GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

Complete Review of the GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer – Mossy Oak Camouflage

We all need food to survive. Food costs money to buy and it is troubling enough to see your money go down the drain every time you have to throw that food away. As the economy gets higher and harder each day, it is crucial for any one who would like to make it out on the other side to waste less and save more. In regards to this, would it not be great to own a machine that preserves your food efficiently and effectively? Of no exception is the GameSaver bronze vacuum sealer.

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

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The GameSaver bronze sealer’ overall design is very simple and easy to manage. One of its most conspicuous feature is the exterior design. The top of the GameSaver has a posh and flashy Mossy Oak camouflage that gives it a radically distinctive look. It is also lightweight and can be flipped vertically hence occupying less counter- space. The inbuilt cutter and extra wide strips contribute to an easy cleaning experience. Additionally, features the 2 adjustable speed settings and one- touch digital controls that are easy to use as well as an adjustable food settings and an airtight heat seal.

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How does the GameSaver Bronze food Vacuum Sealer make it easier for you to keep your food fresh and bacteria free

The Gamesaver sealer has generally a good number of positive consumer reviews. It is mostly appreciated due to its reliability, effectiveness and efficiency in sealing. Although it does not have all the fancy bells and whistles of other pricier sealers, one thing that it guarantees its consumers is, getting the job done in no time. As this sealer be used continuously, it only requires a 20 seconds break in between the sealing sessions. This is important as it allows the appliance to cools down hence preventing overheating. Additionally, it comes integrated with an accessory hose port that helps evacuate air from the canister thus providing an air tight seal, and marinates your food in just few minutes.

Why GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer is the best

I like to make several summer sausages and snack sticks for my family and friends each year. In addition to cutting, I also select pieces of my butterfly chops and roasts, which I then preserve for a barbecue in the warmer months. I used to store my meat in the freezer and so many a time, I could sink in deep frustration when some of it got freezer burns. It is until I discovered the Gamesaver Bronze vacuum sealer that all my problems were solved. I am happy to say that I can now store pounds of meat without having to worry about that anymore.

Who can use the GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

This product ideal for use at home, restaurants or simply by anyone looking to preserve their foods such as groceries, meat etc. This appliance is great for carrying out all your sealing chores. With this sealer, you can also prolong the life of your delicate no- food items such as your photos and documents.

Comparison Overview between the GameSaver Bronze vacuum sealer VS

GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealer

GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealer Review

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These two vacuum sealers work great in storing your food for long periods of time. There is no big disparity in their prices, as you can check the Gamesaver Bronze Vacuum sealer price and the Wingman Vacuum Sealer price at Amazon. In this regards, anyone can comfortably afford either of the two depending on their taste and preference. The Wingman comes with a 5 year warranty while the Bronze has a 1 year warranty. Despite their differences, they both can be used continuously, are versatile as well have a compact design that makes them very portable. You may read Big Game GM710-000 vacuum sealer review.

Features and Benefits of the GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

As there are so many vacuum sealers in the market, it is of equal importance to think much about long term maintenance cost as the initial price of the model you want to purchase. The Gamesaver comes equipped a rich set of features for a sealer that costs only less than $200. Therefore, these features are quite beneficial to anyone on a budget yet looking for a vacuum food sealer with features of a high-end sealer.

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  • Has 2 speed settings that allow you to choose either the moist or dry option depending on your type of food.
  • Comes with an in built bag roll storage and cutter. The roll goes beneath the lid and the storage is great for the foodsaver bags. It uses the cutter for customizing and cutting the bag rolls.
  • Has a removable drip tray that prevents liquids from spilling on the top side of your counter thereby avoiding any unnecessary mess.
  • It allows you to simply press a button that allows for automatic sealing and vacuuming. Also, with the seal button option, it can be used to seal any of your delicate food items.
  • With the Gamesavers’ accessory port, it can be used along with an accessory hose to seal the canisters and also marinate your food in just a few minutes.


  • It’s lightweight thus making it portable
  • Has a compact design that takes up less space in your kitchen.
  • It is easy to use and clean its digital touch pad.
  • Easy to use and very versatile, thanks to its food adjustment settings.


  • No major problems were noted with this vacuum sealer but a few complained of its rustic color and the use of excessive bags.

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Final Verdict

If want to create successful seals and master the art of sealing, you should get to know and have a good attachment with the no other than the Gamsesaver Bronze vacuum sealer. Unlike other foodsaver models, this is the only one which is semi-automatic, the reason why most consumers gave it a plus. The affordable price and the amazing sealing performance of this sealer means that at no point in time will you regret having bought it the Gamesaver Bronze sealer will serve you until at its best without giving you any major problems and frustrations. Try this sealer and share your joy with others.

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