Can I lay laminate flooring over existing hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are a pretty option for any homeowner. But also it is expensive on a budget. So, Laminate flooring can be a great alternative.

In the last few years, Laminate flooring has gained popularity for its attractive look & easy installation system.

People often ask ‘’can I put laminate flooring over hardwood floor?’’ We can answer ‘’yes’’ to this question! If you already apply hardwood flooring in your home & want to lay laminate flooring over your existing hardwood floors, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll explain to you how to do it.

Okay, let’s go!

Why Is This the Right Decision?

Installing laminate over hardwood floors is a great choice for its many other advantages. You can easily convert to your previous hardwood setup if you want. You just simply pull out the laminate flooring setup without any damage to your old hardwood floor. It’s simple than you think!

Tips on How to Lay the Flooring

Here are some tips that will be handy in laying the flooring ornament.

  • Clean Your Workplace

No actual preparation is necessary to do this job. Before starting your installation process you will need to clean your whole floor space. The floor cannot have high spots. Erase them off or grit them down.

  • Measure the Quantity of Material

After choosing the right type of laminate category you need to know how much laminate flooring material you need. You can multiply the length of your room by the width to find that answer.

  • Level the Hardwood

When you’re installing laminate flooring on a floor or on a subfloor that is not completely flat, you can use lots of little tricks and techniques to make it smooth.

Make sure that your hardwood floor shape is rough or not. If it is in rough shape, you will do some extra work before the installation process.

Every nail & fastener must be pulled out from the wood. You will also need to level the wavy part of your hardwood floor before installing the laminate floor.

  • Peel off the Baseboard

You have to cut the old paint & caulking between the wall & baseboard just easily finish your work. You want to set a new laminate flooring over the hardwood here, so you must peel off the baseboard from the wall. So you can do the job with comfort.

Sometimes you find some gap between the wall & your floor. You can use some molding to cover that gap easily. But if you want to avoid spending more money on cutting new molding, you can just repair your old stuff. It’s not a big issue.

  • Don’t Tighten the Laminate Too Much to the Wall

Let’s remind you of one important thing.

One of the biggest mistakes that people do when they install the laminate floor is, they lay it tight to the wall. And we suggest you don’t do that.

The reason you don’t want to do that is that this floor is gonna move with temperature changes & humidity. So when the floor extends, it’s gonna have nowhere to go except up. As a result, the floor setup will get loose. It’s bad!

Final Words

Okay, we have discussed shortly here how you can lay laminate flooring over your existing hardwood floors. This article gives you tips on how to do it. We hope that the article is helpful to you to do your best flooring!

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