GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealer GM2150-000 Review

GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealer GM2150-000 – An overall overview


Have you had a BBQ party for your family or friends in the past? If you have, you probably had a lot of food left over from the party and you felt guilty about disposing of extra food.Think about how much money goes to waste every time you throw food away because it got spoilt or you couldn’t finish. With the economy getting harder, it is important to spend every dollar wisely. Since it is expensive to buy food, it would be quite a painful experience to see your food get spoilt because you do not have the right food preservation tools. Wouldn’t it feel great having an appliance that saves you money? Well, the GameSaver wingman vacuum sealer GM2150-000 is what you need.

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This food vacuum sealer is a recent release from the FoodSaver that comes with an authentic Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo Pattern which adds a rugged style to it. It is compact and lightweight hence allowing you to move it easily from place to place. This sealer features 4 buttons: the power on and off button, only seal, vacuum and food seal button that allows you to choose between the moist or dry option depending on the type of food you want to seal. It also comes with a patented removable drip tray, extra wide sealing strip as well as accessory ports.

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What makes this food vacuum sealer standout?

The Wingman GM2150-000 features heat seal bags and rolls that are made of heavy duty and multi-ply materials. These materials help block all the oxygen and moisture from getting into the vacuum bags and in turn ensures that your stored food remains fresh and free from getting freezer burns.

Why I love the Wingman GM2150-000 Vacuum Sealer

I love eating meat, actually it doesn’t lack in most of my meals. For convenience, I prefer buying the meat in bulk and freeze some of it to buying for each meal. Previously, I would store my food in storage bags which were not very effective. So, when I heard of the Wingman GM2150-000, I decided to give it a shot. I have to admit that the sealers ease of use pleased me to a great deal. You simply hit the adjustable button to select the dry or moist option depending on the type of food as well as the buttons to either vacuum and seal or seal. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about messing my counter top because all the blood from the meat and other spillage from are collected in the drip tray which is easy to remove and clean. Furthermore, the tray is dishwasher safe.

Gamesaver GM2150-000 would be a good choice for whom?

The Wingman GM2150-000 was created with fishermen, hunters and enthusiasts in mind. However, this doesn’t limit anyone from using it. In fact, it can also be used at big and small hotels, restaurants or even at home, like I do. This appliance is perfect for sealing high volumes of fish fillets, highland game steaks, small-sized roasts and even waterfowl.

Comparison Overview between the GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealer and the FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System

The Wingman and the Big Game vacuum sealer are in the same price range. You may Check the Wingman price and the Big Game vacuum sealer price in Amazon. Since their prices are affordable, anyone willing to buy either of these sealers can do it comfortably. With up to 80 consecutive seals, you can consecutively process 240 pounds of game using the GameSaver Big Game while with the Wingman GM2150-000, you can process up to 180 pounds of game in 60 consecutive seals. Despite their differences, they have common features. These include: an extra wide sealing strip and a patented removable drip tray, an accessory port for the FoodSaver canisters and accessories.

Advanced Features and Benefits of the GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealer GM2150-000

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There are a wide variety of vacuum sealer bags in the market that come in different sizes. Purchasing a home vacuum sealer isn’t all that you need for your food preservation. You need to consider factors such as ease of use, performance and reliability among others. The features of the Wingman vacuum sealer fulfill the mentioned factors and even better, it offers much more than any other sealer in its class. The features include:

  • The Wingman vacuum sealer incorporates the latest Food Saver technology that helps minimize wastage of bags.
  • This system features a manual locking mechanism that has a simple closure latch with 3 settings: to lock for use, open and lock for none use.
  • Has a Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo Pattern that adds a rugged style to this vacuum sealer.
  • Comes with 4 buttons: the power on and off button, vacuum and seal, only seal and an adjustable food button (the dry or moist option) that allows you seal even things like soup.
  • With up to 60 consecutive seal, you can process up to 180 pounds of game without the sealer overheating.
  • The Wingman comes with an easy to wash and a patented removable drip tray that prevents liquids from spilling on the counter-tops.
  • Has an accessory port that is compatible with all the FoodSaver canisters and accessories.
  • With the in- built storage compartments, you can easily store your accessory hose.
  • The extra wide sealing strip creates a secure air tight seal that keeps your food fresh for long periods of time while maintaining its quality.
  • The built-in cutter is used for customizing and cutting the bag rolls.

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  • It is compact and lightweight thus making it easy to carry.
  • It can process up to 180 pounds of game without overheating.
  • With the seal button, the sealing process only takes a few seconds to complete.
  • Operates quietly.


  • Some consumers complained that the height of the sealer was not proportional to the counter. They said that the bag needed to be elevated by placing something like a book beneath it in order for you to achieve a perfect seal.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a great way to save yourself money? Consider purchasing the GameSaver Wingman GM2150-000 Vacuum Sealer. With all the rich features and benefits offered by this sealer, you would be crazy not to invest in this amazing food vacuum sealer.

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