Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner Filters & How To Clean Them

Nowadays the vacuum cleaner is more than a cleaner! It’s also used for air purification.

After a couple of use, you noticed that your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work well. The vacuum filter’s suction can’t capture dust particles as it does previously. You may think your vacuum cleaner gets damage and it should be replaced with a new one.

To be honest, don’t go for a new one so early! Just gives less than one hour to your vacuum cleaner filter for cleaning. Then you don’t need to buy another vacuum cleaner. This means you can save your money too!

The vacuum cleaner is clogged and weaker after the cleaning session. In that case, you need to clean your vacuum cleaner filter routinely.

One important thing, different types of filters cleaning method is not the same. Today I’m sharing with you different ways to clean the different vacuum cleaner filters. So that you can apply the method in which one type of filter is yours….

Types of Vacuum Cleaner Filters

1. How To Clean Foam Filters

A bagless or canister vacuum comes with the foam filter and air passes through it. Foam filters are washable and re-useable. But after a long time uses, its better to change the filter to get rid of vac odors.

You need to follow these steps for cleaning which are given below.


  • First, remove the dirt cup from the cleaner. Then flip the lid open and remove the filter.
  • You can see the dust and debris on the surface of the foam.
  • To clean it, rinse with water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now squeeze up the excess water and dirt from the foam.
  • Leave it to dry completely for 24 hours.
  • Never put the wet rinse filter. Once it is fully dry then replace it and flip the lid to close.

2.How To Clean Cartridge filter

These filters are found both in the shop vacuum and handheld vacuum. These are designed with a cylindrical shape and pleated paper or synthetic products. They can be easily disposable and also long-lasting.

One advantage of these filters is served as primary or secondary filters. They are non-washable nevertheless you can clean them. Regular cleaning has increased the efficiency of appliances.


  • Pick up the cartridge filter from the vacuum
  • Tap gently the filter as you don’t want to break them
  • During tapping the sediment of dust can be removed
  • When it appears fully clean you can fix it into the vacuum.

3. How To Clean Cloth Filter

Heavy-duty shop vacuums or large vacuums like garage vacuums or Backpack vacuums are operated with a cloth filter. They are used in construction sites or industrial settings.

 They are not durable in comparison to other types of filters. These filters are tough but washable before your exchange with a new one.


  • First, you need to separate the filter from the vacuum.
  • Now use water to rinse it.
  • Add mild detergent and water. Then wash it with water.
  • Before replace it make sure it is completely dry.

4. How To Clean HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are capable to remove 99.995%  air particles. It can’t wash or scrub as it is made with tightly-woven fibers. Washing or scrubbing has ruined the ability of the HEPA filter.

So it’s a better option to purchase the new one if you notice that your HEPA filter is dirty or does not perform well.

Additional Tips:

  • Always off the power button and unplug the cord before you cleaning the filters
  • You have to know either your filter is washable or non-washable.
  • Clean your filters outside to avoid spreading dust in your home from the filter’s surface.
  • You should know when is your filter has to clean. Usually, a filter should be cleaned after 3-4 uses.
  • Before you start cleaning it’s worth reading the manual and know which cleaning steps suit your filter.
  • All vacuum has a specific lifespan even you clean regularly. Usually, vacuum filters last for 3-6 months. Then you need to replace it with the new one.


  • Never use abrasive or scrub to brush your filter because it destroys the capability of the filter
  • Don’t keep wet filter after washing the filters
  • Don’t use any soap for cleaning your filters
  • Never use a hot surface to dry the wet filter
  • Do not go for cleaning after a single-use filter

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Wrap Up

I must say, “Clean your filter after know what type of filter you are using and how to clean it, is a sign of smartness”. Because a smart guy doesn’t like the wrong way to work anything. you can also save your time as you have the exact idea of how to clean it.

Finally,  clean your filter to build up your relationship with your vacuum cleaner! And extend the life of your vacuum cleaner as well as increase the filter’s work-ability.

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