Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1 Review – Truly its better than FoodSaver?

Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1 Review – Truly its better than FoodSaver?

Travels and camping trips are exciting especially if you do it with loved ones. Nevertheless, you could never go hungry during those periods where food is an utmost need. That is why a lot of people always have struggled with food preservation. During travels, you could not bring a refrigerator or a cooler to keep things as it is. Similarly to the refrigerator, vacuum sealers are invented to preserve food longer than it should be.

The Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1 Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit is just a few of the vacuum sealing devices that could be purchase into the local market.

Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1 Review - Truly its better than FoodSaver?

In this product review, we will examine the viability and functionality of this vacuum sealing device. We will also decide upon if the device is purchasable or not based on the features being presented. If you are curious, then let’s find out more!


  • Sleek Design and Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Great Vacuum Pressure
  • Lightweight


  • A bit Loud

Key Features of the Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1 vacuum sealer

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Food Preservation
It boasts of keeping the food 7x longer than it should be. Whatever food you wanted, from wet to dry goods such as meat or vegetables, it’s easily utilized and stored using this device. It incorporates a vacuum pressure of 80 kPa to ensure total sealing of food. It’s truly designed for preservation purposes.

Good Material Build and Quality
The exteriors of the device are mainly manufactured from synthetic rubber. Heavily white finished, this five ounces vacuum sealer is lightweight induces not just durability but also longevity, being able to thrive for how many years of operation.

Aside from preserving food into vacuum sealing bags, you could also cut on using the device through its incorporated cutter. You could also marinate and store food using the incorporated canister with an accessory hose used for liquids and sticky substances.

Easy to Use
Without reading the instructions located at the near bottom of the device, you’ll be able to understand how the device fully operates. You just have to plug in and seal it over as you wanted it. You don’t have to employ complicated things. Though it will require you to press on some buttons in its menu, everything is quite direct and straightforward as it should be.

User-Friendly Interface
Govern with five circular buttons on the center interface of the device, it is utilized basically for control specifically for modes (regular and soft), food type (wet and dry), single sealing, and vacuum sealing or canceling it. At the center of these four buttons, a manual vacuum button lies to be used on operating things. Upon touching a button, a blue or red LED light will illuminate through it to easily detect on whether the device is working or not.

As a starter kit, the device comprises of some tools and materials on its package. This includes 10 pieces of vacuum sealing bags and 1 piece of accessory hose for the wine and vacuum storage canister. It has also a built-in cutter that is utilized to manipulate the sizes of the bags that will be employed.

What users saying about Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1?

Basically, the device is quite a surprise. It’s a best seller on Amazon and one of featured vacuum sealing devices that you should watch on this 2018. It is quite flexible with simple design yet easy to use interface. It’s very functional with multiple uses from cutting, vacuum sealing, and marinating food. Crenova V60 has multiple sealing modes, could be used wet or dry, and regular or soft.

What users saying about Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1?

Many of its users love the size and the convenience the device offers. It saves a great amount of space and it’s easy to clean. Users also find the cutting operation very intuitive, being able to customize the sizes of the bag.

Though, this feature seems a bit weak with blades you should replace from time to time. Overall, the device is really affordable and cheaper than some of the existing vacuum sealers on its same line.

However, few users hate the vibration and the noise that the device generates. It’s quite loud and disturbing. Nevertheless, a lot of users understands this as a consequence of its vacuum pressuring quality.

Compare with Foodsaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1  vs. Crenova V60 Plus 3-in-1

There’s really a big difference between these two devices just by looking to it. Foodsaver FM3920-ECR is heavier and bulkier than the latter weighing about four pounds. Though, both devices manage similar maximum vacuum sealing size up to 11 inches wide.

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Perhaps, the only reason why Foodsaver is a bit heavier is the roll cutter and storage that it incorporates into the device. Nevertheless, both have different menu interface. The Foodsaver displays only three small buttons with two LED lights that illuminate with power and wet sealing.

Similarly, both devices cater a variety of operation and functions as mentioned. Though, both are easy to use with the straightforward operation. As to comparing its prices, the Foodsaver is about twice as expensive as the latter.

Is there any disadvantage of the Crenova V60 Plus Vacuum Sealer?

Perhaps, the main drawback that you could think of this device is the noise and vibration it creates. You will really need a lot of patience upon hearing how loud the device it induces.

Nevertheless, the device is quite fast and efficient so it’s really not a bother for most of the users. The cutting operation seems really unstable.

Thus, you don’t have to rely entirely on it. Also, the device should be clean always after an operation to avoid rusting and maximize its vacuum sealing function.

Does it truly better than food saver latest model?

It depends on the user’s perspective. But nonetheless, in terms of practicality, the device is a more intuitive choice as compared to the Foodsaver best model. It’s lightweight with the conventional yet fully functional design and cheaper than the other one.

Does it truly better than food saver latest model?

Though it’s a bit noisy, the nuisance is bearable as it seems to be. You’ll definitely be satisfied if you choose this vacuum sealing as to the price it conceives.

Final Verdicts

As a conclusion, this vacuum sealer is definitely something that you should look on. It employs strong vacuum sealing operation with easy to use features that you’ll love to have. Though you’ll struggle with the noise, it’s quite versatile and cheaper than most vacuum sealers with the same features it has.

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