Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Our Top 8 Picks

If you’re looking for a vacuum, you probably already know that there are tons of different options on the market today. All of that choice is a good thing, but it can also be overwhelming.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to first decide what kind of vacuum you want. That way, you can narrow your options down even further and make the selection process a lot less overwhelming.

Comparison Table

One common type of vacuum that people choose is a cordless vacuum cleaner. If you think a cordless model could be the right fit for you, then we can help you with narrowing down your choices.

We’ve done our research so that we can share with you our picks for the best cordless vacuum cleaner options currently on the market.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Before we share our ratings with you, you are probably wondering how we chose them.

Rest assured that we put a lot of time, effort, and energy into choosing our ratings. We looked at things like consumer data, brand reputation, customer reviews, sales and returns data, and so much more, all in an effort to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

Rest assured that our goal is not to sell you a particular product or to make you think a certain way. Instead, we simply want to empower you to make a wise decision about how to spend your money.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into our list!

8. The Bissell Air Ram 1984

Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Lightweight & Compact. This cordless powerhouse weighs less than 8 pounds and has a collapsible handle for easy storage.
  • Powerful Multi-Surface Cleaning. Innovative power foot design and multi-surface brush roll delivers high performance...

We’ll start our list with a vacuum from a well-known vacuum manufacturer, Bissell. Bissell has been making vacuums for years, but we especially love the Air Ram 1984.

While price varies depending on where you buy your vacuum, you can typically get this one for around $200.

That’s pretty affordable as far as cordless models go. Plus, this one has great suctioning power and is perfect for cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors.

We were also impressed with how long this vacuum can last without needing charging. It typically lasts around 47 minutes, which is much longer than many other cordless vacuums.

In fact, the only thing that kept this vacuum low on our list is the fact that it doesn’t have any fancy extras. It comes with no accessories, and it doesn’t convert to a hand vacuum either.

If you want a basic cordless vacuum at an affordable price, this one is it. If you’re looking for something more, though, this vacuum, which we’ll give a 2 out of 5, is probably not for you.

7. The Dyso​​​​n V6

Dyson V6 Cord-Free Origin
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Just as Bissell is a reputable vacuum cleaner brand, the same is true for Dyson. In fact, Dyson has a reputation as a “higher end” brand, and we think that label applies when it comes to the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.

This vacuum comes in at about $250 or less, depending on where you buy. Thus, it is one of the cheaper Dyson models you can buy.

Despite the low price tag, this Dyson still delivers. It is particularly great for pet owners since it cleans deep into carpet and easily removes hair and other debris.

Plus, this vacuum comes with plenty of awesome accessories, including two cleaner heads and a very handy long-arm attachment that makes it easy to reach those tough-to-touch spots.

Our only real qualm with this vacuum is the battery life, which is definitely on the short side. Typically, the Dyson only offers around 20 minutes of runtime before it needs to be recharged. That’s fine if you have a smaller home or are just doing one run, but it’s not enough if you’re on a cleaning spree.

Even worse, the power tends to decrease as the battery gets lower, so you’ll have better cleaning performance at the beginning of your cleaning session than the end.

More consistency and longer battery life would have put this offering higher on our list. As it stands, it’s a solid 2 out of 5.

6. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Up to 60 minutes run time when using a non-motorized tool. Cyclone technology: 14 concentric cyclones. Filtration:...
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture...
  • Lightweight and versatile, to clean right through the home. Instant-release trigger means battery power is only used...

If you’re still set on owning a Dyson but don’t love the one above, don’t worry. There are plenty of other great cordless Dysons out there, like this one.

This vacuum is very modern and well-made. It has a light motor and much better power than the above model. Plus, it’s got killer suction and can pick up any debris in its path.

Those battery problems mentioned with the above model are also a thing of the past. You can enjoy up to an hour of runtime on a full charge with this vacuum.

Plus, it has the motorized heads and other great tools that Dyson is known for. Unfortunately, this vacuum does tend to be quite pricey, which may be a prohibiting factor for those on a budget.

Still, we think this vacuum deserves a fair 3 out of 5.

5. The Black and Decker SmarTech HSVJ520JMBF27

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac, 2-in-1, Eggplant Purple...
  • Dustbin capacity 16.9ounces; Smartech sensing displays your battery and filter status
  • Self standing 2 n 1 Hand/stick design provides two vacuums in one for cleaning on and above your floors
  • Battery sense displays remaining battery charge

For those looking to stay in that $200 or so range, this model from Black and Decker is a wise choice.

We found it to be absolutely great at cleaning up both hardwood and tile flooring. It gets up pretty much every speck of dust. Unfortunately, that same cleaning power really doesn’t apply to carpets. It does okay on carpets, but not great.

This model also tends to struggle a little bit when it comes to removing dirt from room corners and edges.

While this vacuum may not be perfect, it does convert into a hand vacuum, which can help with those difficult places. Plus. It moves around furniture easily. So, despite some flaws, we’d still give this vacuum a 3 out of 5.

4. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with...
  • Dust cup capacity 2.2 quarts; Lift away; Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology plus a HEPA filter; Traps 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Powerful and lightweight; Portable and versatile at 13.7 pounds

While most of the vacuums we have mentioned so far do okay for pet owners, this offering from Shark is the best pet-friendly cordless vacuum cleaner that we have encountered.

Almost as if it was made for the purpose, this vacuum sucks up pet hair like a pro. We also loved how easy it is to use. It swivels around furniture without issue. Plus, it’s super lightweight, so your hand won’t get tired even on long vacuuming sections.

We even thought the dust cup was easy to remove and clean. However, the battery life did leave much to be desired. This vacuum only runs for about seventeen minutes before needing a recharge. Plus, there are no accessories.

All in all, though, this vacuum earns its 3 out of 5 rating.

3. The Gas14,4v-li Professional Versatile Extractor Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

BOSCH Power Tools VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum Bare Tool with...
  • Best-in-class performance - high-performance, lightweight design maximizes effortless and fast jobsite clean up
  • Bosch micro filter system - system for filtering fine dust traps that capture 98% of particles; flat filter design...
  • Compact design - compact, lightweight design delivers for comfortable use and convenient portability; also compatible...

So far, most of the vacuums on our list have been from brands that everyone knows. However, Bosch isn’t quite as popular as some of the other brands on our list. That doesn’t mean, however, that this company can’t still make an awesome vacuum.

This selection from Bosch has great battery life. If you use it on a low power setting, you can enjoy an hour of use. If you use it on the high power setting, you can still get twelve minutes of use. Fortunately, the lower setting is good at getting up most dirt and dust, so it should be more than sufficient for general use.

Our only complaint with this vacuum is that it’s not great at cleaning edges and other tough spots. Improvement in this area would be nice, but this vacuum still ranks in at 3.5 out of 5.

2. The Bissell Lift Off Vacuum

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum with Crevice...
  • Ultra lightweight and compact : easy to use and easy to store
  • Easily converts from stick vacuum to Hand vacuum
  • Removable floor nozzle : remove for use as Hand vacuum; keep on for floor or stair cleaning

We know we’ve already had a Bissell our list, but this vacuum deserved a spot too. We’re the first to admit it’s not super powerful, but it’s affordable and works well. Thus, if you clean regularly and/or have a smaller home without a lot of cleaning concerns, such as pets, it should be perfect.

We really like the brushroll feature on this vacuum. This feature makes it so that the machine works on both hardwood floors and carpeting. We also like that you can convert this vacuum into a hand vacuum as needed, which makes it great for picking up stray crumbs or fuzzies.

All in all, we think this vacuum deserves a 4 out of 5, not perfect but close.

1. The Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus

Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum BD22510, Red
  • CORDLESS: 24V Lithium battery with 20 minute run time, faster charging, and fade-free power
  • SPIN4PRO PREMIUM BRUSHROLL: for powerful carpet & hard floor cleaning
  • REMOVABLE HAND VAC: For cleaning stairs, small messes, cars, and other hard to reach places

Dirt Devil doesn’t often top vacuum lists. While the brand makes affordable products, they sometimes don’t last all that long. However, we were surprised to find that this vacuum is truly the best of the bunch.

To start with, it’s very reasonably priced. You can typically get it for around $130, though some retailers do price it lower. Plus, this vacuum sometimes goes on sale, which means, with a little effort, you can probably find an even better deal.

This vacuum is super powerful and works on every flooring surface out there. Plus, it happens to be perfect at picking up pet hair.

We also loved the fact that, unlike many of the other vacuums on our list, this one is super quiet when it runs. So, if you’ve got a sleeping baby or a scared dog, this vacuum shouldn’t pose a problem.

The vacuum is lightweight and easy to use. Plus, it can convert to a hand vacuum as needed. It’s great all around, and the price can’t be beat. Thus, we were proud to give this vacuum a 5 out of 5.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Cordless Vacuum

Now that you’ve read through our cordless vacuum cleaner picks, you’re armed with everything you need to know to get out there and find a great vacuum.

You’re free to just pick one from our list that suits your needs. However, it’s never a bad idea to do a little research on your own as well. That way, you can ensure you end up with a great vacuum.

As you research and shop, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Suctioning Power

One of the first things to consider when choosing a vacuum is how much suctioning power it has. Obviously, the more power it has, the better.

Unfortunately, cordless vacuums often suffer in this area, with some of them starting out weak and others getting weaker as usage continues.

The best way to avoid a weak vacuum is to pay attention to reviews and what they say about power and suctioning capability. Also, try and choose a vacuum with advanced and/or cyclonic technology if you can. These tend to be the best at sucking up all the dirt and dust in your home.

Set a Budget First

In addition to knowing what to look for in a vacuum, remember that it’s always a good idea to decide on your budget ahead of time. Vacuums tend to vary widely in price, so if you don’t have a figure in mind when you start to shop, you could find yourself spending way more than what you had to.

If you set a budget ahead of time, you can filter your search by price and only look at vacuums within your spending limits. And, don’t worry. There are great vacuums at all price points, as evidenced by the pricing diversity on our list.

Get a Good Motor

In addition to looking for a vacuum where the price is right and the suction is strong, also look for a vacuum with a good, quality motor.

The motor is the core of the vacuum and will determine both the vacuum’s strength and longevity.

Read up on the motor specifications as you shop. Also, check out reviews people write of the vacuum, paying particular attention to what they say about how long it lasts. The warranty and its length can also give you insight into how strong the motor is.

Now You’re Ready to Start Shopping

Now that you’re armed with all of this information and advice, there is nothing left to do but to start shopping.

Keep these points in mind as you shop. If you do, you should have no problem finding the best cordless vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.

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