BISSELL 2763 Review

Bissell 2763 PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum cleaners are a gift to mankind. Since its invention, the vacuum cleaner has evolved to keep up with the latest technologies. You can use a vacuum cleaner at home, at work, in the car, airplane, almost anywhere. Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes as well, depending on a person’s storage space and overall preference. For those of us who are on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner, then the Bissell 2763 PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner might be an option.
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I’ve put together a review for this particular vacuum cleaner, listing both its strengths and weaknesses aside from the things it promises to do. Read on if you think Bissell 2763 vacuum cleaner fits your needs and preferences.

Product Details

  • Equipped with Lift-Off Technology that allows an easy release vacuum for cleaning stairs, etc.
  • Multi-level filtration that minimizes allergens
  • Swivel Steering that allows for easy maneuvering
  • Brush roll on/off switch that enables scatter-free suction when cleaning on hard floors
  • Collapsible handle for convenient storage
  • With a Pet Turbo Eraser Tool as well as a Crevice Tool
  • Lightweight: upright vacuum weighs 16 pounds, the portable vacuum weighs 9 pounds
  • Bagless
  • 5 Year Warranty

Bissell 2763 PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner Key Features And Benefits
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Lift-Off Technology

One of the trickiest spaces to clean with a vacuum cleaner would be the staircase. The Bissell 2763 PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with Lift-Off Technology, that features another, more portable easy-release vacuum for cleaning the stairs and other surfaces. It’s like having two vacuums in one. You won’t need to carry the whole upright vacuum cleaner when you clean your way up the stairs.

Multi-Cyclonic Separation

It can be annoying when a vacuum cleaner loses its suction when you’re in the middle of cleaning. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this one. The Bissell 2763 PowerGlide promises no suction loss. This is because of the Multi-Cyclonic Separation feature that it has, that keeps the bigger bits of dirt in the tank and not in the vacuum’s filters.

Clean on Any Surface

Vacuum cleaners tend to be inclined towards surfaces like carpeted floors, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the Bissell 2763 Vacuum Cleaner. This is because of their simple brush-roll switch, that enables for cleaning on many surfaces, not just on carpets. When you vacuum on hard floors, the brush-roll switch will ensure scatter-free suction.

Pet Turbo Eraser Tool

Pet lovers can surely relate to this. Our furry friends tend to leave a lot of hair almost everywhere in the house, which can be a pain to clean up when we vacuum. The Bissell PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner has a special tool for removing pet hair, called the Pet Turbo Eraser Tool. It has powerful, rotating paddle-type bristles that are specially designed to clean up pet hair and tracked in dirt on the stairs and on the furniture.

Multi-Level Filtration

One of the struggles that I have whenever I clean my house is the allergens that go up in the air. I have to stop every now and then to sneeze, or even hold in a sneeze. The Bissell 2763 Vacuum Cleaner has a multi-level filtration system to minimize the presence of allergens. I think this is a great feature especially when it comes to places in the house where dust bunnies are present.

Swivel Steering

Vacuum cleaners can often be tricky to maneuver, especially around the furniture. I’ve encountered such a problem, when I have to move my vacuum around the furniture to clean up smaller spots. The Bissell 2763 vacuum has swivel steering, allowing for easier maneuvering around the furniture and other obstacles.


Compared to many vacuum cleaners, the Bissell PowerGlide 2763 is a bagless vacuum. Instead, the dirt and debris goes into clear dirt cups. This allows you to see how much dirt you’ve managed to collect as well as objects you might accidentally pick up. Having a bagless vacuum also saves you time and money to buy replacement bags too.
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What’s in the Box

  • Bissell PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner
  • Pet Turbo Eraser Tool
  • Crevice Tool

How Durable is the Bissell 2763 PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner?

Of course, one of the things to consider when buying a vacuum is its durability. Vacuums aren’t exactly the most affordable cleaning materials in the market, so durability is key when purchasing a good vacuum cleaner. It’s a great cleaning tool to invest in too. In this case, the Bissell 2763 PowerGlide is pretty durable for a vacuum cleaner and would make a great investment.

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Comparison Between the Bissell 2763 Vacuum to its Competitor Products

Before I really settle on one vacuum cleaner, I make it a point to look into other options as well. Some may be just as good, or possibly even better than the Bissell PowerGlide vacuum. I will compare this to the similar models of the brand.

Bissell 2763 Pet Bagless Upright vs. Bissell CleanView 9595A Vacuum
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The Bissell 9595A Vacuum is considered one of the brand’s best sellers, so it makes sense to compare the model with the PowerGlide. The CleanView 9595A vacuum is a lot lighter compared to the PowerGlide, and has almost the same features like the multi-cyclonic separation system.

However, the CleanView vacuum differs in a sense that it doesn’t have the LiftOff technology, and does not come with a portable vacuum. It also has 4 other tools like the TurboBrush tool for cleaning up hair and small debris on upholstery, the extension wand that allows cleaning from top to bottom, the dusting brush, and the crevice brush.

Comparing to the PowerGlide even further, the CleanView 9595A does not have a tool designed to pick up pet hair which can be a problem for many users who are pet owners. Instead of the Lift-Off technology that the PowerGlide Pet Bagless vacuum has, the CleanView has OnePass technology, that allows for a complete clean in just the initial pass.

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Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum 2763 vs. Bissell PowerGlide Pet Vacuum 1305
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Another competing model to the PowerGlide vacuum would be the PowerGlide Pet Vacuum 1305 from the same brand. TheBissell PowerGlide Pet 1305 vacuum also has some similar features, like the Turbo Eraser tool designed to pick up stray pet hairs on the furniture, floors, and carpets as well as the multi-cyclonic separation system.

However, it also doesn’t have a portable vacuum with it. Instead of the Lift-Off technology that the PowerGlide Bagless vacuum has, the PowerGlide Pet 1305 model has SuctionChannel technology. The SuctionChannel technology creates suction from one edge to another, for a more thorough clean. This is also much lighter than the PowerGlide Pet Bagless vacuum by a few pounds as well.

So overall, while the PowerGlide Pet Bagless vacuum is a little heavier, it does give us more ways to clean our homes. What the two competing models lack, this one has it all. The PowerGlide Pet Bagless vacuum is also a lot more portable than the two models I mentioned, due to the collapsible handle that it has.

User Opinions About the Bissell 2763 Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

I have seen a lot of users review this particular vacuum on Amazon. The overall rating that they have given the Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless vacuum is 3.9 out of 5 stars out of 531 reviews, 392 of which are positive ones.

For the positives, a lot of users raved about the performance and how it can really get in tight nooks and crannies for thorough cleaning. They also raved about how the Lift-Off technology made it so convenient to clean cobwebs on the walls and hard to reach places of their homes.

The Turbo Pet Eraser was also given a lot of praise. One user in particular, stated in their review that they own a lot of Persian cats, and thus have fur all over their carpets. After using the vacuum, they were surprised at how much fur it was able to clean out from the carpets. On the other hand, one downside that they found when using this vacuum is that the detachable canister has a very short range and doesn’t have any extension.

Another user stated that the vacuum does not come with additional attachments, despite being a fairly good cleaner. However, they did add that the other attachments like the extension wand and duster are inexpensive so it can be purchased easily.

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 Why is the Bissell 2763 Vacuum Cleaner Perfect for Use?
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I think that the PowerGlide Pet Bagless vacuum is perfect for cleaning because it’s an all-round cleaner. You don’t need to lug around the whole machine if you’re going to clean the stairs and hard to reach places because it has a smaller vacuum attachment to do so. It even manages to get into tight crevices and rid it of dirt and debris.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Bissell 2763 PowerGlide Pet Bagless Vacuum is a great vacuum cleaner to use at home. As I’ve previously said, it has a smaller and more portable vacuum to use for cleaning stairs and other smaller places. It is also bagless which saves time and money to purchase replacement vacuum bags. It’s a vacuum that does well and is also durable and easy to store.

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