Bissell 1819 Cleanview Vacuum Review

Bissell 1819 Cleanview Vacuum Review – How it works on multi-level?

Before going to the Bissell 1819 Cleanview vacuum cleaner discussion, one thing you will agree with me is that, cleaning and removing of dirt should be top among our household chores to ensure that the whole family is protected from dust that may cause allergies. Most of the time, removing the dust in the corners, stairs and even carpet may need a lot of effort most especially if you have pets in home.

Bissell 1819 Cleanview Vacuum Review

With the advancement of technology, cleaning is now an enjoyable and easy task where anyone can do. Different types of vacuums help us in removing dust that settle in the different corners of the house.

However, not all brands and types of vacuum offer effortless cleaning. What we need is a type of vacuum that can do both convenience and total cleaning experience all in one. Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum might be a good choice. With different and new features, it might be the answer to your cleaning needs.

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Key features of the Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe

Can do edge to edge cleaning
One of the great features of this vacuum is the fact that it can thoroughly clean along edges and corners with the help of its edge bristles. This vacuum can clean up your tight areas where most of the time they are the areas which are difficult to clean off.

Triple action brushes roll
What makes this vacuum versatile is the fact that it has triple action brush roll. It will loosen, lift and remove the dirt, dust and pet hairs that are embedded in tight spaces.

Multi-cyclonic suction system
This vacuum has a multi-cyclonic suction system which helps in preventing the dirt and other forms of particles to escape. With its powerful suction, you can be sure that you will not keep on repeating your cleaning process.

Turbo brush tool
What makes this vacuum more convenience to use is its turbo brush tool. With this vacuum, you can easily clean your stairs, carpets and even upholstery with the help of mini rotating brush rolls.

Automatic cord rewind
This adds convenience to your cleaning activity since you will not wrap the cord again with its 27-foot power cord that has automatic cord rewind.

Easy empty dirt bin
You can easily remove the dirt and mess from the bin and its filter is washable too.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Has multi-level filtration for a more thorough cleaning
  • Can clean many types of surfaces
  • Has extension wand for easy wall cleaning
  • It’s a kind of vacuum that has no loud voice


  • The hose detaches easily and it is a bit disturbing to attach it again especially if you are saving some time
  • Some accessories are hard to detach or remove

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What users saying about Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe

Majority of the users of Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe gave positive feedbacks about the product. Some found it as an excellent vacuum because of its many features and useful designs which gave convenience to them whenever they are using it. A lot of users were satisfied too with its cleaning ability.

What users saying about Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe

However, there are some users who pointed out the negative side of the Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe. Some users did not like some attachments and accessories. There are users who wanted to remove and replace accessories but it’s a bit difficult to detach so they end up frustrated in detaching it.

Nevertheless, when it comes to total cleaning, many users said that this vacuum brand can be a good choice. A lot of them found it excellent in cleaning and removing the dust in all corners of the house. All in all, about 90% of its users were satisfied and recommend Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Vacuum as part of your choices.

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Compare with NV501 vs. Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe – which is the best?

Both of them share many features that totally cleanse dirt and dust. However, they just differ on some points and abilities.

If Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe has edge-to-edge cleaning design, the NV501 has upright and lift-away feature for a portable cleaning. Bissell 1819 has triple action brush roll in removing dust and other forms of dirt, NV501 has premium pet power brush which can also remove dust and dirt. Both of them share total cleaning among different surfaces.

Compare with NV501 vs. Bissell 1819 Cleanview Deluxe – which is the best?

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Their difference comes in the filtration process. NV501 has anti-allergen complete seal technology + HEPA filter that traps allergens and dust in the vacuum and Bissell 1819 has multi-level filtration.

Both of these two vacuums are great and excellent, however, Bissell 1819 is still the best because aside from major features it has additional accessories for additional abilities to help you improve your cleaning activity.

Does it better enough to remove pet hair and carpet cleaning?

Since this Bisslee 1819 vacuum has a multicyclonic suction system and triple action brush roll, it can effectively clean your carpets and can also remove pet hairs. The cyclonic suction ensures that dust and dirt will not escape and go back to the air. It can also clean different surfaces either carpet, stairs, or any surface form.

Why is Bissell 1819 Cleanview perfect for hardwood floor cleaning?

Bissell 1819 Cleanview uses scatter free technology. This means that it can effectively remove the dirt in hardwoods without letting it scatter plus the triple action brush roll will also ensure that all the dust, pet hairs, and dirt on the floor will be effectively removed.

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Final verdicts

Bissell 1819 Cleanview Vacuum can be a good choice for anyone who wanted to have a thorough cleaning. Since it has many features, abilities, and designs that can effectively remove the dirt and dust, you can be sure that this vacuum cleaner can be a big help in your cleaning activities.

There are many “best things” in this vacuum cleaner. The suction work well, the bristles are effective in removing dust; the dustbin is big enough to contain dust and dirt and is easy to use. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner which is both lightweight and efficient, then Bissell 1819 will be the best option for you.

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