Top 10 Cool Dog Products

Treading Dog Products

1. Rub-a-dub-dub

Dog’s body, heal thyself with a massage and a bit of Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) from KarmaK9 Dog Massage Each session brings relaxation, stress relief, recovery and a healthy dose of support for the SPCA.


2. The Canine Clothing

Did we all notice the cold? Snowflakes in places that would make Al Gore wince? The canine clothing solution to the big chill is the Puff-Doggy – a jacket with so much coolness and Zero FAF (look it up!) that the badass dog down at the park won’t hang around to back-kick snow in your buddy’s face. From d-fa, it’s got elbow caps. ’Nuff said.

small dog apparel

3. Dog Beds

At the end of a tough day making yellow snow, Ed would really like (but hasn’t had the chance, yet) to curl up in one of these rugged but functional dog beds from bowwowbeds. The durable duck canvas will give any labrador sweet dreams. They ship all over.

elevated dog beds

4. Dog Backpacks

If you’re all “back country and lonesome trails” get your mate to carry his own gear in his very own backpack from Canine Spirit. If you promise a juicy game casserole at the end of the day, he’ll probably carry your spare flask and pyjamas, too.

cute dog backpack

5. Thundershirt

When the mighty Thor starts hammering out a thunderstorm, hands up whose dogs are reduced to a quivering mess? How many dogs out there seek small spaces where they wobble and shiver, or they bolt and run to the next county. If you’re nodding and wanting to add to the list of canine-thunder responses you could try a Thundershirt. It’s like a giant hug in a jacket and if you’ve read or watched any of Dr Temple Grandin’s stuff it will all make perfect sense (and if you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to do so). The Thundershirt can be used in other anxiety cases, too, so if you have a nervy dog, add one of these to your arsenal. In NZ, get one at Furr Kids.

thundershirt sport

6. Dog Collars

A collar of awesomeness for the love of your life can be devised at Master’s Pride. Richard is a master collar and lead maker. No matter where you are in the world, he will create with care and send to you, a collar of class. I bought two for the dogs 12 years ago. Tutsi’s collar has outlived her and now circles the top of her box of ashes just like a halo. Ed still wears his with pride and the collar still draws compliments … Ed, on the other hand usually draws a remark like: “What on earth is that smell?” as we pass by. When I ordered the collars, Richard was particular about knowing the dog’s personalities, then discussed designs he thought were appropriate. And he couldn’t have got it more right!

dog collars leather

7. Sleepypod

How many more sleeps? Meet the Sleepypod … more than a bed, it’s a lifestyle (WTH?). It’s your pet’s own personal space, for, you know, those difficult moments when “pet” just has to have some Me Time. It comes in fashionista-friendly colours so your pet’s furniture can blend in with your bedroom decor. Best of all, it has a plug-in warmer kit for those days in Auckland when it JUST WON’T STOP SNOWING.

sleepypod mini

8. Poop Bag Dispenser

Nothing says “My dog’s poo doesn’t stink” like the genuine Swarovski crystal-encrusted poop bag dispenser. Constructed with approximately 2000 crystals by someone who clearly has too much time on their hands (you could volunteer at your local shelter, honey!), this sparkly accessory is yours for just $352! That’s US dollars. What? You really want one? OK, here’s the link: BitchNewYork

dog poop bag dispenser for parks

9.  Camo Gear for Dog Walkers

I know the feeling. Your pup’s turned gangly and adolescent and life now is all about missed training opportunities and advice ignored. The dog loves nothing more than racing through the mud then hurling himself at everyone in the park. So why not be the person your dog thinks you should be and indulge in a bit of camo-gear for dog walkers. The Good Dog Hoodie comes pre-impregnated with muddy paw prints and a healthy splash of slobber so you can start your walk exactly as you mean to finish.

dog walking waist pack

10. Dog Soap Bar

Ed stinks. There. Now you all know. He scratches and licks himself, too. Ed has issues, not all of which can be fixed by a bath, but on the bad days a bath helps. But many bath products are not good for Ed because he is a bit allergic to the new millennium and everything that came with it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the WashBar. It sounded so darned good I wanted it on toast for breakfast. It treats and repels and deodorises and leaves your dog smelling lemony. Lemony – I’m sold!

dog soap

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