaker than the rest of the material. It is most likely to shrink if not replaced or washed often. Make sure the outer cover of the bolster is removable and washable. This helps increase the shelf life of the yoga bolster.

In the inner material which is of either cotton or Buckwheat radiates comfort. It is what provides proper firmness and cushioning to your body. The benefit of cotton is that it is provides better cushioning support.

Meanwhile, Buckwheat hull is good for firmness. Based on your comfort level, choose the ideal inner filling for your practice.

  • Shape


There are 3 different variations of a yoga bolster:

  • A STANDARD YOGA BOLSTER IS RECTANGULAR IN SHAPE. It is also the most commonly-used yoga bolster on the market. You can practice a wide range of yoga poses for flexibility and stability with this.
  • A ROUND YOGA BOLSTER HAS THE SHAPE OF A CYLINDER. It is good for providing knee support when practicing flexibility poses. It’s also the best bolster shape for restorative poses.
  • A PRANAYAMA YOGA BOLSTER IS THE SAME SHAPE AS A ROUND BOLSTER.But it has a thinner profile. It is used for deep breathing exercises. You can rely on this type of yoga bolster for deep relaxation during yoga practice.

The best way to use it is to slide it under your spine. It helps elongate the chest and rib cage for stress relief. A Pranayama bolster lacks versatility and so it should be used for a specific purpose only. And that is for deep breathing exercises.

Here’s a video that explains how to make a yoga bolster by yourself:

How to Make a Yoga Bolster? Yoga Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Use the Best Yoga Bolster?

A standard yoga bolster has many uses. You can use it for MEDITATION, BREATHING EXERCISES, AND FOR PRACTICING ASANAS.


If you want something to improve posture while sitting or lying down, a yoga bolster can help. So there isn’t a single best use for a yoga bolster. Pregnant women can use a yoga bolster for restorative and prenatal practice. It’s one of the most versatile accessories for yoga practice.

That said, here are some specific yoga poses you can do with a yoga bolster:

  • Assisted Backbend


An assisted backbend is a good shoulder and chest exercise. It opens up your chest cavity, your abdomen muscle, and your shoulders. The best way to use a bolster is to place it under your spin. Make sure one end of the bolster is pointing toward your lower back. Keep your legs in a seated position, straight or crossed.

  • Easy Pose


The easy pose is the most common yoga pose. It is a basic seated asana where you cross your legs and place each hand on each knee. It promotes calmness and comfort. You need a place the bolster under your glutes. This means you need to sit on top of the yoga bolster in an easy pose position. Make sure your knees should touch the floor in front of you.

  • Camel Pose


Camel pose can cause a backache if done incorrectly or in a hurry. So make sure your breathing is calm and relax your body muscles. To perform this advanced pose with a bolster, place it against the wall. Kneel right in front of the bolster placing your thighs on the bolster. Once you’re comfortable with this posture, begin moving your head backward and take a deep breath.

There are many other yoga poses you can do with a yoga bolster. Such as a wide-seated forward bend, forward fold, pigeon pose, and the shavasana.

Restorative Yoga Poses With A Bolster

2. What are the Benefits of Using Yoga Bolster?

  • IT SUPPORTS YOUR BODY. Even though a yoga bolster limits how far you can stretch, it makes advanced poses much simpler. This is because it supports your joints so you do not put excess pressure on them.
  • IT OFFERS COMFORT. With a yoga bolster, you can do all kinds of bending asanas. The ones that need you to kneel, lie down, and sit in one position for longer. This enhanced comfort is much more appealing than sitting on a hard floor.
  • IT IMPROVES POSTURE. Everything about a yoga bolster helps promote postural movement. Many times you think you’re doing a pose right when it’s actually incorrect. This can cause muscle soreness, pain, and stiffness. But a yoga bolster makes sure you’re doing it right. It comforts your spine, knees, and other sensitive joints too.
  • IT REDUCES PAIN AND SWELLING. If you’ve undergone surgery or are recovering from an injury, you need this. This is because certain types of yoga practices need you to stay in one position for longer. This can cause joint pain or inflammation. But with a yoga bolster, you don’t have to go through that. It prevents stiffness from sitting, lying down, or kneeling for too long.

Final Note

My Choice: YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Have you ever considered buying a yoga bolster? If not, then go for YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster. If yes, then it’s time to upgrade to a better one. There will always be something better to help you enhance your practice. And sometimes, opting for the better is the wise decision. And if you haven’t taken up yoga yet, you’re missing out on something great!

Yoga practice is all about practicing mindfulness and calm. With each level of yoga, you learn how to relax your mind and improve stamina and flexibility. And all this is possible when you have the right yoga accessories by your side. A yoga mat and a towel might be enough, but only a good yoga bolster can complete your practice.

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