Best Youth Baseball Glove (2022) – Buyer’s Guide

 Rawlings SPL120BH-6/0 Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove, Bryce Harper Model, Regular, Pro H Web, 12 Inch

The correct time to buy the best youth baseball glove is during the offseason. This is when most prices are marked down. So it’s advisable to purchase a backup or spare glove at such times if your kid already has one. This way, he/she will have a well-fitted glove by next year.

But the selection process for youth baseball gloves is not that easy. Since children tend to grow every year! And that means getting a glove slightly larger in size. So your little baseball champion can grow into it over a course of time. Also, this means that the glove will be carried on for several seasons before needing any replacement.

So let’s run through the top 10 best baseball gloves for youth.

Best Youth Baseball Glove Reviews


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You’re in luck, did you know that? What I mean to say is that you don’t need to do anything but scroll down to get to the reviews section. That’s where you’ll find the distinctive features of all the extraordinary options on the youth glove market.

Once you go through each of them, you’ll have a better understanding of what to buy. And why!

Youth Baseball Glove Name


Hand Orientation


Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove 9 inches Only for the right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Wilson A360 Baseball Glove 10 inches

For left-handed and right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves 9.5 inches For left-handed and right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves 11 inches Only for the right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series (Editor’s Choice) 10.5 inches For left-handed and right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove 11.5 inches For left-handed and right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Easton Youth ZFX 1001 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove 10 inches Only for the left-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove 11.5 inches Only for the right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Franklin Sports Air Tech Left Handed Throw Youth Baseball Glove 9 inches Only for the left-handed throwers Buy on Amazon
Rawlings Players Series 9-Inch Youth Baseball Glove 9 inches Only for the right-handed throwers Buy on Amazon

1. Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove – The Best Youth Baseball Glove for Right-Hand OrientationRawlings PL91PB-12/0 Players Youth Glove SeriesBuy on Amazon

The first pick on the list is an excellent choice for the right-handed throwers. The size of the Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove is 9 inches. So you know that it’s specifically crafted to fit the not-so-large hands of children and youth.

The features that the glove is equipped with are basic yet flawless in terms of performance. For one thing, the soft flexible shell material enhances the closure system. Like no other!

On top of that, there are other incredible design elements that work toward improving on-field performance. Such as the slanted basket structured web, Velcro strap, well-cushioned inner lining, and deep pockets. My favorite is the neo-flex back as it offers the much-needed resilience.

As for the construction of the Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove, it’s not hard quality leather. The material is soft, hence easy enough for breaking in and using. But don’t allow this to create doubts about the quality of the gear. Even so, the glove is built using high-quality equipment. And that takes care of durability, doesn’t it?

Rawlings also decided to add a foam material ball. So you get access to both the basic and extra features in this case.

The Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove is an option that requires no breaking in. That means it’s soft enough, which is good news for beginners. And the proof of that is the soft flexible shell design. Such a structure brings tons of important factors into play. Such as strength, durability, easy closure, flexibility, etc. So there’s no reason why I wouldn’t recommend this glove.

The only downside is that its hand orientation is only for the right-handed throwers. So left-handed throwers should opt for another pick!


  • The Rawlings glove is plenty flexible and durable.
  • Soft inner lining adds superior comfort.


  • Size is smaller than expected.
  • Only right-hand orientation.
2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Awards – EXCELLENCE DOESN’T HAPPEN IN A DAY

2. Wilson A360 Baseball Glove – The Best All-Purpose Youth Baseball GloveWILSON A360 Baseball Glove, 12.5', Black/WILSON Gold, Left HandBuy on Amazon

The Wilson A360 Baseball Glove ranks as the most multi-functional, diverse option currently available. The size range begins from 10 inches and goes up to 12-1/2 inches. Plus, it’s suitable for both left-handed and right-handed players.

Moreover, the custom craftsmanship is the characteristic responsible for providing a huge benefit. And that is making the glove perfect for any fielding or base position.

Now let’s talk about the construction of this best youth baseball glove. It doesn’t have an all-leather design. The glove is half-synthetic and half-leather. So you get the best of both worlds. Strength in the form of leather and flexibility in the form of synthetic. And that translates into long-lasting, comfortable use.

So I wouldn’t hesitate to state that this particular pick is an excellent choice for amateur and first-time players. It’s an all-purpose youth baseball glove that doesn’t weigh too heavy on your wallet.

What is it about the Wilson A360 Baseball Glove that makes a huge impact? There are many reasons to consider buying this glove. It doesn’t have a long, painful break-in period. Thanks to the combination of leather and synthetic material.

But most importantly, the glove provides every feature you might ask for. Additional padding, Velcro strap, full pocket, and comfortable fit. The Velcro closure, in particular, is the best part. As it allows you to adjust that strap if and when the glove becomes too loose.

So what’s the deal-breaker here? The one major complaint I have is associated with the quality of the Wilson A360 Baseball Glove. The materials used for construction are thinner than they should be.


  • The Wilson glove holds up well for many seasons.
  • ​It is lightweight and flexible, thus adding tons of comfort.
  • The pockets are extra-large to catch fly balls easily.


  • Synthetic material lacks optimal stiffness.
  • Overall quality is a bit weak.
Breaking in a Middle Infield Baseball Glove

3. Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves – The Best Affordable Youth Baseball GlovesFranklin Sports Kids Baseball Gloves - RTP Child's Tball Glove + Ball...Buy on Amazon

Working on a tight budget means buying the best youth baseball glove but with an affordable price tag. And if you think that something like this is not possible, allow me to present the next option. It’s the Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves. They are one of the cheapest, only in terms of price. The quality, on the other hand, is nothing but high.

The gear feels easy and comfortable on the hand from the very beginning. Thanks to the lightweight PVC shell material construction. And that means not having to deal with a long, annoying break-in period. It is available for both left-hand and right-hand orientation.

Upon close examination, I noticed a remarkable characteristic. The Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves have a lot in common with adult version gloves. Quality-wise, there’s absolutely no difference. The major distinction lies in the feel of the equipment. What I mean to say is that they are of tough quality but with a smoother and softer feel.

The size and fit are also more than satisfactory. The former, in particular, allows you to catch those balls in a better manner. So I can think of no valid reason why you shouldn’t opt for the Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves for regular practice.

Here’s the thing about the product I’m currently reviewing. The PVC design performs a primary function. And that is to provide lightweight performance! Then comes the excellent wrist closure system. It enables maximum adjustability and supreme comfort. And you get your hands on all this without going through the process of breaking in the gloves!

But you won’t take too long to notice that the wrist closure is not equipped with Velcro. Instead, there’s lacing, which is prone to breaking easily when tightening.


  • The Franklin Sports glove is tough yet soft enough.
  • ​It fits small hands exceptionally well.
  • High-quality foam ball included.


  • The wrist strap lacks Velcro.

4. Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves – The Best Youth Infield Baseball GloveLouisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves,...Buy on Amazon

Another well-priced pick on the list is the Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves. The brand, Louisville Slugger ranks among the oldest, hence most trusted in the industry. They perform a swell of a job when it comes to manufacturing youth and adult gloves. So let’s find out what you’re getting yourself into.

You know that this particular option is crafted for young players because of its distinctive design. The back part of the gear consists of nylon mesh. When such a material is used, opening and closing the glove becomes easier.

As for the palm design, it’s constructed using top quality Buffalo leather. On top of that, it’s lined with a unique super-soft material. This is useful in providing all the comfort your hand demands during gameplay.

But what completes the mitt is the invaluable Velcro closure. So you don’t have to struggle with making quick, easy adjustments. That brings me to another important characteristic. The Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves are comfortable off that shelf. And what does this do? It eliminates the problem of breaking them in, right?

To sum it up, they are worth your consideration.

Here goes the list of advantages you get with the Louisville Slugger Youth Baseball Gloves. No need to go through the break-in period. Easy and comfortable to squeeze, which is perfect for small hands. The quality is top notch, so durability is not a concern either. Lots of flexibility enhances on-field performance. Plus, they feel and look good as well.

The major setback here is the small size of the baseball gear. That’s the only misleading part about the product.


  • The Louisville Slugger gloves have a strong, durable construction.
  • Mesh at the back counterbalances the stiffness.


  • The sizing is smaller than expected.
Grand Kids Youth Baseball Clinic – Powered by Louisville Slugger

5. Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series – The Best Youth Outfield Baseball GloveRawlings Players Series Gloves, 10.5', Right Hand, Blue/Black/GreyBuy on Amazon

The Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series is quite popular on the current baseball market. But before I begin raving about the features, here are three things you ought to know. The first, these gloves are available in four different sizes. Secondly, they come in four other color options. And thirdly, the manufacturer has designed gloves for both left-handed and right-handed throw.

Moving on, you won’t fail to notice the budget-friendly price tag as well. Now don’t think even for a second that the Rawlings Players Youth Glove is built using low-quality materials. To be honest, that’s not the case. In fact, this best youth baseball glove has a soft, flexible shell construction between the thumb and index finger. Such a structure goes a long way in making successful catches.

What about the webbing? This particular component is basket-shaped and slightly slanted. Consequently, it increases the size of the pocket. And that, in turn, helps in catching that ball with maximum ease.

You’ll also be quite relieved to know that Rawlings uses Velcro closure. So the glove doesn’t give rise to problems associated with fit or adjustability. But here’s the most appealing characteristic. It’s called reflective binding. And what it does is create a slim area between the fingers. When that’s the case, you end up catching every ball. So you are ready to outperform your expectations?

I would like to clear out a potential misconception you might have about outfield baseball gloves. Just like this one. The best part about such high-quality, high performing gloves is that both outfielders and infielders can wear them. But how is that possible? In the case of the Rawlings Players Youth Glove, it consists of an incredibly soft inner lining. The kind that’s perfect for both positions!

Now you should know that, instead of leather, the brand chose a synthetic material. The latter might offer more flexibility but it’s the former that guarantees long-lasting value. So please keep that in mind when dealing with such a trade-off.


  • The slanted basket web design ensures total comfort.
  • ​Deep, huge pockets for better catch control.
  • The shell is pliable and soft to enable easy closure.


  • The Rawlings Players glove is too stiff at first.
  • Its synthetic material construction lacks durability.

6. Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove – The Best Youth Baseball Glove for BeginnersMizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 11.5-Inch, Right Hand...Buy on Amazon

Mizuno is a brand name that resonates with both youth and senior level baseball players. And the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove is an ideal pick for those that are new to the game. You get to choose from right-hand and left-hand play. Plus, the classic brown color adds the tough visual appeal you expect from baseball gloves.

As for the features responsible for performance, there’s the phenomenal PowerClose technology. In simple words, what it does is impart incredible softness. As a result of which catching becomes an effortless task. Isn’t that great news for infielders?

Now let me tell you how this best youth baseball glove is suitable for both outfielders and infielders. For the latter, the glove helps in stopping the ball even if it’s traveling at high speed. While in the case of the former, it provides a quick, easy lock. So you can hold onto those skiers in a much better manner.

If you’re an infielder, then I have another piece of great news for you. The Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove is highly durable. So it has the ability to stop hard hitting balls as well.

Moreover, the lock closure is plenty powerful. So expect it to offer a tight yet comfortable fit. That way, you can focus on nothing but performing well on the field. You might also appreciate the pocket design. It’s huge to get the ball to fall right into the hand. So if you’re learning to catch the ball, you won’t find anything better than this.

There are certain features involved in the creation of the best youth baseball glove. In the case of the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, they come in three forms. The first is PowerLock to deliver a secure, quick fit. The second is the flexible notch that allows you to catch more and drop less. And third is the heel flex to bring maximum flexibility to the table. So you can learn to catch easily.

Unfortunately, the webbing of the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove is not ideal. So it can affect your ball catching ability. But to be fair, it’s not something that diminishes performance in any way.


  • The Mizuno glove features a huge pocket.
  • Optimal flexibility enables easy opening and closing.


  • The synthetic leather material is way too soft.
  • Webbing is very small.
Why Mizuno Gloves

7. Easton Youth ZFX 1001 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove – The Best Youth Baseball Glove for Left-Hand OrientationEaston ZFX 1001 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove (Right Hand Throw, 10-Inch)Buy on Amazon

The first pick on the list is an ideal choice for the right-handed throwers. While the Easton Youth ZFX 1001 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove is perfect for the left-handed throw. The best part about it is that it doesn’t require any break-in period. So you get access to supreme comfort from the very start. You don’t have to wait for it.

What’s even better is the extended stall finger length. Now, this is something you don’t get with the other options discussed in the article. Even the palm design is unique in that it makes the action of closing the glove easier. There’s no greater news than this for youth baseball players. When you close that glove effortlessly, the chances of increasing your skill level heighten.

For your benefit, the manufacturer has also added elastic straps into the glove. They are present in the palm area, on either side. This patented structure is known as Z-Flex. And it doesn’t fail at allowing you to close the gear with ease.

When you combine something like this with super-soft leather, what’s the outcome? The result takes the form of abundant flexibility. Right from the beginning! And here’s another thing. The large web pocket accommodates both softballs and baseballs. Thanks to its comparatively larger design. So a glove that’s easy and comfortable to handle deserves to be reviewed as the best youth baseball glove.

It’s time to talk about the one thing that makes this pick so popular in the baseball gear industry. It features a superior design. And the proof of that is the combination of the pinky and ring finger slot. When you place your hand inside such a structure, you also get hold of more control and strength. And this contributes to closing the glove without making much effort. Isn’t that fantastic news for young baseball champions!

So what seems to be the problem here? If there’s anything wrong with the Easton Youth ZFX 1001 Z-Flex Series, then it has to be related to quality.


  • The Easton glove strap is tight enough and adjustable.
  • ​The strings are tightly weaved to withstand abuse.
  • Closing it around baseballs is not difficult at all.


  • Sizing is not standard.
  • The quality of leather is not impressive.
The Easton Experience at the 2016 Little League Baseball® World Series

8. Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove – The Most Flexible Youth Baseball GloveWILSON Sporting Goods 2019 A500 Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw...Buy on Amazon

The Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove is an updated version. And the improved design is what lends more flexibility to the equipment. The top quality of the leather is a remarkable characteristic. It enhances the fit to a great extent. In fact, such a structure rules out the need for a break-in period.

Once you touch and wear the glove, you’ll realize how genuine the leather material is. It offers that perfect balance between flexibility and comfort. And that’s exactly what you should expect from top-rated baseball gloves.

The design might be basic but it doesn’t offer any form of inconvenience or discomfort. The leather is such that it doesn’t take too long to open up or break in. So that seems like a huge plus!

But the part that makes a significant impact is the double welting of the pocket. Even the reinforced palm area has a double construction. So if you’re wondering what gives the Wilson A500 Game Soft Youth Baseball Glove the upper hand, you know the answer.

The leather material used for the gear is top grain and plenty flexible. It has the ability to provide the right kind of feel. And that too without adding too much weight on the glove!

Also equally impressive is the reinforced double palm and welting. When the pocket of baseball gloves is designed this way, you need not worry about strength or durability.

The most unfortunate thing about these gloves is that they’re equipped with small straps. And that does sound like a noteworthy drawback.


  • The Wilson glove features extra padding protection.
  • ​No breaking in required.
  • The improved webbed pocket is incredibly useful.


  • The straps are not big enough.

9. Franklin Sports Air Tech Left Handed Throw Youth Baseball Glove – The Smallest Youth Baseball GloveFranklin Sports Air Tech Teeball Glove - Lightweight Foam Fielding...Buy on Amazon

So this is a 9-inch left-handed youth baseball glove with a budget-friendly price tag. It is well-constructed and well-padded to offer tons of comfort. There’s no disappointment waiting to be discovered in that aspect.

The soft material, to be more specific, is what contributes to the popularity of this particular pick. There’s nothing better for the youngest baseball players than this sporty red/blue glove. The foam body goes a long way in keeping all kinds of discomfort at bay.

Another feature to appreciate is the adjustable wrist closure. With adjustability, you get the opportunity to tighten and loosen the glove in the most efficient manner. And that eliminates potential problems associated with the fit.

In all, the Franklin Sports Air Tech Left Handed Throw Youth Baseball Glove is an excellent choice for the smallest hands of baseball.

You don’t expect such tiny gloves to be of the highest quality. But, to my surprise, that is true in this case. The Franklin Sports Air Tech Youth Baseball Glove is tough enough to stand the test of time. So you spend a small sum of money for something that’s going to last for a long time.

What’s excessive on the negative side is the presence of foam padding. Consequently, it makes the task of closing the glove slightly difficult.


  • The Franklin Sports glove is well made.
  • The Velcro closure enables quick on and off.


  • Foam padding is a bit too much.

10. Rawlings Players Series 9-Inch Youth Baseball Glove – The Bonus PickRawlings Players Series 9-inch Youth Baseball Glove, Right-Hand Throw...Buy on Amazon

The last pick on the list is another excellent choice for the smallest hands of baseball. The Rawlings Players Series Youth Baseball Glove comes in a size of 9 inches. Small enough to fit the hand of the youngest baseball champions! Time to find out more! (Reasons to play baseball)

Rawlings is a brand that always manufactures top quality baseball gloves. Be it for adults or youth! The glove currently under the scanner has a remarkable basket weave design for the pocket. It’s large and deep enough to secure that ball once you catch it.

On top of that, there’s the outstanding pattern and lacing system. The former, in particular, is the most convincing part. It has an exceptional basket web design to bring flexibility into the picture. So opening and closing the glove is easier on the hand.

Plus, the soft material structure makes the break-in period almost non-existent. In terms of comfort, this is nothing but great news. So expect the gloves to surpass your expectations from day one.

I can give you a solid reason to buy the Rawlings Players Series 9-Inch Youth Baseball Glove. Unlike other options, this one strikes an optimal balance between high-quality and lightweight. The tough construction of the gear is in no way heavy for the hand to tolerate. And let’s not forget about the maximum durability that comes into play as a result of the top quality material.

When talking about the setbacks, there’s only one to discuss here. The seams of the Rawlings Players Series 9-Inch Youth Baseball Glove are not that impressive. They tend to come loose sooner than you can imagine.


  • The Rawlings glove is pliable and soft enough.
  • ​Even little hands can close and open it easily.
  • Soft ball included.


  • The seams are prone to coming apart.

Best Youth Baseball Glove Buying Guide

The gloves are available in different brands and types. And just like other baseball gear, they go a long way in serving baseball players. The variation in type, size, and shape depends on the purpose of the glove. That brings your baseball position into the picture. This includes infield, outfield, pitcher, first base, and catcher gloves.

But that’s not it. There are many factors involved in buying the best youth baseball glove. Failing to take these into account can result in jeopardizing the fit. So let’s find out the most important characteristics of the selection process. And just to give you an idea, it’s got a lot to do with sizing, quality, adjustability, material, and more.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves: Different Types


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More than half of the youth baseball population indulges in the sport recreationally. In that case, the glove type doesn’t matter. But if you’re a competitive player, then your skills demand something more specific. And that opens the door to your position on the field. (Improving hand-eye coordination for baseball)

If you’re a pitcher, you require a glove with the closed web. As a result of which batters won’t be able to see your ball grip. So they can’t identify the flow of the pitch. Closed webs hide that ball from your rival player, which is why they’re used by most pitchers.

If you’re an infielder, the most suitable option for you is a smaller sized glove. Measuring somewhere between 9 and 11 inches! It allows you to throw the ball quickly to first. On the other hand, large gloves cause problems when it comes to grabbing that ball. And this makes the process of quick throwing slightly more complicated.

If you’re an outfielder, larger sized gloves are more fitting for the position (12 to 12-1/2 inches). That means you can get hold of as many balls as possible. A large pocket helps in holding on to the balls better. Also, closed web gloves might be helpful for shielding your eyes during pop flys.

For first base and catcher positions, you’d perform well with special gloves. More often than not, these are oversized mitts. They feature a thick, sizable padding that makes them ideal for your kind of undertaking.

How to Select a Youth Baseball Mitt Size?

Best Youth Baseball Gloves: Sizing

The most important point to keep in mind here is that every player wears the mitt on the secondary hand. The one that’s not dominant! So if you’re a right-handed player, you should buy a glove for the left hand. And vice versa! LHT and RHT stand for left-hand thrower and right-hand thrower respectively.

When you’re going through any best youth baseball glove buyer’s guide, it provides you with a sizing chart. So do physical brand outlets and sporting retail stores. Such charts break down the different sizes by position and age. And that helps in streamlining the selection process to a great extent.

So here’s the standard version of a baseball glove sizing chart.



First Base



Under 7 years 29.5 – 30 inches 11.5 inches 8-10.5 inches 9-10.5 inches
8-10 years 30-31 inches 11.5-12 inches 10.5-11.5 inches 10-12 inches
11-13 years 30-32.5 inches 11.5-12 inches 11.5-12 inches 11.75-12.75 inches
Over 14 years 32-34.5 inches 12-13 inches 11.5-12 inches 12-13 inches

When it comes to buying sporting equipment, the rule of thumb is to avoid sizes that are too big. But that doesn’t apply in the case of young baseball players. Because children grow every year, am I right? So they have the liberty to play the field. And in fact, use it to their advantage as well. Buying a large glove means saving money in the long term. It makes room for the time your child grows into them after some seasons.

Moreover, these types of gloves offer excellent adjustability. So you can easily tighten them for a snug fit.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves: Other Important Factors


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  • Padding

As far as padding goes, there’s only one universal rule. The closer you are to the batsman of the opposite team, the more padding/protection you require on the glove. With that in place, there’s no doubt that outfielders demand light padding. While infielders are better off with heavy padding!

  • Material

Allow me to begin by stating that you should never buy plastic gloves. Especially for youth baseball players! These types of gloves are uncomfortable and cheaply made. They are specifically created for infants. So it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

As for the best youth baseball glove material, it’s built using leather. And leather consists of different ranges. These include premium grade, top grain, full grain, and more. The preferable quality is top grade. As it doesn’t call for a long break-in period while also being the most long-lasting!

  • Grip

If you are closer to your batsman, there’s nothing more important than grip. Apart from padding, of course! These are mainly infielders, correct? Their position requires them to shift the ball to the throwing hand from the catching hand. And that too in the quickest manner! So at such times, a solid grip can get the job done quite effortlessly.

The Takeaway

My Choice: Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

For the final recommendation, my vote goes straight to a creation by none other than Rawlings. The Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series ranks as the best baseball glove for youth. And why not when it has a basket web structure and pliable, soft shell! Such a design makes room for easy, quick closure.

The soft lining inside is another reason why you should consider buying this particular pick. Since it’s game ready, there’s no need to worry about breaking into the gear either. So don’t expect to be disappointed when dealing with this or any other Rawlings glove.

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