BREVO E5700-MS Pro Review - Why should you consider?

BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

We love to eat. Everyone does. That is why we always want to keep our food fresh and tasty as much as possible especially when we are on a travel or enjoying a camp with family and friends. And the thing is, we can’t just bring refrigerator at such times because it’s really inconvenient. The best answer for now? BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer with Roll Bags Starter Kit Air Suction Hose.

This vacuum sealer rolls and seals bag without taking any sweat. Plus, it has been proven to preserve food five times longer than ordinary storage. Now, we could enjoy the food every time and anywhere we are!

BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Key Features of BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Easy to use
The BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer is very simple to use. You just need to align your bag and lock it to the vacuum sealer. There’s no need to take any tutorial or reading the procedure for a long time. Also, it has a user-friendly design and interface that makes it favorable even to first-time users.

Preserve food longer
No need to get worried about your food from getting spoiled and get wasted.  This vacuum sealer stores food up to five times longer than its normal shelved life. Now, you can keep your unfrozen beef still fresh for six weeks just locking it through this vacuum sealer and thinking how much more if it was frozen!

Absolutely Safe for Food Storage
As we eat, it is important to keep our food healthy and free from any contamination. This vacuum sealer ensures its safety from its users. It induces a packing that prevents bacterial growth and oxygen infiltration. Also, the vacuum sealer and it’s plastic bags are 100% approved by FDA so there is no question about any chemicals placed in the bag or the machine itself.

Flexible Sealing
This vacuum sealer enjoys a variation modes of sealing that is applicable to all types of food whether dry snacks like cookies and burgers or even wet foods such as meat and fish. The following includes dry, moist, normal and gentle modes of sealing. This feature assures quality and prevents damaging of food prior storage.

Long-Term Warranty
In order to certify the best should be given to its users, the product has incorporated with one year warranty. That is why returning and replacing with the defective parts is not really too hard for its users.


  • It preserves food longer than its normal storage period.
  • The procedure is simple and convenient that even beginners could follow well enough.
  • The food is safe and secure during storage. The packing is compact and tight that inhibits bacterial growth and air accumulation.
  • The bags are 100% FDA tested and the vacuum sealer is ETL listed assuring no poisoning or contamination will occur.
  • It incorporates an air suction hose for vacuum container plus additional 5 medium bags (7.9” x 11.7”) and one extra long vacuum bag roll (7.9” x 79.0”) to give the best experience to every user who needs it.


  • It is not flexible to any type of bag. Vacuum Sealer Texted bags is highly preferable which can only be bought in FoodSaver or FoodVac stores.

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Compare BREVO E5700-MS Pro vs FoodSaver FM2435-ECR – Which is the best and why?

These two vacuum sealers have given exemplary feedbacks coming from its users.BREVO E5700-MS Pro has an average customer rating of 5/5 while FoodSave FM 2435-ECR obtained only 4.4/5. The numbers are comparable though and both share some features. This includes they are both a high-end vacuum sealer that tightly packed foods prohibiting any bacterial growth. Also, both are easy to operate and comes up with a simple interface and layout that guides every user successfully. Though  FoodSaver FM 2345-ECR has an additional feature like a cutter and a vacuum chamber to aid upon convenient sealing. It has also a five-year warranty given to its users upholding the quality to its users. But is this reason enough to prefer this product other than BREVO E5700-MS?

FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealer Review

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BREVO E5700-MS would not obtain a 5/5 customer rating without a reason. It is 100% certified by FDA and listed by ETL exhibiting safety, security, and quality to its customers. It is also two times cheaper and at the same time, providing the same quality than the latter. Also, there are few customers with FoodSaver FM 2345-ECR complaining about how the product loses its efficiency through time. Well, you could ensure that BREVO E5700-MS does not exemplify the same thing. It is durable, efficient and long-lasting.

What are users saying about BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer?

A 5 out of 5 customer’s rating in Amazon is only enough to describe the effectiveness of the said product. Users applauded on how they spend less through this vacuum sealer while still exhibiting the greatest quality of sealing they’ve experienced. Also, they commented on how it’s really easy and simple to use that even first-time users could follow out immediately.

BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Additionally, users could not believe on how it preserves food longer than the usual period. A user noted on how his apple did not turn brown and her steak did not get spoiled after sealing it through this product. Another user also praises the durability and speed of the product implying on how it helped him in his life.

However, though there is not any single bad review with this product, there is still a one year warranty to replace or make complaints about this product. But so far, there’s nothing to get worried the product is highly recommended for now.

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Does Brevo E5700-MS Pro worth the money you spend on it?

Absolutely. Considering a lot of positive reviews of the product, it’s a definitely worth taking a shot on purchasing. It’s efficient and works in mysterious ways that anyone could never experience. Plus, it’s cheap and affordable than most vacuum sealers out there in the market.

Why you consider Brevo E5700-MS Pro?

BREVO E5700-MS Pro Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

There are so many reasons why I should consider this product. Firstly, it has been proven by a lot of users. It has 5 of 5 rating which makes it favorable and efficient. Secondly, this product stores five times longer than normal storage. It fits greatly to its purpose preserving food and ensuring safety to its users. And lastly, it is cheap and economical to purchase. You would not surely regret on getting this vacuum cleaner.

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In general, the product is highly recommended. It has great and positive feedback from its users saying how this vacuum cleaner had helped them ease their lives. Also, the product is durable, long lasting and efficient. The food is stored is 100% safe and secure knowing that the product is FDA approved and ETL listed. Additionally, the product includes a one-year warranty that gives every user to test its quality and the manufacturer to improve it.

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