CHULUX Vacuum Sealer Review – Truly it’s better than FoodSaver?

CHULUX Vacuum Sealer Review – Truly it’s better than FoodSaver?

CHULUX Vacuum Sealer – Focusing on it’s key features, Pros, Cons and users opinion.

There are a lot of existing techniques for food preservation. In one way or another, this process is important not just to conserve food but to ensure that you are safe upon uptake of the food. Nonetheless, one of the most known methods of food preservation is vacuum sealing.

While some people are still skeptical about the reliability of vacuum sealing, it has been found to be one of the most efficient methods on food preservation. In fact, there are vacuum sealers existing today that preserves food longer than refrigeration!

Key Features of the CHULUX Vacuum Sealer

CHULUX Vacuum Sealer One Touch Vacuum Sealing System is one of those excellent vacuum sealers being sold today now in the market. Nonetheless, if you are curious and want to know more, then check out this review.

Key Features of the CHULUX Vacuum Sealer

Multiple Mode and Functions
Easily just press the menus in the interface of the device to follow through the sealing process. Respectively, it has a gentle, normal, wet or dry mode to cater to different food sealing techniques. Aside from that, it has an automatic shut-off function with a 100-240 volt power plug for universal utilization.

Lightweight and High-Quality Vacuum Sealer
Weighing about 5.53 pounds, this vacuum sealer is generally black finished with a non-bulky rectangular design which is perfect for utilization into your kitchens and small spaces as necessary. It has an intuitive interface with six multiple controls that you could easily press upon depending on what particular function you’re implying.

Built-in Cutter Bag
Scissors or cutters are a big NO to do this vacuum sealer. It incorporates a bag corner cutter to easily manage on precise cutting on bags as necessarily to its size without using a ruler on it.

Fast Operation
Though the cooling period lasts for 1 minute, sealing time basically lasts for about 4-10 seconds as necessarily as it is. The operation is quite silent with less than 65 dB noise it generates.

Add-Ons and Accessories
The package of the device includes 5 pre-made sealed bags and 1-roll bag that could be used intuitively for vacuum sealing. Aside from that, it includes a suction hose, a lower foam gasket, and a user manual for guides or instructions. Additionally, the device comes with a 12-month warranty.

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  • Cutting Edge Vacuum Technology

Governed with an innovative vacuum sealing technology, this machine secures food efficiently. It prolongs food’s lifespan up to 5-7x longer than how it normally does.

The main secret of this sealing efficiency lies on its vacuum power. Incorporating a 100 W suction and -65 kPa vacuum power, it definitely ensures you that every food is stored under best conditions!

  • Flexible Functions

Store foods from wet or dry goods to sous vide cooking, this vacuum sealer is totally a must-have.

Nonetheless, this technique is not just employed to food but also to other things to prevent corrosion or deterioration of things such as jewelry, antiques, and documents. The sealer fits into 25x 30 cm vacuum sealing bags and could be utilized through vacuum-based containers like jars and canisters.

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  • Complicated to Use

Incorporating some modes and functions, you won’t just easily figure out things after one glance of the device. Thus, you need to read an instruction manual to give you accompany to operate things. It could be hard at the beginning but as it goes you’ll get acquainted and find things easy as it should be.

Nonetheless, to give you an idea, the basics of vacuum sealing is just as simple as close and lid function. Though this point, most often where the problem lies in sealing.

To help you out, it’s important to know some guidelines to ensure efficient packing: a) fully close the lid well while sealing. b) avoid food congestion into the bag, about ¾ full would do. c) level out your bags to the rubber part where the sealing happens d. the bag should be open to ensure vacuum sealing.

  • One-Minute Waiting Period

This means that before you vacuum sealed again another bag, you must be patient enough and wait for 60 seconds to do another sealing. While this could be a disadvantage, most especially if you are running out of time or doing multiple sealing functions. But nonetheless, with the device affordable price, it’s really not an issue for you to wait on it knowing that you’ll get the best sealing quality.


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What users saying about CHULUX One Touch Vacuum Sealing System?

Generally, reviews about this device are quite positive. Most of its users are highly satisfied with the service that the device is giving to them. It’s readily portable with user-friendly interface to help you out easily on the utilization. Though operation could be confusing at the start, you will become readily adjusted when you’ll familiar out things as necessary.

Nevertheless, the product gives you a high-quality vacuum sealing system with versatile functions on food storage from liquid, wet, dry, and even applies to vacuum sealed jars. This device truly works the way it was advertised.

What users saying about CHULUX One Touch Vacuum Sealing System?

But nonetheless, the device isn’t perfect and there are still few users who are still disappointed with how the product goes. There are those who have problems with vacuum sealing the product. It’s really hard to get into timing and leveled out the bags to ensure that it really sealed well.

Also, some users just hope that the manufacturer would do something as to wait for 1 minute for the device to cool down. Nonetheless, this vacuum sealer does not work on Ziploc bags and specifically intended for bags that do not have any line or folded line on its opening.

Compare with Foodsaver FM2435-ECR vs CHULUX Vacuum Sealer – Which is the best?

Just by looking at the design of the device, you could nonetheless tell which occupies bigger space to fill into your kitchens. Weighing about 7.65 pounds with bulky appearance, Foodsaver FM2435-ECR is quite heavy as compared to the latter. Nonetheless, it’s quite durable, mainly silver polished with intuitive controls and multiple functions to help you out on vacuum sealing processes.

Compare with Foodsaver FM2435-ECR vs CHULUX Vacuum Sealer - Which is the best?

Likewise, the two devices have a lot of features in common. Both induce powerful vacuum sealing to wide range bags. Though, it is expected that Foodsaver FM2435-ECR will cater a wider range of bags since its quite bulky. Aside from that, both also could seal through vacuum canisters readily as it is. There’s absolutely no question about the flexibility on vacuum sealing with the two devices.

However, Foodsaver FM2435-ECR does not have a built-in cutter unlike the latter. Also, it’s quite expensive with a lot of add-ons including bags which makes it quite expensive for the latter.

FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Bonus Handheld Vacuum...

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Thus, if you are talking about vacuum reliability and durability, then Foodsaver FM2435-ECR has a definite edge. But if you are a practical user then choosing CHULUX Vacuum Sealer One Touch would be the best thing to do for its price and functionality.

Does it worth the money you spend on it?

With the quality and the features that this product incorporates into its system, the price of the product is quite decent and reasonable. This product somehow has a definite edge to some vacuum sealers having the same range of price.

Does it worth the money you spend on it?

There are those who certainly have lacking features such as built-in cutter for which this product contains. It’s totally a cheap product yet still reliable for long-term utilization.

How better than any top rated Vacuum Sealer?

If we are talking about vacuum sealers within the same line of price, then this vacuum sealer could definitely have the shot to be compared to those best sellers. Aside from quality sealing, the device is lightweight and easy to use as needed.

How better than any top rated Vacuum Sealer?

It has also a built-in multiple functions and modes that you’ll really love to have. Though the device has still some weaknesses, it generally still suits out to its labeled price tag.

Vacuum Sealer,CHULUX Dry Moist Food Perservation Sealer Machine,Touch...
  • 【CUTTING EDGE VACUUM TECHNOLOGY】100W suction power,-65Kpa vacuum power easily to eliminate air,seal food in short...
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  • 【HUMANIZED DESIGN FOR CONVENENCE】With Built-in bag cutter,bag corner cutter and bag management,easy to make porper...


Food preservation should never be a problem. Nonetheless, this vacuum sealer will help you with food storage, avoiding spoilage and bacteria accumulation of your foods. This product will just not put into words all its prominent features but it has been proven to incorporate efficiency as to what multiple reviews have been saying.

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