Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring Comparison

You have probably worked hard, so hard to build or purchase your dream home; however, not everything is done yet. The next crucial step is deciding how it’s going to give you warmth and all your desires. One of the ways of ensuring that is by choosing your desired flooring. One of the pesky things that some homeowners complain of is stepping on a cold floor when they wake up.

According to most construction experts, the common types of stylish floors are carpets, hardwood and tiles. Before deciding on the flooring of their houses, the rich and the middle-class homeowners consider factors such as comfort and class. However, interior designers advise homeowners to look beyond aesthetics and consider other factors, which is why they recommend choosing either hardwood or carpets.

But the million-dollar question is, is carpet or hardwood good for you? The answer to this depends on different factors. These factors include costs, durability, among others and they all boil down to personal preferences.

We are going to explore hardwood floors and carpets to learn more about the two.

Hardwood Floors vs Carpet Pros and Cons

Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring Comparison

Cost of Hardwood Floors vs Carpet

Before making any purchasing decision, one must consider the price of the item. The same applies to the floors. When choosing between hardwood and carpets, think of the amount of money you are willing to spend. Woods are usually expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, it’s better to choose carpets.

It is essential to know where it comes to understand why hardwood is expensive. Wood comes from trees such as oak, teak and elm which are known as deciduous trees. These trees are mostly found in the tropical region, and they take longer to grow. Hardwood contains too many natural oils; therefore, it requires a lot of time to dry up. Because of its density, wood is quite dense. The two characteristics are why wood is considered expensive.

On the average, you can get hardwood floor of between $9 to $13 per square meter. The price will also include the installation fees. So if you are planning to have hardwood floors in every room in your home, the costs would be much higher.  Nevertheless, the rarer the hardwood species is, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Flooring is considered the third most significant investment in America. Research shows that a family can spend up to $4000 to have a carpet installed in their home. The amount is small compared to what homeowners are willing to spend to have hardwood.

On the other hand, the carpets are quite affordable. Carpets prices range depending on the make of it. However, for one square, the average carpet goes for between $3 to $6.


hardwood floors and carpet

It’s tough to confuse between hardwood and carpet because of how they look. Hardwood is considered as the prestige choice and a luxurious option. The decorative aspect of wood is dependent on timber and gloss level of the product.

Most homeowners prefer the pristine look hardwood floor, which gives it the wow factor. Manufacturers are offering the matte finishes which help disguise surfaces that have suffered scratches or light dent.

The color of the wood enhances the overall appearance and style of the hardwood floor. While choosing wood flooring, the homeowner will go for the color that goes well with the wall or the furniture in their homes. Still, most of them overlook the fact that color can hide any scratches or abrasions on the wood floor.

Lighter color wood floors are also known to reduce the chances of distortion from scratches. Also, the plank’s color differences increase the likability of the wood.

Carpets have different looks compared to wood, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cheaper look, unlike wood flooring. Even with the popularity of hardwood floors, some people still prefer carpets, especially how they look in individual rooms in the house.

Carpets have a variety of colors, patterns and styles. They are also made from different fibres such as nylon: Olefin, wool, and polyester. The advantage of carpets, particularly when it comes to appearance, is that you have the choice of going for whichever color you desire. You can also mix different colors design on your house design.


One of the topmost concerns of most homeowners is the durability of their home floors. When shopping for wood floors, homeowners will focus on how hard the wood is. Even though hardness does not have much to do with durability, other elements affect the wood’s longevity. These elements include color, finishes and sheen. With these elements in mind, you will choose a flooring material that lasts for years.

Hardwood compared to carpets is more durable because it is composed of durable materials which are considered to last for many years. The Janka Hardness Test determines the hardness in wood. The test measures the energy required to lodge a steel ball into the wood.  The dent resistance in hardwood is what is regulated by the Janka Test to compare different species of wood. The Brazilian Walnut and Teak are two times stronger than you average hardwood trees even stronger than the oak, which is commonly considered to be “harder.”

Finishes like Polyurethane and oiled finished products are popularly used to determine the durability of hardwood. Polyurethane has an active layer which contributes to the hardens of the word. Manufacturing companies are now adding aluminum oxide to the Polyurethane to make it harder. The oil products used in hardening woods gets in the wood pores to protects its texture and also increase the hardness of the wood.

Carpets, on the other hand, cannot last more than ten years. However, high-quality carpets can last more than ten years. Nevertheless, the durability of a rug depends on how tightly together the fibers have been packed. The closer the fibers are together, the denser they will be and the more the carpet will last.


comfortable carpet

When it comes to comfort, carpet is the most favored type of flooring. The dense layer of the rug coupled with the soft fibre gives the carpet its softness hence the comfort. Summers are enjoyable besides hanging out on the beach you get to enjoy the comfort living of your home. The comfort is enhanced, especially when all you want to do is walk around barefooted and enjoy the softness. Carpets are useful, particularly if you have small children. Small kids like to run around and play on the floor, which can be comfortable if you have a hardwood floor.

For the kids who are learning to crawl or walk, carpets offer a better advantage than the wood floor. Parents can rest easy knowing that in case of an accident like a fall, kids won’t get serious injuries.

Since the hardwood floor is made from wood, the general feel of it can be uncomfortable, especially when you walk barefooted. Even though a carpet can be placed over the hardwood, wouldn’t you rather have carpets only instead of having both wood and carpets considering the expenses?


The most crucial factor to consider when choosing the type of flooring for your home is safe. You don’t want you or your kids to get injuries from just walking or having simple games in your home. For this reason, you should consider the safety options of both types of flooring before deciding on the flooring type of your home.

Compared to carpet, hardwood is not safe for you. Individual planks could be a threat to you or your loved ones, particularly when they rise. You could trip or injure yourself. Hardwood floors are also risky for you when they start ageing. Is nails could rose above the floor surface, which can be dangerous for you or your loved ones.

In contrast, carpets are much safer due to their soft nature. You don’t have to worry about tripping or getting injuries when you fall. In case a glass falls, the cushioning aspect of the carpet ensures that it does not break. The cushioning is made possible by the padding in the carpet.

Some people prefer carpets due to its ability to mitigate noise and its soft texture, especially in the bedrooms. Nevertheless, areas such as the bedroom are where allergens are worst. So if you choose to go for carpets in the bedroom, you will be risking the lives of those with allergies.


hardwood floor maintenance

Deciding between hardwood and carpets means considering the maintenance aspect of the two. You don’t want to spend hours or too much effort into cleaning and caring for your floor. Hardwood and carpet are different in how they should be cleaned or maintained.

Hardwood is much more natural to clear because all you need is a damp piece of clothing to wipe off any dust. A broom is also useful when cleaning hardwood floors. The type of finishes used in hardwood has a hand why hardwood floors are less likely to get stains or damages due to spills.

Carpets, on the other hand, are had to maintain due to the fibres in the carpet. Carpet fibres can trap dust and allergens, which can be harmful to you. For this reason, you need to vacuum the rug regularly to remove them. However, when it comes to stains from spills, you will need more than a vacuum to sort the issue.

If you are cleaning a stained carpet, you will need chemical treatments and shampoo. Depending on how tough the stain is, you may need the services of a professional deal with the mess.

Nonetheless, some manufacturers pretreat carpets using chemicals before a consumer can purchase it. Also, carpets made from synthetic fibres are less likely to get stained compared to the natural fibres.

Carpets are also likely to get dirty quickly, especially in a home with a lot of people and activities which can create an unattractive sight.

A damaged hardwood can be easily repaired instead of replacing it. But if the damage is too much, you will need to pull it out and replace only the damaged piece. Still, if you need regular maintenance, carpets can be the better alternative because they are cheap and fast to replace.

Noise and Insulation

Noise and insulation might not be on your list of elements to look out for when choosing between hardwood and carpets flooring. Any floor affects the temperature and the amount of noise in your home.  Between hardwood and carpets, carpets are the better choice.

Carpets have a warm surface and a better absorption property. They absorb noise making the room more livable, especially if you are the type that prefers a good night rest. Carpets offer warmth due to its absorption properties, especially during the cold seasons.

Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are unlivable if there is too much noise. This is because noise bounces off on wood resulting in echo that may be uncomfortable when you want to relax.

Home Value

carpet vs hardwood in bedrooms

Each home is different in its special way, but one thing that is common whether a home is a craftsman or a colonial is the type of flooring. Hardwood is the most popular consideration of people looking to buy a home. If they get their dream home, but the flooring is not pleasing, statistics show that they would soon update it to their desired taste typically if they plan on-sell it in future.

According to 2017 remodeling impact report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), hardwood floor increases the value of a property. A hire number of homeowners look forward to going home after completing a renovation project. The homeowners’ sense of enjoyment and accomplishments also increased.  Therefore, it is safe to say the value of the property goes way beyond the initial price of the home.

The value could also go beyond just wood, for example, using Brazilian walnut or mahogany is different compared to the other types of hardwood trees. Their price could go as high as $14 per square meter.

How you maintain the hardwood floors will also determine the value of the property. Don’t expect the price of the property to increase if the hardwood is in poor conditions.

Hardwood is considered beautiful and luxurious. The floors warm the house from the moment you get in. The wood floors also increase the property’s return on investment. Just like having a piece of art in your home, wood floors increase your home value only by looking at it.

Its longevity also is a crucial consideration among buyers which make it the go-to flooring. For this reason, homeowners would pick a home with hardwood in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, most buyers won’t be wowed by the sight of the carpet in a new home. But they also won’t choose a home because of its carpet.


Hardwood offers you the flexibility of choosing different colors. However, the different classic colors are mostly natural colors which so well with any home décor. If you want to try a new look to your floor, a rug on top will do the trick. There are different types of carpet which you can choose from. They include luxurious designs for affordable but fun choices. Their versatility helps you enjoy both types of floors in one room. This could not be possible is you had a carpet below. You can’t throw a slab or hardwood on the rug.

Carpets also give you the versatility of having different colors and style. If you don’t like how the carpet looks, you can easily change it to your desire.

The “Homey Feel”

Home needs to have the homey feel from the moment you step into the house. Carpet offers that. We’ve mentioned earlier that carpet has a soft feel and the ability to mitigate noise. Its cushioning ability helps reduce noise levels and also prevent the feeling of an empty building. Carpets also give you the room of adding your own personal touches to house adding the homey feel.


When it comes to the flooring of your home, you have to consider the health aspect of it. Carpets are considered risky to people with allergies because of the allergens and dust that carpets carry.

When compared between the different makes of carpets people prefer wool because it is easily renewable, and it quickly breaks down without contaminating the home or the surrounding environment. On the other hand, synthetic carpets are made from nonrenewable products such as petroleum which does not break down easily.

Conversely, hardwood is made from renewable material. During planting and harvesting, key steps are taken to ensure the material come out better. All the flooring products used are of good quality with no added formaldehyde


carpet floor installation

One of the essential elements to think of when deciding on the type of flooring for your home is installation. Besides their prices, you should also consider services such as specific cuts and furniture removal. Of course, prior to moving in these charges won’t be there but if you are looking to renovate your home, you must add in the cost. The factors to consider are fibres and the square footage.

Obviously, installing carpets is far much more comfortable than hardwood. The average cost of installing carpets is $5000; this includes the price of labour per square footage. The amount will depend on wood species. However, if you wish to avoid all the high charges, you can make it your DIY project and tackle it like a pro.

Besides saving on cost, the DIY project is a simple project which you can easily accomplish. The same applies to install the carpets yourself.

Moisture Resistance

The carpets material allows can room for breathability even though it is not suitable in areas like the bathroom. The reason is, the fibres in the carpets can trap and allow for the growth of mold when left for an extended period without care. The result would be a damaged carpet which you will have to incur extra costs to replace it.

Hardwood, on the other hand, is more resistant to moisture. However, if not coated well with the appropriate finish, it would warp easily and grow mold.

Which One Do You Go for? Hardwood or Carpet?

Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring Comparison

The bottom line is the choice between hardwood and carpet lies on your preference. If you prefer carpets, here is a tip on how to choose a shop for one.

Most carpets are made from synthetic material. Rugs made from polyester are soft and less expensive compared to nylon. A lot of people prefer plastic because it is much more durable. If money is not an issue for you, a better choice would be a wool carpet. Wool is the softest and longest-lasting compared to all the other carpet fibres.

The expensive nature of hardwood is due to a tree in which the wood comes from. The more expensive the wood is, the rarer the tree species is. Engineered hardwood is also expensive; this type of wood is made from a hard layer on top of the fiberboard. The board gives room for expansion and contraction, which is essential.

As seen above, there are many elements to consider before choosing the type of floor you want. If you want to stay stylish and amaze visitor with the wow factor, then you should find hardwood floors. I know you might say the price is too much, but if you consider all the benefits it has to offer compared to carpets, it is the better alternative.

Carpet also has personality according to some homeowners — the different types of carpeting options, color, patterns. You can also tone it up to anything you want. People who spend more times at home are likely to choose carpets because it shows their personality.


Though the carpet is more budget-conscious, it doesn’t mean it’s cheap. In fact, in certain areas or due to certain conditions, rugs should be your most preferred choice.

In spite of this, the overall cost, durability, maintenance and health associated with carpets and hardwood, hardwood can seem like the better option.

Carpets or hardwood? At the end of the day, you are the boss.

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