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Carl’s Golf Simulator Impact Screen

Carl’s Golf Simulator Impact Screen Review

This is certainly one of the better when it comes to quality and longevity. A large number of nets promise quality and strength but wear and tear does happen while you are constantly pounding the world wide web with golf balls! Even though, this offering from Carl will likely wear over a long time frame it promises to stand up all right to 250 a long way hourly repeated impacts. This kind of is due to the tightly woven knit structure produced from heavy-duty polyester. The material is well suited for interior or external use.

  • This DIY durable Impact Screen Material OR Golf Impact Screen with Finished Edges and Grommets is exactly what you need to improve your golf game!
  • Our golf hitting screen material/golf hitting net is designed and tested to withstand direct impact from the fastest moving golf balls and with very little bounce back. These hitting screens pass testing with real golf balls up-to 250MPH.
  • Carl’s white, front-projection, impact screen provides a clear image that looks like the actual fairway. Turn your garage, barn, backyard or any space large enough to swing a golf club into a driving range and train all year-round with your very own DIY hitting screen/DIY golf net.
  • Our Golf Simulator Screen is made of heavy-duty, impact resistant polyester and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Tightly woven, knit construction, 100% heavy-duty polyester. Hang loosely and anchor on all four sides. Project onto the raised side, the back is flatter.
  • Our impact resistant projection screen material is the perfect choice to build a golf simulator screen which will withstand direct golf ball impact, with minimal bounce back, to improve your swing.

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