Complete Guide of Welder Salary by State

Many people are interested in going into the welding field. After all, it’s a wonderful, lucrative career field with very steady work. For proof of that fact, just check out this complete guide of welder salary by state.

Complete guide of welder salary by state

While welder salaries vary from one state to the next, the median yearly salary for a welder is $38,492. People who make on the lower end will earn around $33,500 per year, while others can earn as much as $44,222.

How much a welder makes will depend on a number of different factors.

Complete guide of welder salary by state

Where a Welder Lives Has an Impact

When you look at the complete guide of welder salary by state, you will notice that some states pay their welders a lot more. Thus, where a welder chooses to live and work can ultimately have an impact on how much he or she earns.

For example, some of the states in which welders tend to be paid quite well include Alaska and Hawaii. Areas where they don’t earn quite as much include California and Nevada.

Payment can vary based on how “in demand” welders are in a given state. For states with lots of welders, the pay tends to be fairly low. In states where there aren’t as many welders to choose from, however, the pay is much higher.

Complete guide of welder salary by state

Education and Experience Levels Play a Role

In addition to where a welder lives, the education and experience a welder has can also play a role in how much he gets paid.

Many welders do not receive formal training. They simply learn from others. However, these uncertified welders don’t make as much as those who have completed a formal training or schooling.

A person’s experience level matters as well. A welder with only a few months of welding under his belt is going to make a lot less than a welder with years of experience.

Complete guide of welder salary by state

Where a Welder Works and in What Capacity

Another thing that makes a huge difference in pay is where and in what capacity a welder works.

A welder who has his own business, for example, might make more than a welder who works in a factory or assembly line alongside others just like him.

Likewise, welders who work for private companies, especially if they are the main or head welders, will also tend to earn on the higher end of the spectrum.

Complete guide of welder salary by state

Why Being a Welder is Very Worthwhile

It’s easy to see from this complete guide of welder salary by a state that the salary range for welders can vary widely from state to state and from job to job.

If you live in a state where the pay is on the low side, or if you have one of the lower paying welding jobs, don’t be discouraged. Being a welder, even one who is currently in a lower-paying position still has its benefits.

Welding is a valuable skill

To start off, when you know how to weld, you have a valuable, marketable skill. With this skill at your disposal, you will always have a way to make money since welders will always be needed. 

Also, you’ll be glad to know that welders tend to report high job satisfaction. Sure, not every welding job will be perfect, but most welders are happy with the freedom and opportunity.

Welders also have the benefit of being in need everywhere. Sure, they might be in higher demand in some states, but no matter where you go, welders are needed for important jobs. Welders don’t typically have a hard time finding work no matter where they go. For this reason, they are free to travel and move. Work will usually be waiting for them wherever they go.

Career Growth

Welders also have the opportunity for job advancement relatively quickly. If you, as a welder, are good at what you do, you can move up and gain new opportunities very fast. Plus, there’s excellent job security in welding. These professionals are always needed and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Complete Guide of Welder Salary by State: Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to consider being a welder. If you already are a welder, you can feel good about your solid career choice. If you’re not a welder but are thinking of becoming one, you should know that this job is certainly worth it.

In fact, it’s one of the best and most well-paid “blue collar” professions out there, and it’s one that many enjoy.

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