Challenging, Cool Welding Projects From 3 Major Welding Professionals

Are you a welder who enjoys undertaking cool welding projects that challenge you to focus all your energy and talent on doing a great job?
Have you ever worked on projects that challenged your welding skills, be it alone or with a team? Here are the most demanding welding projects 3 major influencers in the welding industries have worked on.
Hopefully, these projects can become the inspiration you need for your own welding project ideas.

Cool Welding Projects From 3 Major Professionals

“To answer your question, I work alone. However, to date, this would be the most elaborate…I think, crap I can’t decide.”
– Rich Baker Sculptor, @richcraftiron
Cool Welding Projects
User Rich Baker Sculptor’s welding project is definitely one of the most impressive ones we’ve ever seen, and one that requires a lot of hard work and dedication to complete. We’re especially impressed by the details of this welding sculpture, which only an extremely talented welder could have created.

“Hopefully, these projects can become the inspiration you need for your own welding project ideas.”

“The best welding project I have ever made. A 2′ x 5′ x 33″ entertainment center. #welding #cfhs #project #DIY”
– Freddy Atchison, @freddy_swagison
welding project ideas
Speaking of cool welding projects, how about this one made by welder Freddy Atchison? One of the greatest things about welding is that you can use your skill to build your own furniture, and this is precisely what Atchison did. Talk about both beauty and functionality in the same welding project.
“My first welding project. Turned the drive spindle and belt pulleys. Motor from my old table saw. @donttrythis @JimmyDiResta #maker #diy”
– Trevor Higgins, @dustysqueak
welding projects
Trevor Higgins’ welding project is all the more impressive due to the fact that it’s his first one. The end result also illustrates his creativity, since he used a motor from his old table saw to power the machine. Another welding project that is both beautiful and functional, we can definitely see why building this was both a challenge and a great experience for Higgins.
We hope these 3 cool welding projects coming from 3 welding influencers have managed to provide you with the inspiration and determination you needed to start working on your own.
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