How To Clean Porcelain Tile Floors – Steps To Follow

Porcelain tiles become more popular for its shiny appearance! Most of the homeowner choose the porcelain tiles for flooring as it doesn’t need to annual sealing treatment and has a protective coating layer with moisture resistance.

Flooring with Porcelain tails is looking great but whenever it gets dirty, it looks awful!

In that case, if you don’t clean it properly it will lose the glossiness and filth will discolor the surface of the tile.

Porcelain tiles cleaning is not so tough in comparison to other types of tiles. You just need to pick up the right way to clean the tiles. And it depends on what type of porcelain tile you have! It would be polished, textured or bare!

However, in this article, I’m sharing with you full package of the porcelain tiles cleaning whatever the types of the porcelain tiles. If you follow these steps I’m sure you can clean properly whether it is polished, unpolished or even textured!

Now, it’s time for the proper route to get back the sheen of your porcelain tile!

Steps of Cleaning

  1. Sweep or Vacuum The Floor

First, you can start with the sweep of the floor. For sweeping, you can use a soft dry mop or a vacuum.

Personally, I choose the vacuum cleaner which one is made for tile floor but not just any vacuum cleaner. Even it’s easy to use and gives a better result.

Else, you can use a microfiber mop as they are gentle on the tiles. By the way, it’s up to your choice that which one is you would prefer.

Don’t forget to sweep the corner and between the tiles. Remove surface dust as much as possible before you go for the next step.

Remember, broom with plastic bristles or straw has the harsh effect on this type of tiles! Because using these broom could mark on them.

  1. Brush The Tile

Of course, use a soft nylon brush to expel the dirt or you can use an old toothbrush.

Before you brush the tile you must need to wet the floor with hot water. Directly brushing the tile without water can on the tile.

  1. Use The Cleaning Solution

Once you complete the brushing, if you see the stain on the surface of the tile then you can apply a cleaning solution using with a mop.

I’m always like to use the green cleaning solution or home-made cleaning solution as these are non-toxic and inexpensive too.

For the homemade cleaning solution, you need vinegar and water. Take a quarter cup of the vinegar and 2 gallons of hot water.

Then dip a sponge or a mop into the solution and apply onto the tile surface.

Make sure each corner of the floor should mop with this solution. After applying the cleaning solution let leave it for ten minutes to set.

Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial solution. Most of the commercial cleanser need to dilute first. Then you can apply it on the tiles.

  1. Scrub The Tile

Once the cleaning solution is set up, it’s time for scrubbing the floor. Scrubbing can pick up the stains and any dark mark from the floor.

You need the soft bristle brush to scrub the tile. It has a gentle effect on the porcelain tile and able to suck up the grime.

One thing you should avoid that is scrubbing with the plastic bristles or straw as they could scratch on the tile.

Sometimes there are stubborn marks or stain on the tiles which are not easily want to go. In such case, you should scrub the tile in two directions.

Scrub the tile and ridge between the tile until the tiles look spotless. And then move on to the more intense cleaning.

  1. Dry The Floor

This step is necessary to avoid the dirty water. You can use a cloth or wet vacuum to dry the floor. I would like to recommend you to go for the wet vacuum to dry the tiles as it is better and quicker to do and even hassle-free.

Another option is the rubber squeezer that can move the dirty water in a collection area where you can keep it up with a towel or a vacuum.

  1. Mop The Floor

Some people would like to skip this step as they think that the dry part is the finishing step or just plain lazy!

But please don’t do this mistake as there are possible to stay little amount of the solution or dirt which are able to affect the tiles! Frankly, if you skip this step you cannot get back the shine of the tiles!

It’s a better option to mop with hot water. Ensure full cleaning solution would remove from the floor.

Finally, again dry the tile surface to on a fan or open your window. You can also wipe the floor to dry with a clean towel or microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Tips

  • Don’t use ammonia or bleaching powder on the porcelain tiles as they discolor the surface of the tile.
  • Never let any wet precipitate to dry as they are the reason of stain. So it’s better to wipe them with a microfiber cloth during they are wet
  • As I say all the time that try to clean regularly or in a routine base it will prevent from building up stubborn marks.
  • For drying the floor you can use the hairdryer after using the wet vacuum or towel.
  • Never ignore the space between or edge of the tiles otherwise dust can gather into them and creates the dark mark.
  • You can also use baking soda to get rid of the stubborn stain.

Wrap up

I hope you will get the idea of how to manage to keep the porcelain tile floor clean. If you have any others idea to clean the porcelain tile and you get benefit with it then don’t forget to share with us in the comment box.

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